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How Airports Make Money

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Text Comments (2550)
RustiX (3 hours ago)
2:11 And in a shame of that fact that country now calls itself Eswatini.
santa clause (6 hours ago)
If you live in the UK, you will only drive to places, literally shorter than flying
Nicola Coppola (1 day ago)
BTW it is not true that in all airports in Europe people are not told which gate they are departing, in Germany it is not true nor it is true in Zuerich, partially it is in Venice(IT)
Citta Vijjo (2 days ago)
Airports in many Asian countries that have convenience stores (such as 7/11) after security and their prices are the same on the other side. So they are not deliberately scamming people who are flying.
Thomas Heusen (2 days ago)
London has 5 other airports which are better connected to the UK
Luton Town (5 days ago)
7:34 because it’s easy to just get a train or drive
Gregory Carter (6 days ago)
It would be nice to know where these figures actually come from. For all we know, you are pulling this out of your hiney butt and making half this crap up. Thanks!
davesayswords (6 days ago)
Just to add about your point about Amsterdam having more flights to UK based airports than London Heathrow, it also has flights to Humberside airport in the North East of England. I have flown on that exact route. I know this video was post in 2018 but I travelled that route in 2017. It is still crazy (but understandable in a sense) how unconnected Heathrow is to the UK. I wonder if they have since increased the number of UK airport destinations since this video was first made.
jcardboard (13 hours ago)
Yeah, I would imagine the average UK traveller is far more familiar with Schipol than with Heathrow. By default I look for connections there first before any other airport.
Daniel Lincoln (7 days ago)
#Its a world wonder airports are busiest places by far & always goin fast..
XCJR (10 days ago)
Can’t wait to get my hands on a 18 dollar single slice ham and cheese sandwich
SquirrCrab (11 days ago)
3:56 Washington Dulles Airport is not in New york. It's in Washington DC
Luis Serrano (11 days ago)
If you think about it, an airport is just a road.
SoldierUnit66 (15 days ago)
7:45 Schiphol also serves Humberside Airport
SoldierUnit66 (15 days ago)
7:33 Isn’t Gibraltar technically a domestic flight
PASSPORT-COLLECTOR.COM The ONLY website for passports & their history (16 days ago)
Excellent video and background info. Thank you. Is there a global list of airports which make money/loss?
Skylar Kang (17 days ago)
answer: the $10 water
Planes, Trains, Everything. (17 days ago)
Some airports are like shopping malls with an airport attached.
ram sai kumar (18 days ago)
Title should be "How Heathrow Airport Makes money"
Alexloto (20 days ago)
How airpods make money?
Rocking Rules (21 days ago)
Just use Gatwick if you want to go to most places in the uk about 30 mins from heathrow
Cristian romer (22 days ago)
I only spend money at airports when i'm leaving a country and I have local money left
Shawn Gtm (22 days ago)
Were you born in Plane? Or somewhere on transit 🤔
DoglinsShadow (24 days ago)
You really like planes... 😂
Michael Kitchin (26 days ago)
I've been through 3 airports recently (Newcastle, Heathrow and Newark) and they all feature the layout of forcing you through Duty Free. I thought it was standard practice?
John Cherish (20 days ago)
It is, as all Airports are trying to be like Heathrow whether they be public or government run and it is standard practice
Eve Cristiana (27 days ago)
Love seeing the airport I work in named in this video 😆
Luciano Ropero (27 days ago)
This one's easy: selling overpriced sandwiches.
Vadim Kavecsky (28 days ago)
By ripping you off.
Tubagus Ababil (1 month ago)
So how much do they cost for one Antonov 225 landing ?
John Cherish (20 days ago)
If you have to ask you probably can't afford it
George Addison (1 month ago)
Oh is this HAI?
Alex DeRick (1 month ago)
I want to just clarify something you mentioned. The Queen does own part of the Airport via Heathrow Holdings which itself is partially owned by the Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund, a crown corporation owned by the Queen as the Queen of Quebec, Canada.
Bill G (1 month ago)
Sam Denby of Wendover - I can't believe you're just 20 years old man!! Brilliant work.
Ron Lucock (1 month ago)
A well researched piece for an American to do on British airport. But I find it unlikely the Brits would go to Amsterdam just to fly back to somewhere else in the UK, because they can't do that from Heathrow. London has multiple airports besides from Heathrow including Gatwick, Stanstead, Luton & London City. You'll find many of the regional & lower cost airlines operating from these lower cost airports. Also, as others have pointed out, the UK has extensive & effective motorway & railway infrastructure, and, don't forget, it's only a relatively small country. I'm from Australia, & if you turn England, Scotland & Wales sideways you could fit it all into the Australian State of Victoria, & spin Ireland out to Tasmania. And Victoria & Tasmania are our two smallest states!
civilcalc (1 month ago)
Why is the British airports expenses in $$$???? Doesnt make any sense. It's like saying a night at the Waldorf Astoria costs €356
Dan Ger (1 month ago)
civilcalc perhaps most of his viewer base is more familiar with dollars
PatheticTV (1 month ago)
News flash: *Heathrow is not the only airport in London.* There are so *5* other ones that perfectly serve London and those are *far* more popular for domestic and short-haul flights. Not fair to compare like that.
RS 7 (13 days ago)
I was thinking the exact same thing. He gets some many things wrong and or misleads people.
Constellation 2023 (1 month ago)
@9:37 And the Big Three US airlines were complaining about the three Gulf airlines for allegedly receiving subsidies from their governments. American double standards at its best! LOL
Constellation 2023 (1 month ago)
Great video but @7:40 the pronunciation for Amsterdam's airport should start with "sh". Schiphol as in "shiphol".
mrrobloxgamer (1 month ago)
// REDACT3D (1 month ago)
airpot tax
Kevin_fuller (1 month ago)
4:59 that’s not 51 minutes
Ashkan Ahmadi (1 month ago)
That's what I thought as well but it's actually correct. The time isn't the minute but the hour. 2 hours and 51 minutes is almost 3 hours so that's why it looks like that. I thought it was wrong as well but then I realized it's correct.
Omar Alghamdi (1 month ago)
now I understand how to run an airport it's time to start running one
Alice Orange (1 month ago)
People just fly through Gatwick instead of Heathrow if there flying to European destinations
peter gaming (1 month ago)
Yup we do
Ryan McGillan (1 month ago)
Why would you want to fly within the UK anyways? You can drive most anywhere within 6 hours and I’m sure the smaller regional airports have connecting flights in Europe. Seems like if Heathrow did have more domestic flights they’d be pretty useless to me. That being said, I understand from my experience with British exchange students that they couldn’t believe us Americans are willing to drive 6+ hours in a day, but it’s the only way I’ve every known. Maybe we’re the weird ones 🤷🏻‍♂️
Colorme Dubious (1 month ago)
What about gate and other ground facility leases? Isn't rent the largest revenue generator?
John Cherish (20 days ago)
Nope. The landing fees generate the most income based on people per plane. That and a hefty share of any sales companies make there. This is not the profits but on the total sales revenue, some are as high as 25% of the sales generated. This explains why airport prices are so high as companies must pay the ransom to the airport authority to operate there. The rent and gate fees they pay are in addition to the landing fees. I know b/c I worked at an airport in administration for 30 years and even though the fees were exorbitant the ones that I worked at were lucky to break even . For example GPIA was profitable until the new airport authority went and built a new airport and drove out most of the airlines with those expensive fees. USAir their biggest airline moved their hub to Charlotte because of it. This was predicted to happen because the County relinquished operating the airport to a private/public company which badly mismanaged the airport. I disagreed with turning it over to the Airport Authority so I was out after they took over.
Jermaine Ellis (1 month ago)
Make a video about Embassies!
goodfilmful (1 month ago)
Imagine your airline's main selling point being that it's "Faster Than Road Or Rail". Like no way it's a plane
acousticbeginner28 JUN (1 month ago)
Your number is wrong.. Airports are getting lots of money from the airlines company..
Ahnan Imuz (1 month ago)
that was an a380, not 747
Akshit Bhatia (1 month ago)
Phil Crossland (1 month ago)
Don't forget Schipol to Humberside, UK - that makes it 26
Emily Martin (1 month ago)
So how do airlines make money then? If Heathrow is charging €58 per passenger per departure, then how does an airline make money off a €20 ticket for a short trip?
shingshongshamalama (1 month ago)
"Privatization leads to better service and lower prices!" But the fundamental rule of for-profit business is to give the customer as little as possible for as much as possible. The very _nature_ of capitalism refutes that argument.
shingshongshamalama (1 month ago)
Fuck domestic flights. I want my rail network back.
maloviv 123 (1 month ago)
I think governments are fine with losing money on airports because the tourists that come into the country "return back the investment", they probably make enough money from tourists to cover the cost of the airports and probably turn a profit.
JuliusMakesMemes :D (1 month ago)
reidoha (1 month ago)
I’m going to be that asshole. There’s a consistent grammatical error you do in almost all of your videos. I can tell you put a lot of effort into speaking clearly & properly, so I figured you’d want to know. When you speak a number, you keep inserting an “and” where there’s not supposed to be one. “One hundred and fifty dollars”, for example. The “and” is supposed to be placed where a decimal would be located. “One hundred fifty dollars and twenty cents.” I know this is trivial. It only drives me nuts because my 8th grade math teacher drilled this peeve of his into me.
max campbell (1 month ago)
there are more private airports in the USA there just very small such as SurfAir
Nicholas Too (1 month ago)
Heater123 (2 months ago)
Wait, which one am I paying?
Lucy (2 months ago)
finna go work for Heathrow airport and make 76k a year
Musa Mhlanga (2 months ago)
The Needy Techie (2 months ago)
why does he say the full name of aircraft every fucking time
Lazar Sinik (2 months ago)
Im geting sick of the sponsors on the videos
Ruiz Railroad (2 months ago)
Why London Heathrow needs to fly domestically whe. It has easy access to rail around the country
Shusi 189 (2 months ago)
Shoutout to Newburgh
Tanmay Vij (2 months ago)
Interesting. The only place where I most commonly buy anything at airports is the snack vending machine. You can get everything for the same cost as the market price, a bag of crisps for $0.30, a water bottle for $0.14! Also, food joints like McDonalds & KFC also make much more sense than other restaurants at airports coz they can't overcharge you in the name of airport costs, thanks to their standardized pricing Although I did witness a Burger King joint in the international zone of the terminal (after going through immigration at departure) selling burgers for upwards of $13-15 as opposed to standard Burger King prices of $1-2
ieong nathan (2 months ago)
in future can you please add £ for a uk video please. Sterling is a global currency and rates do change from time to time
Rajas A (2 months ago)
I once spent 7 hours at Heathrow
Brendon Morehouse (2 months ago)
yahya qteishat (2 months ago)
I watch these to fall asleep
retrodude123 (2 months ago)
And now loads of airports in the UK are copying this strategy of funneling people through duty free to get to the gates
Shogo (2 months ago)
When the airport has 4 times more personnel than the population of your city.
rahul simah (2 months ago)
Justgo to gatwick, sometimes cheaper
Matthew Menotti (2 months ago)
it’s weird bc i watch all ur videos but haven’t been subbed
Yashwanth Bhat (2 months ago)
Airports that benefited from my travel: Delhi and Bengaluru in India and Singapore. I dined at restaurants in these airports. Never shopped at retail stores in these airports. Airports that weren't benefited from my travel: Mangalore and Mumbai in India, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Perth and Sydney in Australia. Neither dined in restaurants in these airports nor shopped at retail stores in these airports. #FrequentFlyer #Wanderlust #Globetrotter #SocialMediaInfluencer #MiserTraveller I shouldn't be whining about my air travel because there are people who haven't experienced air travel yet. #EMPATHY 😁😁😁😁
gabriel (2 months ago)
Why on earth does the UK have so many airports it’s tiny it probably has more than Australia and we’re almost the same size as the US
Jimmy Mann-Mellor (2 months ago)
I only buy food at the airport
Bill Read (3 months ago)
People in the UK do not necessarily want domestic flights throughout the country, remembering that the country itself is so small. This means that it is much faster to travel via car, coach or train rather than air. Personally I have never considered- and know no one who has- a flight from one UK city to another Great video by the way
samiul gamer (3 months ago)
You mean how heatrow airport makes money?
Joe C (3 months ago)
For the private sector, they must make money directly off of the operations of a privatized airport, which can raise costs for passengers and possibly exclude classes of people from flying. The government is in a position to merely break even or lose on an airport because it makes money INDIRECTLY from the businesses, hotels, and other taxable economic activity that wouldn't otherwise happen without that airport. An improved economy also saves money when it comes to the costs of crime and social services.  If a smaller American city is thinking about opening up an airport, a private company might pass if they project $15M in losses against $100M in revenue, but the State + County + City might be okay with it if it generates $25M in extra taxes/savings indirectly. If this smaller American city doesn't build an airport at all because of political blowback over the losses, then that economic activity will not occur either and the city is worse off. A government has broader interests when dealing with infrastructure compared to the private sector. Another example is tolls on highways and bridges that don't necessarily turn them into a profitable venture. You'd still be bonkers crazy not to build them and miss out on the indirect benefits to commerce and business. Time and especially money would be wasted driving the long way around, and unless you're Houston that extra money spent on gasoline is money that isn't staying in your community.
nzoomed (3 months ago)
I thought Airports just made money selling neck pillows and toblerones at ridiculous prices...
Joseph Lane (2 months ago)
Tony Montana and they arnt actually expensive at airports. They are like £3 which is decent
Tony Montana (2 months ago)
Toblerones are great though
Roblox Soviet Union (3 months ago)
Talk how much it costs for Heathrow in dollars? Mate we use pounds And the Amsterdam airport also goes to humberside airport.
ArtixMG (1 month ago)
Roblox Soviet Union who gives a f
Enoch Chan (3 months ago)
Drain the Airline Companies to Manage Structurally
Rimantas Stanaitis (3 months ago)
It should be called 'How Heathrow Airport makes money'
Lewis Kelly (3 months ago)
I swear this channel would have sex with squarespace if it could
Mr0011011 (3 months ago)
The bloody airport tax is enough!
juiuffophiguo (3 months ago)
Funny how the US is the country in which privatly owned airports are rarest
xxxFEMTOxxx (3 months ago)
You forgot to mention CNN, wendover. Every airports get paid by CNN to play CNN on every television.
Dave Ridlespriger 2 (3 months ago)
My PRISON does have a commissary.
Davy Ker (3 months ago)
Giving Heathrow's costs in USD...
ThatGuy67 (8 days ago)
+أنس برهومة AAAAANNNDDDD.... you ruined the joke
أنس برهومة (29 days ago)
+ThatGuy67 I don't know if you meant that as a joke, but, Heathrow is in the UK, and no Ireland don't use Yens or Pesos. Additionally, pounds are used in the United Kingdom, and so in Heathrow Airport, yet I would say other currencies are anyway accepted in many international airports, some don't though.
ThatGuy67 (29 days ago)
Don't they use yen or pesos or something there in ireland?
The King (3 months ago)
All airports are mother fuckers thieves!!!
Stars227 (3 months ago)
By being the most expensive means of transport
Corey Liddil (3 months ago)
I didn't know very much about planes. Then I went on an all night Wendover Productions binge. Now I know everything about planes
De U (3 months ago)
very insightful
Momo Bobo (3 months ago)
Who came here because of BrightSide copycat video 👍
bruce nassar (3 months ago)
with planes not cows that fart
W K (3 months ago)
one time I got so thirsty I bought a bottle of water that costs RM5.6 at the airport. ( the same bottle of water normally costs RM1outside the airport) it was a really stupid decision, I had to drank it all up when I reached security and it left me with tons of spare money changes that I can't convert at a money changer(I didn't regret it tho cause I was really thirsty). Than I made a dumber decision, I decide that since I'm transiting in Tokyo Airport, I might as well try out their famous vending machines. I put in 1000yen in paper note and it gave me 850yen in change for my bottle of green tea, ALL COINS. Needless to say, I was shocked and annoyed, I had to carry around heavy coins and I can't even change it at a money changer!!! Why Japan why!
B5429671 XJ (3 months ago)
I usually get to the airport about an hour early for transatlantic flights and 20 minutes early domestic…
B5429671 XJ (3 months ago)
God I hate Heathrow. I hate every airport in London. Fly through Germany. It is much nicer!
Jason Rimando (3 months ago)
Where did you get your sources? I am trying to write a paper on the revenue airports make.
4DR Thomas (3 months ago)
ayyy 40,000th like lol