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Gov. John Kasich Criticizes Trump's Trade Policies

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Governor John Kasich of Ohio extols the virtues of free trade in response to President Trump's tariffs and a looming trade war. He also discusses a new self-driving car facility that opened in Ohio. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Gov. John Kasich Criticizes Trump's Trade Policies | CNBC
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Text Comments (68)
Vito Danelli (5 months ago)
Kasich isn't such a horse's rear-end.
Melody Veylupek (6 months ago)
He is a crybaby! Go President Trump!...2 thumbs up!...go on and scream all you want like cry babies.....nonsense!
Brendan Perry (6 months ago)
Kasich / Flake 2020
6969tomahawk (7 months ago)
Mr Kisich should run for 2020 president election. He knows much better way to deal with the world. You will have my vote. Knowledgeable people.
I.M. Grimripperroo (7 months ago)
Kasich wouldn’t know how to trade a baseball card. He’s so butt hurt that The Don crushed his weak runoff narratives, he’s become the stunt butthole for the Left MSM...To think I once respected the man...
American Republican PREMISE (7 months ago)
narumol jongsawat (7 months ago)
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narumol jongsawat (7 months ago)
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B. Terence Harwick (7 months ago)
"There's a huge problem of imbalance. But it is NOT the result of bad trade deals, or NAFTA, or the WTO, or what the USTR was negotiating.....A trade war isn't going to solve it.....We are heading to a massive trade war in the world because Trump doesn't know what he is doing at all. He is making it up. He's a hopeless protectionist with a seventeenth century view of the world. There is no tariff problem in the world. The average tariff problem in the world today is 2%. The average in the U.S. is 1.7%....Don't bend to lobbyists.....This is getting out of hand....There is going to be some event no one can predict or control." David Stockman, Chief financial advisor, OMB to President Ronald Reagan
knewdles (7 months ago)
Less than 1% of y'all - are the New Trump Oligarchs.. WTO /NAFTA /NATO - & USA Trade; - were Putins main problem & now- Trump is dissolving all of it. Welcome to a perfect plan; - Mitt gets it.. Your corporations & soybean farms -are now easy targets for takeovers.. Nails & Harleys so far; - thanks to - FSB- Uncle Vlado' - Dancing Bear troll farm;- spiced with -lawless Uncle Trump ! Yep - comrades; - very good Oligarchs - on both sides - will be in charge of y'all soon. Patient ol' China expected this - for years; & is winning - as the new reserve oil currency for the region..
Angie Jeffrey (7 months ago)
The sore loser from Ohio has returned. His state loves Trump. Kasich is done
Michelle (7 months ago)
housewlk (7 months ago)
John Kasich please go home and eat more food.
Independent Jack (7 months ago)
Trump proves on a daily basis that he as stupid as he looks!
Cipher Oceanus (7 months ago)
Crazy 😜 talking citizen of the world 🌍. He has never seen Youngstown Ohio... It just made the list again..
TheBestWayOne (7 months ago)
Time to grind the rust off, Americans will and should make products of every kind, jobs for all talents, don't support slave wages bad trade with low ball wage countries, and paid off politicians. No need for welfare and Government earned income or food stamps, when you have a decent paying job in America. Support AMERICAN MADE look for it, demand more of it = AMERICA FIRST Politicians better get on board or your OUT.
Angie Jeffrey (7 months ago)
TheBestWayOne well said
TheBestWayOne (7 months ago)
Fair Better Trade Period = America First
TheBestWayOne (7 months ago)
Those channels are BS
TheBestWayOne (7 months ago)
Support Americans and USA MADE = Demand it, request it, look for it. What's on your feet ? Made overseas or in Communist China ? Or Made In America ? Support and Buy Proudly Made In The USA.
Bert Nijhof (7 months ago)
Be honest Trump is in Putin's pocket.
Storm Trooper93 (7 months ago)
From a Canadian. Thankyou ! Sir. Smart man.
Knut Karton (7 months ago)
Storm Trooper93 stupid?
Captain America (7 months ago)
Roger Stone fired young Kasich from Richard Nixon's campaign, when he caught Kasich selling weed on the campaign trail.
Ginger Evans (7 months ago)
Captain America Weed I knew I liked this guy
Henggao Cai (7 months ago)
China is not ripping off technology anymore. They are learning from us and beating us at our own game.
Henggao Cai (7 months ago)
Maybe a President Kasich in 2028
Joana Cabul (7 months ago)
Where is his sandwich?
Sheik Yo Booty (7 months ago)
Redstate redneck gop racist couldn't turn a computer on if their life depended on it,,,
Sheik Yo Booty (7 months ago)
Trailer park trash on OPIODS sucking communist Putin do, ,times have changed,,,
m.youtube.com (7 months ago)
xyd (7 months ago)
When USA done fighting the world, soon they will fight with each other, between states.. knowingly there's already disintegration seeds amongst people planted here and there
ihave35cents (7 months ago)
When Trump is done there will be no tarriffs.Just watch and see.
Metin Onur Güney (7 months ago)
Crying summit😨 TRUMP.
Stuart Parkinson (7 months ago)
National security meaning fragility and control of own support system. It’s dependent on threat level probably, and this guy needs to drags his head out and see war against virtually the rest of the world,wars everywhere, superpowers popping through . Your plan of only you can survive it and be “first” means depending on who survives it. 💡.
Dillon Evans (7 months ago)
It’s 1/41 Kasich
Dillon Evans (7 months ago)
Ginger Evans Yes I am from Russia. You got me.
Ginger Evans (7 months ago)
Dillon Evans Russian bot
Amos Hall (7 months ago)
How is we cheating China when China is working American job almost for free that's why American jobs in China for the slave wages
Abram Carroll (7 months ago)
Republicans give tax breaks to companies that outsource. They filibuster bills to incentivize hiring Americans. They felt getting rid of the jobs would hurt blacks and don't care about the whites they harm. The republican platform is about racial war against blacks and nothing else.
EroticOnion23 (7 months ago)
I think you need to go back to elementary school or ESL and learn the definition of more words. xD
Mysterion San (7 months ago)
Slave wages can only apply 10-20 years ago... The Chinese labor wage has increased in the recent years and companies now outsource their manufacturing to other countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh
Jane Doe (7 months ago)
Kaisch is a flunky..we need fair trade
Ginger Evans (7 months ago)
Jane Doe Russian bot
ihave35cents (7 months ago)
John Kasich - net worth is somewhere between $9 million and $22 million, according to his financial disclosure forms. career politician lol
Randy Pederson (7 months ago)
The companies that knowingly gave away their trade secrets to China deserve no sympathy.
Abram Carroll (7 months ago)
China is upfront that they require the tech as part of setting up shop there. Chinese companies get to sell the products after a period of time under domestic branding. The companies were only looking at the short term gains.
naper806 (7 months ago)
Randy Pederson and under US export control they are forbidden to do in China any technology remotely considered as “advanced”. Before setting up joint venture we have to review with corporate lawyers, thousands upon thousands restricted items to make sure we’ll not touch any of them in China. Truth is some of them were pretty outdated. My point is that the stuff we were allowed to do in China mostly not worthy Chinese to “steal”. The thing of some value to them at the time are probably the process and procedures we do our work (software product ) which we have to train local workers with significant amount of effort, and of course were not on the controlled list. Joint ventures receive several years of tax incentives and market access. By the time you need to share some management functions with local partner, I guarantee the technology is hi-tech no more. I’m sure China has obtained some US technologies without paying for them . but I believe very few were through setting up joint ventures in China.
Иван Каржавин (7 months ago)
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N P (7 months ago)
Poor Gov John Kasich, loser!!!
jim gunn (7 months ago)
Angie Yes, a Republican with a sense of decency and common sense... that would be lonely. He knows Trump violated the signed NAFTA agreement by a phony pretense. Trump abrogated the Iran deal on a whim, and without merit and Kasich explains it well. No country can make deals with Trump because he is an unprincipled liar without integrity or honour.
Angie Jeffrey (7 months ago)
jim gunn He is a lonely RINO
jim gunn (7 months ago)
Kasich... a sane voice in a wasteland of Trumpian foolishness, and stupidity.
William Shaw (7 months ago)
Kasich gives the same old tired response from an entrenched politician. In my 77 years, I’ve never heard a US President who actually “gets it” on trade like TRUMP. The balance of trade with Europe has stunted US Worker’s wages since WW II and China’s trade imbalances today has made low wage Walmart the largest employer in the US.
USAOnlineCasinos (7 months ago)
Kasich only goes on tv to attack trump
депрессивный студент (6 months ago)
USAOnlineCasinos Yes, and Trump only goes on TV and Twitter to attack his critics. Your point?
Abram Carroll (7 months ago)
Kasich is invited on TV when he is critical of Trump.
Ginger Evans (7 months ago)
USAOnlineCasinos Russian bot
Garrett Bridges (7 months ago)
James Madison as he should
James Madison (7 months ago)
Kasich knows after the supreme ct has been packed the republicans will abandon trump. Kasich is going to primary trump in 2020
SYNAPSE 2020 (7 months ago)
The " presidents frustrations " are those of a 2 year old tantrum throwing toddler with zero language skills down front in the church of satanic narcissism. ME, ME , ME ! OR ELSE! The refrain goes into the hymnals.