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These Drivers have to again pass a Driving Test #787

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Text Comments (81)
David Lynch (17 days ago)
I love a last video.
Bjørnar Brumlebass (18 days ago)
I am only here for the great music :-)
Steyr455 (18 days ago)
I can't even count how many of these vids I've watched, but every video still amazes me how truly stupid some drivers are. So many of these could've been prevented with minimal attention.
candypebbles123 (19 days ago)
Spanish roundabouts are terrible, you can turn left from the right hand lane by driving around the outside all the way round.
pro126 (19 days ago)
Song at 3:30 anyone
Benzy Alexander (19 days ago)
Maybe they inspired by GTA/ Watch Dog.
johan bauwens (19 days ago)
At 1:00 the driver in the red car didn't stop to check on the driver who got in an accident ???
Robin Bockman (19 days ago)
and received their licenses from the cereal box
xboxpirates2000 (19 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what song plays on 3:01 ? I tried looking for it but SoundHound doesn't catch it ;_; halp
Servus Bratans und Sestras (19 days ago)
Year fuck the Police
Francis Adikpe (19 days ago)
Most of these drivers truly don't deserve their license. It is not enough knowing ow to move a vehicle. Driving requires concentration, calculation and anticipation of others possible moves on t he road.
rolf sinkgraven (19 days ago)
very nice collection this time thnx
Dominik P. (19 days ago)
Last one - my fav. Good job - keep going like in Carmageddon/GTA ;-]
DatTech (20 days ago)
Brian Seas (20 days ago)
10:00 - This has got to be a CNN #fake scene. The TV news never reports NYPD being so nice as to let a crazed drunk drive away.
Атмосфера Фризиндштейна (20 days ago)
которые правы некоторые тупее чем нарушители. зачем сигналить и ехать ,когда можно затормозить за это время!!!
Joe Scha (20 days ago)
8:55   who does the tune?
Yaya Living (20 days ago)
As usual great video. Yes I was waiting for that NY clip to show up. Thx CC TUBE, #1
Andrew Wallace (20 days ago)
Intro is gay
Rod K (19 days ago)
Andrew Wallace - Doesn't sound all that happy, bright or vivacious..... 😂 (little joke there)
Scott Luther (20 days ago)
That last guy is glad he didn't get some bullets in him! Some departments would have killed him for that!
Tac Tracer (20 days ago)
1:58 Damn, that song is familiar.... what is it?
Tac Tracer (20 days ago)
Got it... Jubel- Klingande Thanks Tac!
SmokeDogNY420 (20 days ago)
NYC....the diverse utopia of a dumpster fire
RhondaH (7 days ago)
Had to be a white guy, otherwise he'd have been shot 50 times. Most likely Michael Cohen trying to escape justice.
DoctorBohr (20 days ago)
comment of the decade!
Charles Green (20 days ago)
4:11 R.F.I. GEICO
Ovidiu Ciuparu (20 days ago)
No the title of the video is 100% wrong. That is the assumption that they already had a driving test! I don’t think they had...
UNdashcamNRW (20 days ago)
Cool Clips 👍😎
drakionclawers (20 days ago)
That last one...just shoot the fucking jackass..
bachir zouaoui (20 days ago)
the last one was GTA reality hahahaha
Darren Rowe (20 days ago)
Bloode idolatry we did thay get ther liscense from a sersl box📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦👌🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Logizzle (20 days ago)
Lmfao the guy at 3:30 was listening to the ending theme for Log Horizon.
Hendrik Hendrikson (20 days ago)
9:28 Shoot the knob ffs!
onirtnec183 (20 days ago)
Rick Hunter (20 days ago)
Why the last one wasnt gunned to death? He was asking for it
Dominik P. (19 days ago)
Police = pussy cowards. He didn't deserve to get shot anyway - he deserved to be a hero against police and system. He is my hero ;-]
R404a (20 days ago)
It's magic the car, when you get in, all of a sudden you find yourself alone on earth. Finally it's the impression I have when I see all these videos ... Not you? ;)
Michael Coffey (20 days ago)
Good video, that Minivan was insane !!!!!!!!!
name unavailable please try again soon (20 days ago)
name unavailable please try again soon (20 days ago)
Amazing Video!!
Acnologia (20 days ago)
4:12 y open the door ? 😐
SophieSophs (20 days ago)
1:50 why are there 4 cars trying to all make a left turn into one lane ?? Not waiting in line but pulling up side by side. Seriously 😒. You see one waiting, so get behind him and wait your turn. My goodness why is everyone in such a rush to cut each other off?? Not only are they not allowing the car that got there first make a left turn, but then they can’t see oncoming traffic because of the other cars already sitting their waiting. Common sense people. Idiots.
TerraBull23 (20 days ago)
What everybody needs to do in this video is to be patient for another 3 seconds then they wouldve been okay
nicholas82 s00ng (19 days ago)
TerraBull23 ikr.... after watching these i dont even want to drive I value my life thx
Shawn McIntyre (20 days ago)
Guess I'll never understand the choice of people that submit videos that show how stupid they are. But they are still fun to watch
Tarik Avdović T.A. (20 days ago)
Thats a bad police... they need 300 people to catch a fcking driver..... and he again escape 😂😂 what a dorks
AcidityWormhole (20 days ago)
It has come to my attention that Chinese drivers are the worst, next to Indian and Russian.
Bo Damkjer Hansen (10 days ago)
José M. Velázquez That's because Chinese people are thinking "What the hell there is over 1 billion people in China so it does not matter that idiots disappear sometimes from our roads". 😎
abcd bcde (19 days ago)
The Chinese ones don't even attempt to brake.
metafis (19 days ago)
I looked up the actual figures. In fact there are, surprisingly, 80 countries worse than Russia. China is one, so is India. The worst countries though are in the Middle East and Africa. We see so many Russian videos because they have far more dash cams than anywhere else. Russians also are far more likely to stop and help , even if they aren't directly involved in the accident.
DoctorBohr (19 days ago)
the Chinese and Indians suck BIG donkey balls on the road. Give them both a wide berth.
José M. Velázquez (20 days ago)
They all lack self preservation instincts, making them a danger to others. Russians at least have the decency to get out of their cars and help the others, chinese... they couldn't care less!
Andy Piszcz (20 days ago)
the last guy should have been shot then stabbed, waste of human flesh.
lightenme084 (20 days ago)
I can't wrap my head around 1 thing, after watching many of these videos.People see that they're going to hit the car, and don't touch the brake, not even a bit, they just bump into them.Is it because the car they hit will be at fault anyway so they dont care? But then why wreck the car for nothing?
vikSport (20 days ago)
Mucho loco suelto !
mrt57rn (20 days ago)
Loved the last guy. Hey...if you're busted, might as well go out with a bang...or two...or three...or four.
PPD OO7 (20 days ago)
7:50 nice tint on windshield - NOT
PPD OO7 (20 days ago)
not up to your usually great standard - too many repeats today
Michael Downing (20 days ago)
The NYPD cops on the last clip showed ridiculous restraint without firing their weapons at that guy. Definitely assault with a deadly weapon.
Steyr455 (18 days ago)
I don't know if the article was true, it was on the interweb, but I read the other day that NYPD was told basically to stand down to not do much of anything... Maybe that's why? Lol
drakionclawers (20 days ago)
GooseAKAGadget fuck off with your racial bullshit.
A Grammar-Spelling Freak (20 days ago)
GooseAKAGadget I honestly wish racism and discrimination was never invented, nor happened.
GooseAKAGadget (20 days ago)
aaahhh... fair point, but still. They're showing restraint which is good, I don't want anyone shot or killed. But all evidence, well recent evidence shows that police are a bit quicker to pull out their weapons when someone of color is involved. Even if it is an elderly person, or someone with a mental health issue.
corvette 86_97 (20 days ago)
maybe.... but he looks like an old man
The Car Crazy Guy (20 days ago)
1XBET :)
Mark Weaver (20 days ago)
Welcome to The Stevie Wonder Driving School for Idiots. Pass rate 100% and if you don't want to take a test just purchase your lisence for 25 roubles. Drive as fast as you can then slam brakes on. Drive in any lane you want. Traffic lights and signage are optional. You are a driving God above all others. And remember it's always the other person's fault. Be considerate of corpses laying in the road.
nicholas82 s00ng (19 days ago)
Mark Weaver No thanks I will pass on driving... unless absolutely necessary
Fatal Car Crash (20 days ago)
good video!!
BHARATH V R (20 days ago)
Dumb drivers
Mahesh Odedra (20 days ago)
Nice video