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Boeing 737 EYEBROW windows? What is the purpose of them?

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Sponsor: https://brilliant.org/mentourpilot/ Have you ever looked at the cockpit of a Boeing 737, 707 or 727 and wondered why there are a couple of "spare" windows above the regular cockpit windows? In this video I will tell you all about why those windows were fitted in the first place and why they seem to be disappearing from newer variants of the Boeing family. I hope you will enjoy this video and all the others in my Boeing 737 series. To download my FREE app, use the links below: 👇🏻 📲IOS: https://appstore.com/Mentouraviation 📲Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamta.mentouraviation Thank you to my sponsors: Bose Aviation and Brilliant.org
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K Menon Mangat (6 days ago)
Wonderful information! Love such titbits!
John Moss (10 days ago)
Very informative video I always wondered about those windows. I got 1 question for you why does the upper console still look like the windows should be there and what are those cavities used for above your head in this video??? Thank you for all your great vids I always enjoy them because I know I'm always guna learn something with every new video. Cheers
sharikmarius (18 days ago)
So THAT'S why I needed trigonometry!!
Matthijs van Duin (23 days ago)
Celestial navigation isn't necessarily manual... "As early as the mid-1960s, advanced electronic and computer systems had evolved enabling navigators to obtain automated celestial sight fixes. These systems were used aboard both ships and US Air Force aircraft, and were highly accurate, able to lock onto up to 11 stars (even in daytime) and resolve the craft's position to less than 300 feet (91 m)." While GPS has largely dispaced it, celestial navigation apparently still has some military use (e.g. in ICBMs) because of its inherent resistance to jamming, and obviously it's used by spacecraft and other extraplanetary vehicles.
KidozyGAME (1 month ago)
i think the word you are looking for is Geo-Stationary Orbit!
William Takacs (1 month ago)
Hey Dude, I love how precise you endeavour to provide explanations. Though we are in completely different industries, the final outcome of how things are correctly explained to others depends ultimately on the mentours precision.
Mike Baugus (1 month ago)
This is not a car people......lol........you don’t just pull up to the gas pumps an the guy runs out and come’s out and fill’s up yer airplanes.......lol....checks under the hood......lol.....lol...checked the oil...........it’s a couple hundred tons of metal people........it takes up a parking spot the spot of your house.............. and you’re neighbors house..................lol
Thomas Bonnes (1 month ago)
I think the military likes eyebrow windows for air to air refueling purposes.
1sonyzz (2 months ago)
jet engine strapped on a fuel tanker lets it fly at 500mph i wonder why people call pilot cabin a ''cock in the pit - cockpit'' crazy....
byteme9718 (2 months ago)
It's so they can still see the ground while flying inverted.
byteme9718 (1 month ago)
@Galatzó Hahahahaha. Quantas pilots complain the undercarriage is fitted on the wrong side.
Galatzó (1 month ago)
Qantas use them every day
Ceasar369 (2 months ago)
The eyebrow windows were there so the pilots could see the horizon while in the 737s signature nose dive into the ocean, before they were finally grounded. Thank you President Trump.
silverpairaducks (2 months ago)
Thank you corn pop
William Johnston (2 months ago)
At 2:56 Hey ground workers, you want some water
アトム仙人 (2 months ago)
あれ、こんなトコに窓付いてるB737なんて見たこと無いなあ。 石原さとみの英語よりこのパイロットさんの英語の方がゆっくりで分かりやすいと思う。
Upward Aerial Views (2 months ago)
So they can spot more drones flying illegally at FL 35 😂
Joakim Mathisen (2 months ago)
Ultra_axe781 (2 months ago)
If a plane ever has to go to star navigation, its probably fucked anyway
Russ Crawford (2 months ago)
Small Cessnas have big windshield for seeing in steep turns, and also to better see traffic ... neither is as important on a 737 I guess ... my first impulse was to say they were for celestial navigation as a joke ... I'm quite surprised that _isn't_ a joke ... who know they carried sextants on jumbo jets? ...
ing Timotej (3 months ago)
I wonder what airline is that. Let's see. So the reg. number is unreadable. Sadly, the company checklist on the yoke is also. What I can see though is Short Field Performance sign. Also, we have the ISFD standby indicator instead of the analog one and the Collins MCP. With that info, I can somewhat shrink the possibilities. So my guess is: RYANAIR. They have Short Field Package 737s (for example EI-GSC), and they also use ISFDs and Collins MCPs on the newer planes. So, how close (or far) was I?
william smith (3 months ago)
Question Mentour Pilot. What do you do if your navigational gauges all fail and you're over the ocean? How do you keep your bearings? Whip out the smartphone for gps? Or us control towers help?
CloudDayLight (3 months ago)
Gogo inflight wifi(duh)
Ralf Weidmann (3 months ago)
I also sat in the 737 with "eyebrows" The sun never bothered me. OK, I was a passenger .... fun side, great explained and great pronunciation.
Ralf Weidmann (3 months ago)
Ich sass auch in der 737 mit "Augenbrauen" Die Sonne hat mich nie gestört. OK, ich war Passagier .... Spaß bei Seite, super erklärt und super Aussprache.
450ktm520 (3 months ago)
Duh, when the 737 goes into a steep dive. So the pilots can see the horizon... they lied to you about tight turns.
450ktm520 (2 months ago)
@Infinite Flight JPC I was being facetious. Probably mildly inappropriate
Infinite Flight JPC (2 months ago)
450ktm520 just so you know, it’s the max that used to have that problem. And the max never had those windows fitted.
bisyhefr (3 months ago)
its to mislead the enemy pilots
Mishmaoul Moustahil (3 months ago)
so glad to see an Air Algerie plane featured !!! AH !!!
J C (3 months ago)
Oh bummer... No more moon roofs
Eli Wesley (3 months ago)
I like the eyebrow windows
Oliver Hel (4 months ago)
My guess before watching solar array for cockpit battery backup? Also,how did you know I hate mathematics..?
Agent J (4 months ago)
Seriously? How dumb is acceptable? Offended as an achievement is nothing to brag about. To see traffic around you, for safety. Why else would they exist is the question to answer, with respect due, not ignorance and confusion to defend.
Isaac Mirage (4 months ago)
every 737NG seems to not have them
MB4Y0U (4 months ago)
@1:26 Yay you used Air Algerie's 727! It feels great since I'm proud to be Algerian! ^^ Great video as I knew that "eyebrow windows" were used for visibility reasons, but wasn't sure on why they ditched them. Thanks captain!
Jessica Milestone (4 months ago)
Excellent video. Thank you!!!
xd Ciaran (4 months ago)
i don’t care what you say. the eyebrow windows on the 737 is the nicest thing in the world
Tracybeme (4 months ago)
Huhh, just had a wild idea and I will share. If nav sats are attacked and go down how will transports navigate over long distances? Stop watch, map and compass? Modern jets no-longer have astro observation bubbles nor can you take a noon sighting.
Smug Megumin (4 months ago)
To me the old 737s with the eyebrows and anti glare look the best
A McConnell (4 months ago)
I have about 5000 hours on 737s (-300 and -700), in Australia and Europe. In Australia we flew visual circuits and low-level circling to most of our destinations. Out of 20 or so destinations there were only 4 with ILS - everything else was non-precision circling or visual approaches. The eyebrow windows were very useful. One point you missed - the left pilot uses the right hand windows and the right pilot uses the left hand windows. When the left pilot is turning left, as they are sitting close to their side window, that side window is fine for visibility to the left, when the left pilot is turning right, however, the right window is pointing at the ground - but the runway you are turning towards is easily seen in the right hand eyebrow windows. I'm glad that you didn't repeat the other "rumour" - that the windows were a hangover from air-to-air refuelling in the KC-135. I also had one shatter in cruise once - a short circuit in the heating wires bubbled the perspex and shattered the glass layer - the glass breaks into thunbnail-sized bits but everything stays together bonded to the perspex. It goes with quite a bang, just above your head, though.
Splinter5570 (5 months ago)
I'm sorry but a 5 mile accuracy on astral nav. is BS. You can easily get within 0.1 mile accuracy.
Splinter5570 (5 months ago)
@Pilotmario Good point. I replied from my Nautical perspective sorry. I cruise the oceans at 15 knots :P
Pilotmario (5 months ago)
Splinter5570 Well you are moving at 500+ knots, so...
ahgflyguy (5 months ago)
Satellite navigation and star navigation are actually doing opposite things. Satellite navigation uses the timing of the signal arrival to figure out the DISTANCE to the satellite. The satellite also broadcasts information giving its location in space, so this is then useful. Stellar navigation uses the LINE of SIGHT to the star, and we obviously don't use the distance to the star in the calculation.
Tom H. (5 months ago)
Before hearing the answer, I'm thinking it was for navigation, so you could look at the stars? Wrong.
Mr. E's Mysteries & Magicks (5 months ago)
Gee...a government mandate for something that is not only useless, but a downright nuisance. THAT'S never happened before.
Miles Campbell (5 months ago)
Good one!
manofknowledge1000 (6 months ago)
If you are ever stopped over in uk you should visit Chelmsford Freemason lodge brother 👍👍👍
manofknowledge1000 (6 months ago)
Dropping shit bombs 💣 on the heads of thralls in nearly every video 😂😂😂 satellites a globe and space 🤣🤣🤣 you sly fox . They’re not going to figure it out any time soon though. They don’t even know they are slaves 😁😁😆😆😆
Radqq (6 months ago)
I've been working as an air traffic controller for 20 years and I had no idea what were those funny small windows for, until now. Thanks :)
ohaleceiffel (6 months ago)
why are all airplane seats sheepskin?
chaosMusic (6 months ago)
Is astral navigation still used?
klaas klapsigaar (6 months ago)
BS. The 'eyebrow' windows were placed so pilots taller than 6 foot 8" could see where they were going.
Peter (7 months ago)
RAF bomber command used sextant to navigate using stars triangulation
Il Gatto (7 months ago)
I've just realized that boeing just replaced the interior side of the windows with a plastic sheet not to redesign the mold of the cockpit ceiling. Poverty.
George Figueiredo (7 months ago)
Dear Mentour Pilot I really enjoy you informative videos. Just a quick questions about some sort of "fins" I see on the side of the cowl of some engines. Thanks and keep them coming. God bless and fly safe
AIRSUPERGAMER1 (7 months ago)
Because pilots need to check if they are falling throug the map
Quinn Reverance (7 months ago)
it's for the planes to display emotion and keep dust from their windshield
GhostShipSupreme (8 months ago)
Why not just add a plastic shudder? Literally similar to the kind in cars... easy solution with the benefit of still being able to use them when needed!
Spookey but not (8 months ago)
The only reason why they are there is because it makes them look cool. Thats it video over
friedchicken (8 months ago)
you're very good, you definitely deserve that soft-looking minky fur seat you have there :D
Mier Beuker (8 months ago)
Oh, I thought it was for when they got to intersections with overhead traffic lights. Those can be hard to see sometimes.
Svik Vik (8 months ago)
Is that you washing the window with your water bottle. Do you save half to drink?? Still flying SAS??
silent1967 (8 months ago)
It's so they don't hit the garage door when pulling in.
Lei Cayetano (8 months ago)
Eyebrow windows? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steph Kou (8 months ago)
Yet another example of government and its armed bureaucrats forcing people to pay for their unwanted ‘services’ and then making things worse rather than better.
helicopter weewee (8 months ago)
Since you're saving 300 hrs. and 20 lbs by not having eyebrow windows, you can save 3000 hrs. and 200 lbs by not having any cockpit windows at all. Next gen, let's get Boeing to have no windows in the cockpit at all, make it completely camera/radar mapping.
neuron55 (8 months ago)
I get notification from your app (Android) but when I click on it I just end up in you apps chat with no relation to the notification. I guess it's in somewhere in the chat history but I would say that the feature doesn't work the way you intended it to do. But anyway, thanks for all the videos, much appreciated.
Bill Rodwick (8 months ago)
David T (8 months ago)
Old c130 had a hole in its roof for star navigation.
Eduardo Espinoza (8 months ago)
Hitted by chikend and birds
Eduardo Espinoza (8 months ago)
Jjjj they removed because was the most hitted in the entire world ,uselesss
張恂悌 (8 months ago)
The opening on top of the 747 is Escape Hatch ,which is used during emergency evacuations if the cockpit door can not open. You can’t open it during cruise due to the pressure.
BlueSpacePictures (8 months ago)
張恂悌 Just make sure you don’t spray deice fluid at it 😂
Enrique Morell (8 months ago)
Do they teach you how to do astral navigation as a pilot?
Mike Baugus (8 months ago)
Lol you know what it’s funny.....when you explaining......navigational by stars,,,,,,,,,,,lol having 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard........I’ve Learn that type of navigation........however with Modern technology we no longer need that type of navigation...........however it is very complicated to Utilize..........however Interesting. .....
Josh C (9 months ago)
don't need Brilliant. everyone knows 2+2=5.... lol
Ata Lipsos (9 months ago)
The last Captain with any notion of astronavigation. Great.
leif Jenkinson (9 months ago)
Always deeply suspicious of the claim that celestial navigation wasn't accurate better than 5 miles (some books say 8). Did several years of it at sea (ships, guys, not airplanes). If you take 4 or 5 sights, different stars, and the result is a pinwheel on the chart, where else can you be but there? We only had SAT-NAV when i first went to sea, not GPS. It had an ellipse, with a long axis up to 8 miles and a short axis of about 4 miles, and you were somewhere inside that. That was great when out of range of Loran A and Loran C. In the middle of the Greenland Sea, who cared if you were 4 miles off, anyway. Okay, harder to take a sight in heavy seas. Forget fog or clouds. Could only take them in "Nautical Twilight". You could take a sun-position, and a moon,: less accurate and no cross-check. Without fancy calculators, by the time you calculate a fix and plot it on the chart, a plane is several hundred miles down the pike. My first two ships max-ed out at 16.5 knots. Slower than a good bicycle. Doing celestial Nav from a plane requires an extremely steady hand and plane. You need height-above-ground/water. Is the altimeter correct? Did you get the bubble-level on the sextant exactly right? Hey! Slocum did the first solo-round-the-world trip with celestial Nav. He made it; in 3 years. The British Government paid about 20,000 pounds for the guy who invented the chronometer (That's an accurate clock (before battery-power,) temperature corrected, etc). Good down into tenths of second. If you are only doing 12 knots, it's good enough. You need accurate time-piece for celestial nav.) Hey! Slocum did the first solo-round-the-world trip with celestial Nav. He made it. The British Government paid about 20,000 pounds for the guy who invented the chronometer (That's an accurate clock (before battery-power,) temperature corrected, etc). Good down into tenths of second. If you are only doing 12 knots, it's good enough. You need accurate time-piece for celestial nav.)
Kemal Sivrikaya (9 months ago)
6:15 Türk Hava Kuvvetleri TR
Elizabeth Ann ferrario (9 months ago)
Hi how very interesting , it’s a delight to learn something very different, sorry my mathematics is regarding calculating drugs as I a, a registered nurse in a intensive care unit very different for me but I enjoy your videos very much makes flying easier and more interesting being a passenger !
Jeep Man (9 months ago)
Good video, I flew the 727 and 737 for years and never realized that's what they were for, I assumed they were there because the cockpit was original designed for the KC-135 and the military wanted them and boeing didn't want to redesign the cockpit. You're right about stuffing checklists in them to block the sun.
Southern (9 months ago)
These windows are there that the plane get some expressions
Merouane Allache (9 months ago)
حتى الطيارات لي نطيرو فيهم كفتة كي الرايس تاع لبلاد يا ربك
BritishAero (9 months ago)
Boeing 737 to other aircraft: HAHAHAH IM LIKE HUMANS NOW LOSERS
HPBDad (9 months ago)
Does the military still want those windows due to potential bank angles being greater than those of commercial allowances?
Jason Bowman (10 months ago)
Celestial navigation creates intersecting lines-of-position. GPS creates a pseudorange corrected to range forming intersecting spheres. Similar in that they both use intersecting geometries but I wouldn't say they work the same way.
Samuel Karlsson (10 months ago)
737s look way better with Eyebrow windows fitted! :D
Rekuzan Rikudo (10 months ago)
What, no Linux support for your app??? X-D
Tony Lam (10 months ago)
In the yesteryear, pilots in theory have the responsibility to spot conflicting traffic, especially VFR which even airlines do use sometimes. Even IFR , there are chance controllers can make a mistake. With the 2020 ADS-B deadline approaching, pilots can actually be free from the very inefficient process of looking for traffic.They do not need those windows. Charles Lindberge did not even have front windows
plasmaburndeath (10 months ago)
I bet these always raise eyebrows when people see them.
Shawn Gadwa (11 months ago)
Why are the pilots dumping water outside the aircraft?
Justin Cui (11 months ago)
Another wuestion about the 737 cockpit: Most planes either have silver window borders or livery matched borders on the outside of the plane, but a few 737s from a few airlines like Delta have dark borders around the windows that slide open. Why do some 737s have the dark borders?
Ian McGreevy (11 months ago)
The Cold War Aeroflot airliners had additional nose windows so that they could easily be switched to military use.
Ian McGreevy (11 months ago)
The old eyebrows are a legacy from the Boeing lineage going back to the Kc-135 tanker which did air-refuelling and the pilots felt they needed the extra visibiity. Then Boeing continued the eyebrows into the well-known “ common-cockpit shell” .
Ian McGreevy (11 months ago)
Astronaut Jim Lovell’s star navigation by eye was as good as the computer on Apollo.
Ian McGreevy (11 months ago)
I could be wrong but here goes: The design commonality goes back to the 707 , and Dash 80 . The dash-80 was the also basis for the military fuel tanker KC-135. Tanker aircraft if they are refuelling other aircraft, or receiving fuel themselves, are flying and. Manoevering very close to other aircraft and I think this is where the extra visibility from the eyebrows can be helpful.
egads2 (11 months ago)
What cockpits and planes need our black boxes for video cameras both inside and for the landing angles. The streams can be continuously transmitted off the planes in event of a crash landing.
Karl Jørgensen (11 months ago)
I wonder: Why where the pilots pouring out bottles of water onto the skin of the aircraft? I can't see that having much of a cleansing effect!?? Or much of an effect at all for that matter... My mind is boggled - enlighten me!
TheDarkSide (1 year ago)
"you will actually see the eyebrow windows on the military variants" 06:11 🎵🎶🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷"Baş koymuşum Türkiyemin yoluna"🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🎵🎶
Recycling Concepts (1 year ago)
As a old "steam gauge" pilot......back in the day we'd get some steep turns on a "visual" approach. Came in handy then, could see why US military might want 'em. Enjoy your vidieo's sir.
ecclestonsangel (1 year ago)
You had me till you said trigonametry. Then I started crying. I hated trig in high school and college. It was my mathematical Waterloo. I couldn't get it no matter how hard I tried. Algebra made sense....to a point. Statistics made complete sense because I used it in my job every day. But trig? If I never see sine, cosine, tangent again, it'll be too soon!
Kørås Kéłœ (1 year ago)
And this is on the 717 727 MD80 707
Ihab Imad (1 year ago)
I have a question what should I say when they ask me why you want to be a pilot
masta2k4 (1 year ago)
Honestly this is the first time i heard of anyone referencing Trigonometry since i left school🙈🤣🤣
Mario Acevedo (1 year ago)
Love your channel.
Taran Saunders (1 year ago)
You said the military version of the 737 still have this but i find that fascinating since the Turkish 737 AEWC has them, but the australian version, the E-7 wedgetail does not have them.
Ozan Sancaktar (1 year ago)
As bayrakları. Türk Hava Kuvvetleri. :) Greetings from Turkey. That was Turkish Air Force 737. :)