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Say “Yello” to Talent

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Technological innovations not only enable Norfolk Southern trains to run more safely and efficiently – they also help us recruit the best and brightest employees. One of these technologies is a talent-acquisition platform called Yello. By partnering with Yello, NS has modernized and strengthened the employee recruiting process, ensuring that we attract the tech-savvy talent we need to reimagine our railroad of the future. A primary benefit of Yello is the ability to remotely conduct prerecorded and live video interviews, alleviating scheduling conflicts, delays, and costs associated with travel. For the initial interview, candidates can sit in the comfort of their own home and answer prerecorded questions posed by a recruiter. Or a recruiter can conduct a live interview through Yello’s video-conferencing function. With these capabilities, NS can give applicants a personalized experience while also expediting the hiring process. What used to take several months now can be accomplished in only a few weeks or days. In addition, NS recruiters can use Yello to market events, electronically capture résumés, access real-time candidate-status information, process referrals from current employees, schedule interviews, and keep in touch with candidates throughout the application and interview process. The software also empowers NS to more strategically allocate its resources, allowing recruiters to track the costs and benefits of attending job fairs and industry conventions and make smarter business decisions about where and how to recruit. Through its collaboration with Yello, NS is more effectively connecting with top-notch recruits, building an innovative workforce to solve tomorrow’s problems, today. To learn more about Yello and other transformative new tech, check out the NS technology page now:
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1wolfdaddy (1 year ago)
Still waiting for a call or email.
Pittsburgh Line Railfan (1 year ago)
Say yello. Ns 1800 and 1801 Sd70accs? Coincidence? I THINK NOT
Richard K (1 year ago)
Me? Too old. Thank you anyway.
IronHorse Rail Production's (1 year ago)
Yello to the engineers, conductors of norfolk southern
MBTA & More Productions (1 year ago)
Nice. Hope to work for Norfolk Southern when older :)
IronHorse Rail Production's (1 year ago)
Same :)