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BAD DELIVERY BY UPS !!worst delivery ever: Driver leave packages in rain left unattended!

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Text Comments (33)
healup 1220 (11 days ago)
Uh where's this guy's dolly?
zach slater (14 days ago)
Hahaha where else was he supposed to put them? Dude you are an idiot. Be grateful you ass hole
DTrain (19 days ago)
You knew all this crap was coming. You should of been home to receive them. He at least knocked, waited for 2 mins and placed all those packages up the steps on your porch that looked 15-30lbs each. Go screw yourself... some drivers would have never done that for you.
s Corbitt (22 days ago)
He did nothing wrong, he made every attempt to inform you on a delivery and it was raining out. He also braced and placed packages under overhang. You have a NEST maybe you should’ve answered it, instead of watch him, place your packages carefully at your door. Go to the Shopping Mall next time and support your local commerce instead of online retailers from China!
JonnyRicter (27 days ago)
The title of this video better be ironic or a joke, because this UPS driver did everything right and nothing wrong. If anything, this is the worst package recipient ever. If you're going to be receiving enough packages that your porch fills with boxes stacked 4 ft high, then you should be there to collect them. You should leave this driver a nice Christmas tip and thank him for spending 15 minutes placing your heavy boxes gently on your COVERED porch.
DTrain (19 days ago)
JonnyRicter exactly!
pretty pretty lil dead flower xxx (30 days ago)
I'm a ,17 year old girl who weights 100 and I deliver in a UPS truck as a helper sometimes this is the best we can do if you don't give us an option of a shed or covered porch this is all we can do unless you want to wait an extra week or two
M Craft (1 month ago)
UPS drivers are lazy and cant read that's why packages show up a week late or to the wrong address
Alex Villa (16 days ago)
Can you both shut up you guys are acting like kids and I’m 13
DTrain (18 days ago)
You go girl
M Craft (19 days ago)
That's because I wouldnt work for a company that treats employees like crap. I have a education. That's why I make more then you.
DTrain (19 days ago)
That still doesn’t mean you can
M Craft (19 days ago)
A drunk monkey on a bar stool can do your job.
Robert Crisantos (1 month ago)
Shit at least he didn't toss the boxes up to the door
Erika In Indy (1 month ago)
Who orders that much stuff and not prepared to be home? What did you really expect? And unless you have a truck how would you get all these packages back to your house if he took them back to the hub?
BobcatTheWise (1 month ago)
It barely fit on the porch. If you knew you had that much coming and it was gonna rain be there to get them.
DTrain (20 days ago)
BobcatTheWise facts!
chaves m (2 months ago)
The boxes had plastic
Your Face (3 months ago)
I don't see anything with this video, if we don't need a signature... we're going to release your boxes in your front door. WOW Poor guy!!!the Hole 5000/6000/7000/8000
Erika In Indy (1 month ago)
Seriously. No signature...its getting left. If you don't want ot left send it to yoir work address or someone's home that you know will be there. ✌🏾
stephan tarnawsky (3 months ago)
you're a asshole for uploading this with that caption..this guy knocked waited and carried all you're shit up there fed ex and the post office would have left that shit in you're driveway..you suck
iamwutiam (4 months ago)
What was his alternative? He knocked on the door and waited... If you cannot be home to receive a quarter of a UPS truck worth of deliveries then you are clearly not capable of receiving packages. Maybe next time he will unlock the door, unpackage everything, shake your lazy hand and prepare you some lunch on his way out.
M Craft (1 month ago)
Maybe she was home and uUps drivers are lazy. They deliver packages either a week late or to the wrong address
To Pdog (4 months ago)
You;re lucky I'm not your driver. All that crap would have been left at the bottom of the steps ...if I was in a good mood. That driver went way above and beyond. He could have been me or just backed in and dumped it at your garage, then it would really be wet. People like you are the reason why we just don't care anymore.
DTrain (20 days ago)
Ivars Rinkis you try doing what we do for a living. Day in and day out. I personally treat every package as if was my package. This driver delivered all these packages that looked more than 15-30lbs each up the steps to the front door, knocked and waited. The consignee should have been home to except them. He cared enough to wait.
Your Face (3 months ago)
Yeap I agree with @topdog
Ivars Rinkis (4 months ago)
Sounds like ups don’t care Ship with ups if you want to get all contents wet
Brian Campo (5 months ago)
He actually waited a very long time for some one to come out u want delivery or not
jsavoy1 (2 months ago)
That driver did an excellent job, He brought all that heavy crap up the stairs. You knew all that stuff was comming. And you have the nerve to post a video complaining . Go screw yourself!
Ivars Rinkis (4 months ago)
Brian Campo Sounds like ups
Ivars Rinkis (5 months ago)
There is the manager who does not care in Staten Island, all drivers say so. he is so bad that tell s them to do the job no matter what and after blames customers and drivers. Every driver knows that. UPS headquarters should look closer to that guy, as he is a shame for UPS.
UPS (5 months ago)
Thank you for letting us know your packages were delivered in this manner. I would like to get this addressed for you. Please email help@ups.com with your tracking numbers, complete address and phone number. ^KS