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Ancient Mesopotamia 101 | National Geographic

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Ancient Mesopotamia proved that fertile land and the knowledge to cultivate it was a fortuitous recipe for wealth and civilization. Learn how this "land between two rivers" became the birthplace of the world's first cities, advancements in math and science, and the earliest evidence of literacy and a legal system. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Mesopotamia #Educational About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Ancient Mesopotamia 101 | National Geographic https://youtu.be/xVf5kZA0HtQ National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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National Geographic (10 months ago)
For five millennia, Mesopotamia fostered innovations that would change the world forever. Which of Mesopotamia's contributions intrigues you the most?
Sal Ponce (7 days ago)
WRITING! It changed everything...
Muhammad Abdullah (15 days ago)
60 figure invention, 12 periods, 7 days.... All there inventions are astonishing!
Neelu Nandu (16 days ago)
60-base system, zodiac signs, 360° circle, Cuineform,.....! Mesopotamia indeed is the mother of civilizations. Thank you NatGeo
Starri Gnostic (18 days ago)
@hpensive I did read they used thick lenses to stargaze so it's entirely possible they did.
Thabang Malete (21 hours ago)
wrong....Civilization does not begin in one place....
Alexander Ephrem (1 day ago)
lover lisa (1 day ago)
9 hari sebelum PT3.layan ni je lah untuk tamadun mesopotamia.hohoho😌😂😭😌
Xros Heart Federation (1 day ago)
They invented fire
Abdul Mannan (1 day ago)
anyone after Jordanian types of teachers video?
DACSAB (2 days ago)
So when will the lies stop, it has been feeding the ego of modern Europeans.Since they never had an ancient civilization, they claim everything is euro-asian to paint themselves in. The same ppl that just came out of their caves 3000 yrs ago.
Awe Man (2 days ago)
I'm proud to be assyrian and have the DNA of my ancestors the sumerians
卐Vishu (3 days ago)
They are Aryan Hindu ..🔱
Hina Murad (3 days ago)
I'm studing mesopotamia in geography lessons in 6 class
Alif Sharkar (6 days ago)
90%of the Mesopotamian artifacts has been looted by the western world.
John Howard (3 days ago)
And the other 10% destroyed by the brainless radical animals they call daesh
ʜɪᴋᴛᴜʀ ᴀʟᴀʀᴀʙ (5 days ago)
With great regret 😟
UCONTENT (6 days ago)
almost 13 years in school and never knew Mesopotamia is in IRAQ
matthew grant (4 days ago)
It's an indictment of the American education system
mohammad moghim (7 days ago)
2 tips: first the Cyrus of great was the Iranians king, not the Persian cos the Persians are just one tribe of Iranian people and second, the Cyrus of great has dominated Babylon without any bloodshed so that's why we are so proud of him and he is the greatest king ever in our culture.
Chris Harrison (7 days ago)
So God didn't create 7 days a week, Sunday is a day of rest?
Barbara Kennedy (7 days ago)
The most intriguing thing is the base 60 system, still in use everywhere. Thank You National Geographic. Never too old to learn!!
Sal Ponce (7 days ago)
To think our western civilization has its origins between two rivers in Iraq...
bryan chevrier (8 days ago)
Then after all that plz remember us as GARDENERS.
Aaron E (8 days ago)
When I was a kid I made a Mesopotamia; my mom made me clean it up!
x (8 days ago)
when i was a kid i made pottymia my mom cleaned it
Miss She Choosen (5 days ago)
This is proof the bible is real because the bible mentions all these places. Also before these places there were the ANU
kiv Loli (5 days ago)
and the Israelites were dark-skinned and had locks of hairs too Lamentation 4:7 4:8, Number 6:5, Judges 16:13, Ezeckiel 44:20, judges 16:19, Ezeckiel 8:3, Song of solomon 5:11 and a lot of other verses.
Heather B (8 days ago)
Given that Mesopotamia was likely the birthplace of written language, it makes sense that the people who inhabited the area would be some of the first to write about their religion.... but that does not make the bible true. The people who would eventually make up what would be known as the Israelites originally followed the Canaanite pantheon and Babylonian religion, borrowing Yahweh as their main god and, eventually, only god. In the Canaanite religion, Yahweh was given power over the Israelites by the god El, the chief deity of the religion. There is actually a reference to the transaction between El and Yahweh in Deuteronomy 32:8-9, which allows us a glimpse at how Israel transitioned from a pantheistic ideology to a monotheistic dogma. It’s very interesting stuff!
Haikal Mafazi (8 days ago)
Well Sinbad been there i guess
mohammed hamad (8 days ago)
I from Syria; the birth land of civilizations.
Elizabeth Pengson (9 days ago)
the Sumerians also w rote the firstr epics where tales of the bible came from. they were the ones who first wrote of Creation..Adam ..Garden of Eden. the great flood
Ananya Shetty (9 days ago)
This is what happened to India too isn't it. Too rich of a country to avoid outside jealousy. Hence we were colonized again and again
Esmeralda Herrera (10 days ago)
Imagen they had done a 10 day week... we would most likely have 10 day weeks
Amanuwal Yahunwa (11 days ago)
Cliff Cruise (12 days ago)
....and all were destroyed by Islam.
alex collins (13 days ago)
The lisp is killing me
Sandy M (13 days ago)
correction...the Torah/law of Moses/God, was written a couple of hundred years or so prior to the "basis" of hammurabi law.
Jackie Mayberry (13 days ago)
That helped me so much keep it up
Ali Kareem (13 days ago)
Babylon will rise and crush isisreal
Ali Kareem (13 days ago)
Long live Iraq 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
Atefeh KhalilKhaneh (13 days ago)
Salute to the great king cyrus from persia(iran)🙌
karar fadi Alkadwy (10 days ago)
He was evil king Cyrus he destroyed the great cavlization and culture of Mesopotamia like Babylon and Assyrian
Rekker PH (14 days ago)
This is my favorite part of our History subject wayback in highschool. 😆
allglam rebel (14 days ago)
What I love about history is it bring us back to the cradle of civilization. Why must we invade or in war with each other since we are the son and daughters of the same father and mother.
Wonderful Creature (15 days ago)
This was my class report back in 2nd year high school. Thanks to our brilliant social studies teacher.
cenemoh 2002 (15 days ago)
Their advancement in all matters such as politics, military, writing, architecture, the arts, etc. was the result of the heritage they had inherited from the peoples and nations that had survived the Great flood. Adam, the first human, built, apparently, a highly advanced civilization. The flood had all destroyed; what remained was the ramenants of that civilisation, which was later on used in Mesopotamia.
Anthony Rivera (15 days ago)
The worst thing for good documentaries is absolutely horrendous commentation.
The Truth (15 days ago)
Too bad dirty dumb arabs invaded this place.
G Watsittoyaa (16 days ago)
Should do more series like this 👌
Nunya Biznys (16 days ago)
I see afros and nappy beards
The Essene,not essence, damnit (16 days ago)
Rather.....brief.but informative.thnx,kind stranger!
Randall Schoverling (16 days ago)
Enûma Eliš!
No Name (17 days ago)
Even ancient mesopotamia have been observing the space at their time. And now we're arguing about the existence of space and shape of earth 😥
مصطفى عبد الجواد الابراهيمي (16 days ago)
I love you
Some One (17 days ago)
I remember that uruk’s fifth king likes calling people *Mongrels*
John Rommel Ramirez (8 days ago)
Allan Ren (17 days ago)
Islam ruined everything
To the Horror (17 days ago)
So out of nowehere the Persian empire, with a fully developed civilization and army of its time conquered Babylon then whole Mesopotamia itself. Proofs that they're not alone in founding and developing civilization.
jassim mn (17 hours ago)
not really Assyrians were the spearhead against neo-babylonian empire and they agreed with jews inside the city to revolt and open doors cyrus only provided arms and support ! but Assyrians were unable to rule the city and got weakened severely so cyrus took the chance
the who? (18 days ago)
I think it is india!
Řøŕò Řähąf (18 days ago)
I feel like all we study about is Mesopotamia,Greece,and Rome lol
Rb Smith (19 days ago)
This is interesting. I wish they should’ve show us more.
Philip Morgan (19 days ago)
Ancient Gods Aka The So Called Black Race
Philip Morgan (18 days ago)
@Lapis Lazuli Right 😉💀😂
Lapis Lazuli (18 days ago)
Philip Morgan Yet, not one single piece of ancient negroid remains have ever been found there.
galaxyEverAftr89 (19 days ago)
This place was magneficent in past but look at it now?😑😑😑
Michael Overton (19 days ago)
When I was in college I learned quite a bit about ancient Babylon, and the documents that archeologists have recovered were a real shock to me. They had most of the kinds of mercantile relationships and laws that we have today, including rental agreements for land, etc. Contracts regarding everything from land-transfers to financial loans, agreements for shared ownership of businesses, even special court-systems to adjudicate commercial and contractual disputes. It was stunning to me how much it sounded like modern commercial documents.
Shaquille Estampador (19 days ago)
Seriously I learn more here than in school.🤣
DC Rayleigh (19 days ago)
Ahh. Mesopotamia. The Fertile Crescent. My favorite subject during my hs days. World History is <3
Maryam Fatima (19 days ago)
This is the place were writing (proper scripts)was invented
M (19 days ago)
I’d love to do voiceovers for this channel! I have experience and would love this opportunity. Thank you!
ILL Sean (20 days ago)
Mesopotamians were africans
Pandan Leaf (20 days ago)
Sumerian > jew > christian > islam
Tumeg (20 days ago)
Gobleki Teppei
Amgad Hasan (20 days ago)
*ISIS* I'm about to end this civilizations's whole career.
Awe Man (2 days ago)
ISIS"Oops I only destroyed 1% of the ancient mesopotamian artifacts guess there are other 99% scattered at all the world museums and they are over 30000 artifacts including the ones that rest in the dirt remain undercovered in iraq - Nobody can wipe our history not ISIS nor anyone the first civilization started from iraq and it remains there
Shivam Bajaj (21 days ago)
Where can i see this full documentary?
earth flower (21 days ago)
I wish my school would teach me this intrestly 😔
square enix (22 days ago)
i agree with this
Doug Reimer (22 days ago)
Throughout my time at school I loved history but had to learn about Mesopotamia and it's predecessors outside of the classroom. Libraries and niche book stores filled that gap. There was little about ancient Egypt and the other major Mediterranean civilizations as well and certainly nothing of equally ancient China. The history I was taught was Euro and America centric.
Lapis Lazuli (18 days ago)
Doug Reimer Egypt , Mesopotamia, Europe and those who created the U.S. are all the same race of people. Public schools do not teach American history correct anyways. They call a people who are native to Asia “Native Americans” . Talk about dishonesty
Sojo R (23 days ago)
I found graffiti in pyramids that some call hieroglyphics.
NASA limbu (23 days ago)
hike oganessian (23 days ago)
...From Rothman, he says that All civilization came from The Armenians Highlands. What do other historians say...according to Anthropologist Mitchell S. Rothman regarding the extent  of discoveries and specially on the quality of horse bones proved, According to him, that it was from the Shangavit Armenian 6000 years ago that the culture of that area spread around to the ancient world... Professor Jensen also says.  ‘For almost everything that is known in the Hittite language is Old Armenian in form..Historian Sayce (1845-1933) also consider Hittite and Armenian to be one and the same’. and Rothman, quoted earlier, said...''All that was known in Mesopotamia came from Armenia and that Armenia is the absent fragment in the entire mosaic of the ancient world's civilization's construction. H.V. Hilprecht(1859-1925) a Clark research professor of Assyriology and scientific director Babylonian expedition at the University of Penn. argue that the Hittite tongue is Armenian and the Hittites themselves were of Armenian stock...according to Ellis (1861)  through language analysis we observe that under the names of Phrygians, Thracians, Pelasgians and Etruscans spread westward from Armenia to Italy and Elis claimed that the closest affinities of the Aryan element are the Armenians ..other historians that agree are..Hellenthal, Busgy, Brand, Wilson, Myers and Falush... Also ..If interested...let me quote Merrick (2012) All religions are descended from and ancient Vedic cosmology described in the Rib - Veda, originating in Armenia near Mt. Ararat at least 6800 ys ago and the basic concepts of a transcendental mountain extending into space and populated planet Star-gods were developed...he further says...This Astrotheology then migrated with Armenian Aryans to found the Sumerian Ethiopian/Egyptian and Indian civilizations and religions...from Language as  a fingerprint Setyan...
Michael Bass (25 days ago)
And there still brain dead morons just useing a different weapon
Radar716 (25 days ago)
There are 13 perfect divisions of the year, not 12... each having the gestation period of 28 days. History is "his story", conquerors recreations, not reality
Positive Mentality (26 days ago)
Tigris and Euphrates drying up
Sachin R (26 days ago)
I got an exam in 6 hours.. Why am I watching this?
A Rot (27 days ago)
Egypt PREDATES Sumer!!!!
tareq howlader (27 days ago)
Why is there female speech?
Ahmed Al eyvntse (28 days ago)
سو الحلقة بالعربي 😠
Vive l'Iran (30 days ago)
3:41 This is Elamite Temple in Iran (Zigorat Chogha Zanbil)
jk4lang (1 month ago)
We are just a blip in time
jorge louis (1 month ago)
Draconians from Draconian starsystem look around you and you see snake and dragon statues and symbolism everywhere on this evil possed planet . Why is that ? Have they been spreading around because they expected a hypernova in their starsystem. Maybe already happened it's only 400 light years away is that why radiation levels are sky rocketing in our atmosphere ? Where in endtimes don't you think ?
Bobble HatGaming (1 month ago)
nephilim were real lol
Zen Maestro (23 days ago)
We still are real.
Yahya Saady (1 month ago)
The ancients from sumer & babylon are superior.
Alex Andreas (1 month ago)
Mesopotamia has nothing to do with Iran, Kurds or even Arabs.. Mesopotamia is always assyrians . I am seeing a lot of ugly Kurds have Mesopotamia in their user name 😂😂😂😂😂. Since when ugly Kurdish caveman migrants from Iran are from Mesopotamia
Terence Rodgers (1 month ago)
"NUBIANS" Lower Upper Nile!
Σπυρος Κατσαρος (1 month ago)
Mesopotamia is older than ancient greek civilization but its name comes from Greek words 😂 😂
Swatantra Wibawa Mukti (24 days ago)
Before greek civilization, there's not named like "mesopotamia". But in arab it's was called "Bilad al-rafidayn" or in syrian called "beth nahrain" wich mean's the land between two river's (tigris) and (euphrates). They named "mesopotamia" because it very well-known at that time when western civilization first appear like rome and greek. That's why, Greek name it "mesopotamia", then the meaning was same as we know it until now.
FerMild (1 month ago)
Where is Adam and Eve?
Sr11 Rami (1 month ago)
How stupid u r tht show the ancient persian statues n talk about some other shitilizations
Angelus Marcarita (1 month ago)
So... gods were aliens, comes to create humans, then get bored and return to their planets. It has sense since space travel takes millions of years. Due to lightyears distances
LU LU (1 month ago)
Assyria and Persia does not exist in western schools even though these 2 empires influenced greece and roman empires in many ways and eventualy the west world.
Dwi Bowo (1 month ago)
Hao Hoang (1 month ago)
Wow so interesting, loving the 101’s Nat geo recently putting out
Sharva Halde (1 month ago)
Though not the oldest or first, the Indus and Vedic civilisations of Indian subcontinent gave many of the most vital concepts of society, philosophy, sciences, math, and art. Yet still it is not given enough global importance. It is saddening.
Bridget Gellor (1 month ago)
If ever I time-travel I want to go here in mesopotamia..
TheDerisavi (1 month ago)
Most of these zigourats actually exist in Iran, Kouzestan state near cities of Shoush Danial and Dezfoul.
Meadow Wind (1 month ago)
That ad was creepy.
Ali Ay (1 month ago)
Iraqis and Syrians aren’t descendants of the original Mesopotamians they’re Arab colonizers from Saudi Arabia
Elder Mountain Dreaming (1 month ago)
The story of writing, astronomy and law, the story of MEN'S PATRIARCH and the demonic energy that would forever flow into killing, poisoning of the earth and the destruction of woman that changed the world forever. Fresh water, green land all turned to desert and death and that evil spread everywhere on earth and that is what we have today.
Aya Sahir (1 month ago)
Biji Kurdistan
Far_ oppositeflow (1 month ago)
Who is the narrator? I want her to be my English teacher
mohammad Ghasemi nejad (1 month ago)
Cyrus the great
mohammad Ghasemi nejad (1 month ago)
@karar fadi Alkadwy I think you have personal problem with this single historical figure... But for your information Assyria has been destroyed by babilon and madia two hundred years before him 🤔🤔
mohammad Ghasemi nejad (1 month ago)
@karar fadi Alkadwy he was one of the greatest leaders that the world's ever seen.... He didn't kill anyone when he captured this cities and his declaration of human rights is already available...he was a father for all Persians as well as all other nations which he captured... He has written that "we didn't capture this countries for destroying and supremacy but they attacked us and we rose to defend our homeland.... About his death there is a lot of mysterious stories but something is definitely correct that Cyrus the great always fought in the front line the battles..... God bless him who was an inspiring king of kings 🙏🙌if you want a source for this informations please just Google his name bro🤔
karar fadi Alkadwy (1 month ago)
That evil barbarian king destroyed Mesopotamia cavlization and culture Babylon and Assyrian and summrian and akkadian and stolen all these semitic culture to Persia..but he killed and beheaded like dog by brave women tomres 💖
benyamin Attorney (1 month ago)
You literally talked all about Persia and Persian Shahanshahi (Empire) without any name of Iran. Iraq, Kuwait and all the Arab states were a piece of Iranian territory in the period that video speaks about.
karar fadi Alkadwy (1 month ago)
@benyamin Attorney the Persians are just dirty hands of Jewish to destroy others cavlization
karar fadi Alkadwy (1 month ago)
@benyamin Attorney names like iraq Baghdad that happend after cyurs invasion...but iam talking about Babylon and Assyrian and summrian and akkadian and these was before Persians occupition....please learning history
benyamin Attorney (1 month ago)
karar fadi Alkadwy Even Iraq is a Persian word. how do you figure that out??? Did you ever read history? Babylon opened their door to Cyrus the great (kurosh e Bozorg) he freed Jews and this fact reflected to Jewish religious texts let alone authentic history books. Do you know what Baghdad means? It consists of two Pahlavi Persian words : Bagh (بغ) is meaning God and Dâd means Given which together means given by God. More surprisingly Iraq established on 1920. Before that time Iraq had been always a part of an Empire: first Persian and second Ottoman
karar fadi Alkadwy (1 month ago)
Iraq Mesopotamia have no relation with Persians..the Persians are just occupied and destroyed Babylon and Assyrian cavlization and coby Mesopotamia culture to Persia
QUEEN LIL-BOOTY (1 month ago)
I love my people
Maria Eduarda (1 month ago)
This video was so helpful to me, thanks