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Aerospace Logistics Group

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Aerospace Logistics Group (ALG) is an officially registered association whose members have a wealth of expertise and experience dealing with the world's airlines and aerospace companies. We understand that the movement of goods, particularly by air, is of primary importance to our customers, and as such we always seek to add value to our products at every opportunity whether through enhanced customer service or innovative and user friendly IT solutions. Our customers worldwide are able to enjoy a uniformity of service which is rarely by our competitors. As one of the industries innovators the ALG takes pride in understanding the aviation and aerospace industry and the specific logistical challenges this represents. We continue to expand our global presence through the careful selection of new candidates. The membership criteria is high with applicants being required to operate on a 24/7 basis, have a track record of servicing customers within the aerospace industry and a proven knowledge of local customs regimes that benefit the industry being some of the standards that must be met.
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