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The Future of Factory Automation

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Since the 1970 factories have become ever more automated. In this episode Allison and Vince look at current trends in factory automation and show how networked facilities are changing the landscape of manufacturing. To learn more about PTC Creo, go to
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The automatic production method is the trend of the times,any inquiries please contact us.
Richard Manzanares (1 month ago)
I think the host's are robots.... Skynet cyberdyne systems🤤" have a nice day" she says with a smile.
MarvelExtra (1 month ago)
fuck me. fuck me in the ass by Baxter. This is the best thing since sliced bread.
Leo Zaza (5 months ago)
The photo used to illustrate 18th Century worker was more likely mid 20th Century. Careless mistake.
TheLocoUnion (3 months ago)
Leo Zaza He said that “since the 18th century there has been much progress” He went on to say “factories that looked like this....” they never indicated that the picture was of the 18th century , only that since the 18th century, humans were used for the purpose of manufacture. 😎👍🏼
JudgeFredd (7 months ago)
Instructive video
Hemal Naik (8 months ago)
it is very much possible that with some words I may not explain the situation and you may not understand the reality. the industrialist or other same class of persons are highly attached with money and other power related things only. I also work with a ball plant and recently they started bringing many types of automation in place of human beings. in the list of great disadvantages any automatic system do have zero actual observation which will cost in loss of altimate profit and many more. second is once we fix any kind of automatic system it will run into same order while in any kind of human being there is a possibility because there is the root of this wonderful life in each type of living body. it is other thing that we don't know how to deal with .I want to add that at my work place some type of improvements I have produced which were not possible with people hire with crore of rupees to adopt those automatic system at work place. these are small kind of disadvantages only.
Crazy Clown (9 months ago)
*Just hire a china man or indian & pay them peanuts*
Rusty Nail (10 months ago)
There's a new Foundry going up in our area and everybody thinks it's going to create hundreds of jobs, but like I tell everybody don't count on it . The new Foundry is supposed to be fully automated lines .
Antonio Wolfgang Bierbauer (11 months ago)
amazing how automation technology has created variables in all segments!
hecke1959 (11 months ago)
Robots break down I use to work with one and it broke down a lot.
otterlover95 (9 months ago)
I think he was the one breaking them. Robots are awesome.
engineeringdotcom (11 months ago)
Hi Hecke1959, I'm interested to hear more about your experience! what industry did you work in? what was your role?
NoOne NoOneAtAll (1 year ago)
Automation will not steal any jobs just like globalization hasn't stolen any jobs...Ha
Barrett Smith (1 year ago)
Baxter is more expensive than standard industrial robots. It's also less accurate, and slower.
Nassim (1 year ago)
i hate when people get scared that robots would takeover jobs ! that's a very limited thought
Mateo San (1 year ago)
Google "basic universal income", it is already under trials.
otterlover95 (9 months ago)
And Scotland
Chloe Wang (1 year ago)
Yea. Finland is testing it
Christopher Brown (1 year ago)
great show when talking no music please
Mohit Chauhan (1 year ago)
best video
otterlover95 (1 year ago)
Even though this was 2013 production, it's already OLD. "Light's Out Factories" are here NOW. And frankly, that's awesome. Perfect products being made around the clock, by robots that don't make mistakes, need a bathroom break, need lunch, need pay, or cause problems. Awesome! Nobody WANTS to work in a factory. Think of the free time people will have as continued automation CONTINUES to affect almost all employment. It's not like automation is a new thing. Robots have been doing jobs for DECADES now. It's just that they are getting more visible. Thank-goodness.
Dang Duong Nguyen Doan (1 year ago)
what workers will do if robots do everything?
otterlover95 (9 months ago)
People can enjoy life not being "workers"
Chloe Wang (1 year ago)
Павел Круглыхин (1 year ago)
Tony Baines (1 year ago)
whilst these robots put people out of work, who can afford their products ?
N Weld (1 year ago)
Those receiving Guaranteed Minimum Income that ALL people will soon receive.
Tsrif Tsal (1 year ago)
The interesting aspect of all this is that the same "capitalists" that are pushing and supporting this automation movement fail to see that they are in fact sowing the demise of capitalism faster than any so called Marxist ever could. Its laughable to me that they refuse to see the big picture, the fewer consumers to producers ratio we have, the closer we come to the collapse of capitalism. So all this bullshit nationalism is futile when it is not the immigrants who will take our jobs, but in fact the very same industry giants who champion capitalism so much, they will be the ones to usher in the collapse and the birth of a new socialist economy or will refuse to embrace the inevitable and bring about a dystopia unlike any other. Silicon Valley knows this and it is why many industry tycoons have been quietly building bunkers and buying land in New Zealand, they fear they day society turns on them and realizes their suffering was brought on by these people and their agenda to wipe out 80% of all human labor. This speaks for itself, If all this tech was rooted in good and a noble ideal then whats is there to fear, why run to hide, why prepare for the wrath of society, unless you knowingly are working to hurt and take away peoples livelihood. Stop being fooled onto blaming others for our economic troubles, it is not the immigrants, it isn't about the race, sexual orientation etc, we are being purposely divided and tricked into attacking each other so that the true culprits of our suffering can get away with destroying our lives.
otterlover95 (9 months ago)
Capitalism is a distribution system. It's not going anywhere.
Miguel Zavala (1 year ago)
and trump blames illegals for taking jobs boooo boooo they should boycott companies that use automitation.
Rob Fraser (5 months ago)
The US is already losing it's grip on the world by reverting legislation and regulation, if they put a complete halt on progress the US will be the only third world nation in 50 years time.
Mrs. Owens (1 year ago)
Great video for our PLTW classrooms! thank you
Richard Manzanares (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure the hosts are robots as well.
idontseeit1 (1 year ago)
get rid of capitalism and this will lead to a world of free stuff
Chloe Wang (1 year ago)
State controlled capitalism. Just like it is today. All money comes from the government as only the government is allowed to print money. Capitalists cant print money unless they want to risk going to jail. Its called forgery/counterfeit. So they compete for government paper by producing stuff for consumers. So completes the cycle of economic life.
N Weld (1 year ago)
Without Capitalism, there will be NO "stuff" made. Capitalism is mainly about accounting.
Nes Hirst-Ashuach (1 year ago)
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. A capitalist country can still have some industries under government control if its considered strategic (Healthcare in basically every country for example). This in no way means they aren't capitalist. If you're actually suggesting Britain, Australia or South Korea are non capitalist you're crazy. As to the cure for cancer......what? The reason their no "cure" for cancer is because its an (incredibly complicated) GROUP of diseases with huge differences between them. Your comment is also ludicrous because when a new drug is invented (as if a cure for skin cancer would have anything to do with a brain tumour!) it can only be produced by its inventor for 20 years. If you owned the cure for cancer you would have 20 years where hundreds of millions of people were desperate to buy a product only you had. You would become the richest person to have ever lived! Companies invest billion in trying to cure cancer and they're succeeding - cancer survival rates are going up worldwide. The people with the best life expectancy and healthcare are all in western, capitalist democracy's. This rather disproves your argument that capitalism is in any way bad for healthcare in any way.   Also the obvious question is - if capitalism is what's preventing a cure for cancer then why hasn't a communist country cure it? The soviets alone had decades. Roads; Of course their long term profit in building roads - new roads constantly need to be built (world population is rising) and repairing old roads is a constant issue, if a road isn't repaired every few years it will fall to pieces.  I've already shown how "state capitalism" is a failure as much communism is - refer back to my comments on which Chinese companies are least efficient (the government ones). You clearly have no idea how capitalism works and seem to dislike it based on some ludicrous assumptions. Communism when implemented in the soviet union, Cuba, Vietnam, China, North Korea etc. has spectacularly failed to improve the lives of its people. Communist countries were all hideous dictatorships with terrible life expectancy, no personal or political freedom and a very low standard of living. Capitalist countries are some of nicest places to live in the world. I doubt this is a coincidence.
idontseeit1 (1 year ago)
+Nes Hirst-Ashuach you don't know what capitalism is every single one of those countries have state owned business you are right about that selling anti-cancer medicine that is why there's no cure for cancer the cure for cancer means no profit can't have that in capitalism you are right about Road building companies after the US bombed Iraq Road building companies made profit rebuilding roads capitalism is about extracting profit it is not about just creating jobs in fact there is no long-term profit on building roads unless you put tolls on roads which you will see on the Donald Trump as infrastructure gets privatized as far as global warming if capitalist countries could solve the problem why is fossil fuel use going up not down oil is entrenched in the capitalist system it's not just in your cars is in your food and your plastic your tires your house almost everything how do you replace that without replacing the system oh yeah capitalism does not have to be just private Enterprise there is a thing called State capitalism wish Japan to part in the reason why the most countries have not been at War because capitalism is a system is at War which countries that don't comply so they agreed at War II not to fight amongst each other but if you look at the world today that agreement is breaking the capitalist system is failing But anyway my original post was not about the good so bad of capitalism I was simply saying Tech could replace jobs robots could serve human and they will be no need to make profit moving towards a post scarcity Society meaning there will be no need for money if robots could producer all goods and services you don't have to pay them
Nes Hirst-Ashuach (1 year ago)
You don't seem to actually understand what capitalism is.... Japan before WW2 was not capitalist - at all. It was a government controlled economy. Corporations can earn profit from war true - the exact same amount of money can be made selling anti cancer medicine or making cars. Having a war means some companies make money but others loose it. Even assuming every government is completely immoral war still doesn't make sense economically - you can make more money by building roads and schools and hospitals than by building bombs. If a weapons company can bribe the government then why cant a road making company? You're also deliberately ignoring he fact that most capitalist countries haven't had wars recently - Germany spends almost nothing on its military and hasn't started a war in decades. What about new Zealand? What about Norway? Switzerland is famously neutral in wars. What about Japan? They spend less money on their military than almost anyone else and haven't had a war in decades. The only evidence you've show is that America has had a lot of wars - America is not the only capitalist country. New Zealand got rich from Africa did it? Did Norway? Did south Korea? Did Australia? Did Taiwan? Its incredibly easy to show that none of these countries have ever colonised anywhere. In a way you're correct about global warming - it was capitalism that created the wealth allowed billions of people to own cars, to heat their homes so the don't freeze to death in winter, it was capitalism that has made obesity a bigger problem than starvation in many countries. None of that is a bad thing; now that we know that their are downsides to these things we can begin to fix them. Look at how much European countries are spending on renewable energy, are they not capitalist? Germany is spending hundreds of billions on an "Energy transformation" to move away from fossil fuels. Is Germany not capitalist? Japan puts huge amounts of money and effort into moving away from fossil fuels, is Japan not capitalist? Capitalist countries are doing a huge amount about global warming.
Gary40 Rochester40 (2 years ago)
humans will be incinerated for electricity to power the robots , there will be no need for 8 billion humans, the ones that will be left are the designer's Of The robots . 2180 world population 700,000
Passionate Guy (4 months ago)
I dont think so...
Chloe Wang (1 year ago)
That wouldnt work. Because designers would have no one to sell to but themselves. Reducing the size of their consumer markets.
D Jaquith (2 years ago)
It'll be interesting to watch an economic collapse like domino's. Imagine half the planets population out of work. Soon enough an ASI will look at people the same as advanced aliens visiting Planet of the Apes.
D Jaquith (1 year ago)
+J.R. Crews The real change I probably won't be alive to see, but certainly my daughter. AI and ASI, 20-30 years from now, are the precipice and I haven't a clue other than speculations. The idea of economics and what is an economy will radically change. I only can hope for the best.
D Jaquith (1 year ago)
+J.R. Crews It's happening right now...
Kulguri Jüri (2 years ago)
Robots should be condemned because some people dont want to sit in the chair! :(
LumberOne (2 years ago)
I don't understand why some people would rather enslave a human to do some repetitive mindless task just so they can have a "job". And robots drive down the overall cost allowing more people to afford those products.
D Jaquith (2 years ago)
LumberOne How about an ASI (robot) performing Neurosurgery better than any human? No 'job' aka career will be secure. Imagine _beings_ with an average IQ a thousand times smarter than even Einstein. What's your place in the world in about 30 years?
Nathan Sharp (2 years ago)
I'm happy that people won't have to slave away in factories anymore. Even with 8 hour work days and benefits, being an assembly line worker is demeaning. Ford was the most ethical. Indonesian manufacturing is the least. Its a system that should go.
awa arch (2 years ago)
Laws should make against automation because automation is biggest danger of 21st century for humanity.
veganath (2 years ago)
+awa arch u need to explain why....
chopsuey087 (2 years ago)
For the people complaining that robots take jobs-- Yes they do but they don't have to take breaks, never call in sick, and don't complain. Way more productive than any human worker.  If you don't want your job replaced by a robot,  do like I did and become the person that teaches and repairs them. All it takes is a 2 year degree in Electronics. The pay is great also I make around 70k a year.
chopsuey087 (1 year ago)
Alpha Vestibulando yes every factory needs automation and control engineers. go for it
Alpha Engineering (1 year ago)
And also i'm doing Control & Automation Engineering... is it promissor speaking by the future?
Max Emmer (1 year ago)
chopsuey087 (1 year ago)
Max Emmer I have an associate degree in Industrial Electronics and another in Electrical Technology from Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa Alabama
Max Emmer (1 year ago)
Can you please suggest the 2 year degree or program to do what you do? Or perhaps where you learned? Thanks!
Ra Themis (2 years ago)
I don't need to see the narrators.
Hector Cardenas (1 year ago)
Ra Themis The woman is beautiful.
N Weld (1 year ago)
Is it because they aren't Asian? I think the women may be bi-racial, partly Asian.
Bryan Sim (2 years ago)
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BIN Industrial Training (2 years ago)
FYI to those involved in deep discusion here: "The health care and social assistance sector will account for almost a third of the projected job growth from 2012 to 2022. Employment in the construction sector is expected to see a large increase, while still not reaching prerecession levels. Manufacturing is projected to experience a slight decline in employment over the projection period. "[source:]
Jérôme Röthlisberger (2 years ago)
The most amazing fake smile i have ever seen.
sortedtales (2 years ago)
+Jérôme “SteamPilot” Röthlisberger At first I wasn't sure if she was the robot that was the subject of the story.
braddockakalatis2 (2 years ago)
Mjuelz (3 years ago)
kan ni läras mig?
SteverRacer13 (3 years ago)
Too bad they didn't even touch on the Universal Robots UR3, UR5 and UR10 collaborative robots.
Terrance Kenallen (3 years ago)
Someone will have to be skilled in Building repairing and programming these machines that will completely displace the unskilled laborer. Luckily for me I am going to school to learn these skill. C++ programming language, embedded systems programming, computer networking, and CAD will be needed to maintain this infrastructure. Those who don't have these skill will be out of a job. Even farming and other jobs will be automated. I have heard that even trash and recycle pickup will be replaced by robot collection trucks.
Brooks Family (28 days ago)
You need to learn PLC
Michael Hartman (6 months ago)
🤣 True story. Found calling. Years learning programming. Good programmer. Frustrated finding job. Invest remaining money. Start business. One day spreadsheets come. Untrained secretary can do my job at no extra pay. Out of business. Out of money. Took menial and dangerous job. Today few programmers are needed and machine learning has arrived. Good luck.
Rusty Nail (10 months ago)
Terrance Kenallen you only need so many people to program. dozen jobs replaced with one or two people.
aleksander suur (1 year ago)
C++ isn't really significant in factory automation, meat of automation is PLC language IEC 61131-3, pick your flavor. On top of that tons of C# .NET for busywork that doesn't actually control hardware, HMI-s and such. As weird as it seems, factories run on Windows. General purpose robots all have their own medieval manufacturer specific programming language, usually some BASIC derivative.
Borek Zanda (2 years ago)
Sorry, C++ will retire as soon as Von Neumann architecture retires.
NAPREDATOR (3 years ago)
but is it truely a good thing? what about the lost jobs
Rob Fraser (5 months ago)
You act as if people actually want to work, we work because we are forced Currency is now the slave master of the day, but currency is only necessary if the things we need in life have a price attached to them, which they won't forever.
Borek Zanda (2 years ago)
Less working hours a day.
smw (3 years ago)
Automation has brought us a great increase in quality of life over the last 100 years and will continue to do so in the future. The problem of unemployment in the west is the fault of our Governments who allowed an unlimited amount of cheap imports from third world countries to replace out own production.
antidecline (4 years ago)
As these technologies develop, there will be less and less need for human labor.  What I'd like to see coupled with increased automation is a basic income for all, so that people who lose their job will still be able to live a decent life.  
Chadwicked B (1 year ago)
antidecline Welfare doesn't pay that much!.
sortedtales (2 years ago)
+antidecline I agree that there must be some kind of recognition and remedy for the fact that people are being rendered worthless in a society that measures human value based primarily on productivity. I suppose the only way to benefit under the current system is to invest in companies by buying shares, however this is prone to manipulation and can result in devastating losses to a small-time investor. Humanity has gotten itself into a pickle.
Andy Wilderness (4 years ago)
While all you crazy alarmist nuts scream and cry about how automation will take all of our jobs away and turn us into slaves I am just sitting over here thinking to myself about how this could bring about a true Communist society where nobody has to work and we are all supplied with what we want and need. 
Ahmet Akyol (1 year ago)
Mat Jivas I totally get what you mean, but if its cheaper to give them food then killing them while they run towards us and blow themselves up, I dunno. Im on the fence about the universal basic income thing.
Mat Jivas (1 year ago)
"I am alive, I therefore deserve to be alive, give me food" why?
Optimus Prime (1 year ago)
+Marco well you are living in the age of alternative facts so...
Marco (1 year ago)
When you can do whatever you want is slavery.And working hard for shitwages is freedom.Yeah right
Optimus Prime (1 year ago)
what happens when the robots become smart enough to demand rights?
A S. (4 years ago)
Yeh.. Go home. No job for you.
Lucas Blom (1 month ago)
If 100,000,000 people in the United states had their own unique products that sold and own their automated factories free market passive income low unemployment
Christian Temple (1 year ago)
But these alternative jobs are becoming more and more technical. Compared to the past, nowadays you wouldn't find any jobs had you only graduated from high school. A large bulk of the popultion doesn't have college degrees, what jobs are they going to have? Sure, if you offer free education to them and let them earn degrees, they will find jobs, but the problem is that there aren't that much professional jobs to feed the demands of 300 million populations. The effect of automation on the economy has already taken part. The economy is growing and unemployment rate is rising. More people are attending college right now because no one gets a job with a high shcool diploma unlike how it was in the past.
Nikos V (3 years ago)
its a load of rubbish, people have been saying this would happen since 70's, factories still require people and always will
Tjorvia (3 years ago)
agriculture, IT, energy, water, finance, entertainment, construction, medical & pharmaceutical, police/fire department, R&D, insurance, and small businesses. I personally don't see these industries -and more- becoming automated or automated enough to negate human interaction anytime soon, so there's some other industries people could migrate to and earn a respectable living Also, you're right about the "living depends on location," however I know how to live (not survive) off $12k/yr on Canada's west coast without religiously cutting coupons, people just need to look at methods other than what we are being told are the "only" methods
Clorox Bleach (3 years ago)
I know you only meant it as an example but the problem will be only a tiny fraction of the population needed for maintenance etc. Our planet's population is increasing which makes matters worse. Self driving cars will destroy millions of truck drivers, taxis etc. How much money we would need to live depends on what country you live in.
Mastervitro (4 years ago)
Once everything essencial is automated like food, water, shelter, energy, ect, Then the need to work to survive is a thing of the past and money would soon become worthless. The economly would reverse from a profit drivin to an effeciency drivin and for the well being of mankind. Everyone would become potentialy wealthier as we expand how much space and resources we utilize. And as we move out into space, it will only grow exponentially.
Eagle Technology Inc. (4 years ago)
Great Video! Wouldn't it be nice if you could get an automatic alert when one of your machines goes down unexpectedly?  That way you reduce downtime, and do not lose out on profits!  YOU CAN!  Eagle Technology can Interface directly with PLCs to keep you up and running! Check us out, thanks!!!
chefawkes (4 years ago)
3:29 thats the most advanced robot i've ever seen
dawit birhan (4 years ago)
hello guys thanks a lot!!!!!!!
dougymoo (4 years ago)
Actually, to back Carlton Powers comment up, I think a lot of you should watch this -
Agg92438 (4 years ago)
"buying a baxter" :|
David Chang (4 years ago)
Think and rethink. Never reinvent the wheel. Innovation shapes rivers and moves mountains. And you pour water into a tea cup, it becomes the tea cup !
Dong & Jian (4 years ago)
Haha, talk is easy. Fully automatic is good. You need intelligent people to use it. Eventually, you still need people to maintain it. Nothing is Free maintenance.
astrialkil (4 years ago)
+knucklesamidge toyota had a commercial that showed one robot arm repairing a second robot arm ! its already happened....the big wigs don't need you any more.
knucklesamidge (4 years ago)
Yeah but there's going to be 9 billion people who need a job, and only a few people to maintain the automation, which won't be a lot. Then we will make robots that can do that for us. We need to shift out of this "everyone has to work" mentality. 
Terry L (4 years ago)
As an Industrial technician that earns his living on today's PLC  and Robotics, I can see an average factory worker doing my path configurations and forgetting what LOTO was for...oh boy. Now I'm going to have to start looking for a different industry to get into. I can see they are all at risk. I'm going on a government subsidized program now to avoid failure later. 
Banzay20 (4 years ago)
as long as some selected people can earn a lot of money on automation its a hard nut to crack to let workers go home because the factory is more efficient. And when the factory is 100 % automated people are more likely to loos their jobs instead of getting time of. Not many owners are willing to give a way a opportunity of a life time to earn a shit load of dollares. I put my bet on OSE and RBE, and open source movements in general  
Carlton Powers (4 years ago)
If things are fully automated, the consumers will no longer be able to purchase products because they will be out of jobs. Certain corporations might decide that if the consumer wants some of their products that they depend on and cannot get themselves, that they might have to be those corporations bitches, creating a conflict of legitimacy between corporation and government which could lead to an anomaly where anarchist-capitalism becomes inevitable. This is where corporations control the people and force people to consume what they want them to consume, do what they want them to do, and at the end of the day, people will just end up being like slaves, but, in such a way that it bypasses the laws that we have in place today.
Nikos V (2 years ago)
+sortedtales foxconn has made several attempts to automate production and failed, most electronics  manufacturing is now done in china and from china it is shifting to south east asia (phillipines, vietnam and indonesia) as well as mexico - car manufacturing is mostly localised production eg in usa, europe etc and still requires many people only auto body manufacturing is automated, they still need people to put in the seats, dashboard etc. The only two nations that i can see that are the most automated are south korea and japan
sortedtales (2 years ago)
+Nikos V Are you blind? Manufacturing jobs are already almost extinct.
Nikos V (3 years ago)
its a load of rubbish, people have been saying this would happen since 70's, factories still require people and always will
V Williams (4 years ago)
The only job I can see that you can not fully automate is surgeon. Truth is people were not intended  to slave their lives away filling someone else's pockets. You do not need a job to justify your existence! 
Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd (4 years ago)
look up resource based economies like the zeitgeist movement for ideas about future progression of society
BIN Industrial Training (5 years ago)
Lean is already widely accepted in health care but the implementation has a long ways to go. There is already some rare robotic surgery too. But as you all have seen, something as simple as automating health care records to reduce redundancy, wasted motion, and communication errors, has proven to be a monumental task. Healthcare is just so large and corrupt, even the best 4 wheel drive pickup gets stuck in the mud. :)
BIN Industrial Training (5 years ago)
Thank you for your kind opinion Fishin dudas. :) Just a note, when I say get more education, am not saying everyone will get a degree, it may just be OJT. If you don't know what OJT is, Google it. People who were displaced telegraph operators and had to be re-educated to become phone operators didn't have to get a degree to switch, just OJT. To assume when someone said 'get educated'... means getting a degree, now that is as you put it Fishin, 'stupid'. :)
Dynamic Design Solutions, Inc. (5 years ago)
Factory and industrial automation has always been a developing concept. What about automation in other industries? Healthcare, for example? How can we apply these same concepts to other areas?
Fishin dudas (5 years ago)
what a stupid u really think everyone can get educated and get a degree? you cant have a world with all educated people....
BIN Industrial Training (5 years ago)
True, not everyone will retrain to repair and design automation. But throughout evolution of man, everyone displaced retrained for some other occupation or just switched. blacksmiths, street lamp lighters, telegraph operators, milkmen, telephone operators, typist, elevator operators, Sewing Machine Operators etc. Yes thousands, no the majority didn't go hungry. Others to be displaced due to tech in future, in thousands... postal service workers. Some day department stores and gas stations.
Cam C (5 years ago)
Clearly that will not be an option for the 10s of thousands that will be replaced by the machines.
BIN Industrial Training (5 years ago)
"How can you afford to live?" Answr: Get education on how to repair and design automation before the lights go out.
Cam C (5 years ago)
"Maybe one day we'll have factories so automated we can turn the lights off, and just go home." And by home you mean Mom and Dad's basement, right? How else will the men and women who will lose out on work afford to live?
Shekhar Shinde (5 years ago)
please be more brief Sir... We here are engineers... not a normal peoples... you made videos only for normal peoples who dont have any interest in engg stuff. but we do... Show more tech brief... non engineers will also take interest
Falconer13X (5 years ago)
Baxter is simply a foot in the door for the company that makes it. I agree, many of the 'bot's features are unnecessary in an industrial setting, and the method of programming through manual manipulation of the arms is not new by any stretch. But the simplified programming through touchscreen and the cute anthropomorphization make for good press, and that might be enough to get past clueless management and into start-ups.
ShadowRam242 (5 years ago)
Anyone in the industrial automation world knows Baxter is a complete joke. There are some serious advances happening in the world of automation, mostly sensors becoming smaller and more importantly cheaper. Baxter is a pile of marketing trash, clearly designed by people who have no clue what happens in an manufacturing environment.
James Patton (5 years ago)
You guys deserve more views
BIN Industrial Training (5 years ago)
Great job on the video guys. I remember my first involvement in a 'lights out' factory. It was so exciting! Now technology like Baxter has come so much further since my experience 15 years ago. Baxter could feed the guard dog too. lol
Bernard Born (5 years ago)
When are they going to start producing the new LION batteries that are 30 times the capacity of the present day batteries!?
SangoProductions213 (5 years ago)
This is really neat stuff
SangoProductions213 (5 years ago)
less than 10 views, woo! I'm so special