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Quarter finals top fuel bike Hockenheim: Koedam 6.1sec!!!

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Quarter finals top fuel bike: A bye run for the top qualifier, but he doesn't take it easy: Roel Koedam 6.1sec!!!
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Text Comments (116)
Wonder Motorcycles (19 days ago)
Crazy drag bike, amaazing!
Vanya Vanya (1 year ago)
hello from 2018)
Professor Pat Pending (1 year ago)
show the times a little longer. thanks.
なるほど完全に理解した。 (1 year ago)
井実芳仁 (1 year ago)
How fast :o
William Anderson (1 year ago)
クソ野郎 (2 years ago)
KING MANSA (3 years ago)
Cuken Lalu (3 years ago)
lose star
Dead Zone (4 years ago)
You could have got 6 seconds flat if the driver wasn't so fat.
leonpj (4 years ago)
John Viveiros909 (4 years ago)
Pascal ///M Power (4 years ago)
LOL top fuel bike 6.1s Gasoline pro mod TRUCKS 5.95s, prostock Supra 6.05s Top fuel CAR 3.77s
thricefelt (3 years ago)
Yeah and each one of those comes with a roll cage and a plethora of other safety features. You come off that bike going that fast and the odds of death are extremely high. You can't compare these bikes to those cars...
Steve Buckley (4 years ago)
Ga Wa (5 years ago)
Holy fuck. 0-60 1. something?
Terrance Krueger (5 years ago)
Apparently you thing that shitty music is more important than showing showing us  the timing clock for longer then 3 milliseconds
dtiydr (6 years ago)
That acc is just beyond insane..
kanan kiri (6 years ago)
bruce wayne do not see it, you know what he'll do......
pieterhildebrand (6 years ago)
What a video - great! I wish I was on that bike!
armoredinnerjacket (6 years ago)
Just right to get home from the pub ! The sprint track at Esholt (Bradford) was lined with trees ! Imagine.
Thomas Budi Santoso (6 years ago)
what a speed...
Ross McKee (6 years ago)
umm no.
clifton559 (6 years ago)
reply to MegaDamn12345 , that is actually the most comfortable position. no wind drag at all against your body. and your legs are perfectlly strait to hold the gravity pull against you so yes you are in complete control as well with the bike in this position
Agus Cs (6 years ago)
The top speed?
dar5204 (7 years ago)
Don't go balls out on this one
Trackstar2211 (7 years ago)
You need balls of titanium to drive this one.
ilovetheninetiesssss (7 years ago)
brown9708 (7 years ago)
Between a 1000 and 1500 hp. I think the rules limit engine to 1500cc, everything else is anything goes
Vir Jil (7 years ago)
pls someone can tell me the min and max rpm
AngelusFromHell (7 years ago)
FUUUUUCK! A rocket on wheels!
simf1 (7 years ago)
how is your balls look like?
NinjasInPyjamaz (7 years ago)
robbiedehand (7 years ago)
@nederpiet juuist, had ik vroeger ook op mijn skelter, gast wel baas;)
pombenenge (7 years ago)
Save Time : 2:00
sander tijhuis (7 years ago)
wtf will happen if that wheelie bar breaks XD
jesus parra (7 years ago)
=o... thats fast.... really fast where do i get one?
Biotektan (7 years ago)
steven kernan (7 years ago)
keith0021 (7 years ago)
he feels like he's superman flying that speed in his position ;D
Eat My Dust (7 years ago)
Looks a lot faster than 140 mph... The top fuel cars are going 320 and it looked every bit as fast lol
Hans Solo (7 years ago)
holy shit man, you are a crazy mofo!! that was the sickest thing i have seen in a long time.
Gary Rice (8 years ago)
Can they go 5.99 ?
sarp kaya (8 years ago)
somebody tell me pls this bike howmany hp?
Remco Ehrensperger (8 years ago)
@BeatNOOBer You mean something like this Eric Teboul has? /watch?v=hWxjUDEYIiw&feature=BFa&list=PLD0747F59B08FECAE&index=16
MerlinxPV (8 years ago)
@kakikudibibirmu141 Puma is Ian King's company that supplies a purpose built bottom end (ultra heavy duty crankcase, no gearbox) for top fuel bikes, the top end determines the"make Kaw/Suz, Yam", most are based on Kawasaki Z1 because of the 2 valve head configuration. Although Suzuki 4 valves have been used with success the 2 valve is less prone to hot spots and the troubles it causes when using nitromethane fuel.,
Bathory Aria (8 years ago)
@MerlinxPV what??/ i never heard that engine,,its car or bike??
MerlinxPV (8 years ago)
@kakikudibibirmu141 Most use Puma
Bathory Aria (8 years ago)
@BeatNOOBer any one can tell me,,what the hell engine they use...
Bathory Aria (8 years ago)
any one can tell me,,what the hell engine they use...
JLC (8 years ago)
the next drag race will be A rocket with a person riding on it.
imautuber444 (8 years ago)
The next category up is drag racing crusie missles
two45triox (8 years ago)
Would this be a good motorcycle for a beginner?
jaqjaques (8 years ago)
that doesn't look safe?
abetterdaytocome (8 years ago)
1,000 Horsepower... wow
the superman (8 years ago)
thats INSANE
Michael Naessens (8 years ago)
I call it: The Nutcracker
bloodhound330 (8 years ago)
@sk8rdude985 Rofl... Hahahaha... Epic comment man..But seriously!!!!
Aron Sigurðsson (8 years ago)
Remco Ehrensperger (8 years ago)
@Stusace520 it's in km/h, over 200 mph
Dave Savage (8 years ago)
Brilliant !!
Jay Money .Vision (8 years ago)
you need to race a rocket car
Msalct9a (8 years ago)
holy jizz muffins
Sean Benson (8 years ago)
i think he went from 0 to light speed in -11.647 sec
jrdragster3323 (8 years ago)
holy shit!!!!
Remco Ehrensperger (8 years ago)
@23dno i believe it was a puma yamaha, and those are mostly under 2000 cc, giving at least 1000 bhp.
Wijnand (8 years ago)
MrMilesmert (8 years ago)
how is that possible!!
sybow (8 years ago)
3 words.. HOLY FUCKING SHIT What a damn speed o.O;
Alexandru Silici (8 years ago)
how many cc have that moto?????
Paguillo3102 (8 years ago)
Jennifer Kirk (9 years ago)
Flippin awsome! Made the pro bike look sick!
l (9 years ago)
that thing weighs god knows how much
teamtittydeep (9 years ago)
that guy on the black and yellow bike was like suck my balls 2 times
Raygr1 (9 years ago)
It would be a bitch to get into an accident with that...
Asky66 (9 years ago)
monster bikes.. i like the electric ones too (killacycle), much faster..
Rob Brown (9 years ago)
fuck .... that is all i can say
matthewhouston69 (9 years ago)
@bobtheswan92 lmfaoo! hha i blinked and i missed :P the dayum things go so friggin fast.
thenaturalone1976 (9 years ago)
Stretched out Superman style.....
MS156 (9 years ago)
damn that's what i call acceleration, top fuel bike 1/4 mile record ?
Patrick Jones (9 years ago)
the poor chain...
Chris2890 (9 years ago)
No he didn't....thats why he died......hit by a the end you can see his helmet explode.....ehmmmm
biggestMetallicAfan (9 years ago)
Holy shit man Suck to wreck on one of them eh
adrenalinjunkie1000 (9 years ago)
did he put his visor down for dat run ???
Doug Whalen (9 years ago)
hoooooooly fuck
Taylor D (9 years ago)
he hit vtec. lol jk
JuLiO G.C (9 years ago)
hahahahahahaa fuck!
MSJDesign (9 years ago)
....dude. that man is traveling at average speed of 140mph....sitting on his balls.
martino magdi (9 years ago)
Oh That Was Fast ... hmm was he sittin On his Balls !
robocop207 (9 years ago)
big fat balls!
timray41 (9 years ago)
holy shit!!!!!!!
Jack Kent (9 years ago)
holey shit wtf was in that bike lmfao
rsdaviddd (9 years ago)
fuck! that was fast!
Слава Севостьянов (9 years ago)
))пиздец... странно что его волосы не остались на замле лежать. такой жуткий рывок с места...
pocock24 (9 years ago)
about a second
nosferatum79 (9 years ago)
Logan Crickmore (10 years ago)
he could probably take the 401 highway from Kingston to Toronto in 15 minutes if they cleared highway. you'll know what I'm talking about if you live in Ontario Canada
Logan Crickmore (10 years ago)
holy shit i thought that was a fucking jet he went so fast right away
colourufo (10 years ago)
Great video, Good job10**********
xatzis5000 (10 years ago)
FUCK.........!!!! did he survive?
its a rocket you lay down on it almost flat and hold on