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80's Hot Wheels Crack-Ups Crash Course Commercial

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The music makes it happen.
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Text Comments (18)
Timothy Torres (1 year ago)
0:01 What show is that?
Tj lomin (4 years ago)
these and miro machines are hard to find....
karma415 (6 years ago)
i miss those cars so much. i had nearly all of them.
George Vreeland Hill (7 years ago)
Love it. George Vreeland Hill
DJ4000VOLT (7 years ago)
That kids hat bill is HUUUGGE
ShadowStrikker (8 years ago)
Dr Swag24 (8 years ago)
i have this i bought it for 20 bucks at an old toys store it is so fun especially the crack up cars
MrKhalil9 (8 years ago)
cracking up our crack ups BLAAAAAAH!!!!!!
Jeff Ultimus (8 years ago)
look at that boys hat
1980Triumph (8 years ago)
the black kid in this commercial played Reggie, best friend to Jamie from the TV show Small Wonder!!!
trololoman9 (8 years ago)
oh sweet jesus i just nostalgia'd all over my screen
combinemetro (8 years ago)
@DarthSaiga i like the crash dummies
Koldeman (8 years ago)
Ernie Anderson voice-over...awesome.
Peter Huffman (9 years ago)
@zzfan1 No they're not. Key cars were made by Ideal, Matchbox/Kidco, Road Champs (I think) and a few other companies, but HW never made key cars.
Peter Huffman (9 years ago)
@cycopth1 Kidco Lock-Ups. Made around 1983.
BossHossGT500 (9 years ago)
Yeah. The spring-loaded key cars. Yeah.
jollydwarf (9 years ago)
now withe more lead paint ;)
cycopth1 (10 years ago)
what were the cars called? the ones u put the key in and they lock the wheels. i'm not talking bout the spring loaded key cars, these ones i'm talking bout came out around 1982 or 1983? anyone remember?