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Apple's $2.5 Billion BOMBSHELL, Shane Dawson Shopify Catastrophe Is A Win, & India Smog Crisis

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Philip DeFranco (1 month ago)
Very excited to announce that the Philip DeFranco Show has signed an exclusive deal to only stream the PDS on Samsung Smart Refrigerators in 2020!!! timecodes: Housing 00:08 - TIA 4:41 - Shane/Shopify 7:06 - Smog/India 10:45
Bobby Amdro (1 month ago)
Philip DeFranco dudnthis is so stupid and irrelevant.
Tr Vlogs Car Life (1 month ago)
Just wonderful.
Brian M (1 month ago)
If you want to make the housing issue better, then start in your own company and PAY your employees better, use that billions to put into paychecks and you'll fix the issue.
john wall (1 month ago)
You seriously posted this weirdo Shane before the Jeffery Epstien crisis? What happend to you
Anthony Coovert (1 month ago)
Enough with freaking shane dawson already.
Samantha Gutierrez (3 days ago)
I live in San Jose and honestly it’s crazy to me not a lot of people cover how crazy the relationship between the mayor and the apple company. I know many people who have decided to live in their cars and in tents in order to work in San Jose and not seeing the point in renting a small one bedroom apartment. I would really like to see you cover this story in San Jose it really is crazy! Thank you!
Tidalslam (3 days ago)
Enough about Shane Dawson 🙄
That's_correct (4 days ago)
Officially India is #1 Shit Hole in the WORLD
Damien Lobb (9 days ago)
Catch is, no Android or Windows devices allowed in the premises lol
Alice Rodriguez (15 days ago)
There are 100k empty livable homes in the San Francisco metro area alone, not including LA or any other location and 130k homeless people in the entirety of California. For the US there are 6 existing vacant homes for every 1 homeless person and currently the US fertility rate is at its lowest to the point that there isnt enough people being born in the US to replace the existing workforce even (which immigrants could help with but you know how racist America is). Apple and tech companies are a reason that LANDLORDS raised prices, not demand. They knew people with more money would move in and that they could cash in. It is an artificially created demand by just buying property and not selling or doing anything with it. Except now i guess they are all turning them into air bnb spots so the government wont count them and even still there is too many houses. PS. Housing markets requires people to be homeless to exist. The same way a middle class requires a lower class to exist.
Sophie Gregory (19 days ago)
No need to wear a sweater out of yack wool, just wear a coat! Lol
Mairead Mcgrath (19 days ago)
Is it just me or does Philip DeFranco sounds like he is whispering in this video??? lol
BeekerButts (21 days ago)
Price ceilings (i.e. on housing) are a part of basic economics. From Wikipedia: “A price ceiling is a government- or group-imposed price control, or limit, on how high a price is charged for a product, commodity, or service. Governments use price ceilings to protect consumers from conditions that could make commodities prohibitively expensive.” I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I get the “hands off” sentiment, but it’s a necessity. If they weren’t a thing, then housing prices would get out of hand; they’re already pretty messy in a most major cities.
Jalisaa Lanaye (22 days ago)
With all that fuckin money (I understand how expensive housing in California is insanely expensive) they should at least be able to house a good amount of people, there should be a bunch of people getting housing in the near future but something tells me someone is gonna mishandle money or do some sort of fuck shit to mess this situation up even more then it already is. I really hope for the best though.
Ray Lira (22 days ago)
I was homeless in California. For a studio apartment I paid $850. Due to rent increases when I left California, for the same studio apartment I was paying $1,350. Yeah, I'm glad to see a cap on it for my friends and family still there renting.
rebecca townsend (24 days ago)
The Chicago area has a place called Mass VR. Its amazing!
Naerwyn (28 days ago)
I live in the Bay Area, CA. For the love of fuck, can we please stop building subdivisions? There isn't a point in buying houses here anymore anyway, when there is sometimes less than a 5 foot space between the houses surrounding it! Please just build rising apartment buildings, there is a negligible difference when your neighbours and you all have to listen to each other anyway. There will be NO land left soon for ANYTHING. My town just approved of kicking a ton of farmers off their land so that the city council nobility can build their idea of the perfect "small-town" strip mall, run by the serfs. As a different, but interesting point, The Black Plague and Leprosy are alive today in San Francisco due to the huge homeless population and lack of healthcare. So that's cool. Or something.
vieuphoria1008 (1 month ago)
The realQuestion is, will all these affordable housing projects and ventures really help the less fortunateIn California or just bring a bunch of gentrifiers? I want to see people who are really struggling get some real help instead of a bunch of gentrification and all bullshit that comes along with it
Albyysaur (1 month ago)
I live and work in the Bay Area, but the only way I'm able to do that is by living at my parent's home like a manchild. Whenever I plan to move out, I will probably have to move out of the Bay Area. It's great that companies like Apple are donating a lot of money to help with affordable housing. However, I probably make "too much" to qualify for those housing benefits, but on my own, I can't afford housing. I think the government needs to put some hard limits on the cost of rent & housing.
Ian Cole (1 month ago)
The Peak ToPlateau show
ajsuflena (1 month ago)
Jerry Martin (1 month ago)
For being one of the more socialist-inclined states in America, California has to rely on private companies to fix a lot of problems.
Abby Wheatley (1 month ago)
I just now got a notification for this video...
Zachary P (1 month ago)
The “housing crisis” is a hoax, it’s a mental health and addiction crisis. People need to wake tf up”
Matthew Bonnar (1 month ago)
2 packs a day....Amateur lol
Millaboi Trashlife (1 month ago)
more liberal bs hold down martket value to destroy the poor
Kevlar Vrus 57 (1 month ago)
*Drop DeFranco* why you want us to drop you phil?
Chicca Jinju (1 month ago)
where is Greta Thunberg? does she only love to cry outrage to western countries?
Jolyn Armstrong (1 month ago)
I would much rather see these companies put there money into a private solution. California’s is proving without a doubt that they can’t manage anything.
S Oblivious2all (1 month ago)
Stop leaving California and coming to Colorado you're making life here just as expensive.
Dan Druff (1 month ago)
Just a Thought will California also limit the property taxes they collect from the owners of the rentals properties. Or will taxes continue to rise even though the income from the properties has been reduced.
bigheverly (1 month ago)
😂😂😂 India is so fucked. Staying inside isn’t gonna protect you from the shity air. You’re gonna need a genocide or something to cap that population homies
bigheverly (1 month ago)
I think there’s two types of makeup people. Women who wanna look like Kim Kardashian and they buy Kardashian stuff (any of the sisters) or you’re a woman who looks like a man so you buy Jeffery star makeup to look like a man dressed up as a lady but with makeup on lol
Cadence Underfield (1 month ago)
Okay on the subject of shane dawson and the launch. I'm upset because I talked shit about how quickly I would order EVERYTHING I wanted. I've never been on a website for a popular product launch before. I did not realize how difficult it was going to be to just keep the website going. I didn't get everything I wanted. I'm just happy I walked away with the mini palette and a liquid lipstick at this point.
yelloworangered (1 month ago)
Your hand moves -- like watching spinning pinwheel.
conrad gordon (1 month ago)
there will soon be pollution refugees. You just watch, in ten to 20 years, India and China will have pollution refugees. "We must flee our home country because we poisoned the air and water so much it is not safe to live there any more." Then what, do you take in people that shoot themselves in there own foot, that didn't care enough about there own environment to save it. The rich ones are already coming, from both India and China, the factory owners, the big exec's that make Billions off of poisoning the world in country with no EPA, make there money and move to ones the do.
Leyla Picou (1 month ago)
The vegan in me is sad for the sponsorship but ayye sponsorshipss
FU meCK (1 month ago)
Some people seem to be confused about the India story*; based on what we heard: “cars carrying only women”. men driving - banned. men driving other men - banned. men driving women - Okay. women driving - Okay. women driving men - banned. women driving women - Okay. man driving boy-child - banned. woman driving boy-child - banned. woman driving girl-child - Okay. *(it's not possible to comment on every story), rapists are bad, they should be executed; but as a Black Man, we shouldn’t stigmatize an entire gender because of individuals whose only link is having a Y chromosome. Also, don't wear white hoods...oh, wait, I'm being told black hoods are in style now.
Jock McBile (1 month ago)
Dawson et al, just created a huge infomercial to sell their shit.
Incrementium (1 month ago)
I managed to get the Conspiracy Palette and the Mini Controversy as well, although the combo sold out I managed to snag them separately. It took 6hours of camping out the website to do so lol It was insane, hope my girlfriend appreciates her Christmas presents xD
Jon Jones (1 month ago)
It's nice that tech companies are willing to throw money at a problem. I doubt there are enough construction companies to build the housing that is needed.
Bewe Issor (1 month ago)
India pollution problem is not just a year old problem, I remember being talked about it in high school, thats a decade for me, no one cares about pollution in India, not even themselves (at least not the majority).
Europaii ॐ (1 month ago)
While petty I am disappointed that we didnt get the tati/james drama in the series. I hope we get another few episodes in the series.
Nope Stuff (1 month ago)
ive been pushed out of ca to arizona... i want to go back, but its too expensive :'(
battlecute13 (1 month ago)
it would be nice to share larger residences with more creatives in la there are a few places but the situations somehow seem better knowing the people that don't want lower income individuals to succedd in califprnia as well as just the united states in general. I still don't wanna work for free/\
Ryan Beezley (1 month ago)
With as into video games as you seem to be have you heard of the new Gamestop concepts and direction????
Dularr (1 month ago)
Gentrification - Just remember throwing money at low income neighborhoods simply increases property values and forces low income families out of their housing.
Dularr (1 month ago)
The housing crisis has several issues: International tax laws.- It's not easy to transfer cash between countries. So some individual and corporations pour cash into real estate. Offering a cash price that is over the asking price. Rent increase caps - Discourages the building of low income housing. Luxury properties do not suffer from rent increase caps. Did everyone forget 2008? - Throwing down payments and mortgage programs at people who cannot afford a mortgage, will eventual fail and lead to another 2008 style recession. Single moms - Single moms with children will take all the low income housing. Which of course forces the fathers out of the house and leads to homelessness.
Perseus Hawk (1 month ago)
Great thoughts on the Shane Dawson series!
Katrina Hopkins (1 month ago)
We need affordable housing in California ! My mom, bf, & I have jobs that we have to commute 1 1/2 - 2 hours too ... a lot of people are moving out of this state because of this crisis & I find myself being forced to eventually do the same thing ...
rainyteacup (1 month ago)
Don't promote wool or leather my dude.
hotdrippyglass (1 month ago)
Minute mark 1:01 .... Google pledges $1 billion to build 20,000 homes... Let's see, that math works out to $50,000 per home ... in the SF Bay Area over the next decade ... They could not buy a dog house for $50,000 in the Bay Area let alone a place for a human to live in !!!! Who is kidding whom?!
Freddie Rogers (1 month ago)
I’ve frequented the “website crashing at time of product release” scene because a friend of mine likes buying Air Jordans and Yeezy’s and stuff like that. Sites also crash when tour tickets are released (I failed to get Game Grumps tickets because the Boch Theatre site crashed, but I did get Dan and Phil and Try Guys tickets successfully despite site crashes). I was completely expecting Shopify to crash during Shane and Jeffree’s release because of the sheer volume of people interested and on the site - no one should have been surprised really. It’s commonplace these days. If people were complaining about that they’ve probably never tried to purchase something at its release time like that before (which just goes to show how ingenious Shane’s marketing strategy was, to have gotten people who aren’t regulars interested in that kind of thing).
brucenatelee (1 month ago)
My brother is living in Los Angeles and there's some controversy about him living with my dad's ex-fiance (he passed last Christmas, day before my bro's birthday) and her son. Not only is it believed that she still has his will, but said that she brought two more people to the apartment: a man believed to be her boyfriend, and a woman. None of them _but_ my brother pays for the apartment's rent and he's trying to move. He only stayed because of her son, who still believes we're his older brothers. Sad thing is, he's not even fucking the other woman who's there for free! Imma miss the kid myself, but he needs his freedom. The point of this is that if I moved out there with him and maybe got another to help us out, three of us making $11-12/hour full time should do the trick for dealing with that real estate housing gap. If not, he'll be out there alone with security-guard money. I hope he avoids Compton, Inglewood, or them other areas. Seriously!
sullyFL (1 month ago)
How much waste is created because Apple designs its products to be impossible to upgrade?
sullyFL (1 month ago)
These are near monopolies that have more money than they know what to do with. $2.5 billion is project change to Apple.
Yanchea (1 month ago)
team trees: we are going to change the world new delhi: no i think not
Petal NomNom (1 month ago)
LA.. San fran... and where? oh yea baby Vancouver
Logo J.S. (1 month ago)
On the rent housing in California, no matter what, the biggest problem is that there is not enough housing. As long as there is a lack of housing, there will always be this issue no matter how much you cap the rent hikes or throw money at programs to help people afford housing. The solution that will actually solve the problem, plain and simple, is to build more high density housing like apartments and condos. This is especially true for locations near public transportation avenues like subway stations. The problem with that is that current homeowners don't want apartments to be built near their neighborhoods, so they vote against measures to build more high density housing like this. Thus, we have our present situation where lower income families are being priced out of these areas.
Bewitched Fae (1 month ago)
Shane asked on Twitter and Instagram if we wanted more drama or more about the process, people voted to see more of the process. Because of that he adapted and changed the direction a bit. I’m glad he did, I’m so over the drama in the beauty community. Just show me cool make up and tutorials.
Eirik Marthinsen (1 month ago)
Why are you covering whats essentially an extended ad campaign for makeup?
Antonio Vazquez (1 month ago)
I dont feel bad for India. This is what over population looks like
hartbigs jauregui (1 month ago)
Say what you want but I think it’s great if Shane doesn’t put the James vs Tati drama in his docu. No reason for them to be in it and it’s old.
Bobby Amdro (1 month ago)
Lol you were criticized really nice on reddit no loved it. And someone said you have wackass shirts lol 1k upvotes in that lol. Stop moving your hands. Your not even autist your clearly a wannabe centrist. Keep reading the props.
TakanashiYuuji (1 month ago)
Silicon Valley is weird. There isn't a single high-rise because they are banned. I feel like you could easily solve the issue if you allowed more space efficient buildings.
Martin The Orange (1 month ago)
did he say "as far as my "Philipinion on this"?
TheCatsMeow (1 month ago)
High key, I was very pissed off that their website became complete shit even before the time of the launch. At 11:57 central, products started showing up and it went downhill from there. I was already on the fence of supporting them both financially for the first time because a lot of black people are still very hurt about their past racial comments and depictions (Shane doing blackface) from years ago. I took a personal day from work on the first do to having a funeral the 31st and was looking forward to having this pallet and other accessories. I did not get the website running decently until 4pm central time and almost everything was gone. Like cool that it was such a big deal the 3rd party website became worthless, but as an on the fence consumer it was a terrible experience and makes me question supporting them even more.
Love Lane (1 month ago)
If only YouTubers and other CA implants would move back to their home states then California would be more affordable and I could actually move home to raise my children in the So-Cal city I grew up in. Sadly it is so over populated and over priced we had to move away with our kids to raise them in another state. Not sure how much money it would take to solve the housing crisis in California. There are too many people and not enough space to build new homes that are in convenient locations. Traffic is so bad 24/7 that will only get worse the more they build.
R M (1 month ago)
I have never liked Shane I just can't get behind him.
behind you (1 month ago)
oh they're so generous, using less then 1% of their tax avoidance to deal with the problem they cause, all hail the tech saints....
Toro (1 month ago)
As someone who lives in California, I just want California to calm the fuck down with these housing prices so I can finally rent an apartment that won’t cost an arm & a leg 😒😒
Vanessa Melesio (1 month ago)
Shane Dawson needs to retire
Christina Kovar (1 month ago)
re: Shane documentary not showing the drama yet - With the sort of content the “drama” involves I’m almost certain he opted to move it toward the end because of the product launches that timed to his premiere dates. If you can prove loss of income due to “slander” or “libel” or anything damaging to your brand. I also think it’s why JC timed his launches the way he did, to force Shane’s hand off the “info bomb” of the drama.
Stipopedia (1 month ago)
If Apple (and other companys) payed all it's taxes there would be a lot more money for the state to fight poverty systematically.
The Janitor (1 month ago)
Jeffrey Star is an angry racist and Shane Dawson is a flagrant coward who never actually confronts his subjects or holds them accountable.
Jaime_M (1 month ago)
So, instead paying my mortgage / rent to a bank / landlord I will be paying it to Apple?...No, thanks!
Travis Gibbons (1 month ago)
California’s housing crisis comes from a multitude or problems. The growing population of people who move there on the basis of a dream being one. So many young adults go there thinking they can make a future. Companies also get to avoid taxes by a major scale by making claims of their donations. Just imagine just how grand a billion dollar donation does to the taxes in the end?
Miguel M. (1 month ago)
I see all this jefree and shane series as entertaiment and fun but the fact that ppl are so emotionally attached is so dumb...this is obviously their way to get their money...they claim to be honest and open and still havent mention anything about their drama with james charles and tati, obviously ppl wanted to see the series FOR THAT REASON but they had to throw shanes make up to get ppl to buy it once they get their moment and ppls money hopefully they will talk about the "drama"
T (1 month ago)
this guy is so gay for shane dawson
Catherine Duran (1 month ago)
The democrats will steal that money like always. That state pays a lot of fucking taxes. Where is all the money going? Probably to nancy polosi bank account
Rowan Gannon (1 month ago)
Like good.. throw more money at it? Why would anyone be okay with people being homeless? Especially in such rapidly increasing rates
Chaod666 (1 month ago)
I'm not from the USA but caps on rent is almost a good idea. I have lived in the equivalent of your public housing and the rent caps stopped me from winding up destitute while working at the hospital near me.
Galfor (1 month ago)
There is no free market for housing in Cali. It’s monopolized and collusion for price fixing is rampant.
Jared Spencer (1 month ago)
It’s absurd to blame the companies. When there’s way too many people for the housing available then there are also opportunists who would love to step in and build more homes. The issue is heavy regulations and rent controls decrease the incentives for them to do so. Rent control is an overall harm to low income renters in the long run.
Michelle Durango (1 month ago)
My husband and I both make $17 an hour which is $5 above minimum wage and we barley have enough for our bills some months. Living in California is becoming harder and harder.
Freakshow (1 month ago)
Can you talk about this?? https://youtu.be/8y2KgBdhXbY
hereticmorte666 (1 month ago)
Our (Indian) politicians are impotent and incompetent. They just want to exploit the situation for their political gains. Everything becomes polarized along religious lines and nothing gets done. I don't know how long can this go on.
Panos Triantaphillou (1 month ago)
Shilo Smith (1 month ago)
i would so much rather the government be involved in the pricing of homes. while it’s a sweet idea for these huge tech companies to help out, it’s very scary to be so dependent on these companies. it sounds a lot like they’re starting to become the government at that point. the more that they are involved the more that they have a say in things. scared of oligarchies.
Rose K (1 month ago)
Although I have loved the series (and sadly wasn't able to buy the palette the first time around as I was on my lunch break during the crash and working once it was back up and sold out haha) I really hope the clips in the trailer about JC and Tati was not clickbait! I think that because it is about the beauty world as a whole they have to cover it :) also im a ho for drama
BayonettaK (1 month ago)
Sorry, but India and China are disgusting. They have far too many people in crammed into cities that just pump out plastic and air pollution with no regard for anything. They need to crack down HARD.
Jennifer DuBois (1 month ago)
Thats pretty sad that school employees are considered low income and need assistance with getting a loan
CoqPwner (1 month ago)
Kinda happy the big tech companies are trying to do something about the housing problems, but I always hate how companies spin this as if it was anything but a fucking Business move. They're either trying to garner support for a good cause or mitigate bad press since they're the root cause of the damn problem in the first place. Imagine if a company or a politician, just once somewhere would be honest and go "Yeah, we're fucking everything up around here, so we'll throw some bread crumbs your way so you peasants won't riot" That asshole would have my vote
ThedeadT (1 month ago)
In ontario, canada the rent increase has always been capped, which changes yearly usually around 2% for 2020 its 2.2% the highest in the past 20years was like 3.9% in the early 2000s. I thought this was normal
John Phillips (1 month ago)
Hey Phil where's your 16 year old hero/uneducated pollution kid when it comes to India both of you are so full of 💩
THE NEW GAME TV (1 month ago)
Makeup??? Lots of money!!! Naaa!!!
Celtic Phoenix (1 month ago)
The major tech companies getting involved to "solve" a problem they helped cause is just the first step. Truthfully every company which earns profits in the six figures range should be donating a percentage of their posted profits towards uplifting their area. I won't be holding my breath to see if these donations ever bear fruit.
ksizzle (1 month ago)
People saying they're only watching the Shane serious for Tati and James are so sad and clearly can't get past it and live off of drama. He did create a poll and people wanted more of the business side of it so I'm sure he edited it out.
Man InBlack (1 month ago)
As an ex san Jose resident who moved because of high housing costs I commend these companies for at least trying
Kailash Harsha (1 month ago)
As an Indian, I can confirm that India has done almost nothing but band-aid solutions.
1llustrous King (1 month ago)
Free market isn’t actually a free market its a free to be greedy if you rent out or sell housing
Justin Hackstadt (1 month ago)
If minimum wage is not nearly sustainable for the majority in a state, then why is it minimum wage? It is the governments job to make minimum wage high enough to be the bare minimum to survive on. This is companies wanting to pay their employees peanuts while making fat money. SMFH
1llustrous King (1 month ago)
I would liketo point out that its not really the tech companies fault its the housing industry trying to suck dry the employees of the tech companies that want to live near their work. Fun fact if you know a costumer makes bank and well housing requires a proof of employment they well up the prices to get the money from those people. Its not the tech companies fault they create at jobs if anything. We need to look at the housing laws and reprimand people for raising prices in housing to the extent that it is in both cally and Seattle. Stop blaming companies that just show up that ultimately clean up the streets by building nice facilities, create at jobs for people and make places safer because they pay for security round clock in and around the buildings they own.
Raf (1 month ago)
Honestly, there are lots of state laws in California that make it difficult for housing prices to drop from what I hear. It isn't just the big tech companies that cause this.