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GE changed our lives. Why is it struggling?

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General Electric invented thousands of products that changed life in America. Now its recent troubles have some worried its future isn't so bright.
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Text Comments (10)
Citizen of Corona (9 months ago)
Simple - They don't invent anymore.
Michael Choe (9 months ago)
People always find a way to burn money. debt is a bitch
Arthur Duff (9 months ago)
When you implement stock buybacks at market highs and only promote women and tall men, you're bound to have problems.
Underwood95 (9 months ago)
GE Oil and Gas makes so much money ull die if u find out how much
Robert Oehmichen (10 months ago)
BS! The X-Ray machine was invented and built by the German Inventor Alfred Röntgen, not by GE.
C. Lincoln (10 months ago)
Its because just like anything else that's white... it can't compete against other players. Yes.. when America was the only real manufacturing industrialized country ... and there was no "competition"... it could dominate. Just like white players could dominate the NBA.... but as soon as other people had their chance to compete (i.e Chinese / Japanese / or black people in sports).... well, then it becomes a wrap. Jut wait until black people get to competing with whites economically .... time is ticking honkeys.
Big Jim (10 months ago)
How long is the waiting list for a Tesla model 3?
Серж Шуляченко (10 months ago)
Tesla on the verge of bankruptcy, the battery is exhausted - Ilon Mask
moviedude22 (10 months ago)
100 year + is a very long stretch
doomtomb3 (10 months ago)
Problem is GE was great. Jet engines and microwaves are awesome inventions. But that inventiveness has left for places like Silicon Valley and Asia