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Fruit Roll-Ups Stickerz Commercial

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The fruit roll up commecial I do not own this so don't say i did anything bad ponce..uploaded via iPhone 3GS
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Text Comments (30)
Walnatural (2 months ago)
What. The. Fuck?
Ciara Cartrett (3 months ago)
i miss these
JOSHUA Montoya (8 months ago)
Cobra Cadabra (1 year ago)
Reboot commercial by the animals are asien girls In outfits
Hope O'Connor (1 year ago)
Me when I put the fruit stackers on my face and get laughed at
Patch Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I’ve seen the commercial when I was a kid at my old house
Maria Palladino (3 years ago)
I loved these and the crazy skittles commercials.
KJ Anderson (4 years ago)
police cop says bad things in 0:02
thepikmaster (7 years ago)
What have I just been exposed to?
Interstellar18 (7 years ago)
nope, they are 90's animals, they dont care about the boys, they want the candy, modern kids these days would think its perverted, oh wait...
delcirose (7 years ago)
I still can't believe this isn't on TVTropes Nightmare Fuel page...
CrewOcd (7 years ago)
perverted animals licking little boys
Nia Animations (7 years ago)
Did he say Dure So instead of Sure Do?
LA MAISON GAGA (8 years ago)
@TheConspiredONE you just came on this page too to watch boys being licked my animals. *troooolll*
seychelle1 (9 years ago)
@jenn1ifer Me and my boyfriend tried that last night. ;P They didn't stick very well, though...
aliciarocknroll (9 years ago)
Mr. Meech (10 years ago)
is that brandon farr? in my school? along time ago?
Squiggle Squash (10 years ago)
they love strawberry!!
ammaren (10 years ago)
i love the deer, lol so creepy!!
AceDeuce221981 (10 years ago)
Wow, that's the exact reason why I went looking for the commercial on Youtube, lol. I was wondering the same thing. Have no idea why they cut it, that was the funniest part other than "They LOVE Strawberries!", haha.
Truth (10 years ago)
They love strawberries >=0
B Strobach (10 years ago)
FOREST RANGER: I see you won't my warnings about putting those stickers on your face and not eating them and enjoying them properly.
MaStErMiND778 (10 years ago)
mine too (0 _o)........
B Strobach (10 years ago)
That was one angry forest ranger in this video
mikos89 (10 years ago)
i see you wont heed my warnings about putting those stickers on your faces and not eating and enjoying them properly!
🌠 Cosmic Jirachi 🌠 (10 years ago)
They've edited the video... they cut out the best part... ;-; RIP awesome commercial.
Fidel Cashflow (10 years ago)
yeah i guess i was looking at a different video
Fidel Cashflow (10 years ago)
yeah thats what i thought thanks
Fidel Cashflow (10 years ago)
i meant 25
Fidel Cashflow (10 years ago)
what did he say at 2:25