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Pokemon Sword & Shield: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

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Pokemon Sword/Shield (Nintendo Switch) is filled with new things to learn, as well as some nuances that only hardcore fans will know going in. Here are some things we think you should know. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (2800)
Broken Kandi (5 hours ago)
Feel better
Jennifer Vermilyea (9 hours ago)
An if u find a brilliant aura pokemon gives u watts
Connor Dingess (10 hours ago)
*When he says closer to the daycare and proceeds to point to the furthest*
Katy Press (16 hours ago)
6:18 he say zackian
Gem Universe (16 hours ago)
I picked sobble because it turns into James Bond
kosmokemon (16 hours ago)
The only flaw I see I when you trade with other people and you want to know why they are willing to trade and they give you something good but you don’t and they cancel it
Minecraft Gamerajt (1 day ago)
also scorbunny: *FIRE FIGHTING*
mealo the otter (1 day ago)
Sorry to be that person but I think it’s (ba-ee) and (z-A-C-in)
mealo the otter (1 day ago)
I love scorebunny!
Andrew The Gamer (1 day ago)
Feel better
bigejay100able (1 day ago)
anyone see malmetal
Mason the Gamer (1 day ago)
Hhhahahahahahaha i just found koffing with aura!
B Mac (2 days ago)
This game was set up for you to want to take Scorbunny.
Dan GreninjaYT (3 days ago)
Yesterday I got shiny grookey my starter was sobble
TheTurtleGamerYT (3 days ago)
My man said ZACKian!!🤣
Phillip Collette (3 days ago)
Is there a way to make more than one team to choose from in the battle screen?
Chinti TheIceBear (3 days ago)
90 percent of these fact were TOLD TO YOU BY THE GAME!
Blue Beaker (4 days ago)
Its Za-Cy(see)-an
Blue Beaker (4 days ago)
Cheese Omelette (4 days ago)
6:18 tha- that’s just insulting
Matthew Burnett (4 days ago)
So much incorrect information.
Keelan Scourfield (4 days ago)
I had no trouble using sobble because my sobble had already become drizzile before i fought Milo because i thought he would be as hard as gardenia was in platinum using prinplup. Despite using peck it took me seven attempts to beat gardenia initially in platinum, but i swept milo easily using my then drizzile to actually to my suprise beat him first try.
Keelan Scourfield (4 days ago)
Leon doesn't pick a starter he literally just takes back the one you or hop didn't choose. telling it alright looks like you're with me and then tells it to train with charizard who'll show it the ropes.
Alexander Williams (5 days ago)
what is Zackian?
Flash_Jason (5 days ago)
How can I get Pokémon home
Brandon Brix (5 days ago)
Number 10 is dumb
Liam Cassidy (5 days ago)
a gigantamax snorlax fled and im so angry now that i know its pretty rare
Liam Cassidy (5 days ago)
I ignored 2 brilliant auras, fuuuuuuuu...
HiThisIs MeExactly (5 days ago)
What they really dont tell you about: They dont tell you when Serena is comin back
RW Space (6 days ago)
Did he just say “Za-ca-ian”
Rot Z (6 days ago)
Apparently, we have a pokedex dedicated to f**king food, and no national dex?
Morningstar (6 days ago)
I chose Soble as my first starter and no joke it was a female Sabo I don't even have to restart the game or anything
Przemek Pikul (7 days ago)
Me: why this pokemons glow? Maybe its a shiny?! [Edit: i didnt cauth this pokemons cause they dont shiny] Me after watching this video: ohh shit...
Kyle the Lucario (7 days ago)
I beat sword and Ioved it and a got a female Lucario (a rare Lucario) and I use it all the time
sabagecabageYT (7 days ago)
Does it matter what pokeball you use on a gigamax Pokémon?
mohamed lammah (7 days ago)
Michael Lovegrove (8 days ago)
That you have to pay a monthly fee to do any online play. Utter bullshit.
Genju (8 days ago)
Di.. Did he just say Zackian
Jetyfn (10 days ago)
reporter142 games (10 days ago)
How to be actually good at the gane
Poke Legend Pro (10 days ago)
Stop I hate when people hates my favorite game!
Sarah Mechem (10 days ago)
i’ve heard people pronounce “zacian” several different ways, but this is the first i’ve heard it pronounced like “zack-ian” lol
Charles Mclennan (11 days ago)
In love with this games Rapidash 😍
Milk _ (11 days ago)
NOO I have sword and I really wanted The galar Rabdash :(
Adia Rosario (9 days ago)
You can still get it its just rare
Keiran Raby (12 days ago)
*Zac-ian* Neat
Dominica DeMatteo (12 days ago)
I fully EV trained a Dreepy I bred myself. That was the pokemon I used in the first gym 😂
Jasmine Baker (12 days ago)
I am becoming a YouTube are
Waffles Exist (12 days ago)
I’m not kidding but my friend complete the Pokédex in 1 week because he was so urgent to shiny hunt!
Prince Blu (13 days ago)
You know what I hate, I put my legendary into the PokéJob thing, it forgot it’s exclusive move while in there and I can’t get it back. :”)
Toasty Bunz (13 days ago)
The amount of brilliant aura Pokémon I’ve ignored. ._.
Bella Patch565 (13 days ago)
I don’t really like mega evolutions or Z moves so I was pleasantly surprised when I liked gigantimax and dynamax
Bella Patch565 (13 days ago)
‘Everyone has stories of struggling against Brock with a charmander’ Pokemon yellow: am I a joke to you?
Bella Patch565 (8 days ago)
Mitsoku Uchiha Pokemon yellow was my first Pokemon game so I had no idea what I was doing so my brother talked me through beating Brock with my nidorino, and how to evolve it 😅
Mitsoku Uchiha (10 days ago)
idk how but i learned you can get a mankey in the wild from trying to go to the elite four(obviously you can't) perfect for brock
Jake Rodney (13 days ago)
got a shiny Pancham before my first gym badge!
Rainbow Type tv (13 days ago)
It’s pronounced za-see-in not zak-ee-in
somedude 34521 (13 days ago)
He said zacian wrong its pronounced zashian
Kirby the Cute star warrior (13 days ago)
Good thing I chose scorbunny He is a level 84 Cinderace now
Kirby the Cute star warrior (9 days ago)
Jk he max level
Adia Rosario (9 days ago)
My Cinderace LV 89
Caiden Magill (14 days ago)
0:28😂 had to show what to make this vid great right.👍👍👍
theKeen Otaku (14 days ago)
I’ve gotten a gigantamax meowth from an online event
1st aim (15 days ago)
I remember hearing that amount of times you catch a pokemon goes Into shiny back in gen 3 specifically when emerald was out
meowmix meowmix (15 days ago)
Wrong charizard shiny smh
Enoyreve (15 days ago)
*makes a section of the video on shiny pokemon* *doesnt even use real shiny sprites*
ryan zolen (15 days ago)
Depending on the moves sets you pick for the fire type you can beat every gym leader except for the water and dragon with just the right moves. I recommend one normal, 2 fire, and one fighting move to increase your chances of beating your opponents in the gyms.
Eboy Eboy (15 days ago)
The 10 i already know that.
moose (16 days ago)
Wait you're going to explain shiny Pokémon but not square shinies
Hey Itz Bobbers J (16 days ago)
6:19 lol i’ve never heard someone pronounce it like that “zackian” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s zah-shee-in! i’m pretty sure you can’t catch a kantonian meowth in this game.
Connor Dingess (10 hours ago)
Can't catch, only gift.
Aqil Shadow (16 days ago)
gameranx: Zakian me: WDYM!
REPLAYER (16 days ago)
"Every Pokémon in the game." *shows thanosed pokemon*
jari van luling (16 days ago)
00:33 beartic with me
BoomerPlaysYT (16 days ago)
Zakian? Wtf is a zakian
kj Chung (16 days ago)
and also tat u cannot dynamax zacian even u caught it!
Ente Mottomo (17 days ago)
Who wants to hear about an interesting idea for nintendo switch. Check me out.
AMicroBox (17 days ago)
I got a square shiny magikarp yesterday in the last raid I did that day and another today in the first raid I did. My first two shinies. It wasn't during the shiny magikarp event. And I don't have a shiny charm
Supersonic Shinx (17 days ago)
*laughs in only has ever gotten two of the four fossils from the digging stamina guy-*
moli (17 days ago)
i caught a shiny lotad during my first play through on route 2 🥴 my first shiny ever.
cesar jimenez (17 days ago)
I chose Sobble and used Steenee and Kirlia for Milo.....
WERQ DJ (17 days ago)
Zack Ian
Mortem Zequax (17 days ago)
is the grass type not the best starter do to it forcing the champion to use 2 fire type pokemons ?
Corbin Brotherton (18 days ago)
I found one of those aura guys and because nobody said anything i ran away cause i caught the same one 3 seconds ago...
Snow Pikachu (18 days ago)
i didn't watch the video yet but i think it's nice that the game doesn't tell you absolutely everything and lets you discover things on your own :)
3ft Ninja (18 days ago)
Why did the version with my boy Tyranitar have to be the one with a freaking Mario Shy Guy as a Gym Leader, COME ON!!!!
Eduardo Fernandez (18 days ago)
Except he is ghost shy guy
Kakyoin Requiem (18 days ago)
Who still has a copy of pokemon conquest, because I still have mine
DisneyChannel41Lover (18 days ago)
So is it watts and the points in that aura?
{SODA.DEMON} (18 days ago)
shoot I avoided the aura ones because someone told me they only give you some watts and I just did max raids...
jacoblgames (18 days ago)
So what do the base stats of the starters' final forms look like?
1k subs with 1 vid pls (19 days ago)
so the yellow aura meant better stats and special moves when i thought it was ashiny but when i went into batt.le it wasnt so i ran away -_-
Frick Shneaf (19 days ago)
Zackian my man
Drea Skrylie (19 days ago)
I got a shiny magikarp out of 6 encounters :0 sadly I didn’t even realize it till I beat the game in a rush
Xo lulu Xo (19 days ago)
Oh I should've watched this before playing it. I picked Grookey and I'm on the first gym I'ma have tough luck ;w;
Johannson Romero (17 days ago)
@JustYawnz Second time I see someone spell "Grookey" wrong.
JustYawnz (18 days ago)
Xo lulu Xo I picked grooky too and I did really good with it In the first gym
Phill D (19 days ago)
This game in fact does tell me some of which you mentioned
Alex Altenburger (19 days ago)
GO OVERLEVELED GROOKIE (i cant spell the final form of this starter) catch a farfetch'd holding an item with THE CELERY ITEM (i call it that) and u basically get all crits
Johannson Romero (17 days ago)
Rafael Mantas (19 days ago)
Dynamax does not multiply stats
NOCTURNAL_ARROW (19 days ago)
The brilliant aura is a super Saiyan Pokemon lol
aubrey jennings (19 days ago)
Doesn’t have all the Pokémon, games trash
Eduardo Fernandez (18 days ago)
Eh. Pokemon sw/sh is still pokemon, and pokemon is awesome.
theoneoutcast (19 days ago)
The details of the brilliant pokemon and shiny pokemon have been debunked. Ignore this info
Red Jonathan (19 days ago)
In my opinion I like mega evolution better then the giant forms in this game
MarlinBallZ (19 days ago)
I picked sobby and had rookidee on my team so that was a big win against milo
Weronika Niemczuk (19 days ago)
I alwoays see aura pokemon
Temmie Hoi (19 days ago)
No one told me that you start with 31k money OwO
Bryan Miguel Anicete (19 days ago)
Sobble or Scorbunny?
Jay Master (19 days ago)
The game doesn’t tell you that you have to pay to trade online
Happy CookieTV (5 days ago)
Anthony Martinez they mean with Nintendo Online to trade all over the world
Anthony Martinez (12 days ago)
i traded with my friend for free
LUIIVEE (19 days ago)
Jay Master bro I’ve been looking for a comment like yours ! Good looks bro