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Is the U.S. Senate broken?

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Once a great deliberative body, the Senate is now known for deadlock, dysfunction and political games. Will Tuesday's election help? Steve Kroft reports.
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Politics (15 days ago)
Get money out of politics Bring back ear marks and pork barrel spending Get rid of 24/7 CSPAN Get the politicians off social media
Vincient James Walter Whatley4th (1 month ago)
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jesaliga (1 month ago)
Good ole Mitch -- We can't afford Trillion $$ deficits, but we can afford 1.2 Trillion $$ of additional debt from tax welfare for the wealthiest Americans and for corporations.
2 KCLV (4 months ago)
Thanks Fellow "Members of Congress and Constituents of the U.S.SENATE", I have a Comprehensive plan to off set the $3 trillion deficits hereby the Transportation the Democrats have defalted since 2014 , 'heretofore necessary NEVADA State License City Electrian #I System Test each Bill I dividualy'.§€£.
Lori Anne Hancock (4 months ago)
This is an example of what this admin has done - turning everyone against everyone. This is in congress, state gov., county gov., rural areas and cities. So much frustration!
Politics (14 days ago)
Lori, the issue is that the parties are no longer ideologically mixed. There's no mixture in the ideological composition of the political parties. Democrats are now solidly liberal and Republicans are purely conservative. Depending on how events around the mid 20th century, it could have easily gone the other way as well - republicans could have been purely liberal and the democrats purely conservative, but I think the base root foundations (aristocracy and the right, and labor and the left) is what caused things to shake out the way they did. No longer are there complex political ideological mixtures in the party that made legislation easier to debate, compromise more likely, and partisan tactics difficult to conduct... remember when there were republicans in the North like New York or Illinois - they supported business but were socially liberal and wanted equality socially? Lincoln's party? But then there were also democrats who were conservative in the south who were in favor of segregation?
Politics (14 days ago)
As much as I dislike Trump this was an issue long before him becoming president.
2 KCLV (4 months ago)
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2 KCLV (4 months ago)
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Cjr (5 months ago)
The issue is the education in this country has fallen so far, no one bothers to research those they are electing.
reverend moonie (11 months ago)
anony mouse (1 year ago)
I find the parties applicable to be in violation of constitutional law
anony mouse (1 year ago)
Intellectual Property Clause     Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the United States Constitution grants Congress the power "To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries."  Because this clause is the source of Congress' power to enact legislation governing copyrights and patents, it is often referred to as the "patent and copyright clause."
CRI (1 year ago)
Here's a key line at 4:36 about how closed door meetings allowed for good work to get done. "It's not always been this way. The Senate was once a showcase for American political talent and people like Lyndon Johnson, Ted Kennedy and Howard Baker forged alliances with political opponents to pass landmark legislation. The partisan battles were always resolved behind closed doors. Olympia Snowe remembers how Bob Dole used to do it when he was majority leader. Olympia Snowe: He would say go to my office at 8:30 in the morning and work it out. He was so intent on making sure that we came up with a solution to the issue that was before the Senate."
Radioactive Banana (2 years ago)
All US govs, feds, police & courts are under the UN. They are treasonous fucking whores who are also shapeshifing reptilian fucking freaks - the psychopaths, who are with the NWO who want to wipe 90% of the people off earth? Why, so the reptilian fuckers can take over our planet. The Reptilian Dracos, are in the Deep Underground Military Bases, and we are going to wipe the fuckers, who steal and eat our children, out! Wipe out the Shapeshifting governments of the world! Do you think these pigs are human when they rape, torture and destroy our planet? They are not! Wake up!
Liam Carlson (2 years ago)
Bernard Ignatius Grayson (3 years ago)
And therein lies the problem. In a democracy, where the power to elect politicians is in the hands of the voters, we are ultimately to blame for this mess because we keep voting the same people every time. It's like the Good Book say, 'You reap what you sow".
Carl M (6 years ago)
Based on the comments here, most people I know, and national polling, Americans are screaming at Congress to grow the fuck up. Why they are unable or unwilling to listen and make a change is the great mystery.
Mike Dean (6 years ago)
They are all the problem.They are playing games with the lives of all Americans. They need to do what their payed for or give up the seat.
DasRitzoo PS4 (6 years ago)
I have been dying for this issue to be broight up on a national scale. The two party system we have is killing our country, spreading dissatisfication. I believe in a country that works for Americans, not just one side of the electorate. PLEASE AMERICA LETS STEP UP TOGETHER AND GET THESE FAILURES OUT OF HERE. AMERICA FOR AMERICANS!!!! Kick the Career politicians to the curb, and dissolve the two party system. I WANT REPRESENTATION NOT POLITICAL INFIGHTING.
juanito (6 years ago)
Exactly, this statement says it all "I am an American and that is above and beyond Republican or Democrat." THis should be the new party, the American party.
juanito (6 years ago)
THis is an outrage. We either need to vote for third party candidates, or not vote at all.
Chris Walklet (6 years ago)
This is the biggest thing we face as a nation. It is not one person or party...it is the inability to look beyond the party and focus on the people. I am an American and that is above and beyond Republican or Democrat. Both parties are guilty of the same thing. Their party loyalty is more important then the well being of our nation.
MrsJawes99 (6 years ago)
agreed. Can we also give them a maximum ... I'll go with 10 years, for their entire political life.
Politics (14 days ago)
If you read the constitution and the federalist papers you'd understand why that's not a good idea
Richard Lutz (6 years ago)
I'm 26 and I find this painful. Thanks for throwing away my future.
Luke Flint (6 years ago)
This was so painful to watch. These career politician's have got to go and a maximum 6 year term implemented.