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British Spy Behind Trump Russia Allegations Officials Confirm

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Text Comments (156)
elcgmail (1 year ago)
The more time passes the more parts of this dossier are PROVING true with EVIDENCE & even more Trump Team Russia connections are surfacing 😕 Already 3 of his tram are gone as a result. This is going to the ultimate end of potus
PJ J (1 year ago)
Quite sure it is all true.
skills1ent (1 year ago)
Trump is a professional liar!!!! Guarantee he's the most corrupt person in America and maybe the world!
Valentine Faith (1 year ago)
this was in the bible let history repeat amen to God there were two spies
Matthew Golden (1 year ago)
So why do we have politicians getting info from foreign intelligence services? Isn't that more of an immediate danger to our national security? Wouldn't this open ourselves up to foreign manipulation.
Weenuts0007 (1 year ago)
randalusa (1 year ago)
Marxist god-mocking deceitful traitors, CBS ABC NBC NPR. Not just for this report, for their years of treachery and hateful lies protecting Democrat evil scum and ripping down decent men who tried to rescue America.
d campbell (1 year ago)
Trump is married to one of the prostitutes.
michael chanial (1 year ago)
cvi108 (1 year ago)
The Spy was behind the FIFA investigation. I would take it a little more serious.
Jeremy (1 year ago)
Hey Trumptards, you first denied the Russian hacking was true, NOW EVEN TRUMP ADMITS IT WAS TRUE. Stop drinking Trump kool-aid and start thinking, you have a brain.... use it.
Suzanne Anon (1 year ago)
This situation is oddly encouraging. CLEARLY, Russia and America are going to have excellent relations, and this is why those who don't want that (the present CORRUPT swamp) are trying to 'raise suspicion' between these two excellent leaders, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. And they did it 'at arm's length' by using a spy from Britain. Naturally and obviously, neither of these great leaders is dumb enough to fall for such shameless schemes, and neither would those who voted the great Donald Trump into the office of President. BUT the failed scheme did work very well in exposing the specific identities of a few high-level SWAMP THINGS. This is one exciting roller coaster ride!
G C (1 year ago)
The Golden Shower a believable story when Trump is in the story.
Marchant2 (1 year ago)
Dump is sleeeeezy! Disgusting. A pervert. Put it in a mental institute, but don't let it anywhere near the WH.
Harout (1 year ago)
adc's (so called) news delusional fake contradicting one story to an other... clueless .. should loose press license
Bruce Slater (1 year ago)
CNN has become the news by making unsubstantiated fake news
AC Riddick (1 year ago)
4chan just punted you guys!
Ez Graphics Designs (1 year ago)
Trump is an arrogant piece of Manure....
King Midas (1 year ago)
Trump did it! hes already a confirmed pervert! He did it!
Stephen Foreman (1 year ago)
Impeach Trump now!!!!
phoenix (1 year ago)
Do your homework people. He is anything but a failed spy as Trump is asserting today ! while he was with MI6 he was a highly credible spy both sides of the Atlantic and has had to flee into hiding for his life for the information he has . He never said he had seen any of the evidence , he only reported on what he had been told by Contacts in Moscow. Extremely credible and extensive contacts in Moscow. God only an idiot would a doubt that this is something Putin will do i.e. bug the room and B doubt that this is something Trump would- pushy grabbing champ of the world. God America this man is going to make you laughing stock of the world for as long as he is president. God help us all if a creature like this can become President. Obviously no qualifications needed for that job in the US!
GrogTube (1 year ago)
Hmmmmmmm.... british spies are working for russia and US. It seems like everyone his desperate to take down Trp Lolol
"Who's To Say" (1 year ago)
McCain is little more than a leftist STOOGE !
lil moe (1 year ago)
Cohen, has never been to Prague.
belenda gramacki (1 year ago)
McCain working for Obama and Clinton. I wouldn't trust Comey! He use to work for Lockheed Martin and fund raised for the Clintons!
Turd Muffin (1 year ago)
So Trump and his Pee Party are perverts and half-wits. They will weaken the US considerably and that's great for the rest of the world. Keep up the idiocy Trump...the rest of the world thanks you.
LibertyMatrix (1 year ago)
Don't waste your time trying to comprehend this phony journalism. Wikileaks is the only source for truth. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwiGjeaN3r3RAhVmzVQKHT6gCoEQqUMIHDAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ibtimes.com%2Fwhy-wikileaks-defending-trump-russian-election-hacking-golden-shower-gate-doesnt-faze-2473967&usg=AFQjCNHf-L-i7RN2rOGxj7FgbaIUQGK5tw&sig2=YyAziubiGTgAOxoNnQEJtA
Michael Kahr (1 year ago)
Unsubstantiated maybe. Intelligence always is. But Common sense. They are true with a high probability. Why would Russia install Trump as President without having him safe in his pocket ?
Anewvoice (1 year ago)
DataWaveTaGo (1 year ago)
Here is what General Mattis, Trump's pick for defense secretary said: Asked about the main threats to US interests, Mattis said: "I would consider the principle threats to start with Russia." Mattis also said Russia, China and armed groups were presenting the biggest challenge to the US-led world order since World War II, accused Moscow of trying to break up NATO and called for Congress to lift spending caps undermining military readiness. "I'm all for engagement but we also have to recognise reality in what Russia is up to," Mattis said,  adding that  there were a "decreasing number of areas" where the US might cooperate with its old Cold War foe. His remarks were the latest by one of Trump's cabinet picks to stand in sharp contrast to the views of their future boss, who has previously praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and pledged to improve ties with him. Why is Trump supporting Putin?
DataWaveTaGo (1 year ago)
Here is what Trump's pick to lead the CIA, Pompeo says: In his remarks to Senators, Pompeo veered away from Trump, who wants to warm relations with Moscow. He said the US faced one of the most "complicated" threat environments in decades, including an increasingly aggressive Russia "threatening Europe" and "doing nothing" to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group in Syria. On other issues, Pompeo said Iran has become an "even more emboldened and disruptive player in the Middle East". As CIA director, he said he would drop the opposition he has had as a lawmaker to the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and major powers. Yet, Pompeo called the Iranians "professionals at cheating" and said he would work to improve US capability to detect violations of Tehran's commitment to curb its nuclear activities. Trump this week furiously denounced intelligence officials for what he said were leaks to the media by intelligence agencies of a dossier that makes unverified compromising allegations about his contacts in Russia. By contrast, Pompeo voiced strong support for the agency, saying he has seen Central Intelligence Agency staff "walk through fire." He said he understood it would be a problem "if folks were afraid there would be political retribution" and promised "to have their backs at every single moment. You have my word I will do that". Why does Trump luv Putin?
shadowbugs28 (1 year ago)
Why aren't they investigating Clinton?
JTN Akl (1 year ago)
For what? The email scandal, Benghazi? In case you haven't noticed, they've been doing that since 2015 and 2016, yet they still got nothing on her that she did anything illegal.
shadowbugs28 (1 year ago)
Ez Graphics Designs Why are people obsessed with his tax returns. Who the hell cares. All the majority of people care about is that he rebuild the country and get rid of the corrupt filth that is running it. This crap about his tax returns is bullshit contrived by news groups like the mafia run CNN. I'm sure the IRS has seen his returns so get the fuck over it. I'd be more interested in Hillary's tax returns regarding the Clinton foundation. How much was that witch stealing. Trump has saved jobs with Carrier and with the steel workers amount others and he isn't in office yet.. Something the great Obama couldn't do. He is putting a 35% tariff on any company moving to/and selling goods outside the USA. It is obvious to me the people that are going to lead us to war are the corrupt elite backing Obama, the Clinton's and the Bush's, NWO. It seems to me after reading your bull you're getting your info from CNN. My advise to you is to stop drinking the fluoridated water. Trump won the election get over your whining and move on.
Ez Graphics Designs (1 year ago)
If you think Trump isn't part of the corrupt elite, You're blind and stupid...He's a bully, bullying businesses to stay in U.S. (or get tremendous taxes) Yet, HE owns several businesses overseas, hotels, winery, his clothing line is produced in China (he claims he hates so much, probably because he has to actually pay them) , Hiding business deals in Russia (he wont release those tax returns) Also hiding the fact that he scams and hides money from the IRS (yet, he LOVES this country but fails to pay taxes like everyone else, a fckin Billionaire right?) , sounds like a hypocrite to me. You'll see trump is about nothing more than what will benefit himself, his brand and his family. We'll notice a lot of tough talk against countries where he has businesses in, trying to use his political power to influence his personal business deals. The American people will suffer behind him, and we'll probably go to war behind his arrogance.
shadowbugs28 (1 year ago)
Ez Graphics Designs you're one to talk calling others blind. You're not only blind but stupid. What did Obama do in eight years that was so great. Nothing. More businesses than ever are moving overseas. Trump isn't even president yet and he stopped more businesses from leaving the USA than fake Obama did. The US is so far in debt now they will never pay it off. He promised to get rid of lobbyists; now there are more than ever. Obama care is nothing but a joke that mostly benefits the insurance company's. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay; last I checked its still open. And the big one: He backed the evil witch Hillary Clinton. All he was good at was going on vacation in Hawaii and golfing. Now the corrupt elite are trying to smear Trump as to being a legitimate president. All you got do do is watch the government run propaganda machine CNN spew out lies everyday now to see what's really happening. Not to mention Chuck Schummer threatening Trump not to mess with them because they have ways of taking care of him. If you can't see what's happening well that's to dam bad. Go and crawl back in your hole you brainwashed dumb ass.
Ez Graphics Designs (1 year ago)
WE VOTED for Obama....2TERMS....LET's SEE IF TRUMP Does 8YRS in the WH, without getting impeached....His Wife dresses like a SLUT ready to suck off the next Billionaire .....He ACTS LIKE a rude and annoying white-privileged snotty-nosed KID. . He's fooling all the poor whites like he's going to help them. But HE CAN'T. Don't you see everything he's doing will hurt the average white american TOO ?????? More white are being taken care of from ObamaCare, More whites are on Medicare & Food stamps, Republican whites in the POOREST states also receive the MOST federal funding than any other state. But, i guess that's the whites man way of handling business, "Hurt the minorities anyway possible at all cost destroy the whites if needed. While they're fighting amongst each other, we'll be compromising intel with Russia....FCK OUTTA HERE, DUMP TRUMP. Stop worrying about Clinton and worry about the President-Elect Trump's investigations and his Russian ties..
shadowbugs28 (1 year ago)
Jewish lies
generationofswine (1 year ago)
America is the greatest country on earth. Even someone with a severe personality disorder can become president.
Manley Nelson (1 year ago)
Hired by "operatives" ?! John Songbird McCain hired the ex spy to dig up dirt on Trump...couldn't find it so they manufactured it
Curtis Rupp (1 year ago)
In only 8 days we will be welcoming a new president of these United States I never mean to say disparaging things about people in public service but I feel like now is as good a time as any I don't feel like I am alone here but when I had trouble finding a single American flag at the Democratic National Convention as opposed to the Republican National Convention being flooded with the stars and stripes it is a real reflection of what has happened to this country which I think is very regrettable.We have allowed a charismatic speaker make us feel like being a patriot is something to feel ashamed of all the while he has made us look so weak in the public eye of the world Mr Obama will go down in history as many things but being a true patriot of this country he will not he will be remembered as the least patriotic president of this country which is going to have to be a prerequisite for future presidents luckily the incoming president doesn't have many qualifications because thankfully he isnt a seasoned politician he possesses legitimate useful skills like knowledge in negotiations economy and business. President Trump and President Obama side by side share many differences as a veteran I have an undying faith in what our country stands for but for the most part of it all I have an undying love for this country it will not end with me being six feet under it is constant and everlasting. I see many patriots I am proud of them but I also know the ones that do it for show or do it without feeling Obama has no feeling for this country it is point blank and never appreciated the tremendous power we the people gave to him and never will understand how disappointed we are in him because I truly believe he thinks he was as successful as Lincoln himself truth is President Trump has his hands full so does the American people because naturally we don't know who to trust we have turned to Donald Trump the same as when the American people have turned to Abraham Lincoln when the nation was so very divided on so many key issues that impacted this great nation and still does to this very day. Truth is I am very excited for the next four years whether it is filed with despair and heartbreak the fact is the American people still have faith that change for the better is always possible even in the places that seem like the least likely. So I end this with a heartwarming good luck to the Trump family I tell this dismiss all the hatred from people that have closed minds that have already written you off we the people have lost trust in the media because they have become as corrupt as the career politician like I have said before Trump has already served a purpose and that is a message to politicians this is OUR country not your you serve US not yourselves we are YOUR boss not the other way around we decided not YOU. GO TRUMP AND GO USA.
Stephen Steelhead (1 year ago)
Is ABC defending Mr. Golden Showers? Must be a fake network working for the Trump organization .
J Day (1 year ago)
Such BULLSHIT!!!!!! John McCain is an asshole! The reason why Comey didn't say anything is because it knew it was bullshit unlike Clintons!
bud green (1 year ago)
McCain scum
Konaalii Alohaohana (1 year ago)
THE dinosaur media aka msm, justifying the childish & utter sophomoric reporting by Buzz feed and CNN is proof that your all absolutely moronic or incapable of doing even rudimentary research to verify such inflammatory & totally disgusting allegations. NONE OF YOU COULD RISE TO REAL PROMINENCE ON THE WEB. CNN SHOULD BE BANNED FROM ALL FUTURE POTUS PRESS CONFERENCES. SEN MCCAIN IS A TRAITOR.
Konaalii Alohaohana (1 year ago)
You folks in the dinosaur media are so self absorbed and tools of the Soros Elite. Your entire organization needs to be divested. FCC ownership limitations of the various media needs to be reinstated. back to 600 owners of the entire crowd not the 5 guys that own it all now.
Isaac Lee (1 year ago)
Fake News
Sentinal (1 year ago)
Christopher Steele, ex MI6 officer is the author of this dossier. He is now in hiding somewhere in the UK...
w/e (1 year ago)
If Trump truly knows how to avoid "spy tricks" then he wouldn't have been recorded bragging about grabbing pussy by a amateur.
actionau (1 year ago)
This is the same type of shakedown they tried to pull on Michael Jackson just when he was abt to make his comeback in 2003, albeit on a much larger and detailed scale..why is this only surfacing with only days to go till the inauguration? Not coincidence surely..
actionau (1 year ago)
Hermen Marshall Not Brit spies specifically, no.
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
actionau are you claiming that brit spies interfered with Michael Jackson's come back?
deomartinez77 (1 year ago)
I just read a report that the spy just went into hiding in fear of retaliation as he didn't think his identity would be revealed.
Banana Stixx (1 year ago)
He never left the country you fucks
Change6609 (1 year ago)
Report by the National Intelligence Council from which it becomes clear that the Russians have been very active influencing the US elections. Esp. when they thought Secretary Clinton was likely to win: https://www.dni.gov/files/documents/ICA_2017_01 .pdf (skip the blank before pdf)
Change6609 (1 year ago)
'mofos' at NY Daily News??? This is about Russia severely influencing US elections. Were it not for the Russian hacks, published by the rapist Assange's Wikileaks of the Democrats, chances for Clinton to have become president would have been great. This is of a severity never seen in US politics before. Furthermore Trump lied about his business interests in Russia which are very large.
Beautiful Brown (1 year ago)
Did the Russians change votes? Did the cause votes not to be counted? Did they cause people to be denied the right to vote? No, right? If we're going to go to war over people trying to influence the outcome of the election, when are we going to wage war on Mort Zuckerman and the mofos at the NY Daily News for running anti -Trump stories everyday? When are we going to go after whoever it was that leaked the grab em by the p-word tape? When are we going to blow up the house of whoever it is that style's Trumps hair like that? How far are we going to take that shit???
Robert Trump needs to be on Prozac López (1 year ago)
I cannot believe about the FBI investigating Clinton on a book that was published by songwriter and they do an investigation on that here to have allegations about Trump and they say nothing and who knows if they are investigating to the knowledge of the news media and intelligence release FBI not doing a thing investigate Trump's allegations the same way you investigate it Clinton on a book fabricated by Breitbart get your act together FBI
JayUdee (1 year ago)
Anderson sounds so whiny and desperate.
Jianeen (1 year ago)
Is this the same Michael Cohen who went "Says who, says who?" repeatedly in an interview one time?
JayUdee (1 year ago)
Same guy.
luckyuriah xtn (1 year ago)
would you knowingly use a hotel room if you know its been bugged with cameras?
Julie W (1 year ago)
What useless MI6 fiction writers .. They would do better working for Marvel comics...
Change6609 (1 year ago)
russian troll!
orlandotj1 (1 year ago)
Comey should be punished.
Change6609 (1 year ago)
russian troll!
orlandotj1 (1 year ago)
Kellyanne is a dirty liar like her boss.
Rude Man (1 year ago)
first Trader and chief
Jake Marko (1 year ago)
Rude Man traitor** lol
Samantha W (1 year ago)
All fake, very sad especially when you have a corpse like McCain handling the garbage.
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
Samantha W I accept your confession.
Samantha W (1 year ago)
Sooooo.....off the mark.
Change6609 (1 year ago)
russian troll!
big boy (1 year ago)
They found something if they didn't they would have closed the case
Beautiful Brown (1 year ago)
Listen closely to what they are saying. They keep telling you its unsubstantiated, allegations, unnamed sources. They keep telling you that to give themselves leeway to not be sued because they know ALL of this is bullshit. Listen to the WORDS they are speaking, not the emotions they are trying to implant in you.
Negasonic (1 year ago)
heehee leaks
Jack (1 year ago)
john McCain is such a fucking fraud and a puppet for the global elites.. his fellow inmates in the pow prison in Vietnam say McCain's nick name was the singing bird cause he told on all other prisoners and sold them out to the Vietnamese for better treatment. hes a coward who told on other inmates and gave up classified information and is covering up the fact that America left behind thousands of live prisoners that were transferred to Russia during the Vietnam war he continues to stall and cover that up and if you don't believe me do your own research please.
Saving/ me (1 year ago)
Thank you Brits.
Ashwin Mouton (1 year ago)
Saving/me ... http://is2.4chan.org/pol/1484117993813.jpg
WiggleMcJiggles (1 year ago)
This is not proof... lol
King Andres (1 year ago)
onfg idiots its a godamn hoax by 4chan get over it
randy rysdale (1 year ago)
anyone can be hung out to dry. make up a story and let it work for itself. that being said, someones sexual picadillos are not, obviously any reason to try and black mail
Robert Smith (1 year ago)
Watch out, cameras, cameras, everywhere, don't pull you weeny out ! And don't pee on anyone!
Abram 134 (1 year ago)
trumps the real rapist I heard he tries to peek in the miss universe changing room
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
Abram 134 dude way out of line. If your going to accuse someone of being a creeper than you better come better then I heard.
Katya (1 year ago)
Heard? He confirmed it on camera to Howard Stern and in was teen USA, so there were underaged girls there. " Well, I'll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show, and everyone's getting dressed and ready and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere. And I'm allowed to go in because I'm the owner of the pageant and therefore I'm inspecting it. You know, I'm inspecting, I want to make sure that everything is good. You know, the dresses. ‘Is everyone okay?’ You know, they're standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody okay?’ And you see these incredible looking women, and so, I sort of get away with things like that. But no, I've been very good."
xguy (1 year ago)
ricardo (1 year ago)
What is this nonsense?
Tobby Olumba (1 year ago)
There was a 35-page report examining how Russian President Putin was the one who did all the hacks
Ken NorThUnder (1 year ago)
Unconfirmed. but are the work of.... what shameful journalism. Quit now! Let's have real journalism.
cvi108 (1 year ago)
Whats funny is that the FBI received these files 7 months before the election. During the same month the Trump started doing everything the Memos said about the stances toward Russia. Crazy.....
skills1ent (1 year ago)
Rude Man But at least their news isn't completely fallacious and fake like Brietbart, alex jones, mark dice, the vigiliant citizen/Christian, fox news, Limbaugh, hannity, diamond and pearl, InfoWars, the drudge report and RT...Those are the ones that are ridiculously fake....
Rude Man (1 year ago)
Ken Noorlander lol you're going to have a long wait if you're looking for news on NBC CNN Fox and ABC
Tobby Olumba (1 year ago)
interesting investigation
mcline62 (1 year ago)
hahahaha Trump 2020!!!
Santino - (1 year ago)
Trump is SOOOOOO shady!
Brian Blair (1 year ago)
Ron Word U know all that is BS by the Fake News Media
Bruce Slater (1 year ago)
Ron Word CNN and the liberal media are the shady ones by making unsubstantiated fake news. Finally Trump has caught them out.
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
Ron Word there's an old saying in the psychological world, you are what you hate.
Iam DaLeek (1 year ago)
skills1ent , he used an alias to message Hillary on her secret server and then claimed he had no knowledge of its existence. Which makes Obama shady. I Can name several more if you like.
Santino - (1 year ago)
+Alexander Hon how so? Or do you just make lame statements for the sake.
EH CBunny (1 year ago)
Are you telling me that Trump knew how to avoid camera in Russia, but not in America while he's playing with pussies? #Bullshit
Brian Blair (1 year ago)
EH CBunny They just played U half ass Clips of things This is all BS lies that have done been Debunked.
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
EH CBunny and what pussies did he play with? #yourbullshit
Donald Sanders (1 year ago)
Operation Spectre
Space Monkey (1 year ago)
Someone grabbed a pussy in Moscow
ArcCool (1 year ago)
He must be a famous one, right?
The Witness (1 year ago)
His name was Bond, James Bond
Katya (1 year ago)
4chan has time machine, because Trump's stuff were circulating since midsummer. In October Harry Reid was already writing James Comey and demanding information "I wrote to you months ago calling for this information to be released to the public. And yet, you continue to resist calls to inform the public of this critical information."
misterZM (1 year ago)
Katya (1 year ago)
Steel, Christopher Steele. Reality better then fiction.
Space Monkey (1 year ago)
The Witness hahaha
free American (1 year ago)
this is a false flag the real story is leaks in the intelligence community of confidential and classified information , for political reasons.
Michael SAcco (1 year ago)
free American yea tell that to James comey bud
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
skills1ent wow, way out of line guy.
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
skills1ent (1 year ago)
free American Nah! They've got the dirt on "Cinnamon Hitler" and it's just a matter of time....
Ashwin Mouton (1 year ago)
Change6609...it's a hoax created by a 4chan user.... http://is2.4chan.org/pol/1484117993813.jpg
Forrest Gump (1 year ago)
There was a lot of information in the 35 page report, it is normal for some of it to be disinformation. This is how intelligence works. The fact that the intelligence community had it for so long and then decided to brief the President means they have verified a substantial part of the report.
Forrest Gump (1 year ago)
Hermen Marshall he never worked for Russia. For the last few months, he worked for no one. He was just really concerned for the world so he worked for free to expose this.
Hermen Marshall (1 year ago)
Forrest Gump the fact this spy worked both sides should say it all.
xguy (1 year ago)
⛔ See the UNCENSORED ALLEGATIONS at BUZZFEED❗ ..... ( #didyoulisten is an asshole troll who NEVER listens.... he can't think independently / fucking parrot TrumpBOT )
didyoulisiten (1 year ago)
Forrest Gump No it isn't. This man was hired by the communist democrats. Enough said and John McCain should be recalled.
Alias Fakename (1 year ago)
there be a butthurt comment war a comin
didyoulisiten (1 year ago)
Alias Fakename Yea. Come January 20th, there will be some fucking heads roll, including Comey's head.
GOdupont24 (1 year ago)
Remember that time "British Spies" told us about "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq? Are you still believing this?
V I B E S (1 year ago)
Yea well the brits didn't commit crimes against humanity when they where in Iraq
MnrBloemie (1 year ago)
Don't put the blame on the British for that one. American intelligence agencies skewed intelligence reports to fit their executive's (Bush) political agenda.
TheCulturalBomb (1 year ago)
GOdupont24 Weapons of mass destruction hahaha ha... Do we think the UK and US will invade North Korea? China? India? 2003 one of the biggest false flag event possible.
J Day (1 year ago)
GOdupont24 where's the evidence? If Wikileaks had released it, I'd be a believer, but when the MSM has anything to do with it, you can bet it's bs!!
CaptainCritical (1 year ago)
He was an ex-spy working for a private research company who just happened to be British. This had nothing to do with Mi6. Nothing.
Michael Ponce (1 year ago)
Gloria G. (1 year ago)
Michael Ponce Hi