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DJ Awards Radio Show 2019 - Richy Ahmed

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DJAwards presents @RichyAhmed House Nominee 2019 Streamed by Clubbing TV at @Pure Ibiza Radio Studio. Subscribe our channel for more videos: https://bit.ly/2VCT5Tb Soundclound Recorded Live Stream: https://soundcloud.com/djawards/richy-ahmed Richy Ahmed is at the forefront of UK house music; having played a major part in the British house music’s recent renaissance, he takes cues from disco, techno, funk, electro and hiphop. Hailing from South Shields in the north of the UK, Richy continues to make regular appearances at events across Britain whilst touring internationally. His hardworking approach has seen him play everywhere from BPM Mexico and Blue Marlin Dubai to Berlin’s infamous Panorama Bar. His Ibiza presence is undeniable; this season, he held down his well-known residency at Paradise, DC-10 whilst also becoming one of seven all-night guests to take over the Space Terrace for elrow. With so many high profile gigs, he’s earned himself a spot in Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJs for the past three years running. ____ Follow us on: https://www.instagram.com/thedjawards/ https://www.facebook.com/DJAwards/ https://twitter.com/thedjawards ©DJ Awards 2019
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Text Comments (13)
Dp zaiN (3 months ago)
Track id? 5:30
Runa K (3 months ago)
Track at 17:30 ????
Joe Grego (3 months ago)
23 mins any one know this absolute wobbler?
Vlad Safronov (3 months ago)
finally bro you're back and play normal Underground Techno House! quit playing disco house
Flaw Fuz (3 months ago)
ID at 11:00 , 28:00 ?
Andrea Magnani (3 months ago)
sto cercando la track al min. @39:00????
Music Chamber (3 months ago)
would love to have this man in one of our sessions!
VG Joslin (3 months ago)
Anyone got a track ID on 45:00 ?
VG Joslin (2 months ago)
@Andrea Magnani fingers crossed
Andrea Magnani (2 months ago)
@VG Joslin no mate... I believe in 2020
VG Joslin (2 months ago)
@Andrea Magnani any more news on this track?
Andrea Magnani (3 months ago)
James Solace aka Burnski ...track unrelased out on 432 (Richy's Label)
ANDRES CRUZ (3 months ago)
34:00 nombre del track por favor !!!