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Minecraft Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Tutorial

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Minecraft Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Tutorial Music: Anna Yvette - Red Line Discord: https://discord.gg/Nk2vbVC Website: https://spazza27yt.webs.com/ check here before requesting a Vehicle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spazza27YT-557210788099698/?tn-str=k*F Merchendise: https://teespring.com/stores/spazza27yt-tutorials The Alfa Romeo Giulia (Type 952) is a compact executive car produced by the Italian automobile manufacturer Alfa Romeo. It was unveiled in June 2015, with market launch scheduled for February 2016, and it is the first saloon offered by Alfa Romeo after the production of the 159 ended in 2011. The Giulia is also the first mass-market Alfa Romeo vehicle in over two decades to use a longitudinal rear-wheel drive platform, since the 75 which was discontinued in 1992. The Giulia was second in 2017 European Car of the Year voting and was named Motor Trend Car of the Year for 2018.
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3uifim 201987 2010984653861167454 (22 days ago)
Be io o fatto Tutto le costruzioni del tuo canale anche il titanic
Hellish Arrow (1 month ago)
My friend is obsessed with this song
Panzer Builds (2 months ago)
*_Nairdan_* (2 months ago)
Please spazza could u give a shout out to my channel? I'm starting it and I would be very thankfoul If you took the time to do it
HOWO a7 (2 months ago)
Chú buil xe Đầu kéo ChengLong Đi
Cata Ro (2 months ago)
Make paul walker supra white fast 7
Diecast racer 55 (2 months ago)
Giulia is a masterpiece and it is now in Minecraft as well
Роман Сильченко (2 months ago)
Видео крутое
Enrique Torres (2 months ago)
please create more buildings are very incredible I love your constructions😁
Beef Boss (2 months ago)
Sorry to ask but can you make dusty depot from fortnite
biertje 666 (2 months ago)
Renan Car Exotics #milgrau (2 months ago)
Can you build the red lykan from furious 7??
Jeffyboi 27 (2 months ago)
3rd 3 uploads today wow
Jeffyboi 27 (2 months ago)
Spazza27YT Minecraft Tutorials oh sorry hi
Spazza27YT Minecraft Tutorials (2 months ago)
He!!! where is my hi?
Глеб Сендетский (2 months ago)
madmania 05 (2 months ago)
So many of the same vehicles i like how your doing it keep up the good work
Spazza27YT Minecraft Tutorials (2 months ago)
Its Video Mania Man!! im Mad in uploading! MadMania Madness