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Chuck Wendig Will Make You a Writer

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Chuck Wendig has his hands in lots of pies: He writes novels and screenplays, designs games, and even doles out writing advice. HowStuffWorks talked to him about his work on the “Star Wars: Aftermath” series, his social media presence, and what it really takes to be a good writer. Chuck’s site: TerribleMinds.com
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Text Comments (8)
Buttered Lumps (5 months ago)
I never understand your titles...
Nausi Windstrider (5 months ago)
Always a treat to see Holly interviewing. She has such a great way with people, and a fantastic fashion sense. I followed Chuck and am excited to check out some of his work. Thank you!
Dick Killroy (5 months ago)
Chuck Wendig? More like Cuck Wedding, ammirite?
Dick Killroy (5 months ago)
+taelok I dunno, when I saw the little picture with his name and that's what I first read.
taelok (5 months ago)
Dick Killroy what's a cuck wedding? is this some sort of wedding for birds?
enginelord (5 months ago)
Ahhh... that last ten seconds made sense.
Dream High Animation (5 months ago)
is the video fast or it's just me ??
Patricia DelMercado (5 months ago)
Dream High Animation he sounds like he is on speed.