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We may have figured out WHAT SPEED QUEEN IS DOING!

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Please feel free to show your support on Patreon: We know there are new DOE regulations for 2018 washing machines regarding energy use. Speed Queen could have modified their existing top-loading washers to meet the new requirements. Instead, as we know, they used their FRONT LOADER mechanism, flipped it vertical, and attached it to the bottom of the wash-tub, bolting the agitator to the actual tub itself. WHY DID THEY DO THIS? We may have a theory.
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Gamer007 (3 days ago)
All the washers are worse today then they used to be. If you read about cleaning performance they are based on abnormally small loads that would clean better if they rub only the bottom surface, forgets to mention too little water slow agitation leaves clothes on top completely unscrubbed and never pulls them down to get washed. I just got mine today not happy, been searching online apparently they all are like this. Front loaders are probably the way to go at least clothes get to the bottom and mixed somewhat... Mine today in my new top loader just sat in a tub of water only scrubbing bottom layer. Not sure about anyone else but Democrats have to go...regulations they want have ruined everything. Cars are expensive and less fuel efficient trying to prevent emissions, we're actually polluting more from having emissions regulations. Everything these days breaks easily and is way more complicated. California pushes this stuff that costs us a lot more than it should. Everything needs special labeling and handling and regulation requirements just for them... Then when you look at despite their efforts their air quality and pollution is actually worse off than other states. Funny thing about emissions systems, energy is never created or destroyed but transferred. All the energy losses are in weight, heat and energy for emission systems. For instance removing a cars exhaust you'll get more power and better fuel efficiency. Bigger air intake also does the same. Remove all emissions components you'd save on gas too Judy by weight reduction. So one gallon could get you pint a to b more effectively, but no we need to use two gallons 1 gallon in the air and one gallon trapped in emissions systems. But let's ignore the fact a diesel tanker had to drag that fuel 1000s of miles and energy to pump fuel to surface was also used. Let's just ignore the countless cars from workers making emissions components. Also those new emission systems can ADD a cost around $10,000 to current industrial applications.
John Hazel (18 days ago)
Great info. Personally, I would not buy any waster guzzling agitator model. LG top loaders for me and my community.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (18 days ago)
For comparison sake, our "water guzzling" Speed Queen uses 22.8 gallons per cycle, operates for 31 minutes, and uses .3 kwh of electricity at a cost of approximately 4 cents. The LG uses 15.1 gallons per cycle, operates for 90-120 minutes, and uses 2.4 kwh of electricity (about 25 cents.) So, to save 7.7 gallons of water, you use over six times the electricity. Gotta love Marketing. They're all out for one reason, to sell a product, that's it. Marketing's job is to figure out ways to appeal to the modern consumer. Which SQ is now trying.
Ugur Senturk (19 days ago)
why the fuck would they discontinue FL they are probably the better seller
dan NEWYORK (25 days ago)
Just picked up a 2017 mint condition
Daina Fox (27 days ago)
okay please tell me.. I can buy the LWN432SP115TW01 right now but would have to pay extra for a 3 or 4 year p&l warranty. Would you still recommend that one, or only a used one over 5 yrs old?
Sally Hillal (27 days ago)
The new Speed Queens still work better than the Comparable operating Matag and Whirlpool clones. I have demoed both.
mcw089 (1 month ago)
Thanks for the heads up, l just started looking into a new washer. From what you have said about modified parts Speedo may be for sale.
Verne Gelvin Lane (2 months ago)
pat cola (2 months ago)
It's getting close to a year now. Will see if you are on the 💰 I think there was talk that the residential FL machines are coming back this year. Interesting times ahead.
J Fike (2 months ago)
Bought a brand new DR3 dryer...thumps for about 90secs or so since day one. Not impressed with speed queen
Nicholas Nemeth (2 months ago)
Why wouldn't they just use up all the parts by making as many front loaders as possible and then discontinuing them? Why would they go through the trouble of modifying the top loads?
devlinger (3 months ago)
Interesting theory. They could have announced the discontinuation and make the 2018 under a different badge (name) to save their reputation. Whatever the case, it just shows that companies no longer care about brand reputation anymore and surprise - customers don't show the same loyalty anymore.
chumpchange Jackson (3 months ago)
I found a used Speed Queen about 5 years old for $250. Man am I happy with it. I felt like I stole it from the guy selling it. I went to the store to look at the new ones. The sales guy there claimed that he didn't get any complains for the new 2018 speed queens. So this may be all hype. I went with the used one because it was cheaper.
chaotic/Silence (3 months ago)
The extraction pump on my Samsung washer failed. A working peer of mine happened to have a real OLD maytag washer that was sitting around in storage. He let me borrow it until I can afford a new part for the Samsung. I ended up buying the Maytag from him instead of purchasing a new part for the Samsung. The Maytag is over 30 years old and was made in America and still works great. Grant it's a life changer because we are a family of six but at least it's reliable and washes clothes way better than the Samsung front loader could. F.U. Obama EPA regulations.
chaotic/Silence (3 months ago)
Problem is China drives the American Market now, why buy a speed queen for 1500 USD when someone can buy a LG, Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool for 500 bucks less that's made in china. Problem is those chinese products last 4 years at max before they start to fail. The American consumer as a whole is to stupid to realize that the 1500.00 purchase from speed queen will last 15 or even 20 years before any maintenance is needed. Many Americans don't purchase appliances with quality in mind like the older generations did, rather they purchase on functionality that provide ease of use. General Motors is moving everything to China and yeah it's a shit move against America but they have to to survive as a company, again because the Chinese drive the consumer market now. Truth is It's America's fault, politically and ethically, mainly education to blame....To many idiots going to school for crap that isn't applicable to the working force of America. C'mon who goes to school 6 or even 8 and sometimes 10 years for writing, Music or art.... what good does that for America.....NONE at all. The Leftists are winning and there is nothing we can do about it because the last 30 years of grammar and high school education has taught our American children that everything is owed to them in one sense or another.
Matt Anderson (1 month ago)
Problem is none of the Brands you mentioned are made in China!
Terrell CF (3 months ago)
!!!ALERT!!! : There is a way around this stupidity that SQ is doing. Buy their Huebsch or IPSO brand top loading machines. They still work like the SQ 2017s and prior
Ray Shafo (4 months ago)
The worst washing machine in the world does not clean at all do not buy it
chumpchange Jackson (4 months ago)
Man, I was really excited to buy a queen speed, but now I'm not. Thanks OBAMA! Stop living in fairly land democrats. Now we have to wear poopy clothes. Thanks OBAMA!
Jake 19 (3 months ago)
Yeah, shift blame onto a former president. But our current president is all about protecting thr environment.
lolipopgiggly (4 months ago)
Why is speed queen going to stop making residential washer and dryer?
CrestwoodRocks (4 months ago)
I think it is likely the Democratic Government making new regulations. First with residential appliances around the 2010 year or so and now the commercial around this year. Those same government that made toilets changing from 3.5 gpf to 1.6 gpf beginning with residential in 1994 and with commercial in 1998 or so. I believe it is likely thwe government making the changes.
John Texas (5 months ago)
I bought my top loader roughly a year ago, because my dryer died and I wanted a new set. Replaced a front loader. I love mine. Pure coincidence in my case that I didn't get the crappy new one that just twirls the dirty clothes around. I love having the fabric softener dispenser in the middle of the agitator, I use Lyson disinfectant there instead of softener. My 534 has been flawless in its performance, the dryer has been a joy.
B Kessler (5 months ago)
Any suggestions? Almost ordered one tonight...I have had all name appliances, With 2 washers and two dryers, front load, bought new and boards went on all within 4.5 years. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I thought I would go old school to avoid the fancy bells and whistles and front loads. So I thought, what commercial brand?...SPEED QUEEN? Then I see bad reviews for 2018 SQ’s-what is a damn good washer, and DRYER? PLEASE any suggestions? I am so frustrated trying to choose-my dryer is broke and locally they don’t even stock gas dryers anymore. Any IDEAS, especially on the dryer? Thank you! In a hurry w a large family to get a new dryer...
B Kessler (5 months ago)
And I mean on average of 2 to 2.5 years on each-as well as two ovens. The only appliance that has held up 8+ year that I have bought in the past ten, was my dishwasher-I didn’t like it compared to my old one-but it was cheap and lasted-whirlpool.
MrEcm51 (5 months ago)
Has anybody heard anything or know anything about the 2019 machines now that 2018 is almost over? I’m just curious if Speed Queen is considering on going back to the old design. I doubt it, but am hopeful.
Rob (6 months ago)
That makes perfect sense and now that I see how it works, you’re right it’s a front loader standing vertically- good detective work.
Jody (6 months ago)
I missed my change to get a good Speed Queen. So sad.
Fletcher R Smith (6 months ago)
I totally agree!! At one time, I praised SQ, now, they are a complete disgrace and one could not pay me to take a machine off their hands.
Matt Anderson (6 months ago)
Interesting theory! But if you know anything about Speed Queen, they make the identical front load machine on the commercial side, the only difference is the commercial unit have a different control panel and a coin-drop or card reader on it. So why wouldn't they use those parts to build these machines?
Russ Polk (6 months ago)
Pretty much all new appliances are trash
vikwillwin (7 months ago)
Speed Queen will likely be sold to Whirlpool soon ,so Whirlpool can use Speed Queens reputation to steal money from consumers ,just as they did when they bought Maytag .
pat cola (2 months ago)
If Whirlpool didn't buy Maytag some Chinese company would have had them. The demise of the Newton Maytag lies firmly on the shoulders of the Newton Maytag. Maybe if Maytag had innovated like Whirlpool did with the direct drive washers they would still be in business . Instead they bought Norge and produced inferior machines that had mechanical problems which along with the Maytag Neptune lawsuits eventually buried Maytag. Maytag rode on it's reputation for too long and simply didn't innovate the way Whirlpool did. Whirlpool made a redesigned machine from the ground up. Probably the most easily repaired washers in history and reliability that rivaled Maytag. Whirlpool itself seems to be getting worse. Their new front load washers now have plastic instead of glass winows. Quality is a thing of the past with these profit driven greedy shareholding companies .
whitey george (7 months ago)
I have fixed MANY inbuilt mistakes from many manufacturers to make my machines work better, thank GOD I PURCHASED MY 4 speed queens toploaders in 2017 i,m just a 75 yo guy who pisses around in his 5 laundromats. To make things work better.
catkicked (7 months ago)
maybe whirlpool will buy out speedqueen like maytag will be whirlqueen
compactc9 (8 months ago)
I thought the internals of the commercial front load machine and the residential were the same?
compactc9 (8 months ago)
And they quit selling residential front load sets! A good friend of mine bought a front load set on my heavy recommendation, and they LOVE them! At the beginning of this whole top load disaster, I thought to myself, at least I can keep recommending the front loaders... UGH!!!!!!!!
Anthony Thompson (8 months ago)
What washer and dryer would you buy
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (7 months ago)
A pre-2018 Speed Queen
Cerron Pritchett (8 months ago)
Check out the Maytag Commercial top loader seems to very good at moving the clothes around and getting them clean! Speed Queen pretty much shot themselves in the foot with what they have done so they will definitely lose lots of customers.
Frank O'Hara (8 months ago)
Again gov't restrictions and guidelines forcing companies to make products that are inferior. Give me an old 1960's through early 80's Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, Norge, Speed Queen any day over all this new junk. I like my clothes clean. It takes water to clean clothes.
Anthony Stokes (8 months ago)
Speed Queen still makes the LWN just like the Home Laundry AWN for commercial institutional use. You know squat.
Spats Bear (8 months ago)
Anthony Stokes Sounds to me like you just got TRIGGERED!!!!
Deb (8 months ago)
So I wonder, if they still make the commercial washers to clean like the historical Speed Queens,, can the average Joe just buy one of those?
Eric jones (9 months ago)
Obama administration
no no (9 months ago)
you can still get this one LWN432SP115TW01
The jukebox (9 months ago)
I heard they are changing their name Speed Queen.... to ....Less Clean
Sammantha Perfater (9 months ago)
Hey Spats Bear!! My friend just bought a 1974 Regal Princess Pot O Plenty Deep Fryer and Cooker like the one in your video I found , would it be possible to get you to share with her a clear photo of the user instructions from the booklet ??! My email is you would be saving her a lot of trouble , we cannot find a manual anyplace and she got it at a yardsale. I would be so grateful :)
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (9 months ago)
Unfortunately he doesn't have that one any more :-(
Anthony Stokes (9 months ago)
Speed Queen states on this video ( ) that they are using front load technology.
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
I mean, seriously? They're talking about "moving water through the clothes". How? How is it gonna work? It can't! Shame on Speed Queen! I am a washer and dryer fan just like you, and I care about quality. They've done away with front loaders and now they move the whole entire tub and agitator simultaneously to move water through the entire loade everywhere like that's gonna do anything! This is a sham!
Bluethunderboom (10 months ago)
Somebody In the background including Alliance Appliance should NEVER EVER discontinue the following great products including the Top Load Washers, and they should never ever make a combination of Front and Top Load Washers ever again. I say, somebody at Alliance Appliance made a BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER at the business. That's going to hurt their Financial.
joe m (10 months ago)
It is what it is. Nothing can be done about the lousy direction sq is going. When time comes to get new washer we will have to shop around
Daniel Todd (10 months ago)
They are going to use all of those "mechanism" on commercial equipment. Residential front load laundry has dramatically reduced in sales across the board.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (9 months ago)
When is that changing? The 2018 spec sheets still list all the good old pre-2018 parts.
Chris (10 months ago)
This guy is a idiot
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (9 months ago)
Sharkie626 (10 months ago)
There you have it, folks. Just words are cold hard proof right there!
Julie Oelker (10 months ago)
Hey SpatsBear, this is a huge opportunity to go into the washer building business. I am totally ignorant in this area. We owned a wonderful Kenmore that my husband kept repaired and running for 26 years. Replacing it was a nightmare. Every HE machine is junk. How dare the government tell me how much water I need to get my clothes clean? It's so insulting. Wish I could afford the Speed Queen, but not a 2018. We bought used.
Erick Wesson (10 months ago)
2018 Speed Queen is absolutely garbage top loader washing machine!
Wayne Loyacano (10 months ago)
So what's garbage about it??? Does the 2017 model clean better maybe so but the build quality of SQ 2018 model is still better than everything else on the market. BTW the thought of them getting out of the residential market makes no sense. They just spent tons of money on R & D for the 18 models & the most likely reason for the changes in the first place are the government regulations.
CurrentWave (10 months ago)
I see online where you can buy the commercial Speed Queen LWN series - is it possible to buy a commercial unit, or are these just the same thing with a different model number? I need a washer that doesn't meet the HE standard - help! My front loader is crap....
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (9 months ago)
SQ still sells the older-design top loaders for commercial use, probably at a hefty price.
jesus bernardo flores (10 months ago)
in Mexico they have been selling this system for many years as another type of whirlpool top load washer machine so you are right sorry if i commit a mistake im mexican
Suzanne Das (10 months ago)
would you recommend Maytag MVWP575GW?
f23948 (3 months ago)
oh ok
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (9 months ago)
Honestly, the only thing Spats and I recommend anymore is a used machine.
f23948 (10 months ago)
Jon Homrich (10 months ago)
I spoke to my local speed queen dealer, according to speed queen they took on a large government contract that is going to take them 6 months to fulfill the order and once that contract is done they will resume production of front loaders for residential use. Personally I have seen this washer clean at my local dealer and oh yes like many dealers they were also skeptical and yes I was skeptical at first but it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. I mean no absolutely nothing will beat a traditional top loader for cleaning results but at least when faced with the other brand new alternatives it's not that bad
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (7 months ago)
I have to agree on the Dyson, over-hyped pieces of junk. However, the former SQ top-loader design through 2017 was almost exactly that of the Whirlpool belt-drive...we have a Whirlpool sitting right beside our 2015 SQ and they both work very well. Ironically, the Whirlpool we have from 1978 uses *LESS* water than the 2018 Speed Queen. The 2018 front-load Speed Queens were manufactured until March of 2018, so of course there are still 2018 models out there to sell. The assembly lines, however, are making only the laundromat and commercial stainless steel front-loaders, no more residential models (unless you want to pay $3000 for the stainless steel commercial...which now shares very few parts with the residential models they made until March.) The GSA contract number is GS-21F-0007J and the administrator's name is Susan Peppler at Alliance... feel free to give her a ring and she can explain much better than me, I'm sure. Her number and email address are on the speedqueencommercial dot com website. Look up the "government contract" machines themselves... they are nothing like the machines SQ sold for home use. They look like Alliance took Primus laundromat front-loaders, painted them white, and put "Speed Queen Commercial" badges on them. And... as Susan can explain, they closed the SQ Residential Front-Loader line and switched it over to the Primus-derived "Government" machines. As for Consumer Reports, washing the same fabric dipped in the same stain in 200 different washers... well, regardless of personal opinion, is there really a better comparison test anywhere? Many other experts conducted tests of 2018 washing machines, and guess what... the 2018 SQ was *dead last* in *all* of them. Google for the tests, and watch them. Notice their comments too: "Cannot overcome its poor performance," "Absolutely not worth your money," "I don't even know where to start with this disappointing washer," "the only positives of these machines are they are heavy and have a long warranty," "the results were really terrible," "completely failed at removing stains," "falls far short," "whatever you do, don't buy it," "any other washer you pick will do a better job." As for the dealer, that's the worst info. Asking someone who *wants to sell you one of these machines* is probably not gonna garner the truth. Not to mention, dealers like Eugene (who did his own tests and had the same poor results,) he actually had the Speed Queen area rep *PULL HIS DEALERSHIP* for making negative, yet truthful, comments on YouTube about these machines. So far, everything I have said in this video has come true. Wait until SQ discontinues these TR models, and then come back and tell me I'm wrong *then.*
Jon Homrich (7 months ago)
Harley Badger the dealer I went to was kind enough to show me this they used the bulky items setting bringing it up to a full tub of water and it worked fine. The reason they went to this is because their style of straight vane agitator will not work properly with the new water requirements unless they were to switch to a dual action like the commercial maytag but this would also mean they have to change the motor to a system like the whirlpool belt drives which doesn't have a continuously running motor also a no go so either way they are forced into making radical changes. The dealer I visited did indeed have current 2018 front loader residential washers they only stopped advertising them because they are only making them when they can get to them until this government contract is fulfilled so needless to say quantities are very limited at least for now. I saw the consumer reports and as a repair tech in the vacuum and small appliances field most of the time they are absolutely full of garbage what products they reccomend and the reasons they reccomend it for are garbage seriously eating Dyson as a number one when I can think of so many other machines in that price class or even less that will clean the dyson's clock and outlast it by at least double or even triple the expected life of a Dyson. Therefore I dont trust them...
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (9 months ago)
Consumer Reports just tested it and rated it "Poor." Also, CNET rated it "one of the worst-performing washing machines we have ever tested."
Brad Goodyear (10 months ago)
"YOUR AN IDIOT" conspiracy theorist. hold your camera farther back im pretty sure i saw a cheese burger fly out your ass.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (10 months ago)
First, it's "you're" or "you are," not "your." It's important to be able to know these things to avoid looking like an idiot. Secondly, quotation marks are not necessary to be used the way that you did. Thirdly, since you are referring to a group of people by their proper term, it's Conspiracy Theorist...because one capitalizes proper nouns. And "I'm" is correct, "im" is not a word. You forgot to capitalize "I" (since you're referring to yourself,) and it's customary to capitalize the first letter of a new sentence. I could continue, but I believe an appropriate picture of "who's the idiot" has been painted.
Carol Halley (10 months ago)
okay... So are the commercial washers still good? If so, where do I buy one? And a better question: why in blazes doesn't the government want me to have clean clothes??????
vikwillwin (7 months ago)
Because the politicians who passed the legislation are lining their pockets with money from the competitors of the companies being put out of business .Same as the auto industries .
Marcus (11 months ago)
I would like to drop this here. CNET which is a serious website that evaluates some washers, and other technology related stuff, evaluated the new 2018 speedQueen and found the machine to be one of the worst performing washers it’s ever tested. And they do it pretty scientifically. They even mentioned Lorain’s channel on their article. Which only reinforces what we already knew. Which leads me to believe that Maybe you’re right about your theory. They just assembled old junk and said: hey new washer, and didn’t really evaluate the performance of it.
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
Talk about mcmansioners!
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
Why I'm not surprised?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (10 months ago)
Thank you :-) Yup, there are similar tests starting to surface here and there, I really need to go through my search results and examine them, but they are all similar. Also worthy of note, there have been quite a few that have been returned, and repair issues are beginning to surface. Hehe... all these other commentors that think I'm full of crap... well, more evidence is surfacing to back me up.
William Landis (11 months ago)
I have a 2016 model so I won't be needing a replacement any time soon. I went out to the website under Multi-housing and you can get an Electronic Commercial Homestyle Top Load Washer, which looks very similar. It doesn't have some of the settings that you get on the "residential" model, but it's close (and it doesn't take quarters). The specs don't address the mechanism so I can't tell if it's like the pre-2018 washer or not. Maybe there's hope??
Peter O (11 months ago)
Does anyone have any information regarding the 2017 vs. 2018 dryers. I was fortunate enough to get a 2017 E82 right before the cutoff, but now I'm thinking I should try to find a 2017 dryer as well. An old-school Mom & Pop Speed Queen dealer in Florida recently told me that, unlike the washer, the SQ dryer was basically just getting a panel upgrade for 2018 and that everything else was the same. He could have talked me into a sale of 2017 SQ dryer, but said if you're current GE dryer is running, just keep using it. Anyone here know if the only changes to Speed Queen products past 2017 are the washers?
Peter O (10 months ago)
To follow up on some general Speed Queen discussion, I did a search for "AWNE82SP113TW01 main control board" to get an idea on pricing should that part of my washer ever need replacement. I couldn't find one on the standard parts sites and that's understandable that a part would not be available for a Speed Queen washer where most if not all are still under their 5 year warranty. It was hard to find an SQ Main Control Board for almost any SQ washer. This is either a great thing in that they don't break down and thus there is no market for SQ control boards or a bad thing and SQ won't sell them to those of us who like to do our own repairs. Second, I did find one control board (not for E82) that said it was for SQ ( ), but upon further inspection everything on it seem to refer to Whirlpool. Also, it was almost $300!!! I just hope SQ didn't farm out their control boards to Whirlpool and that my decision to buy the E82 for the 5 warranty (vs. SQ with knobs with a 3 year) doesn't end up biting me in the behind (and wallet). I guess my advice to anyone reading this is if you can still find a 2017 SQ washer, buy the one with knobs despite the shorter warranty.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (10 months ago)
Sure, no problem. And great!
Peter O (10 months ago)
Thanks Harley. I ended up just putting in a new rear bearing, belt and sliders in my old GE.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (10 months ago)
The dryers are almost completely identical, just the colors on the control panel and a very slight firmware change.
bmxmaster787 (11 months ago)
You are very wrong my friend very very wrong on the whole front loader situation there still making them but not for usa sales
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
I'm not sure how to respond to your second comment because it is difficult to read.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
1) no, 2) I do know what's going on, it's called marketing and bottom line and profit, all concepts that someone with a bit of intelligence can understand. 3) SQ themselves advise in their literature that the parts are the same, feel free to take a look at Alliance Laundry Systems' corporate website, and their annual financial reports. They are all available for the general public.
bmxmaster787 (11 months ago)
Besides if you look at there sales the home models only make up like 3% of there whole says and if you also she where they sell the most it is over sea's so why would they focus on the states when there is more money to be made somewhere else?
bmxmaster787 (11 months ago)
Harley Badger do you actually work for speed queen and know what's going on with the company themselves? Probably not also if you think the parts for a top load and front load are the same then tell me what part numbers are the same? Please
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
This video refers to us in the United States, not the entire world. Plus, no, I'm correct. And it's "whole," not "hole."
D Tucker (11 months ago)
Could you please provide those of us that do not have your in-depth knowledge of DOE test procedures with some further details on how SQ could have made the 2017 design meet the new DOE regulations?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (10 months ago)
Yep, almost certainly could have been made to comply using the existing hardware. When we purchased our 2015s, at that time, SQ advised that they would "almost" qualify for the new requirements because they were right on the line.
D Tucker (11 months ago)
Thanks Harley. So your thinking is that by adding the ECM motor, the inverter drive, and the autofill to the previous transition model, that model could have also met the tougher DOE standards, is that correct? I would also guess that adding the more sophisticated inverter drive to to the transmission model product probably would have increased the cost, but maybe that would have been fine with some buyers.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
In a nutshell, it's a complicated algorithm that takes into effect the amount of water used for a normal cycle, the electrical power consumed, and the size of the load of laundry the machine is capable of. That all figures out into a sort of efficiency number which manufacturers are required to meet or exceed. Using the ECM motor and driver from the front load machines, plus the "auto fill" function, allows the 2018 machines to meet the efficiency requirement. Although it could have been done using the 2017 and earlier motor and transmission.
JoeJoe Graz (11 months ago)
Thank you. I'm looking for a 2017 top load model but I guess they're hard to come by. If this turns out to be true, and Bear is probably correct, Speed Queen doesn't deserve to make consumer products. Corporate greed is running rampant. Makes me sick.
Broccoli Beefed (4 months ago)
Used markets
Kent Teffeteller (11 months ago)
Time to get the Department of Energy out of appliance design, and the EPA out of car design. I may be having to one day buy a commercial coin op machine and convert it to free wash or free dry.
chaotic/Silence (3 months ago)
Trump has been trying to get these reg's out of the American products......but all the leftist fight him at every angle. Don't confuse Liberalism with leftist. the true enemy of America is the leftist
chaotic/Silence (3 months ago)
+Jerome Davis OBAMA!!!!! DUHH.... wtf you people have such short memories
HHH100 (4 months ago)
BINGO! The democrats destroy everything that works. Regs. were changed in 2009 & 2010 with obama and super majority dems.
pat cola (4 months ago)
+Eric jones Whirlpool better get their act together or Samsung and LG will eat their lunch . Everytime I go I to a Best Buy they have Samsung in big blue letters lit up while Whirlpool is kind of off to the side . Samsung and LG get front and center these days. More of the younger people in their 30's will go with these brands as they have their phones in their pockets. I can't prove that empirically but there has definitely been a shift and now the American brands are not being pushed like the China pride products flooding our showroom floors. Sears dont even have one american appliance maker on their floors anymore except for whatever Whirlpool is still building for them.
Eric jones (9 months ago)
Killing off smaller american companies. Samsung and LG will survive.
Anthony Stokes (11 months ago)
Speed Queen Conspiracy Queens!!! lol
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
At least you got the "Queens" part right.
Spats Bear (11 months ago)
Anthony Stokes Captain Dumbass
Anthony Stokes (11 months ago)
Yes Speed Queen discontinuing the front load home laundry products. Well I have been selling Speed Queen Home Laundry products for seven years and only sold 2 front load sets, there is not enough demand for the front loader units, this is why they are eliminating the front load home laundry products. The 2018 top load rear control (TR models) is a front load machine that's very durable and NO Speed Queen is not going to stop production on the Home Laundry Products, the US Government buys too many of them. And at least I won't reduce myself to name calling which shows every one who is the wiser one.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
Selling Speed Queens for seven years and only managing to move 2 front loaders is not a manufacturer problem, it's a "I obviously don't know how to sell product" problem. Sounds pretty wise to me. :-/
Anthony Stokes (11 months ago)
A large order of the new TR3 washers were just sold to the US Government. Of course Speed Queen is going to discontinue the home laundry products because of all you conspiracy queens!! You are trashing a great product, in fact the best top load washer on the market. I think the new TR models will last longer than any former Speed Queen Top Load washer ever made.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (10 months ago)
Spats Bear (11 months ago)
Anthony Stokes You, sir, are a dumbass.
Anthony Stokes (11 months ago)
Are the parts for the residential front load washers is the same as the commercial front loaders? The residential washers have the same parts as the commercial line of washers!!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (10 months ago)
Dukeboy - 66 (11 months ago)
I just had a new 2018 speed queen front load set delivered yesterday... it seems like they are still making them.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
They manufactured them through March of this year.
usdpaulp (11 months ago)
What's the second best washer to get if i can't find a 2017 speed queen?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
Probably the Maytag commercial, although its control board is made in China.
Michael Wolffs (11 months ago)
Modern production methods would have them stocking large numbers of parts before hand. Every hear of just in time production? I really doubt they have a large number of drive units sitting around waiting for assembly. Also, is the drive unit for the commercial line different? If not, and they had any excess, it would just go to that. More likely, they want to streamline the motor production. Why build two motor/drive systems, when it can work with one?
Bob Bobbert (4 months ago)
Agreed. 50 years ago his theory may have been true, but virtually all profitable manufacturers have adopted some form of the Kanban system.
WolfDShadow (4 months ago)
Actually the only differences from the commercial machine and the domestic is the cabinet and how the computer acknowledges how to start, the insides of both are exactly the same infact there has been times where you could buy a domestic top load and it was the commercial with the top switched so it wouldn't have the metercase and vice versa during a redesign and the biggest clue was the drain hose since commercial had rubber while domestic had plastic. They aren't going to discontinue domestic machines since it's not only a big seller they just started to expand their domestic market advertising to the west coast.
floobertuber (10 months ago)
Yes, I agree. No reason to have piles of parts lying about on-hand... And CERTAINLY not in large enough quantities to redesign anything just to use those parts. It's more likely to my thinking that they are looking to source same/similar parts in greater volume over time, so they can get better pricing from their suppliers.
Countryman (11 months ago)
They are all disposable washers now.When these pieces of junk mess and you get the repair bill you will you had chunked it and bought another one.The good old consumer screwed again!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
Ed Ralls (11 months ago)
Well said!! I'm just glad we bought our pair in 2016. It's sad to see a company do this. Especially made in America!!
XR6 Turbo (1 year ago)
I think Speed Queen's original intention was to cut costs. Now that sales of the 2018 top loader have dived; and will continue to plummet as their reputation takes a hit and more and more people realise the 2018 isn't worth it, they'll stop making them, probably around a year as you said. They'll then be faced with a choice...
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
Make better washers, or stay out of it!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
wowcolors (1 year ago)
What is the model number of the 2017 top of the line too loader unit?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
Sam King (1 year ago)
Say, what model car is that in the background?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
1986 Chrysler New Yorker
Dukeboy - 66 (11 months ago)
Chrysler K car of some kind, reliant or new yorker, maybe.
Wendy Dronen (1 year ago)
This information is priceless as I was going to buy one this week. Thank you!
Jose Garcia (1 year ago)
Meeting the energy efficiency requirements must include the product guaranteed to last 15 years with fully serviceable parts.
drott150 (1 year ago)
2018 is Speed Queen's new Coke moment.
floobertuber (10 months ago)
Hopefully old tooling never dies, it just goes into storage.... and someday stupid regulations will get lifted. Then companies can start making washing machines that ACTUALLY WORK and HOLD UP FOR DECADES once again.
kenneth p (1 year ago)
Headed out to buy my new Speed Queen today and seen these....i did a double take, told the sales man this is a sad day for me, this is front load junk ☹😢he said it is not! It's tried and true new and improved...i said no they jumped on the the HE band wagon. I didn't know they stopped production on the residential front loads. They had one left for $1100. They can keep them both ☹
BrewersArcade (1 year ago)
So what is a good washing machine now??
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (11 months ago)
There's really not any that are *totally* "good." I would say the Maytag Commercial is OK, although its controls are made in China.
Dante Fox (1 year ago)
Well being someone who has seen inside of both machines. The front loader and new top loader don't use the same motor. If anything its somewhat close to the Frigidaire Affinity top loader. All they changed was. Went to a DC motor. They already had the digital control from the AWN82SP. The TR3000-8000 Still use the same springs and center tub support and bearings Hell I could even take the wave agitator and put them in the new one. They went from a transmission to a fixed shaft that the tub still bolts to. did away with the break system. Thats the reason for the lid lock. The old AWN432 out side of the three year warranty would eat timers people all the time would cook belts.
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
And yet they call it "moving water through clothes". It doesn't work!
pat cola (1 year ago)
Dante Fox Well I can tell you I have a awn432 from 2013 and I must be blessed because the timer works fine still.
Dante Fox (1 year ago)
Harley Badger the agitator still pops on to a center nub at the bottom. Yes it’s moves with the tub. But I know a service guy who has put the wave agitator in place of the straight one this is the washer I feel the 2018 sppedqueen shares a lot with.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
I don't know how the kits could be the same, I mean the old one clearly has a hub and tub seal that go down to the transmission, and the 2018 simply has a bracket that bolts directly to the basket and does not go through the tub.
Dante Fox (1 year ago)
Harley Badger the agitator still haves the same hub that the older model held the agitator in with. They still offer the same services kit for removing the agitator and tub. There is still a center bolt and tub platform that the inner tub bolts to. I have video of the Frigidaire that I compared the new speed queen to. Have had them both apart. And your right both are still a 1hp DC motor. But it’s not the same housing as the front loader.
Stephen Galante (1 year ago)
well looks like speed queen just fucked everything over big time so it does look like they don't even care about residential use washers anymore
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
Ha... I just checked, and Speed Queen have removed ALL their top-loader reviews except ONE 5-star review.
hyperlexis (1 year ago)
I've been trying to find the link about SQ killing home front loaders. Where do they say that? If true very sad! IMHO they changed to this new TL design because I dont think it's possible to get the extreme arc, variable rotation of the agitator of the 2018 model, using a standard mechanical transmission with fixed gears, like in older units. It appears the new HE TL washers rely on these extreme sweeps of an agitator or wash plate to hurl clothes through the lower volumes of water. I don't know what it's called but I'm sure an engineer has a word for it.... (Like 'nutate' in the Calypso....) :)
force311999 (6 months ago)
like hydowave in the GEs
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
I can't post a screenshot here so I made you a quick video clip:
Loquacious (1 year ago)
I really appreciate the time you (and several others) take to keep us informed .. based on videos and knowledgable comments posted regarding Speed Queen's 2018 changes, I managed to find one of the few remaining 2017 models and snap it up.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
You are quite welcome.
umajunkcollector (1 year ago)
The difference of the 18 is agitator speed, um calling it the SLOW QUEEN.
otterlover95 (1 year ago)
Maybe, but why then go after ANY distributors and cancel their sales contracts? I'd think they'd want to keep as many avenues open to unload the stock as possible. Also, if they were planning to discontinue all residential sales, it would probably be easier to quit making machines, not spend any more money, not make themselves liable for recalls of a shit product, collect the tax benefits of scrapping those parts, recycle the parts, and move on to their new focus.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
1) Ego. No company wants their dealers admitting that there is fault with their product. 2) They *did* quit making machines, no residential SQ front-loader is being manufactured any more, and they are using the 2017 and older cabinets with the 2017 and older front-loader parts to make one last line of residential top-loaders before they quit making them too. Whatever money they can make off the leftover parts instead of abandoning them. The tax benefits aren't in the form of a million-dollar check from the government, they would simply count towards wasted inventory as a business expense, which would amount to a tiny fraction of a percent of the income from selling thrown-together crap.
umajunkcollector (1 year ago)
The best of both worlds, top loader agitator like a front loader? I would not take any front loaders. The big difference is agitator speed and instant change of direction because of the constant direction of the motor, on pre 2017 transmission machines. The agitator can work harder with less stress on the motor. The transmission is a huge advantage. In 2018, SQ eliminated the transmission, and reversed the motor to make the agitator go back and forth, but slower, and with less force, more like a front loader. So IMO, the 18 doesn't clean a well. But SQ still beats them all, especially all the Whirlpool crap. The 2018 is a good machine, perhaps gentle, slow, and smaller capacity. If SQ speeds up the agitator, and makes a larger capacity, it will be very good. I will not buy any other brand of crappy washer, SQ is still the best.
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
It's so quiet because it doesn't clean very well. It just splashes water during the "heavy duty" cycle.
Sharkie626 (1 year ago)
I don't think it is possible to make it any faster. If a motor is trying to turn a whole inner tub full of water and clothes, there is only so much speed it can do. This is why they put in a 1 HP motor, because they HAD to. Another reason why removing transmissions does not help with performance at all.
TheBobobobob123 (1 year ago)
is that a lebaron behind you?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
1986 New Yorker
Antonio Carter (1 year ago)
Agreed 200%. Well all of those used appliance stores will be selling out cause what's old is new again..
Fanguy247 b (1 year ago)
Hey I've been watching Gene's videos on Lorraine furniture channel and also Kirk Rivars. Gene has a definite malfunctioning washer compared to Kirks. I don't really love the 2018 model but it seems to be performing well...
Fanguy247 b (1 year ago)
True. I like your speed queen to me that was the last real design of a good washer. I recently had to replace my hand me down magic chef from 1992 my mom had purchased brand new. Something in the transmission suffered a catastrophe failure whilst in spin cycle completely shattered the outter basket and damaged the inner plastic wash basket. It nearly came through the metal cabinet total loss. I couldn't afford a speed queen and finding reliable used equipment in my area is sketchy at best....So I purchased a new ge with the heavy-duty agitator with matching dryer from a local mom and pop store. It cleans amazing and is assembled in America however I am dissatisfied with the week suspension in it or lack of. Thank God it has a manual override for the auto fill and has a deep rinse option. I think I can get ten years outta it maybe lol.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
I've seen all of both of theirs, and I respect Kirk, but he refuses to do any kind of stain test or real dirt test... all his clothing appears clean to begin with when he puts it in. Eugene, however, puts clearly soiled, stained clothing in and not only does it not clean, it even makes things worse by leaving soap residue on the clothing.
scrubflex (1 year ago)
I agree with you as well...I believe Alliance (SPEED QUEEN) is on it's way out...whenever the quality of a product diminishes, break downs and repair history ratings descend from top to bottom, design defects that require overwhelmingly simple solutions to resolve the problems usually mean they NO LONGER CARE ABOUT THE PRODUCTS...Maytag is the best example of a number one industry brand fall from top to GONE...Alliance will be selling their company...the signs are similar from past brands takeovers...same fate
Emerson Collie (1 year ago)
I believe one years time is about right. If they can get enough Mc's to buy them. Normal people won't buy them and keep them. Normal people like clean clothes to wear.
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
I myself included!
The Betamax Man (1 year ago)
Wow I think its great how match knowledge you about the speed queen. I would like to meat you in person where is it you live.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
Thanks. And Pittsburgh, PA.
65bug519 (1 year ago)
look what happened to maytag which is now maypool(pile) and their stuff sucks , this is showing all the same signs
Jerome Davis (9 months ago)
It's just a matter of time!
prsnlty6 (1 year ago)
Exactly! My 2 mo old maytag tl bravos xl is total junk ( @ $800!)... no not user error, it is just crap. Mother board went after 6 weeks, replaced today and now it clunks with every operation.I placed a quartered kitchen towel on top of a medium load, washed the load 5x, 2 rinses each, towel never turned over or unfolded- it just soaked up water. They wouldn't take it back or in trade, money in the trash. Why I'm now reading SQ Reviews.... I'm afraid the last decent washing machine just bit the dust now too :(
65bug519 (1 year ago)
I smell a buy out if it has not already happened
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
Yeah, we were just talking about that moments ago...agreed.
GarageDoorGuy89 (1 year ago)
making the new garbage top loaders is a cheap way to eliminate inventory of those parts, and a cheap fix to meet the new energy requirements. I wouldn't be one bit surprised that residential machines cease to be produced in the next year or two. glad I got a 2017 model!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
I have a funny story for you later on at some point regarding a Genie chain-drive and the "learn" button
petermazbabie (1 year ago)
Again just my opinion but I believe the machine does have good “quality” it’s the same machine missing the transmission still has the electronic board and improved motor so there’s really nothing that can go wrong with this machine so as far as quality definitely will outlast anything on the market. Now talking about the cleaning ability that’s another point all together. I do agree with you I feel that they will get out of the consumer laundry market and just go completely commercial because they make more money there. Only time will tell.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
The problem with the motor is that it is *not designed* to be slammed forward-reverse-forward-reverse like that. It's designed to run in one direction for 10 seconds or so, pause, then reverse for 10 seconds or so. The reason the new machines agitate and then pause every now and again is that they are running that motor up to its maximum operating temperature. That causes extreme stress on the motor, which translates to a short life.
xjoe81x (1 year ago)
OMG watch out there is a car behind you. O wait.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
1986 Chrysler New Yorker
XR6 Turbo (1 year ago)
xjoe81x Hagar what kind of car is it?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
f23948 (1 year ago)
Go ahead and contact Alliance!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 year ago)
I've been in constant contact with them for months. I have numbers and email addresses for several workers and engineers.