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Brian Redban Olive Garden Commercial

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Brian Redban of Deathsquad and The Joe Rogan Experience finally made an Olive Garden Commercial
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Text Comments (114)
YYG 1998 (2 months ago)
olive garden butthole
CDKJ 85 (2 years ago)
wait so it is $12 or $40?!
CallMeQkef (2 years ago)
I love how the money shot is Joe delivering the slogan when he always hated redban bringing up the Olive Garden
Brandon Nintendo (3 years ago)
Justin Bieber
Dr.Giggles (4 years ago)
7 dollars at Wendy's bitch
MikeRoePhonicsMusic (4 years ago)
A have a friend who summarizes Olive Garden with one simple sentence: "They have chairs with wheels."
Ravangers (4 years ago)
I spent 12 dollars on free bread sticks?
Brandon Lee (4 years ago)
this is awesome!
Colin Douglas (4 years ago)
Jeffrey Eickhoff (5 years ago)
All that pasta and breadsticks is bad for your health Brian Redban.....with that being said, I WANT OLIVE GARDEN NOW!!!!!  
jackwevans20 (5 years ago)
Krille (5 years ago)
Okra Beats (5 years ago)
Holy shit. Amazing.
SeattleCorvette (5 years ago)
Fuckin brian haha
Petorious - (5 years ago)
hahaha good ending!! "AYYYYY AYYYYY"
AlakahnRah (6 years ago)
This is awesome x4 cracks me up every time
xdoctor420x (6 years ago)
Matt L (6 years ago)
Powerful JRE
chase huiet (6 years ago)
SRNF (6 years ago)
Gosh Brian has the explanation capabilities of a 12 year old.
PowerfulCZR (6 years ago)
MixHypnotic (6 years ago)
what a shit episode.
USMCHernandez (6 years ago)
Jeremy (6 years ago)
The joe Rogan experience is brought to you by the olive garden.
baron819 (6 years ago)
Powerful mischiefmaker37
Blotted (7 years ago)
its a jersey thing... xD
Jake Noel (7 years ago)
Who's being a muff cabbage?
Giancarlo Dittamo (7 years ago)
this is great. awesome job.
cleansingfire100 (7 years ago)
TW (7 years ago)
Blotted (7 years ago)
ya muff cabbage.
badderthanyou (7 years ago)
Shit overpriced food.
EarlKrempe (7 years ago)
"olive garden, when ya here ya family, when ya not... ya dogshit"
Sublime6193 (7 years ago)
Narciso Michael (7 years ago)
stenobro (7 years ago)
That's some powerful editing there, my friend.
IronMaidenPwnz (7 years ago)
$12 on free breadsticks can't beat that deal
Señor Romántico (7 years ago)
When you're stoned, all food is awesome.
The Foxfires (7 years ago)
Brandon Farley (MischiefMaker37) (7 years ago)
Come on Everybody by Eddie Cochran
Codename (2 years ago)
this is volume 6??
xerikox (7 years ago)
I heard Joe Hogan went to olive garden 7 times in one week, .......and he also know who kill'd 2pac
Simon Dybvik (7 years ago)
this made me laugh so fucking hard!
Peddarn (7 years ago)
you're*, you pathetic fuck!
Frederik Pedersen (7 years ago)
Shakil Warsalee (7 years ago)
I lol'd, Joe Rogan Bitches
Flappo Spammo (7 years ago)
jake mandirt neg repped this video
lyssrina (7 years ago)
whats with the cat in 0:32
☯Khan.Shish.Kidd☯ (7 years ago)
Redban should be the olive garden spokesperson .. maybe theyll even sponsor his podcasts
Maafa 1619 (7 years ago)
Stay black, cocksuckers!
redban (7 years ago)
$7 at Wendys....
gr18vidz (7 years ago)
So true.
gr18vidz (7 years ago)
I love Brian!
Ice03333 (7 years ago)
HILARIOUS. You know you're good at what you do when Joe Rogan mentions you on his podcast.
dachicagoan (7 years ago)
Everytime I see a Olive Garden I think to myself "where is a 70mph uncontrollable semi when you need it?"
cooliomon78 (7 years ago)
Lol, I love Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan at the end.
Tyler Lothersome (7 years ago)
I just payed 12 dolrers for all you can eat bread sticks
roy4922 (7 years ago)
i thought the "this is awesome, this is awesome, this is awesome" part had to be an edited repeat. lol, it's not.
Pizzo27 (7 years ago)
derrikdavid (7 years ago)
Lmao! For real.
gears5336 (7 years ago)
cats olive garden butthole
Beard Money (7 years ago)
jayaregomez (7 years ago)
LOL. "They've perfected this shit."
PillarOfWamuu (7 years ago)
@iDesolace what is the origin then i keep hearing this running gag but idk how it started
PillarOfWamuu (7 years ago)
is this the origin to the whole olive garden thing? like whats the joke come from
insince (7 years ago)
I'm getting THIS AND THIS AND THIS oh god I hate redban so much but this was amazing.
thirdeyetubewatcher (7 years ago)
awesome made my day hillarious
TommyKnow (7 years ago)
@elstroshitnonstop Wasn't that the Mayhem Miller/Ryan Parsons one?
Boone Freeman (7 years ago)
Hahaha yes!
NYCMMA1 (7 years ago)
Olive Garden, Cats, Butthole....Oh Brian
gears5336 (7 years ago)
oh brian
whatsuphotdog (7 years ago)
Fancy Feast
MATT NORRIS (8 years ago)
this should be the actual commercial
TheParadigmShift (8 years ago)
Cingus X Book 1 (8 years ago)
This. is. amazing.
gears5336 (8 years ago)
Bacon22122 (8 years ago)
"I just spent 12 dollars on free breadsticks" Oh Brian, I love you hahaha
PaperStackersUnion (8 years ago)
you hit the nail on the head with this one homie, nice job. u really need to make a wherethedudesat one. maybe a vision quest type flick
Chet Akins (8 years ago)
Haha, you're awesome for making this brah.
vskerane (8 years ago)
making fun of brain damaged people is not cool unless its redban
doobiest420 (8 years ago)
Redban I hate you, but I like this. I'm so conflicted.
David D (8 years ago)
Brian Redban is a complete fucking idiot
SSJbattousai06 (8 years ago)
when ya heer ya fahmlay OH
Jon Moore (8 years ago)
fuck! why cant i stop watching this!?!?
eldiabla (8 years ago)
This is awesome... this is awesome... THIS IS AWESOME
augie666 (8 years ago)
@redban 40 dollars hahahah
Jon Moore (8 years ago)
gaaaaad damn i cant stop watching this fucking video idk why!!!!! Fuckin Brian! haha
gvbhdghdf (8 years ago)
fb keeps deleting this from my pg
Blank (8 years ago)
Redban is annoying as fuck.
Krahpula (8 years ago)
Redban talks like a 14yr old girl
zack lyzun (8 years ago)
it used to annoy me but now its like every podcast you wait to here olive garden
JerFhilm (8 years ago)
I'm glad Redban enjoys Olive Garden but their fucking whitebread commercials make me sick. Soccer mom humor shit.
Jake S (8 years ago)
fucking perfect!
michael najera (8 years ago)
really funny man
Wayde Rafnel (8 years ago)
Perfectly done...this made my day.
PeJota615 (8 years ago)
this is awesome this is awesome this is awesome this is awesome
takemedown2funkytown (8 years ago)
wow that's hilarious - great edit with the lines breh. :-)
Jamie Larcombe (8 years ago)
Holy shit that was hilarious, great job man.
ronsurfsup (8 years ago)
LMAO! Hey , HEY, hey
BiggieToad (8 years ago)
dumanator1 (8 years ago)
Bout pissed myself?Eh!