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How Rwanda is Becoming the Singapore of Africa

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Wendover Productions (4 months ago)
I know that this topic, like most geopolitics topics, has more potential than most to be contentious so I think it's extra important for you to know where the information comes from. Nothing said in this video is new and you can find all the sources at this link: https://goo.gl/5KDmvB Normally the sources go the description but there were too many this time to fit.  One small note, at 11:14 it seems like some of the footage we used was mislabeled so these two clips are not actually of Rwanda. My apologies for that slip-up. As a policy, if there's anything more that I feel needs correcting or clarifying I'll update this top comment to include it.
Harzburgitic (3 days ago)
@Muhammad Ansari Muhammad the prophet (pbuh) cares about Africa. Allaah cares about Africa, Africans care about Africa. I care about Africa. It isn't that nobody cares about Africa. It's that those who don't care are nobody. Change your name. You're a disgrace to it. Fake ass fraud Muslim munaafiq dog
Muhammad Ansari (12 days ago)
Nobody cares about africa
Chow Chee Bai (12 days ago)
Singapore being a microstate with its super small size, this dismisses anything associated with it. It’s like they like to brag about their governance or they like to lionize lee kuan yew the dictator but no matter how much bragging LKY did, he was just the head of a small city. So in a way, you can equate him to a mayor only like the mayor of Chicago or mayor of Birmingham.
Cecile Yoras (12 days ago)
Aotearoa Excubitores what delusions are you on? 1945-1965 Singapore was not even independent and so technically didn’t even exist as a nation.
Reality Royalty (3 minutes ago)
It's main export is Tea
Mohamed Ahmed (28 minutes ago)
Soon US Will invade and fk it up. I HOPE Rwanda wont find oil. 😁😂🤣
tvee (4 hours ago)
This video on the comparisions between Rwanda and Singapore is very balanced and fair. I'm from Singapore. But country is far from perfect. Singaporeans do have some personal freedoms curtailed and we have limitations on what we can say, especially with regards to race issues, religion (we have had riots and killings in the 60s, because of these 2 sensitive issues) and accusations/ slander/ unsubstantiated opinions about our politicians and political leaders. In the pass, I've never been a big fan of our late Ex-Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and I'm still not a big fan of his. I've found his leadership from the 60s-80s to be boarding on authoritarian. But I must say that Singapore is where it is today because Mr LKY held steadfast to the vision he had for Singapore and he also had a ZERO CORRUPTION tolerance within his political party and the government at large. The majority of Singaporeans continue to vote the ruling party into power every 4 years. Singaporeans complain ALOT about the Singapore government, but we would rather have the kind of stable, peaceful and prosperous society we experience today at the cost of some of our 'personal freedoms'. We look look at what Hong Kong (our regional rival) is experiencing recently - the mass demostrations and riots) and we cringe. Our restrictions on demonstrations and unlawful assembly are not too bad, afterall.
Muaz al-Jauhary (14 hours ago)
Rwanda = Wakanda
keep it real (21 hours ago)
Rwanda forever
sai76 (22 hours ago)
Singapore is successful because they don't have any Africans in their country.
Project Fi Wireless (1 day ago)
paid for by the Government of Rwanda, Kagame is a genius
check security (1 day ago)
You forget Somaliland plz next time
check security (1 day ago)
You forget Somaliland plz next time..
King Boateng (1 day ago)
If all African leaders learn from President Kagame Africa will be a better place to leave
ishmael Kweku swanzy (1 day ago)
Am looking forward to visiting Rwanda
ibrahim nouh (1 day ago)
If you reached Kigali Airport, you will be shocked by their arrogance and rudeness. Fuck to Rwanda
Catherine Sterling (1 day ago)
It always amazes me when America calls anyone corrupt when none on earth will ever be as corrupt as America smh
S SN QN (1 day ago)
hello it’s LANDLOCKED.
Benny Gpc (1 day ago)
USA = United State of Africa
Edmund Lubega (1 day ago)
Even before the war Rwanda was a well-run country.
Mahalia M Wright (1 day ago)
Rwanda is secretly Wakanda. They are starting to emerge into the world.
i like it
Johnson Jimenez (1 day ago)
This woman hosted an event about this a few months ago in Texas. Secrets behind *Kagame's success story* Watch and do not forget comment like a civilized. https://youtu.be/GLBu8kYZUtE
Samira S (1 day ago)
🥺I hope Somalia becomes another Rawanda and Singapore. We're tired of war!!
hicham labyed (1 day ago)
Anyone can ihelp me please im from morocco and im looking for one of rewanda citizen for make with her a small project my wattsapp +212679407914
Kiki Dyou (2 days ago)
Algeria is way better
Sham Adams (2 days ago)
Them sponsoring Arsenal a great move, a lot of people never heard of this country and mistaken it for Wakanda.
Diggity Daws (2 days ago)
...I wonder if Rwanda will become the Rwanda of Rwanda??
Alvin .K. Sindowe (2 days ago)
You placed the zambian flag on zimbabwe....get ya shit together
M Robertson (2 days ago)
Journalists seem always to conclude that countries should be measured against some utopia, not just against their own past or other real countries. Thus we are told at the end of this video that for Rwanda to be successful it must be “truely working for all Rwandans.” What? Can any real economic and political system benefit all of a country’s people when it is impossible to imagine that all the people would even think they are happy for any length of time. An important political concept to remember when judging utopian ideals is, “perfect is the enemy of better.” Look at the misperception by leftists in America of vast misery and unfairness even hatred of the American social, political, and economic system in the face of universal wealth, where even the poorest 10th of the society has great opportunity for success (free education k-12, etc. ), and real political, economic and personal freedom (free movement, free association, freedom to sell your labor or start your own business, stable currency banks, enforced laws to protect employees from exploitation…and on ,and on). Compare the average annual income of £ 16.85 of colonial Americans at the end of the 18th century. In today's currency roughly $2500 USD, that is about the average income of Rwandans, (not based on currency exchange rates which can be very distorted, but on buying power as given by the IMF and World Bank. Few Americans had formal education in the late 1700s, but nevertheless most could read and write because their parents and the church taught them. Cultural differences are profound. Rwandans have a primarily tribal way of life that is generally at odds with liberal democracy and free market capitalism. That is their culture, their choice, and their preference. Rwandans had no technological or political development except stone age tribalism before European contact, and all of the economic activities of the current dictator are European imports, along with its investment capital. If that works for them, I am totally sympathetic to their political choices. If they ultimately choose to transition from authoritarian capitalism to authoritaian socialism, that is their choice. Just as Venezuela and Zimbabwe, and now South Africa, experienced unrest and even hunger when they adopted socialist governments that are perhaps more like Rwandan traditional tribal rule and economics, that is their culture and their choice. If they prefer equality of outcome and centralized power over liberty, personal responsibility, and discipline; traditional middle class morality typical of Western Europe, and rule of law, that is their choice. Democracy is great at preserving freedom if it is a democracy of people who value freedom and who are willing to take on the personal responsibility and discipline that freedom necessitates, otherwise is it merely an illusion. American Democrats seem all to willing to sell their freedom for “free stuff” and the illusion of “fairness”, so America is perhaps destined to return to the human condition universal prior to its escape from tyranny and poverty. You say essentially that there are many ways to define “successful” governance, but I have my doubts since practically no one is despirately sneeking into Rwanda, or China, or Venezuela. By the way, Singapore has a 1000 fold fewer illegal immigrants per capita per year than the U.S.
Muhammad Ilyas (2 days ago)
fuck your freedom of speech .... your double standard bitches teaching others freedom of speech .... Talking about Holocaust is illegal , talking against Constitution is crime .. then put the freedom of speech in your asses ... it is not freedom of Speech but your freedom of Choice to speech .. If a person is good for the country and its people i damn care about press and media .. today's world media and press are the worst people they are often sold
MysteryFan (2 days ago)
FACT: As of July 2019, EBOLA has spread across next door neighbor Congo.... and has reached the Rwanda Border. And Congo is already one of the most murderous regions on planet earth..... and they are even attacking and murdering health care efforts to control the EBOLA fatalities. SO BEFORE YOU BELIEVE THIS UNITED NATIONS PROPAGANDA, KEEP IN MIND THAT EBOLA IS OUT OF CONTROL AND SPREADING. FORGET THE POLITICS... THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME EBOLA HAS BEEN SPREADING NEXT DOOR.
Kunta Vibration (2 days ago)
Coming home Rhwanda
Söfian Kahn (2 days ago)
All the best to RWANDA . God bless Rwanda .
Beun007 (2 days ago)
chung O (2 days ago)
Control your media tightly. Do not allow the American media to get into your country. Otherwise. Your country will be destroyed.ignore anything they say about human right. They never practice what the preach anyway.
alex (2 days ago)
Great video!!!!
King Shango Sound (2 days ago)
Beautyful yes, safe...until the next machete fest
KILLTHe BODY (2 days ago)
lol Ghana is the safest country in africa dont @ me
grayeagle (2 days ago)
$750 per year average. Get out of here. It does not even register as a country in that case.
grayeagle (2 days ago)
Complete absolute bull sht by an anti-American organization.
Yarenn Šagor (2 days ago)
The "end result", this inclues also your freedoms
kanyaugatiejagwo (2 days ago)
Democracy by western standards, defined by westerners, works for the west but should not be used as the litmus test for defining a society or a country outside that hemisphere. Singapore, like Rwanda, defined their own form of "democracy" or let me say, defined democracy per their own terms and understanding. The west calls anything outside their instruction "authoritarianism" but this is because it is foreign to them as are the cultures involved. Rwanda is doing better than other African powerhouses which emulated the colonial master's style of government and effectively became their puppets. A country like Kenya for example, appears a tad-bit more developed than Rwanda, but Rwanda is more peaceful, more politically stable and normal, unlike Kenya, which is a bastion of western styled and dictated democracy to the core! but is tribal, corrupt, unequal, politically noisy and always in an election cycle, thanks to staying true to the dictates of western democracy. Rwanda, Tanzania, Singapore have and are defining their own forms of political correctness and it is working for them..."rabbits turned hunter" ...right? and they determine their stand. They are not puppet governments like Kenya and South Africa. Africa needs to define political systems that work for Africa, not weaponized systems pushed down their throats to keep Africa divided because some cow somewhere benefits from such discord.
Seyam Rahman (2 days ago)
When you say Rwanda is safe Genocide: Am I a joke to you?
YzarcMW (2 days ago)
This is not about Rwanda's past. It's talking about today.
Vincenzo TwentyThree (2 days ago)
They must have sold their souls.
Alefunzo Uzzle (2 days ago)
"Needs of the many out weights the needs of the few"- Spook
Always Hungry (2 days ago)
So the Nay Sayers all have something to say offering no alternative to their silly arguments. The narrator assumes that where he is from is so better than Rwanda with all their so called 'Democracy: it is difficult to see how Rwanda's success will last. Frankly its about time discipline takes over where Democracy has failed. Democracy is a nice word fir complainers who have to complain and for those who want to be different and do as they please. Well the white people have created their shit hole society based on these ideals and look at their daily problems. Rwanda like Singapore is talking a different direction and if you don't like the discipline well do as Trump says GTFOH. If not, STFU, live well, don't complain without an alternative and live your Best life.
Enrique Lara (2 days ago)
Democracy is a false god worshiped by the west.
Peter Machenov (3 days ago)
And how about compare average IQ of Rwandans and Singapore's? Are there any noticable differences?
Dennis Durkop (3 days ago)
Botswana is the Switzerland of Africa!
Bamika I.W (3 days ago)
GOD help Rwanda to sustain this growth and peace and love among one another. GOD give the president wisdom to foster peace among the people. Africa should start loving their country and themselves
Listen Kagame is a mass murderer a genocidal brutal US protected Yesman.
para chut (3 days ago)
if just France stay away
Turkic Federation (3 days ago)
The title is an overstatement
Benjamin Xu (3 days ago)
Rwanda is still bigger than Singapore thouugh
Jigg Jiggiz (3 days ago)
Wakanda forever
ANURAG SHUKLA (3 days ago)
even rawanda can be developed but India couldn't
MysteryFan (2 days ago)
Synzi Satyendra Dadie (3 days ago)
Nice country
Michael Jenkins (3 days ago)
check out how many investment from china
hawkeye0248 (3 days ago)
Where does South Africa fit in these tables?
augyyyyy (3 days ago)
Good job with the latvian flag.
XYU (3 days ago)
Two MAJOR differences between Rwanda and Singapore 1) Geography - Singapore is a peninsula surrounded by water from which to import/export goods. This cannot be accomplished with an airline; you need to access to a port.  Strike 1. 2) Culture - while Singapore made English the official language, only .2% of Rwandans speak English passably. This is important because it is reflected in education as well, since English opens the world up via the internet, books, media etc; So, while Singapore and Hong Kong both rank #1 in the world for average IQ at 108, Rwanda ranks 36th with an average of 70. I cannot stress this last portion enough. So, no, as much as I would LIKE to see Rwanda succeed, rise above the ashes and tribulations of the last century and thrive, it simply will NEVER become the "Singapore" of Africa. The formula is just not there.
Dr. Rajib Kar (3 days ago)
Who else searching the comment section for comment from Rwandans ??
avec tour (3 days ago)
From this video i grasp that Rwanda is The North Korea of Africa, more likely.
Shohaib Mahmud (3 days ago)
I am surprised how come you overlooked Singapore's port facility when you stressed air-connectivity.
sujay (3 days ago)
well presented. one feedback: with a video of this length it would really help break the monotony by including some voices other than your own, such as video clips of kagame speaking, etc.
Dino Danny (3 days ago)
Trump 2020
Stane Hering (3 days ago)
First military junta killed 800.000 opposite people and after that they're big democrats ... so Ruanda is real heaven of democracy and human rights.
ahmad baihaqi (3 days ago)
11:14 to 11:18 is MALAYSIA!!!! hahaha
A HS (3 days ago)
Fuck Brit zombies
kevin Leeparker (3 days ago)
remind me of nagging past gf hahahaha
xcx23 Cwea (3 days ago)
J N (2 days ago)
"animal cages" is gross exaggeration. That they can't afford to buy land is down to the size of the country. That they can't afford to buy a home is simply incorrect. Singapore has one of the highest home ownership rates in the world.
skinbackyourpeel (3 days ago)
I know this already. I take all my holidays there, the beach's are just superb. I have been working with the Rwandan Navy for some time after making my first million $ by importing chewing gum to Rwanda. Thanks.
Oli Rahman (3 days ago)
Wow democracy again. Just fuck off with your dream franchise of democracy
DonHrvato (3 days ago)
intresting rwanda
M Africa (4 days ago)
Whenever an African country or for that matter any foreign country is bad mouthed by the US l automatically like that country. As long as you stand up for your people amd try to protect your resources they go after you. Try to call you illegitimate, tyrant, communist etc. Beware of the West is all l can say
J N (2 days ago)
Beware of the West indeed!
Geoffrey Njogu (4 days ago)
I think all of Africa is on the rise not just Rwanda
Dipak Basu (4 days ago)
If you see the film King Solomon's Mines, you will get the clue. Tutsis are very peaceful people.
NutNbutSpeed (4 days ago)
Lol, Singapore Airlines one of the best, if not the best Airline in the world, that's laughable! As a frequent traveller, I have to say Qatar and Emirates are at the top 2 in the world but I wouldn't put Singapore Airlines anywhere near a top Airline.
Jazz Bourne (4 days ago)
All bullshit talk. Comparing little Singapore is like comparing little Luxembourg to Germany... oh look how perfect those little miniature city-countries are.....
King Kunte (4 days ago)
They will never achieve this Paul Kagame is a fucken modeen dictator clinching to power look at all other African failed states because if greedy old leaders who like they run a monarchy
Head light (4 days ago)
Singapore has highest IQ of 106 among the whole world.... n shows why is at top..Average IQ is most important indicator for the kind of society we have....
dathip (4 days ago)
Rwanda's average IQ is 70 which pathetically borderline retardation so what factors have led to this massive quality of life?
Stephen Porter (4 days ago)
When you consider how far Rwanda has come in such a short time....the results speak for themselves.
Stephen Porter (2 days ago)
MysteryFan . Didn’t know that. Where can I find this information? How much has been given? And is it really free?
MysteryFan (2 days ago)
Can you say United Nations CASH infusion.... ???? Money obtained from all over the globe and quietly given FREE to that country?
Titan 10001 (4 days ago)
11:20 these are Malaysian streets, not Rwandan. Two Proton cars and one red BERHENTI sign.
douglas nhamo (4 days ago)
That is what happens when you put women to lead, they are always committed towards the laid goals...if most projects were run by women in Africa today with a little help from men of course, things would be different, we would prosper
Chuchai Tangsompon (4 days ago)
Pure democracy, the West is preaching, is not working for sure, you need some kind of mix system to make it workable. Democracy will only work if the society is extremely mature and hold an ultra-high degree of literacy but not for the developing countries that are for certain.
Gary (4 days ago)
I hope it makes it....But relying on being held together by one man? I don't know. I guess that worked in Chile with Pinochet.
Reezy37 (4 days ago)
I say title of safest and most stable African country on goes to Botswana.
Arsenic Pills (4 days ago)
Arsenic Pills (4 days ago)
...a ban on chewing gum? This sounds like the only way to get australian youth interested in politics. We should do it.
Arsenic Pills (4 days ago)
I have a strong feeling that China is helping them build this Belt and road project is amazing
MysteryFan (2 days ago)
MysteryFan (2 days ago)
J N (2 days ago)
You are correct.
Amanda Mthekeli (4 days ago)
wilber nt (4 days ago)
Well I have news for you.. one of the presidential contestants is missing
The Black Messiah (4 days ago)
Listening to a white man talk about Africa is like listening to a white man talk about The Bible. Stop the insanity!
Helena Boñita (1 day ago)
Crazy hebrew Israelites...stay in america please🙏🙏thank you
Timmy is real (3 days ago)
I'm a Zambian and I'm not alone when I say nearly all of Africa is shit.
Fizioterapevt Greg Mirt (4 days ago)
It should have very advanced physiotherapy practice as on Singapore
Oscar Zurita (4 days ago)
Ruddzilla Aviation (4 days ago)
Just subscribed
Joey Killick (4 days ago)
This is what I give to us🖕🏻
Rocco DiMaggio (4 days ago)
I hope Africa turns into a place where Africans can live in peace.
M. Wikan Sasongko (1 hour ago)
Wakanda soon brotha
Debbie Marquis (1 day ago)
Hope that white ppl leave Africa to be that place of peace...
Bolivian Billionaire (2 days ago)
@Rocco.......you've got a chance if the yanks don't destroy the place while pillaging it for the sake of 'democracy'.....
mimic mimic (2 days ago)
Don't hold your breath!
Tr4ns D0n4ld (2 days ago)
I hope white people can live there in peace too
dave brennan (4 days ago)
What Corrupt Thieving slimy anything for profit country full of thieving lying corrupt politicians and Business men and women so whats changed
Dikizeyiko Nsiamundele (4 days ago)
Paul kagame is a criminal, his stiling money In Drc Kongo and killing congolese People over 12million , rwanda In nothing without Kongo money.
Dikizeyiko Nsiamundele (3 days ago)
@Aragti nyangalaka mosenzi ya tutsi rwandais we gone see In future what Will happend To your country.
Aragti (3 days ago)
let kagame run congo too, with all that minerals he will make u a great country.
Nz tonny (4 days ago)
u dont know shyt about our president thats wat bothers you ....hes a mastermind
lisa lee (4 days ago)
Just saw Zimbabwe with the Zambian flag... Please fix it. 3:52
A Fun Guy Named Kawhi (4 days ago)
For people who criticize the Rwanda government, I have one question for you. What have you done to the Rwanda people, even what have you done to help anyone?
mario cardabollo (3 days ago)
I´m white and black dont give a fuck about me. It´s like you´ve never seen rich black people fostering poor white people. There´s a lot of racism and hatred and not coming from white people to be precise.
George Martin (4 days ago)
Just leave Rwanda in peace, even your country is not working for all your people and you are having homeless people so please don't try to put that country into where they came from by your words
Scott Fenwick (4 days ago)
I'm a fan of Rwanda, but this comment reeks of a Soviet Union propaganda tactic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whataboutism