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Question Period — Christopher Garnier, Trans Mountain pipeline, CRA phone scam - September 21, 2018

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Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. This week during question period the government has faced questions on NAFTA, the carbon tax, convicted murderer Christopher Garnier receiving benefits from Veterans Affairs and the Infrastructure Bank.
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Text Comments (10)
leblover77 (4 months ago)
Government will lie and scam u I guarantee it prove me wrong.
Geordan Krahn (4 months ago)
When the libs cant answer clearly they deflect and blame Harper. You know, that guy who has not been in power or in politics for 3 years, yet somehow its still all his fault. Youd think they could come up with better excuses.
Geordan Krahn (4 months ago)
@ 12:40 What a BS response. "we wont protect Canadians from fraud, they can protect themselves".
TowManDave00 (4 months ago)
This is the best dog and pony show on youtube!!
Phyllis Michailidis (4 months ago)
Wow I just started watching this BS it gave me a headache no questions are ever answered... our government and legal system is corrupt and they will be held accountable.. ControlledMSM WWG1WGA DrainTheSwamp Everybody is watching
miriam kucera (4 months ago)
Are you talking about Marihuana, you should talk about your synthetic drugs and deaths .How many people died on synthetic drugs and addictions to it .
miriam kucera (4 months ago)
How much money is this conservative talk coast , just talking nonsense. Is British Columbia most expensive to live and make money from people , because the government in BC is thinking they are separated from rest of Canada.
miriam kucera (4 months ago)
Again , miss Campbell is ancient problem
demikal (4 months ago)
What a mess. We also pay the CBC money so they can sensor q&a what's the point.
David Osborn (4 months ago)
With so much drama, how do they get anything done? 😄