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AWKWARD Bathroom Design FAILS

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Most awkward bathroom design fails! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf Official Merch: https://ogwolfpack.com/ SSSniperWolf https://www.youtube.com/SSSniperWolf
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (7610)
SSSniperWolf (7 months ago)
what should I PUT IN MY NEW SHELF??
Chloe Webb (1 month ago)
A ghost dog
Haig Sagharian (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf idk
Katell Anor (1 month ago)
Your face
Sisters Forever And always (2 months ago)
I love you
Mermaid Snowflake (3 months ago)
SSSniperWolf hi
Sairyn Maree Takarua Neho (14 hours ago)
Hayhay Niebur (14 hours ago)
Sem sem rolo
Amir khan (1 day ago)
5:23 *I tried this.... with a pot and so... I pissed in the pot and took a shit and it worked*
miracle taylor (1 day ago)
It look like a sprm
Jane Rose (1 day ago)
It looks like a sperm or a tadpole
Samantha Jones (1 day ago)
SSSniperWolf:Comment below on what this sink looks like,". Me:😐.....I'm uncomfortable,because it looks like a sperm......,"
Nimpy Plays (2 days ago)
The sink with a white line looks like a sperm
Magnolia Riedl (2 days ago)
a . . . . . . spider!(:<
Oscar Trily (3 days ago)
In America fossets clean you in Soviet Russia you clean the fossets
jaymie Kelley (3 days ago)
This made me laugh so hard thanks sssniperwolf for brightening my day!! 😇
frank (3 days ago)
You can just put it right there It's just fine 😊 love you❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💕😻
LB’s World (4 days ago)
In my bathroom at my school there’s like these two bathroom stalls well that ain’t really the gross part well beside the second one is a toilet that does not have a door that does not even have a have a wall so you can literally see him taking the bathroom
Abdulai Bah (4 days ago)
A dog
Cocaha 87 (4 days ago)
I think alot of these are just placed that way for pictures.
Cocaha 87 (4 days ago)
Stop deleting my comments
Cocaha 87 (4 days ago)
That faucet looks like it's doing another faucet whilst it vomits on the back of it's head.
Dan Thane (5 days ago)
Sexist, boys aren't sticky
melanie bonnett (6 days ago)
3:15 um no
Hitesh Patel (6 days ago)
Why are these bathrooms so bad🤭🤢🤮🤮
cookie gaming (6 days ago)
The 'in the USA the faucet cleans you but in russia the faucet cleans it self' it should have been 'in the USA the faucet cleans you but in russia you clean the faucet'
Rhiannon Kirby (8 days ago)
Water cooler
Elite Gaming (8 days ago)
I stayed in that hotel
Alexis Mendoza (8 days ago)
Oh, do you think boys are disgusting, says the girl who can't close her damn legs
Annabelle Chenoweth (9 days ago)
Also put pusheen stuff on shelf.
Annabelle Chenoweth (9 days ago)
A worm on the sink.
Carolyn Kohn (9 days ago)
I saw it before and it was awkward 😖😖😖
Louise Laus (9 days ago)
Your name but ON a pillo
Ya boi playz !!!!!! (9 days ago)
janet Rosales (9 days ago)
Prob for parent and their 5 -6 year old kid
Terri Henry (10 days ago)
I’m a kid I’m 7 loveeee it
Blueberry Pie Gacha (10 days ago)
We all no what that line by the sink looks like
caroline nall (10 days ago)
one resterant in my town reminds me of the two toilets
Tez Schticle (11 days ago)
The faucet that pours onto the handle is actually pretty clever. It rinses off germs and bacteria of the person who touched it before you(theoretically). Still kind of funny looking though.
Charlee (11 days ago)
The sink is a baby frog
Dezmond Holloway (11 days ago)
A tad pole
Jody Pitcox (11 days ago)
You should put some mercy inside the shelf
Kitti Ea (11 days ago)
Kitti Ea (11 days ago)
At the beginning... the shelf:oof oof you: you see it’s as sturdy as a rock.
Alexis Smith (11 days ago)
The first bathroom looks like the k mart one
Gamergirl Fun (11 days ago)
Mouse or snack or pennies
Living Stones International (12 days ago)
Boys got cooties sike naw let me stop
Living Stones International (12 days ago)
JOSHUA RENTAS (13 days ago)
I would drink from fountain
Dragon_heart PlayZ (14 days ago)
Sahalie Michie (15 days ago)
Lia: speaking about things needing to be put together, no we aren’t talking about my life Me: I feel ya Edit: if you put a fork in a power outlet it will explode I know frome experience 😓
Pastal cookie (16 days ago)
2020?anyone?iam the only one here?Btw iam a huge fan ♡♡♡♡♡
xXMusicMewXx (16 days ago)
3:11 when I was in pre school or something my school did that. But there were like four toilets. And since we were young we didn't see anything wrong with it. We'd have whole conversations in there. Im disappointed in myself to this day
Lily Kitty Chan :3 (17 days ago)
2020? People?
Suk Kap (19 days ago)
A dicktionary (i know how to spell
PrincessLala 101 (19 days ago)
In preschool, (yes I remember), we had our toilets with no stalls or doors. Boys and girls used at the same time; everyone saw everything. That’s why I always 💩 my pants
Tiberiu Plugariu (16 days ago)
Full send Yeeter (19 days ago)
It look like a tadpole Like to agree 👇🏽
Jake Scar (20 days ago)
If you were in a car accident would you know what to do 4:52
ChillThunder418 ._. (21 days ago)
6:09 i will take the sperm sink " thank you "
Anna Zeltser (21 days ago)
I went to a pizza restaurant / I went to the bathroom / the sign on the bathroom stall said: No flushing down diapers, tolit paper , paper towels, or any in unachiveable dreams 🤗😅😢😭
Anna Zeltser (21 days ago)
Here's one more design fail : In my pre-k bathroom we go in and there are two toilets parrel to each other One boys One girls And there was literely always a line of everyone standing ang watching you!!!! The only time I went was lunch time when no one was there !!!!😱😰🤮🤢
Melvin brown (21 days ago)
Like sub all notes or notifications on
Alex Lee (22 days ago)
H He Hel Hell Hello P Pea
GamingWJake (22 days ago)
SSSniperwolf: “boys are stinky” Me: “that’s offensive” My brother: “she such a wanna be” Me: “😂😂😂😂🤣🤣”
Jayla Thurton (22 days ago)
That one looked like a tadpole
Lia like my bunny :3
{\_/} (•w•) (U U) U U
lizz life (23 days ago)
2020? enyone
Brooke Sample (24 days ago)
Yay spit on me 😛🤤
Papa Sega Souare (24 days ago)
I see a baby face on the thresh can 😑🤔😐
Haida (24 days ago)
有時候也蠻可憐可憐了? 這個
Gabby & Skittles (24 days ago)
Isn't the first one the marble?? And not 💩💩
ervina chou (24 days ago)
My bathroom the toilet paper is too high
Alexa Rapisarda (24 days ago)
I liked, subed, and ringed the bell!
lasensacion91 (24 days ago)
Any jewelry 🙄🤔
Student Miranda DeLeon (25 days ago)
A tadpole
Britney Star (25 days ago)
my last school's toilet door had a hole too because the toilet was there
Aubrey Alexander (25 days ago)
The sink with the line in it looked like a sperm anyone else feel uncomfortable
mackenzie mccormick (2 days ago)
yes ...
Penny Arneson (3 days ago)
Aubrey Alexander YYYEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!! ;/
Electric Boba (26 days ago)
RobloxiaGirl01 (26 days ago)
You can put on your shelf a cute little teddy bear
RobloxiaGirl01 (26 days ago)
Why do you have so many sticky notes on your walls!
My Daughter (26 days ago)
No it is 2020
Monica Hernandez (26 days ago)
This video made me laugh😂😂😂😂
#Fox Lover (26 days ago)
Your hair looks different
Martha Bryant (26 days ago)
People are drinking from that so water fountain./ OMG save those people!!!!!
Danas Danas (27 days ago)
Sniper Put A Toy Dragon In The shelf!♡
Danas Danas (25 days ago)
Aviva Sharma (25 days ago)
Nope It is an enderman from Minecraft
jalyssa lewis (27 days ago)
If you love SSSniqerwolf hit that like button now
Elysia Stopani (24 days ago)
my first name is Elysia
Layals Walker (27 days ago)
Jazmine Hendrickson (27 days ago)
Omg I thought the same thing about the boys going to the bathroom both ways while sitting 😂🤣
Maudi Shaw (27 days ago)
Erin Beck (28 days ago)
Erin Beck (28 days ago)
shonta black (28 days ago)
Ewwww same I wouldn't wash my hands in it too
Aaliyah Cahill (28 days ago)
Kennedy White (28 days ago)
Mauriah Preston (28 days ago)
When i was in 1st grade we were in PE,When we were changing to put our swimming suits on girls had to change in front of all the girls...SAME FOR THE BOYS!
Caleb Wilkins (28 days ago)
Mauriah Preston (28 days ago)
3:11 When I was in Minnesota I was 5 at the time there were three toilets with no stall doors or dividers that was in the family restroom!! It was very uncomfortable!!!!!!!! 😤😤😤😨😨😬
chance smith (28 days ago)
Put a huge snicker bar
Madison Childs (29 days ago)
You know wha5 the swigily line looks like a snake😂🤣
Stephanie Mullane (29 days ago)
Garrett Thovson (29 days ago)
Wonder if you had to P and poop on people
Scarlett Adams (30 days ago)
you should put picachuu's!!! you have the best sense of humor your hilarious !!!!!!!
Monkey Bat (30 days ago)
Sniper wolf check monkey bat
Monkey Bat (30 days ago)