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Jeff Bezos At The Economic Club Of Washington (9/13/18)

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Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos participates in the Milestone Celebration Dinner at the Economic Club of Washington in Washington, D.C. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #JeffBezos #Amazon Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Live Interview at the Economic Club of Washington - Sept. 13, 2018 | CNBC
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Text Comments (288)
shawnc01980 (1 day ago)
Jeff, so smart, focuses on the child which in turn the millennials parent child spends money on the child and then, in tern, advertisers will focus on the child were more money will be spent on the child by parent. And in turn advertisers will spend even more money on the child and even more money will be spent on the child from the parent. as the cycle progresses more vaccines will be introduced more kids will be shot up with vaccines and more money will be spent on the child because more kids will get sick at a younger age and then more money will be spent on advertisement for the child and then the parents will spend even more money on the child for the child. Save the children.
Nikolay Britun (9 days ago)
Dudes , why making money is so gamn important for you anyway?
Jae West (10 days ago)
You can tell he was greatly influenced by Warren Buffett.
razzakksa (10 days ago)
Jeff bezos for president 2020?
M (12 days ago)
Is he the wealthiest person in the world? Or the wealthiest person in the world whose wealth is something that can be estimated/discussed publicly?
Deadman Fighting.13 (15 days ago)
Now he's paying $15 an hour, socialist dumbasses will think they did that. Meanwhile he's pushing for a federal $15 minimum wage, which will cause the entire market system to correct for the artificial price of labour. Once everyone else has to pay $15 jobs that are worth less than that will disappear, smaller businesses will go under, and the cost of goods and services will adjust (The large corporations will not take a loss) so the new fed minimum wage will mean nothing. Labour is a marketplace, it is subject to the law of supply and demand...
Artezanz (15 days ago)
2:22 incredible thought. We couldn't agree more.
martin nielsen (18 days ago)
Greedy pig. Hos about paying workers a better salary, hope his computer get hacked. “Efter skarp kritik hæver Amazon lønnen for med­ar­bej­dere i USA og Storbritannien” https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/udland/efter-skarp-kritik-haever-amazon-loennen-medarbejdere-i-usa-og-storbritannien
michaelaaronw (18 days ago)
At the Washington Post who is the customer? It's the CIA, err, I mean, the reader...
Randy C (18 days ago)
Way to go bozo!
Stephen Abracadabra (19 days ago)
26:27 who immediately Googled "Yosanta princeton" or "yosanta theoretical physicist" after listening to this story?
Stephen Abracadabra (19 days ago)
Dr. Yasantha Rajakarunanayake to be exact
Stephen Abracadabra (19 days ago)
It's Yasantha
Sultan Trader (22 days ago)
when the crash hits .. .there will be alot of money to be made
MrJunstin (23 days ago)
NoNee (23 days ago)
Why is the audio so low? 😐
ASDF123000 (23 days ago)
wtf is wrong with his ears
ASDF123000 (23 days ago)
jeff bezos the slave owner
BoxSquare Audio (24 days ago)
I stopped ordering from amazon when i found out employees are paid so low, peeing in bottles to keep a low wage job, living in rv's in the parking lot.. just too gross for me
Brendan (25 days ago)
The interview is clever. He definitely keeps Bezos on his toes :)
AllBecomesGood (25 days ago)
"My dad is my real dad, not my biological dad" - Nice :D
Chris Mitchell (26 days ago)
The interviewer made this interview
Scott France (26 days ago)
Wow! Heart and soul of a small company, he says?! Amazon is the epitome of our annihilating extractive economy. He is helming the most dangerous monopoly of our time...in so many ways. Putting a listening device in your home? Making you the user and unpaid employee, by feeding Amazon your personal information to be used for...??? Wake up. Are lower prices what you value most in life? HIs positioning of the Washington Post, of his late arrival to philanthropy (predictably hierarchical), etc. are duping a lot of people.
Jan fromOz (27 days ago)
The worlds biggest tax avoidance scam.
MortalZeus (27 days ago)
He remember X-Men Professor X (Charles Francis Xavier). Or Jeff might be Professor X himself.
Thezebraherd (27 days ago)
Honestly I kind of hate how amazon is overvalued as a stock but I love how humble and honest he is lol
Suhail Murtaza (28 days ago)
Tie looks awful
Young Entrepreneur (28 days ago)
People complain about Jeff Bezoz and bill gates not paying enough taxes, when they are doing good with the money more than the gov will ever do with it.
Young Entrepreneur (28 days ago)
Thanks for the respectful reply, most people online just attack you personally, but please don't tell me this will end up like on of those long debates online i really don't have the time for that, but here is quick reply explaining where i'm coming from, Jeff is li operating 100% under the law and paying people above minimum wage i don't hear anyone complaining about Mcdonald's paying people 10$/hour, Billionaires like Elon musk, Warn buffet,Bill gates and Jeff Bezoz are the ones who are sending rockets to mars curing diseases and feeding children in Africa, i still rather they keep the money if they earned it fairly rather than giving it to the gov to spend on another middle east war for Oil like they spent 5 trillions already.
Michael Kariuki (28 days ago)
Its nice to see that Mr Bezos is a regular Human being
Riccardo Danesi (29 days ago)
Am I the only one noticing that He has some throat problems?
Yash Gor (29 days ago)
Male "Sophia" Robot!
Santino Milanese (29 days ago)
How fat can he tie that knot of his tie?
Kenneth James (29 days ago)
It'd be a good look for his company to pay his employee's a wage they can live better on.
Kenneth James (28 days ago)
They dont make 18g and live in those countries man, We live in America where shts expensive. AND WHO KEEPS HIGHLIGHTING THESE REPLYs
Kenneth James (28 days ago)
Who really cares? Let's worry about restoring the middle class in America before we worry about some fishermen in West bumblefuc
Kenneth James (28 days ago)
Which people? Are we expanding to the whole worlds population now? I'm talking about America. And the guy on his $3 would be reading my comment furiously on his 4g mobile connection.
Crypto Anders (29 days ago)
Best interview with bezos I have seen to date
Particle Config. (29 days ago)
This guy now has the wealth to take care of his drone worker bees, ok? They are left in the dust as he accumulates and accumulates...
i mo (29 days ago)
lollol....a sri lankan....,,smartest guy at princeton...!! my cousin was a prineton math grad too///lolol...
Suteera Tak (29 days ago)
Jeff Louzada (1 month ago)
Bezos for president
sithira fernando (1 month ago)
Adrian Stott (1 month ago)
please spend some of your giving on improving parenting
J Nada (1 month ago)
The media is an essential part of a democracy. The Washington Post, and most outlets today are plain a simple propaganda platforms for their own ideological bias. Denying that is being either naive or disingenuous.
555Trout (1 month ago)
I'd actually never listened to Bezos before. I like the man. Interesting, because he's been portrayed as so different than what my perception is.
Nick Mattio (1 month ago)
Bezos is a modern Ramses II wanting to erect the highest statues n temples in his image at the expense of his people
c c (1 month ago)
Amazon have thousands and bots to spread propaganda. Don't fall for it
Simulation (1 month ago)
Grateful for Amazon & Blue Origin providing the e-commerce needs of millions and inspiring us to expand into our solar system. Bezos is humble and speaks about heart/intuition along with science which is a very powerful combo.
Eric Fontaine (1 month ago)
A very humble yet entrepreneurial man.
Darren Pollis (1 month ago)
how long before jeff executive team is raping kids ?
Thrift Shop Hustler (1 month ago)
Great interview, love the grass roots up bringing.
Adam Tassone (1 month ago)
bezos sometime sounds like that radical turtle from finding nemo LOL
Angel Chavez - Investing For Mars (1 month ago)
All the broke people crying about him not paying his employees. Stop complaining and learn from his success instead of focusing on his “faults”.
ClassicHumour (1 month ago)
at 24' -- It's not Yoshantha, it is Yasantha Rajakarunanayake who is Senior Director of Technology at MediaTek in the SF Bay Area
Moving out of the Solar system? jajaja poor Billionare and indoctrinated Space Cadet. Space is Fake. It does only exist in the imagination of Hollywood Disney and all the brain washed individuals that have fall for it since NASA faked the moon landings... All the money in the world can pay fir the consciousness awakening. Research #Flat Earth
Chase Rogers (1 month ago)
Antonio Johnson (1 month ago)
This was awesome. Im truly inspired to keep building my own business.
Aditya Ghose (1 month ago)
Is he planning to run for presidency. Last 5 minute of this interview seemed so
Mellie Moss (1 month ago)
I wish the interviewer ask him ,if Mr.. Bezos prepared the company in case of tragic event happens to him,who will continue his legacy L/
Arthur Mirkunov (1 month ago)
Jonathan Edward (1 month ago)
Why is David Rubenstein not in the picture?
Maytane Winner (1 month ago)
The audio is so low i have to swallow my food whole just to hear it all lol
Ajinkya Ubale (1 month ago)
Maytane Winner nah just your speaker are broke
William P. (1 month ago)
The live chat replay comments are hilarious.
The Truth (1 month ago)
Great interview. Very helpful
Simona Ivancic (1 month ago)
Jeff Bezos is acutually greater than Amazon itself. great interview, and very honest, and open about most stuff
SvNVdOz (1 month ago)
absolutely great interviewer!
Shovelware (1 month ago)
Pim Fortuyn
sergio rocco (1 month ago)
His tie knot is huge.
knalle kalle (1 month ago)
Some people criticize Amazon/Jeff Bezos for their treatment of their employees. A way to solve this problem is to replace the workers with more efficient and compliant robots and drones.
knalle kalle (28 days ago)
Your mother and father should be punished for environmental pollution. You might redeem yourself if you sterilize yourself.
CMG (28 days ago)
The way your mother replaced your father with a drone that take AAA batteries?
Vore Real Estate (1 month ago)
He’s doing more than the owners of Walmart ever did but where’s their critics ? You know if it was one person instead of 4 they are worth double what Bezos is. Their greed is at another level and they’ve been doing it for decades. Give Bezos a break.
Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique (1 month ago)
Great info - Thanks
hpspidey (1 month ago)
38:57 Thats my ex-boss :)
I-IA/\/\ N (1 month ago)
2:48 - security. When they say jobs, zucherberg etc live in modest ordinary houses that’s true but that’s because they own the town. They know all the people living vaguely close great great grandparents.
2jzandy s (25 days ago)
I-IA/\/\ N I live right near Medina, where gates and bezos lives. They have their own police department for a neighborhood with a population of 1000 people. They track every car’s license place that enters the town with cameras. Also hidden cameras all around the streets. I drive through there a lot.
Rachel&John Hyatt (1 month ago)
Amazon should buy Walmart
Krishnan Unni Madathil (1 month ago)
Bezos comes across as an optimist. That is great, and is an inspiration. He obviously has fun with his work.
Matt Garcya (1 month ago)
whats the point for a credit card for him lmao
Tubes Dem! (1 month ago)
Bezos is okay but I am LOVING this interviewer!
Yun Zou (1 month ago)
David Rubenstein, is the co-founder of Carlyle Group, which is one of the top private equity firms in the world!
Peter Haberlehner (1 month ago)
David Rubenstein, billionaire and such a recognized figure in private equity field(high finance)
Jacob Woods (1 month ago)
We're so blessed to have people like Jeff, bill and elon alive, such inspiration!
hasan tarek (1 month ago)
world's oldest man. loved it !!!!!!
Dave K (1 month ago)
All those billions...still cant fix his eye
WHAT UP (1 month ago)
It's almost like I'm watching a late night comedy show. With all the crowd laughs. Sorta seems like a cult.
Juke Joint (1 month ago)
Bezos hasn’t created anything like Bill Gates. Bezos sells other people’s stuff and Gates came up with computer code. He is now starting his own FedX , UPS, DHL style package delivery company.
hhk khk (1 month ago)
Monopoly should be broken up
Deadman Fighting.13 (1 month ago)
The most scary thing here is the economic and financial illiteracy in the comments.
Heywood Jablome (27 days ago)
I can honestly deal with a _bit_ of bad grammar, but bad economics? NO!
Deadman Fighting.13 (28 days ago)
Correction~ Says a guy who owns no gaming system on his lunch break, at his own apartment.
Desmobrain (28 days ago)
It is very unfortunate but I suppose, it is not total surprise.
CMG (28 days ago)
Says Gameboy from his parents basement.
Scott Simmons (1 month ago)
Honestly so true
Ron Burgundy (1 month ago)
Yep...Amazon HQ2 is going to the other Washington.
Benjamin youngman (1 month ago)
Nikola Tesla stated that intuition was the highest form of intelligence ;)
Wl (1 month ago)
Ray Gunsmith yeah there’s no difference between quality of life between a homeless 3 year old in Africa and Jeff Bezos. How do you quantify quality of life? Lol seriously wondering
Wl (1 month ago)
Benjamin youngman yes. What should be learned from Tesla is to be reasonable in dealings. He ripped up his contract with Westinghouse over a petty disagreement that could have been resolved
Wl (1 month ago)
Ray Gunsmith I laugh at the irony two men who uphold the importance of intuition and one ends up the wealthiest man in history and one ends up with nothing
Wl (1 month ago)
Ray Gunsmith how do you quantify genius?
Benjamin youngman (1 month ago)
A lot of intelligent men do, i just think its interesting that the wealthiest man today has touched on a point that one of the most intelligent minds to ever lived also addressed. It is a shame that he struggled. Though it is more of a shame if we do not learn from him.
potato potato (1 month ago)
Either pay your workers more or lower their work load you sociopath !
Steve Pelman (1 month ago)
Interested in homelessness while the middle class dwindles. he should invest in infrastructure that creates revenues for cities while allowing democratized access to homeowner and equity for the mid term economic stability. See TRamwaypods.ca or skyTran from NASA
Sean Jones (1 month ago)
This is a pretty good speech, however I think most economists would agree that amazon does hurt the economy in multiple ways. He should probably distribute that net worth to his employees, maybe he’ll keep it for himself for future investments.
hayekianman (1 month ago)
+Zelios to Sean
Zelios (1 month ago)
hayekianman are you replying to me or Sean?
hayekianman (1 month ago)
Clearly you labour under a lot of elementary misconceptions about how the economy works.its ok, it's not that intuitive
Zelios (1 month ago)
Sean Jones how does it hurt the economy in multiple ways? Honest question. Not disagreeing or agreeing with you. I just actually don't know.
Zach Jabri (1 month ago)
So many people are quick to criticize Bezos... but what I wonder is how many of the very same people shop on Amazon & have a prime membership who wouldn't give it up to shop elsewhere. I'm not hating on the guy either but rather, have a lot of admiration for him.
Zach Jabri (28 days ago)
Who you think you are to decide what rational purchases made by "the market" are is where I see myself out of this conversation. Bye bye Mark.
Zach Jabri (28 days ago)
Hey Mark, are you saying you stopped shopping on Amazon & use eBay exclusively because he became the world's richest man? Also, Bezos' plan is to reinvest into Blue Origin so that we can become a multi planetary species, as far as he claims, which is all one can go on. The point being, we & he might not ever really know the impact of what being able to do that means, but it sure is a better plan than what most humans are doing. Same thing applies to Elon Musk. The world's richest people didn't set out to become the world's richest people, they were just lucky to end up there. That comes with a level of responsibility you or I will never have to worry about. Happy shopping on eBay tho.
Gustavo Rojas (1 month ago)
his laughter came out! =) 31:40
Jerry Brainum (1 month ago)
It's curious that Bezos suddenly becomes charitable following intense criticism by Bernie Sanders and others concerning his treatment of low-level Amazon employees. And they are NOT being paid "market value" wages by any means. That is an idiotic statement, since market value would also include the ability of Amazon employees to have enough money to meet basic needs, such as housing and so on, which they do not. This newfound charity on his part is simply spin control to conceal his extreme greed and sociopathy.
Debjeet S (1 month ago)
no market value does not "also include the ability of Amazon employees to have enough money to meet basic needs, such as housing and so on." It only includes the most competitive price in the market for the jobs being performed.
Jesse Jackson (1 month ago)
Jerry Brainum they can quit and get and new job or just chose not to use amazon.
David Igandan (1 month ago)
Jerry Brainum market value does not mean you pay your employees enough to feed themselves, it simply means the most competitive price for amazon
surgicalcaps .com (1 month ago)
XOP Capital (1 month ago)
I'd rather have a beer (or joint) with Elon.
Youtube Uploader (1 month ago)
I think Jeff Bezos is Lord Voldemort.
djmalinda (1 month ago)
Go Sri Lanka!!!!!!
Jason Chan (1 month ago)
Bezo has the biggest rich man's laugh
Kyler Walls (1 month ago)
We need to stop Bezos, just ask Bernie Sanders. He'll tell ya
J Silva (1 month ago)
Stop using amazon
NC Styles (1 month ago)
No one cares about Jeff, they only care for his bank account.
Ridwan H (1 month ago)
So Amazon's working conditions are they pristine?Any thoughts?
NC Styles (1 month ago)
I was born in 97’ 😭
j (1 month ago)
sure swallows a lot
Nick (1 month ago)
Amazon is seriously great.. you can tell they're very focused on the customer
Deadman Fighting.13 (27 days ago)
They pay them about the average of each position, it's B.S.
Deadman Fighting.13 (27 days ago)
They pay them about the same as every other shipping company so.....
Scott Simmons (1 month ago)
Matt I want to work for Amazon in the future
Matt Garcya (1 month ago)
great service but for employees terrible culture
Nick (1 month ago)
It's totally natural for people to analyze big companies.. and they should. Bezo is providing great service. God Bless Bezo and hope he becomes richer!!
sangram singh (1 month ago)
The interviewer is God!
sangram singh (1 month ago)