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Who Gets the Cool Gun? | CH Shorts

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Nothing's "cool" about war. Except for that one laser gun. That thing kicks ass. Hell yeah. CH Shorts - Original sketches, music videos, and pop culture parodies spanning the last CollegeHumor decade. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: http://www.twitter.com/lilbeardsley GRANT: http://www.twitter.com/grantob KATIE: http://www.twitter.com/katiemarovitch TRAPP: http://www.twitter.com/mikewtrapp RAPH: http://www.twitter.com/chestangraphael REKHA: http://www.twitter.com/rekhalshankar BRENNAN: https://twitter.com/brennanlm SAM: http://www.twitter.com/samreich See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com SIGN UP for our emails: http://bit.ly/2E6svor CAST Zac Oyama Siobhan Thompson Raphael Chestang Rekha Shankar Brennan Mulligan Bad Guys -  Shane Crown Frankie McLafferty CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writer - Zac Oyama Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty  Editor - Yaniv Elani
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1501)
Tronald Dump (5 days ago)
Basically what happens when you buy an AWP and your teammate waits for you to die.
wanderingbufoon (15 days ago)
Battle royal in a nutshell
Fable Of Ruin (1 month ago)
Team kill -1000 points
justmerc (2 months ago)
What if I told you the squad's commanding officer never gets the cool gun? A captain irl would be armed with a pistol, just saying.
Pablo Rosas (2 months ago)
Here at 666k likes
Alex Boyd (4 months ago)
Is it me or is that a Prometheus lens prop
Faith Bedassie (4 months ago)
This reminds me of Red vs Blue
Mr Purple (4 months ago)
It would've been funny if she found out it was out of charge after his shots
Alex Galle (4 months ago)
An m16a3? Comn guys
alifia ! (4 months ago)
Karan Lahkar (5 months ago)
I think that gun was cursed
Joshua Alis (5 months ago)
Zac my unit.
pedazodeboludo (5 months ago)
My precious!
Brendon Tan (5 months ago)
The elder gun?
Fortnite I’snt Broken (5 months ago)
2:58 when u give your little cousin a turn on your ps4
Eeasy GamerTV (6 months ago)
When does it end?
Laura Goossens (6 months ago)
Side road confirm glxog estimate use lady pool diversity lunch band expression ongoing.
VG Geist (6 months ago)
Lol rehka is adorable
Grey Reviewer (6 months ago)
When you realise that's the college humour office
tpawcat Marinaro (6 months ago)
The awesome gun was the least effective
Noob or Not 1011 (6 months ago)
This represents every RPG game ever
Paul Peterson (7 months ago)
Fucking love Brennan
Walter Wally (7 months ago)
Did they actually film this in a jungle
Flimpeen Flarmpoon (7 months ago)
When the English woman says 'Sarge' and not 'Sarnt'
Jackson Stein (7 months ago)
Every fortnight game ever.
Wiggle Oliver (7 months ago)
Mom says it’s my turn on the gun
Jonathan Paul (7 months ago)
Captain says it's my turn on the laser gun.
Matthew Mason (7 months ago)
I don’t care how cool that gun is I’m completing the mission even if I killed my whole team for that gun.
TheeAdeptBranch (7 months ago)
The Liberal Army.
Sky (7 months ago)
Oddlogical (7 months ago)
That gun is freakin' cursed, lol! It's like the gun from Laserblast crossed with the Loknar!
B.W. James (7 months ago)
Soooo, it's the elder wand?
Shadow Noob (7 months ago)
how messed up would it be if they actually were asking for help
Logan Deasis (8 months ago)
Fighting over power weapons in the halo series for the OG people here, and fighting over heroes in galactic assault on battlefront 2 for the star wars fans here. We all know this pain.
KingYour b0ssandb0i (8 months ago)
Is this the Vietnam War
Owen Nelan (8 months ago)
this is every nerf gun fight with your brother ever
Ifallhard 20 (8 months ago)
Mr. Punch (8 months ago)
I thought this was about the Frogs brothers from The Lost Boys. My bad.
Mr.Stargazer (8 months ago)
Just say " because I picked it up first." Then compare them to a female reproductive organ.
Tate Freeman (8 months ago)
Isn't picking up a fallen soldiers weapon a warcrime
PogieJoe (8 months ago)
Dumb Idiot (8 months ago)
The gun was cursed all this time...
xgravegame (8 months ago)
Pubg in a nutshell
Gaia (8 months ago)
you dont Need a army, just a cool gun behind the enemy lines
Draco Shadow (8 months ago)
And then all the terrorists killed each other over the gun and the day was saved
PortalVendor (8 months ago)
High production value, nice one College Humor!
Indira Narayan (8 months ago)
Karma at its finest
MrV902 (8 months ago)
That's a pretty good one.
James Goldring (8 months ago)
AKA Halo the game, gotta get that energy sword in the middle of the map!
velo (9 months ago)
the sniper in halo 3
TrillS (9 months ago)
Garrett Hicks (9 months ago)
The coolest thing about that gun is that its strap blinks in and out of existence.
adam vaz (9 months ago)
I have to say the set design is great in this video
Jerry Lewis (9 months ago)
Zac looks like Richard Ramirez
Adelaide Beeman-White (9 months ago)
Tis accursed.
Ruth Clayborne (9 months ago)
SCP 049 (9 months ago)
My question is why an officer dies and the Sarge is in command. No MSGT or LT?
ReyemMailliw (9 months ago)
It's like an Always Sunny episode
TheAlbinoskunk (9 months ago)
nobody noticed that that was Grant at the end?
Luke Farrell (9 months ago)
Jerome Appadurai (9 months ago)
Good to see many fav cast members in a sketch 😎
Bob Coffee Filter (9 months ago)
Everyone’s makeing a comment about zac..... I didn’t even notice he was gone for that long
LoveAndSnapple (9 months ago)
It wasn't until the end of the video where I looked in the description to see who wrote this and I was like, in yeah, that Was Zac! Zac is back! It felt so natural to have him in the sketch that I didn't even realize he was supposed to be gone.
Definitely Not Dingse! (9 months ago)
Siobhan has a cameo in the new season of Arrested Development
Back Country Pastimes (9 months ago)
Oh my god it's Zac, missed you
blessed ngenda (9 months ago)
Well I can't get it 😂
Ace Tria (9 months ago)
Im happy to see Zac here. But the gun violence tho. Is this still funny?
Ace Tria (9 months ago)
My point from the beginning is, they could've considered what is happening now. Of course humor is subjective. Your replies are addressing how things can be funny or unfunny to different people, and I agree. All I'm saying is, they could've timed publishing this differently considering what is happening now. I think you got a sense of my point from my initial comment, but you chose to to address how it can still be funny to other people.
Ace Tria (9 months ago)
Couch Professional I am referring to what the world is experiencing right now, especially on what is happening to American schools. I am sure you have heard of it or seen it in passing somehow. If you think this kind of humor/ entertainment has nothing to do with those situations, then please keep laughing at your 'subjective comedy'.
Ace Tria (9 months ago)
Im happy to see Zac here. But the gun violence tho. Is this still funny?
DogNut (9 months ago)
I’m convinced this is a Fortnite parody
OHYEAA (9 months ago)
average game of fortnite
MrArthoz (9 months ago)
This sketch reminded me of the elder wand....
Ronnoc527 (9 months ago)
Stop making guns so sick.
Person Guy (9 months ago)
I dare you to do a sketch on the economic effects of the Seven Years’ War, and it’s repercussions on the French, American, British, Austrian, and Prussian peoples, to name a few. Also, don’t forget to give a brief context of the century in which it was fought, and list some notable figures and leaders who led these during the battles. Make sure you cite your sources in the description, and that Katie smokes cocaine in it.
Aran Ziegler (9 months ago)
ZAC'S BACK! I didn't actually cross my mind until I was halfway through hand checked the date of release! So awesome! He is my favorite!
Clayton Moore (9 months ago)
More like Back Oyama
Tommysaurus Rex (9 months ago)
Glennie Sewell (9 months ago)
Zac!!!!!! OMG!!!!
ben der (9 months ago)
lol hopefully zac can prove that he wasn't the one that covered the men's room in shit.
Justin Y. (9 months ago)
Eric Coffman (9 months ago)
That's messed up.
Mike Vizioz (9 months ago)
I'm a retired navy seal and I can confirm that this is EXACTLY what it's like on missions.
Marvel Disneyfan (9 months ago)
I was expecting there to be a twist at the end where it turned out they were being shot at by aliens who just wanted their gun back.
Aj Thacker (10 months ago)
its the ring
Axel (10 months ago)
When you have the sniper in halo
Conundrum (10 months ago)
Of COURSE the black guy dies first. Of course he does. lol
Shira Brody (10 months ago)
zac is back????!!! y e s
kamryn c (10 months ago)
Tiny Freckle (10 months ago)
The elder gun
Just say you picked it up cuz you wanted to.....deal with it
Muhammad Uneeb (10 months ago)
The elder wand! Also, Zac!
Sajuuk E (10 months ago)
New plan; throw an awesome gun into our energy compound and wait for them to finish each other off. Be careful not to finish ourselves off afterwards.
Rob Dye (10 months ago)
Trigger control! Have none of you ever been taught how to properly use a firearm?
Elian Garcia (10 months ago)
When your whole squad sees a golden scar
ayy lmao (10 months ago)
A lazer gun wouldent have any recoil. Just sayin.
salad-salad (10 months ago)
basically PUBG
Snack Bars (10 months ago)
It's payday fellas!
Tater Tot Tamarin (10 months ago)
This gun is like the Ring of Power in Lord of the Rings.
Deedle (10 months ago)
Lol I didn't notice zac was back until I read the comments, I was what? oh...yea hi zac
Darth Vador (10 months ago)
Lord of the Guns
Saturnus (10 months ago)
I really like the new actor Collegehumor got.