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How Airports Make Money

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Text Comments (2747)
Eric Herold (7 hours ago)
I feel like you should change the title to "The Economics of Airports"
Roblox Soviet Union (17 hours ago)
7:46 and humberside
Me Io (1 day ago)
Bassano sei tu?
Glenn Goetz (2 days ago)
They rip you off on everything!!!
infinitecanadian (4 days ago)
That's weird to see that the U.S.A. hasn't privatized airports.
Yash Jha (4 days ago)
F.B.I (5 days ago)
It’s the same here in Northern Virginia, Dulles is Heathrow, and Ronald Reagan Airport in District Of Columbia is Amsterdam.
North east aviation (7 days ago)
Newcastle yay
Joe O (11 days ago)
It is called THIEFRO because of landing fees and baggage theft/
raborne Vines (14 days ago)
You are absolutely wrong about heathrow, It doesn't constantly service the 6 inhabited continents. Your number throughout the entire video are wrong and too low by multiples. You are entirely wrong about the privitization of Airports in US. All of them are privately owned because the US Government owns no companies and can't own companies. Stop lying about dumb shit and fact check.
Unique SP (18 days ago)
I love flying and airports. My favorite airport is Seattle's Sea Tac. Great food, Nice and big and love to hang out at the delta lounge.
John Anderson (21 days ago)
$10 20oz bottled water that's how.
Heraldo Medrano (5 days ago)
It's cheaper to do cocaine.
Aidan Brock (22 days ago)
Why do airports always have the worst restaurants? Like it’s just average ones like wagamamas and pret a manger
Blake Taube (22 days ago)
I just flew to Branson Airport the other day. Literally everyone I heard on the radio except one guy was a student pilot like my self. Hopefully it doesn’t go under.
randomdude69 lol (25 days ago)
It may have something to do with charging $7.50 for a donut lmao
Nenad Kralj (25 days ago)
8:24 LOVE IT | The best part !!
Joshua Money (26 days ago)
Heathrow airport was the worst airport I’ve ever been.
someone (26 days ago)
he’s talking about a british airport and still fucking uses dollars
שקד בר אוריון (28 days ago)
They use confiscated water bottels cashback and sell 4 euro 250ml water bottels
Rayan animates (25 days ago)
שקד בר אוריון hahaha
xplane 11 (30 days ago)
everyone who subs to me = 1 sub=rain-forest safe
Unique SP (18 days ago)
Rocking Rules (30 days ago)
7:56 it is the capital city’s airport what about London Southend,stansted,city,Gatwick,Luton and Heathrow
Mervyn Partin (30 days ago)
So that is why us passengers are being fleeced. Heathrow is a vile place, but I am forced to use it instead of much closer airports. I am tempted to start using Amsterdam Schipol via my local airport and save a 4 hour car journey (and a useless "shopping mall" before the gate)
Bad Santa (1 month ago)
The carts, its all in the cart rentals.
Crack The Sky Fan (4 days ago)
At the bars !!!!! Reagan National in DC..FEBRUARY-2019. Double Jack and Coke.... $ 27.00 !!!! WTF???
Jeffrey D (1 month ago)
Who thought 4 dollars for a Snickers bar, and 3 dollars for a bottle of watter is reasonable?
Dr. Emmett Brown (1 month ago)
0:46 Heathrow has way more than 650 daily flights, closer to 1300-1500 daily flights
domino diamond (1 month ago)
I cant eat and travel. Maybe just a small bite on an occasion hunger emergency. But no eating. I just cant do it.
Musawenkosi Mathe (1 month ago)
I thought i was the only one!!
Mike Smit (1 month ago)
I might be mistaken, but I thought Schiphol Amsterdam was/is also privatised
Shaun Greer (1 month ago)
we do have domestic flights to Heathrow. British Airways operates the A320 family from my local airport (NCL) to Heathrow.
Mikhail Iakovlev (1 month ago)
But, Heathrow is also one of the few airports in the world with plentiful supply of free drinking water. Also, the UK is super small so there is no reason to have lots of domestic flights. To give an example, it is possible to get from London to Birmingham in about 1h15m by train. So, it makes sense to have an Amsterdam-Birmingham but not a Heathrow-Birmingham flight.
StraightHugo (1 month ago)
A 330ml coke can is £ 2.99 inside and outside the airport is £0.79. This is how they make money. 😂
Shaun Croston (1 month ago)
Manchester Airport is NOT owned by the government, it is owned by MAG (Manchester Airports Group)
Harvey Heinous (1 month ago)
8:59 whoa that's my local airport!!
Judi McAulife (1 month ago)
Obviously overcharging airport fees, pay the cocksucking TSA to manhandle and fondle paying passengers, and overpriced food vendors.
Spike Tv (1 month ago)
anything UK is expensive
TLC (1 month ago)
I don't find Heathrow to be very expensive to shop into. A lot of franchise shops there have essentially the same prices like in London.
Subjektive Noise (1 month ago)
They take our money. Easy answer.
VannessRBLX (1 month ago)
Malaysia Airlines A380. :)
Barry Terdmaster (1 month ago)
Another dumb video. What is next, "How Parking Garages Make Their Money"
Ovidiu Nerges (1 month ago)
More than "how airports make money", this video should be named "how heathrow airport makes money"
Jewdo Master (1 month ago)
Thru Predatory Capitalism.
Christy Blight (1 month ago)
Sydney Airport makes on average $20 alone from parking alone.
CrouchTV (1 month ago)
You chose a British airport as an example, but used cost to run in dollars :/
epiX (1 month ago)
CrouchTV maybe because most of his viewers are american
brenda poole (1 month ago)
I have never got on a plane. Not once in my life . They would be out of business waiting for me.
นรินทร์ พรวัชระกุล (1 month ago)
ต้องคิด ต้นทุน การเดินท่างโดย เครื่อง บิน กับ รถ
Don (1 month ago)
Selling them skimpy $10 Hot Dogs?
World Peace (1 month ago)
How about Changi in Singapore? Surprising to see Heathrow wasn’t even voted the best in spite of making profits!
Naveen TS (1 month ago)
Heathrow is mainly designed for international departure and arrival. If anyone wants to connect within UK, they will use other nearby international airports such as City (LCY), Gatwick (LGW), Luton (LTN), Stansted (STN), Southend (SEN) or tens of other domestically connected nearby London airports. Also if Heathrow wants to make around $19 per passenger, yu forgot add the rents each outlet in airport pays Heathrow. Your channel shd be more logical, catching even minutest of things.
Aaron Seet (1 month ago)
Thought London has multiple airports.
john Jeffreys (1 month ago)
Avg employee salary = $76,000. That’s insane
Hollie Wickens (1 month ago)
Except Heathrow also has very few domestic UK flights because we actually have a rail network that, whilst flawed, is also a hell of a lot easier than flying if you want to get anywhere
Caim Astraea (1 month ago)
How do they make money ? They sell you water for 5 euro a bottle REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Dip_Ace (1 month ago)
I ignored once I ignored twice I ignored more I ignored a lot Youtube don't stops recommending me this video ohh then I losses youtube won
Saro M (1 month ago)
They make money by selling you a bottle of water for the price of a whisky
David Zhai (1 month ago)
Did you notice: airports took away their water fountain. Now passengers have to buy bottle water. And price is ridiculous!
Caim Astraea (1 month ago)
I just drink the one from the toilet area , the ones used to wash your hands. Good enough
Sajan Neupane (1 month ago)
Did you graduated in aviation management or something like that. Great informations Thank You
kimi king (1 month ago)
that is amazing,I don't notice this before
Pc Tong (1 month ago)
Car parking. That is your answer.
xrcq (1 month ago)
Heathrow is English they aren’t making a single dollar of anybody only pounds
Noman Butt (1 month ago)
I don't care how airport make money😕 I am only here to read funny comments.
Reesicup 0815 (1 month ago)
So if an airline has to make an unexpected emergency landing, like at Heathrow, does that airline have to pay the airport for that unexpected landing?
Matt Cook (1 month ago)
Why have regional flights when most of the country is within a 6 hour drive
Silent Assassin (1 month ago)
This is complicated.
Lakshman Rao Pilaka (1 month ago)
nice video
Ruddiger Burns (1 month ago)
So the average pay is 76k a year? That number seems off.
Ruddiger Burns (1 month ago)
Ty that makes sense when you factor in benefits.
James Butler (1 month ago)
That's the average pay for the people Heathrow Airport Holdings has on its payroll. That number is skewed because it is going to have more higher wage earners as a proportion of its staff. It is paying CEOs, executives, web developers, accountants, account managers, etc. You probably do not speak to a single actual employee of Heathrow in the entire process. Also, don't forget that number it spends on staff is not all pay either. It's also payroll taxes, job perks/incentives, staff training and development costs, etc.
Guru Sandirasegaram (1 month ago)
Landing & take off fee Maintenance other areas paid by customers
Solo laric Entertainment (1 month ago)
Heathrow is owned by a Nigeria citizen
Daniel Olatoye (1 month ago)
Solo laric Entertainment 😁that country, our country, don't deny us now by saying that country, it's our country
Solo laric Entertainment (1 month ago)
@Daniel Olatoye I tire for that country 😂
Daniel Olatoye (1 month ago)
Solo laric Entertainment it's quite unfortunate for us..., celebrating mediocrity...
Solo laric Entertainment (1 month ago)
@Daniel Olatoye yes now ......with the quack Abuja airport our president commission last year 😁😁😁
Daniel Olatoye (1 month ago)
Solo laric Entertainment you are very much correct, & no Nigerian airport is close to its grade
Sean Embry (1 month ago)
I remember getting a really horrible burger (3 ounces!) and a small drink. Price? $45.00 USD. No fries. That would have been $60 USD. And I got food poisoning. Plus they lost my luggage.
RCKouba salah (1 month ago)
You only live once If you got money spend it f the rest
Nameless (1 month ago)
Airports are the one thing in the US that aren’t privatised
MrReeceGB (1 month ago)
I always thought that the lack of domestic flights in the UK was just a consequence of the size of the UK. I live in Manchester, but when looking for flights I see if I can get them cheaper at Liverpool or Leeds Bradford alongside Manchester as both are just an hour or so away (I've even taken a flight from Gatwick). Mad that Amsterdam has so many!
ShimsonMooosic (1 month ago)
10:07 that’s gatwick 🤣😂
Phathizwe Magongo (1 month ago)
greetings from Swaziland
Nick Zero (1 month ago)
tons of drugs flow in and out
predatorvmt (1 month ago)
This shit is something i wonder. Great job. I know airports have red account if they only do their own main operation alone.
junaid anwar (1 month ago)
By connning passengers.
B F (2 months ago)
Here in London UK. Stanstead Airport now charge £4 pounds just to drop someone off outside the terminal. Which is limited to 10 minutes. Greed has no limits. Don't use Stanstead Airport if possible.
Rivers Bliss (2 months ago)
What about the mall like shops inside the airports, the rent alone must be over the roof, excuse my cliche.
Suleman Ahmad (2 months ago)
Very informative video
Tony Baines (2 months ago)
they make money by taking drinks off you at customs then charging mad prices in the terminal, robbing bastards
Reggie R2 (2 months ago)
Good video. Thanks for the info.
H Solo (2 months ago)
Parking charges.
Tamara (2 months ago)
The UK don’t need that many airports tbh, its really small and people take a lot of trains. It also takes quite some time to go through Heathrow and it’s about an hour and half from central London. Which is exactly how long a high speed train would take to another midlands city.
B Henry (2 months ago)
I love this channel. It answers a ton of questions about our everyday life and how things we never really think about work
GreenOil UK (2 months ago)
Great Video. Here in the UK we're trying to stop Heathrow being expanded, the planet is sick of CO2 emissions into the sky.
M4tt (2 months ago)
Hmm, why does airline pay less for connecting passenger than for originating one?
Chief60 (2 months ago)
Shane Cathro (2 months ago)
Also planes have to pay a landing fee, when I do flight lessons it cost us $17 to land our PA-28
Andrew M (2 months ago)
I did the math on what the total annual expense in salaries are... ($494M divided by 6,500 employees)... which came out to an avg $76k per employee. You went on to say right after that there are “actually 76,000 people who work at Heathrow”. Are you sure you weren’t just reading off some information incorrectly? That seems like too much of a coincidence and also I don’t see how 76 THOUSAND people could actually be at work there at any given time. There wouldn’t even be 76,000 passengers in heathrow at any given time.
Martin Castro (2 months ago)
Airports don't make money who gains wealth is the owners of the airport and the store owners. The employees and customers are just another digit to the elites wealth.
Lanka Travel Consultant (2 months ago)
Epic !!!
Myriri Myri (2 months ago)
Really we need to shut down heathrow and build a larger international airport somewhere more remote where it isn't going to cause problems for local residents.
The Dynamic Doggo (2 months ago)
8:21 for those of you who don’t know and probably don’t care, that is the Gold Coast airport in australia
ok (2 months ago)
most of what he said doesn't apply to Australian Airports though, Australian Airports make money from car parking fees and taxing public transport to use their infrastructure
Sofian Issa (2 months ago)
can anybody gimme the one line version?
MississippiRebel (2 months ago)
Anyone that thinks government run businesses are better are idiots.
Edgardo J. Caraballo (2 months ago)
Luis Muñoz Marin in the only privately operated airport in the US.
השם שלי יכול להיות ג 'ק (2 months ago)
eswatini or swaziland
Doogle Ticker (2 months ago)
Heathrow is a bad experience. Rude staff...just like so many big airports. Uuuuuuugh...
Jacob Finlay (2 months ago)
The UK is such a small country that flying anywhere within it feels ridiculous. London to Edinburgh is probably the most popular domestic flight route, and even then once you add in time spent at both airports and getting to and from them to the city centres the time difference is so minimal you might as well just drive it
jane jan (2 months ago)
You pay huge taxes on your ticket if you're in Britain, so tickets purchased locally are way expensive. This is why you should always buy your British tickets from abroad, whenever possible. Heathrow has to make a lot because their taxes are insane, and their passengers are already tapped out because their taxes were insane too. I wonder how they'll cope with the new smaller plane/local destination trend.They're not even building jumbo jets anymore. That's not gonna be enough to cover all those taxes...