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UPS Love Logistics

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UPS Lithuania's flash dance version
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Text Comments (10)
Ta G (1 year ago)
Das würden wir im cgn hub doch besser hin bekommen
Ben Sullivan (3 years ago)
my history teacher sent me here. i honestly am not at all sure how any of this makes any sense or ties into anything...?
An Truong (8 years ago)
Nice. But what are they doing? =))
markmp3z (8 years ago)
stop dancing and get my shit shipped
Jesus Orozco (8 years ago)
I like that, very ingenious
Sean McPharlin (8 years ago)
Least we know how to have fun! when theres time to dance cause we are on time, thats logistics!
18266609 (8 years ago)
they didint show the part where they smash the boxes with baseball bats and toss them at your door
Lisa L (8 years ago)
I maybe part Lithuanian but I don't like this video. I do love most of the other videos
Aktony (8 years ago)
All of you are fired
Gina G Gil (9 years ago)
Get a job