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UPS Commercial Whiteboard like Iphone

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Text Comments (26)
Steve22 (7 years ago)
The postal service song in the background rules!
NicNasty32 (8 years ago)
UPS is horrible!!! I'm always home and they claim I'm not. Pure hell
Seán O'Nilbud (8 years ago)
Man in a lady wig
kevin warren (9 years ago)
Thumbs up for Whiteboards and the color of the marker which reminds me of 2 girls one cup!
bigtexansfan (9 years ago)
Fuck UPS up their inept unprofessional sorry asses!! These fuckers will fuck you over and give you shitty customer service and after you don't get your "TIME SENSITIVE" package on time it just sucks to be you.
Carpe Jax (9 years ago)
@vampira89 Its actually by a band called The Postal Service haha
mike hawk (9 years ago)
how could you bailout with ups when they have a guy with better hair than the one who is trying to get you to bailout?
.:ombrenoire..... (9 years ago)
@moustachers Lol, you were reading The Postal Service's wikipedia article too, weren't you?
Tina Reppe (9 years ago)
what song is this?
Griffin Withington (9 years ago)
Man, in a lady wig.
hornet579 (9 years ago)
@green420jdubb we're sending them too... just look closely.
Firemedic89 (10 years ago)
@jjenkins134 go to hulu
moustachers (10 years ago)
it's ironic, because they are called the Postal Service, but they are on a United Parcel Service commercial... and not a USPS one.
EryahJames_88 (10 years ago)
u dont get it do you? lady wig comes from the snl spoof not from this actual guys hair
Brian Peck (10 years ago)
The song is called such great heights by "the postal service"
Brian Peck (10 years ago)
Lady wig...
VikingPrincesLulubel (10 years ago)
i love how every comment on this is about lady wigs (: i must say, his is prettty fine
RockyBalboa211 (10 years ago)
It's UPS christmas gift to the world.. A man in a lady wig... Thank You UPS!!
KAY ESS (10 years ago)
Did you know UPS ads feature a man in a lady wig? And that they can air up to 8 times in a single football game? So much so that you almost get used to it and start to enjoy it? Well, that's true too.
Ben Bloch (10 years ago)
OMG the white board is fake!!!!! all my dreams are sadly broken
BTO (10 years ago)
He is A Man In A Lady Wig
Anna Paolinelli (10 years ago)
Who is he?
A D (10 years ago)
he would be great at pictionary
Mzero00x (10 years ago)
The Postal Service "Such Great Heights"
bob bobber (10 years ago)
I hate that guy with a passion
WithAWonder (11 years ago)