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Lake Nipissing (4 months ago)
Excellent video! I went through this when the belt failed on my Kenmore dryer. That is when I discovered the end of drying cycle buzzer also serves as a "broken belt" alarm... there is a 'broken belt switch' which then prevents the dryer from being used. The tensioner shot out for me just like what happened to you!
John McDevitt (4 months ago)
All the label says is "Kenmore Heavy Duty" on the dryers. It doesn't have a # on it like the washers do.
dynatrak (4 months ago)
Hey cool! Thanks for the shout out, and showing the spring system working. It is certainly a tricky motion to get the belt looped around the motor shaft, while holding the tensioner and drum. The old belt sure looked glazed, it's been slipping for a while. I like to save my old belt too, just in case of an unexpected belt breakage. Cool to see the inside the electric version! Mine has that same startup sound. Are y'all planning to do the rear drum seal, and front felt seal when it goes in for a repaint?
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (4 months ago)
+dynatrak hehe yup!
dynatrak (4 months ago)
Cool! I've had mine apart a few times over the years, and that part always makes me cuss.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (4 months ago)
Yup! It was a bit tricky. Well for him anyhow, I was just holding the camera XD... That's why I make so many videos for us by myself, because he does all the hard work :-) And yup, when it gets painted, we're gonna go in with new drum felt.
matthewbestdfghy (4 months ago)
It is interesting how the motor and pulley designs havent changed much from my dryer buily 10 years ago.
force311999 (4 months ago)
Its a whirlpool design and was still the same on the 2006 models
Raymond Leggs (4 months ago)
Looks a lot like the washer and dryer combo my grandmother (RIP) bought back in the 90s when Heilig Meyers was open not the same brand though It was some off brand i guess
SoCal Realtor (4 months ago)
Nice job. Will you be painting that cabinet? She’s rusty here and there.....
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (4 months ago)
Yup! We're actively searching for an auto body shop who will professionally paint it in exchange for an advertising review of their shop ;-) ... no luck yet haha
Sharkie626 (4 months ago)
Reminds me of when I changed the drum rollers, tensioner pulley, and the belt on the 1990 Whirlpool dryer in 2016. The belt was still one piece, but it had a TON of cracks on the ribbed side, the tensioner pulley had been making a mild rattling sound since the dryer was new, so maybe it was a design issue (but it operated flawlessly for 26 years), and since about 2010 the rollers had started to get noisy. After changing all of those, WOW, I could not believe just how quiet it got. It became softer in volume than the washer!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (4 months ago)
Oh yeah! Also, off-camera, we noticed the old belt had a ton of cracks on it and was slippery instead of rubbery. The tensioner can have the tendency to rattle, for two reasons. The originals didn't have a tight sleeve bearing, more of a "spinning shaft supported in a metal tube" if that makes any sense. Secondly, their mounting method is by slipping it through those holes punched in the metal, without it really being bolted solid.
Robert Przybylowicz (4 months ago)
Great video guys I had to do many of these in my day before i got sick... I remember the first one i ever did, I couldn't remember how to put the belt back through the tensioner correctly LMAO!!! Have a great weekend...