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Top 10 Debut Wins In F1

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With the start of the 2019 F1 season in Melbourne just around the corner, time to take a look at the greatest debut wins in F1 history... For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® on Instagram: #F1
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Text Comments (1083)
Djarra (1 day ago)
Guiseppi Ferrina who won the first ever race
michael lavery (4 days ago)
Go on Jenson.
Daniel O. (6 days ago)
3:15 What a... what a MENTAL guy!
Arjun Chauhan (11 days ago)
3:20 the guy running across the track 🤦‍♂️
KLNX (11 days ago)
5:26 he dindt like the race
Kostas Amarantinis (12 days ago)
F1 2020 is 36 days away.
Skooby YT (13 days ago)
10:Ferrari 9:Ferrari 8:Ferrari 7:Ferrari 6:Ferrari 6:MERCEDES! 4:Ferrari 3:Mercedes?/brawn gp
Typically Thomas (19 days ago)
*Car comes around the final corner* 90's steward: "Hang on, let me quickly run across the track" Everyone: "I see no problem with this"
Nafis Sakti (24 days ago)
Bwoah for Raikkonen
Justin Sacks (1 month ago)
F in the chat for Kyalami
Mohammed Ahmed (1 month ago)
and no 1 is talking about that guy crossing the track at 3:12
Pablo Saunders (1 month ago)
Why don’t they drive in South Africa anymore
JBT 2016 (1 month ago)
What is this song??
Matthias Cerebri (1 month ago)
Can you make a list about the youngest race winners?
RAFAA KHANZA (1 month ago)
"aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah"
Madhusudhan Reddy (1 month ago)
The ladies at 4:45 are probably now with their grandchildren or even dead! Life is very short!
Florian Schwab (1 month ago)
Where is vettel
Marijn Meeuwesen (15 days ago)
Florian Schwab read the damn title
Shaffi Bacha (2 months ago)
F1 2019 belgium p3
Clash with Simon (2 months ago)
This was published on my birthday lol
thrash metal (2 months ago)
Brawn has gotta be my favorite F1 team ever
SiVlog (2 months ago)
Giancarlo Baghetti, his first win in F1 is the only time when it is correct to say that he "won his first Grand Prix,"
UZIKING Official (2 months ago)
Did anyone hear that voice crack?
JBT 2016 (2 months ago)
What’s the song???
rlmross (2 months ago)
How can the top one be because of the retirement of 1 and 2, please climb out of max’ ass.
Luis Fedalizo (2 months ago)
Kinda sad Verstappen became more of a prick after he won.
BlaizeV (2 months ago)
Crazy to think that if Hamilton hadn't slipped into the gravel in china and an engine failure in Sepang he'd be an 8 time world champion now.
Yokoyama Taichi (2 months ago)
History of days when Ferrari could win races
Dita Tabialublu (3 months ago)
if Takumi Fujiwara not Takuma Sato is in F1 he would win on hist first race no matter what car he have even a williams 😂
Lexie Krewitt (3 months ago)
When I started this video, I already knew what first place would be (.... AND I waited the whole time only for this!!!!)
JuStCaM__シ (3 months ago)
Now we can add charles leclerc and vettel for ferrari first win
HECKproductions (4 months ago)
kimi is in every top 10 video i wonder what he would say to that probably: "its... nice"
jejj kess (2 months ago)
"Bwoah. Who cares"
Mr Boy533 (3 months ago)
bvk Cars (4 months ago)
Leo Jackson (4 months ago)
Come back to South Africa
TheLastWaveMusic (4 months ago)
lovely historical facts, especially the 1950's ones
Patrick Daniel Herpuji wungkana (4 months ago)
The rest of the grid : When you've studied countless hours and didn't even sleep the night before the test. Brawn GP : your friend who studied minutes before the test but still gets an A+
Jann Adriel Cervo (4 months ago)
Technically Brawn GP studied way ahead of the other teams. So when the test comes, they are confident that they will be able to pass it easily.
Robert Emerson (5 months ago)
I'd like to see the Top 10 shortest F1 careers and the longest. Those 2 videos would be great.
LKS FPS (5 months ago)
what about senna's race ? there are very spetacular races , best than this!
Francisco Emannoel (5 months ago)
Brawn Gp começou a temporada sem patrocínios, alguém se lembra como terminou a temporada?
Marco Fischerkeller (5 months ago)
Whats with Sebastian Vettel in Monza and the first win of Torro Rosso?
John Smith (5 months ago)
How Max’s is number 1 is just unbelievable, really wasn’t expecting that after such a great list, he wouldn’t have even got it if the mercs didn’t take each other out.
noud (5 months ago)
Prost won with the most dominant car of F1
Wong Wai leong (5 months ago)
Top 10:Fernando Alonso wins three times in Bahrain F1. That's ok
Julien James (5 months ago)
look at the car that Prost had, the all dominant Williams.
Mahendrabhai Oza (6 months ago)
Vettel 2008 not mentioned wow
Anton Tech (6 months ago)
Senna - > Lotus - > the first. Verstappen out
Bumble Bity (6 months ago)
Portugese GP wasn't first gp at 1985
amen zwa (6 months ago)
Jim Clark won at Zandvoort in 1967, the debut race for the indomitable Lotus 49. Alas, how easily do we forget the legends—both car and driver....
Thapelo Mashao Masemola (6 months ago)
I thought this was a legit channel until i saw verstappen no 1 ahead of waaaaaay better drivers and teams, dissapointing
Peter Lauter (6 months ago)
Fisichella, Renault 2005? :O
dunichtich100 (6 months ago)
I hope to see Verstappen destroy the arrogant Lewis Hammilton the next years until Hammilton retires!
Gary Sanderson (6 months ago)
That should have been Kvyat instead of Max
Danny Rogers (6 months ago)
How on earth is Brawn GP not number 1? An absolute miracle this team even made it to the grid let alone how beautiful this car truly was.
Thri11Seeker (6 months ago)
Number is another story of lancia
Luke Borg (6 months ago)
I wish F1 would come back to South Africa
Dez AndyRam (6 months ago)
I Lv MadMax VexNoStoppen. See dat, his Debut win w RedBull wz fr dat Lover's fight Crash of Ballsman Hamilton n HotSauceman Nico Kikkoman.
Niklas (7 months ago)
19k liker
Sidharth Rao (7 months ago)
Bottas, Australia, ‘19, why wasn’t he on the list at least on number 10
Sidharth Rao (7 months ago)
Gregory Rogers I realised, I wrote that because I was just surprised with his efforts
Gregory Rogers (7 months ago)
It wasn't his first win for Mersades
Peter Karel Kraus (7 months ago)
Debut with a new team doesn't count. First RACE does!
d3athgr (7 months ago)
Crushstappen N1.Hold My beer going to vomit brb
Gonzalez Kevin (7 months ago)
3:15 when you have to take a shit
Wade Dixon (7 months ago)
Of course the most recent would be number one, so predictable 😒
Yvo Post (7 months ago)
weird to look at the cars without a halo now, nostalgic tbh
Mike Wolf (7 months ago)
Didn’t know South Africa hosted an F1 race.
Ogeenock (7 months ago)
2:27 Imagine being named "Baghetti".
Jaroslav Goga (7 months ago)
Max ♥️🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰
Jotaro Kujo (7 months ago)
That car in the thumbnail looks amazing
Tony Brown (7 months ago)
3:50 remind anybody of southpark?
NFG (7 months ago)
when williams was something
Lucky Ade Kristyanto (7 months ago)
Oh, first win with a new team ...? I think the first victory during a career at F1 was that Alonso was also a world champion with Renault in the 2005 season
Jehu Vargas (7 months ago)
Why do you put Max on top? That win was handled over by the team. The winner should have been Daniel
Paper Boy (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who does not like verstappen?
Tesires Last Shelter Deutsch (8 months ago)
Prost “Debut“ Win with this Williams Cheater Car 😂 Everey Driver can Win with this 1993 Williams Car a GP in this Session.
asdfg (8 months ago)
Zonta Gaming (8 months ago)
My number one is Button with Brawn GP :D
Chr Bale (8 months ago)
From that time Verstappen learned The car crash teqnique
Landooo (8 months ago)
Brawn ? a win ? quite the surprise i forgot
Fatih Turan (8 months ago)
Ahh u miss the 1312 spanish gp Why u put too old videos dude
Bruno Borges (8 months ago)
The Nelson Piquet 1986 win in Brazil, after a fight with Senna deserved a place on that top 10
Soon Leong Wee (8 months ago)
This F1 video just to convince Ferrari change his Vettel with Max Verstappen. F1 management favourite driver is Max, but we don't.
StViperGts (8 months ago)
You forget Giancarlo Fisichella in Renault 2005. Australia
Button Brilliant!!!!!!!
C Bridgie (8 months ago)
Jensen button. What an absolute legend that man is. Cunts like Hamilton just spoil the sport with their arrogance.
daguzify (8 months ago)
Oh fuck off. How is that #1???
Den Magat (8 months ago)
Top 10 Farewell Race please!
BADWOLF1874 (8 months ago)
Max gotta be a future world champion for sure!!!
Junior Miranda (8 months ago)
Colocar a legenda em português
acter Heli (8 months ago)
Waiting for the top 10 non-legit car which in the end won the championship with no effort at all
Wakanda Foreva (8 months ago)
5:25 well that guy just pointed the finger on max
Richy Verde (8 months ago)
Juan pablo montoya (R) 2001 winner italy monza
Antonin (8 months ago)
What happened to Ferrari and and Williams?
William Kang (9 months ago)
Verstappen sucks.
Josh Spies (9 months ago)
F1 needs the South African gp back
Farhan Tbm (7 months ago)
The track is shit now.
Jozef Mericko (9 months ago)
Jacques Villeneuve ? 1996 ?
Jay (9 months ago)
Verstappen was so nice back then, what happened?
Jay (9 months ago)
@Postupwitit TM I mean he wasn't a dickhead. He's worse than Lance Stroll, and he complains about everything.
Postupwitit TM (9 months ago)
He's 3rd with trash redbull, tf you talking about
Lucca Rodrigues (9 months ago)
3:57 Exploiting a loophole in FIA regulations? Isn't that what the winning teams always did in F1...?
Aaponton (9 months ago)
PHX Master (9 months ago)
Of course Bahrain 2010 has to be on here..........
electricamente chido (9 months ago)
Wolf racing is williams
Vijaya Kumar (9 months ago)
The last one legend
Peter Weer (9 months ago)
Mika Sikkens (9 months ago)
Max is my hero
Bri Morrell (9 months ago)
Monza 2008 with Vettel in a torro Rosso in the rain. That must be in Top 10
Bri Morrell (9 months ago)
Simon Axler no it wasn’t but was his debut win lol
Simon Axler (9 months ago)
Bri Morrell was not his. torro rosso debut