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HOW TO Back into a TIGHT SPOT | I explain HOW

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Text Comments (436)
Maria Lopez (1 day ago)
He is so extra with himself but it's still a good video
Roser Canelas (2 days ago)
Como me gustaria tener esa CDL
Roser Canelas (2 days ago)
Sos toro con el timon paisano
Joan Prescott (2 days ago)
Great Video. I’ve been driving a little les than 2 years and these spots still worry me and I’m not real good at backing into angled spots. Beautiful Truck.
Rodrigo Candia (3 days ago)
Ponle subtitulo en español . Cómo le pones solo en inglés???🤔
Jaime Rosero (3 days ago)
Impossible to fowloow this guy can't even speak English, worse do not have a clue how to explain if they know what they are doing, sorry but impossible to follow and receive to hep up my self!
worksmartpaul (11 days ago)
On the money... dam good!
James Carroll (11 days ago)
That is one fine-looking tractor, Junior.
Amanda Schwartz (11 days ago)
Doesn’t matter how long you take. As long as you don’t hit anything it’s a good back.
Pescador En San Francisco CA (12 days ago)
I’m Latino. I like tacos and burritos..
ConwayTruckload (13 days ago)
I saw this truck Monday in Springfield
Dino Distefano (17 days ago)
Omg everyone needs to stop with the he got great backing skills. Only to a rookie hes got skills I seen at least 4 things wrong with what he did.
bigwats 12 (14 days ago)
Name 5
NEW ANGER (23 days ago)
That was OK,not great..
John Price (26 days ago)
This guy is beast with a truck. Wish I could have him as a trainer
AmandaKimEvans247 (28 days ago)
I did 2 years OTR with Prime. Had to get off of the truck for a year for family reasons. Now I'm getting getting back out there, kinda nervous. I am watching videos to refresh my knowledge. This was great Junior. Thank you.
Dicky Miller (29 days ago)
Excellent job👍👍
Perry Wannamaker (1 month ago)
hey junior purely trick photography and slick editing. lol buddy just kidding junior great job
Laura Drake (1 month ago)
I've been driving almost 2 years, & angled parking really doesn't work for me. I'm good with "mental picturing," but not this. I'd love to watch this from a tower, a tree or something higher. I appreciate your effort.
لا يأس مع الحياة لا يأس مع الحياة (1 month ago)
So when you backing make 45 degree and then straight your wheels and anther 45 ?
Corey Dansby (1 month ago)
I like how he took the time with Steven...God is good 👍🤞
Rafael Miranda (1 month ago)
Do de es este lugar California?
steve v (1 month ago)
That's tight? Come to New York
JD Dickey (1 month ago)
Tight spot? Where? You have a four mile run at it.
black wulf (2 months ago)
Awesome backing I just did a tight backing job in Seattle Capitol hill.
Tribe Judah (2 months ago)
I wish my trainer was as thorough as you. Can't tell you how many times my trainer told me to just leave trailer crooked. Just felt tacky to me. Even had security tell us we needed to readjust trailer before we left facility. Embarrassing! Failed my test backing because he always would rather find a straight back for parking to avoid having to teach me. I always wanted to challenge myself but he was too busy to teach. So now having to watch YouTube until I can get another local Trainer. A week without pay while I wait! New truckers always ask your trainer to actually breakdown what you're doing wrong and ask for 90 degree backs even if you have enough room to straight back.
Charles Whitmill (2 months ago)
I remember back in the day Prime was apart of the left lane gang😃😃😃
anyiah's vlogs (2 months ago)
Where are you at
Bruce J (2 months ago)
juice323 blue (2 months ago)
They say you are the best but I want to find out myself.
Derrick mullings (2 months ago)
So it look like you about to alley dock
edwarddelgado77 (2 months ago)
Good job!
Michael Johnson (2 months ago)
I think I learned something watching this. I've been backing regular trailers ("bumper-pull") for decades, but I recently switched from a travel trailer to a 5th wheel RV. As soon as I put it into reverse, it threw me a curve ball and I knew I had to watch the experts, so here I am.
maissam sakka (3 months ago)
this is not tight for experienced driver
JOHN HERNANDEZ (3 months ago)
Like latino quien dijo miedo
Justin Taylor (3 months ago)
Not sure how I came across your channel I recognized the flames on the truck! I work for Naturipe in south Georgia you was picking up there the other week!
mark spannar (3 months ago)
Good trainer. Always expect the best from your students.
Daniel Rivera (3 months ago)
Bro, that was magnificent.
x6voltiosx (3 months ago)
Hola podrás hacer este video pero es español :(
Nisaliz Candelaria (3 months ago)
mr incredible (3 months ago)
I do what the S A's do and just open the door and stand on my step while backing everything in!!! 😉
Cee Vee Queen (4 months ago)
Awesome job!
Burger Meister (4 months ago)
Thank you.
milimbini gee (4 months ago)
Thanks Junior. i just got my cdl.i am dying to began my trucking career.i am researching companies that will train and hire me with felonies. I will go anywhere as long as company will give me a chance. I spend all my free time watching trucking videos/tutorials (thanks again)and just dreaming of being out there on those roads.
Will Clinkscales (3 months ago)
You can try Carolina cargo they will hire anyone. Pay is crap but you can get experience.
Jesse Aldridge (4 months ago)
Im getting into CRST in about a month and ive only seen a few of your videos and i already love your channel
Jesus Hernandez (4 months ago)
Que chingon eres .👍🏼
Robert Gray (4 months ago)
Junior do u ever jackknife the tractor to which the cab extenders touch the trailer?
David (4 months ago)
El Mero Maje... going to prime this coming Monday following Father’s Day 🤙
Debra Waters (4 months ago)
An A fourth
No name (4 months ago)
Good job, Junior, trying to explain ur movements. When I was a student, it wouldn't have made any send at all, until u just get n, and do it! It's practice that leads to experience! All of the theory and explanations n the world won't help m much, til I do it myself!!! 💜
Shawn Cartee (4 months ago)
Would the same go for a travel trailer?
David Liles (4 months ago)
FYI good video just use a microphone sock to cut down on noise hard to hear both of you plainly, and stop shacking the. Camera and lots of popping noise in video makes it difficult to understand all you words, maybe try an earpiece microphone idk just offering advice, have learned alot from you just keep on please.
uhavemooface (4 months ago)
Your very ocd with it aren't you? I wish I could become a Truck driver but I have no license and I don't know if I would even get a job doing that.
Buddy Carroll (5 months ago)
Red tennis shoes, short pants and a green vest... Funny shit. Rookies.
Robin Brown (5 months ago)
Your experience excellent 👍 very good driver God bless 🙏 Good TRAINING Methods of Backing in and out of tight spots. I ' m thinking about getting my CDL license I should have gotten them long time ago but Then again it's never to late ,,( Amen )
Falana Scarder (5 months ago)
You made it look so easy that’s the hardest thing for me to do. I was a Switcher for Fedex and want to get my cdl now.
Anonymous Rebel (5 months ago)
And let this be a lesson son, if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything!
James Hooker (5 months ago)
As a newbie trying to figure out a new trade just burnt out at my recent job of 9 years so most my friends suggest driving truck.. backing is what I need the most practice on..
Lewdogr Lew (5 months ago)
Another good reason to center that dropped trailer is to give the next driver access to the landing gear.
Gabriel Ramirez (5 months ago)
It is not a tight spot.it is not a tight spot I repeat it is not a tight spot.
Colin Morrow (5 months ago)
For a rookie it would be
Gabriel Ramirez (5 months ago)
That was a piece of cake 🎂 any rookie could do it buddy but nice try anyways do it with the trailers trucks hook up to the trailers.
Lord Mitac (5 months ago)
Like a boss
Donald Henson (5 months ago)
that was excellent backing up. thanks for the video very well explained
Thomas Kirkpatrick (6 months ago)
Junior, you made that look easy, that's a tight spot.
Japhet Anciado (6 months ago)
What if you have to back on the passanger side?? Basically it's blindspot right cuz you see nothing on your right what your backing and the passanger side the mirror is far and you can only see a portion of your trailer
Marcel Wallace (6 months ago)
My wrong,not a swift driver. My apologies, Dude
luis sanjuan (4 months ago)
He works for prime!
Marcel Wallace (6 months ago)
Now I see why swift drivers are trash
Alex Santos (6 months ago)
Badr Nour (6 months ago)
You did it the lazy way without moving the trailer in front of you.
crazywomancreek1 (6 months ago)
Christ on a bike he's so good at backing!
My Trucking Skills (6 months ago)
Good teaching Junior, You do have a drone ya? You should check out some of my back tutorials, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. All you students would benefit from them.
Awel Abubakar (6 months ago)
Good l like that
Jorge Crespo (6 months ago)
Michael Blosser (6 months ago)
Very good! Beautiful sunny day! Perfect conditions Now lets try this at 1:00 am. You're tired after having driven 10 hours. It's dark. It's raining. Your mirrors are dirty and the truckstop lights glare on your dirty mirrors. And you've only got 6" on either side And there is 6 trucks waiting while you screw around having to G. O. A. L. If you can then get it in there is a good driver😁😎
hg2 (6 months ago)
Better with drone footage of the whole thing, no video "cuts here, cuts there".
Youngtruckin Navarro (7 months ago)
That Werner trailer tho 🤙🏼
RATS TYRANTS (7 months ago)
Looks like a hate filled Trump supporting white supremacist left an assanine comment below ( Richard D ) these clowns amaze me with how stupid they are.
Michael Trucking Gray (7 months ago)
Doog Boy (7 months ago)
I like this!
Luis Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Nice 👍 video, students always need. Good information .
Canis Major: Conservative (7 months ago)
Awesome job. Pro class .. Dead center !!
January 97 (7 months ago)
Good job. I come here to tell you the Good news that God loves you all Seek Jesus the only Savior of your Soul. Repent and Believe
superolds1974 gmail (7 months ago)
So I leaned.. Line up your left angle.. Great job swift. Werner.. And prime.. approved... So that being said.. You buy the truck. And now the buy spring ride trailers.. Their truck air.. Spring ride will rip up the fifth- wheel torque arm's and shocks on the truck your buying from them.. Not to mention spring bushings.. Wear out the steering gear and tie rods as well... Not to mention it saves the at least $4000 a trailer... Food for thought... Didn't see prime on truck... It's the big five passing the cost to their people..
Lance Hollum (7 months ago)
Haaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha Listen to this guy teach. Gas as ha ha ha
Robert Snell (7 months ago)
Trailers and angled... I thought you said tight
shreman sarah (7 months ago)
Man there was so much B**s**t in this that i had to stop watching. mate learn how to drive a real truck.
Junior Honduras (7 months ago)
Thank you and thanks for watching 👍
Fly Oz (7 months ago)
When you explained the tire movement yuou mixed up the turns totally this only confuses the heck out of the audience
Junior Honduras (7 months ago)
Thank you and thanks for watching 👍
Javier Diaz (7 months ago)
Te aventastes Muy bien
michaelwni (8 months ago)
I want to buy a trailer that will get the will get most of where I have to park it where the width is only 9' 4". The trailer I have in mind is 20ft long and 8' 6" wide... too ambitious?
Robert Gray (8 months ago)
You got some great backing skills my friend that's all I can say top notch
magic wand (8 months ago)
Hoya para, love this song but can't understand the language
Junie M Jr. (8 months ago)
Excellent instructor!! Pivot, push, pivot, push. Not once did he lose his trailer. Junior is the best!! Set up is the key. You gotta make that trailer do what "YOU" want it to do not what "IT" wants to do.
OHQ AETO (8 months ago)
Nice video!!! Very helpful. Thanks brother
brandon jones (8 months ago)
Sunny Island (8 months ago)
Are you kidding. That's gigantic space.
JT Prasadi (8 months ago)
there's nothing cool that this guy doing, just a normal day at work as a truck driver. he just talks like it is so amazing
Jaskirandeep Kahlon (9 months ago)
My trainer doing same to me .. I never back up since I got on truck for training.. and this is my last week to be upgraded..
Tisa Nevins (9 months ago)
hello good night , am happy to understand now. Thangs for a teaching lesson very great .
michael boguslawski (9 months ago)
good explanation
Sam Roth (9 months ago)
Junior, you the man.I started watching you and now I'm going to get back into trucking.Thank you for the inspiration my man.Maybe ill see ya at Prime!!!!
Ahmed Bashir (9 months ago)
Thanks sir