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BAD DELIVERY BY UPS !!worst delivery ever: Driver leave packages in rain left unattended!

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Karlee (1 day ago)
I mean honestly I would have rather wanted him to do that then drive off.
M Craft (3 months ago)
UPS drivers are lazy and cant read that's why packages show up a week late or to the wrong address
M Craft (2 months ago)
That's because I wouldnt work for a company that treats employees like crap. I have a education. That's why I make more then you.
Brian Campo (7 months ago)
He actually waited a very long time for some one to come out u want delivery or not
Erica Guidino (25 days ago)
Yeah I saw nothing wrong.He waiting a while.
UPS (7 months ago)
Thank you for letting us know your packages were delivered in this manner. I would like to get this addressed for you. Please email help@ups.com with your tracking numbers, complete address and phone number. ^KS