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KFOG Private Concert: Third Eye Blind - “How's It Going To Be”

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Third Eye Blind plays a KFOG Private Concert in the Levi’s® Lounge for a few lucky KFOG radio listeners. Levi’s® Lounge is a live music venue that hosts private concerts and exclusive events for KFOG radio listeners; the only way in is to win tickets! Listen to KFOG on-air and follow both KFOG and Levi’s® on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for your chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Winners get to see an intimate live set, and meet the musicians after the show. Check out recordings of previous shows here: http://www.kfog.com/levislounge/
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Text Comments (26)
Nate Medeiros (13 days ago)
This is the best live version on YouTube
Asia Yarbrough (1 month ago)
white people are bold ctfuu
Ben Lowell (1 month ago)
Awesome writer - shitty singer - always has been
John Kneip (1 month ago)
How's It Going to Be when you sing off key? Answer: not good.
Guitarist Cam (2 months ago)
You know a band’s frontman wants to have a good time if he/she announces to the audience before a song that he/she needs an audience member to bring them a drink 😉🤘🏻
cg505able (2 months ago)
Love them!!!
Cubs In The TARDIS (2 months ago)
That version of the song does not work at all. His vocals are rough.
primovid (2 months ago)
Wow...Great (so sad) song!
Vir Fit (6 months ago)
They sound great. Now I want tickets
Mc Freud (6 months ago)
Pense em uma música que me fez chorar em 2000
Chad Hyde (7 months ago)
Great song, great band as well. Takes me back. Jesus, just realized I was 17 when this song came out. I'm old😭
Paulie Duguay (1 month ago)
I was 12 or 13 I think 🤔 💭 now I’m 35
Brevard Pro (9 months ago)
I remember first hearing "how's it gonna be" and I'm thinking, wow, this song is saying yeah we're in a relationship and it's great, but it's doomed. They are all doomed, eventually. How's it gonna be when you're not around... that's kinda sad. But it's still a great song.
Joe S. (11 months ago)
His voice sucks during live performances. Too bad.
Michael McLaughlin (11 months ago)
I have watched this at least 7 times now, and there is a big problem with this video ... it's being mimed. I am fairly certain that Stephan is actually singing live, but the drummer is definitely faking it and not playing what you are hearing. It's not a clipping or time delay issue with video, as Stephan's mouth and vocal are in lockstep with the performance you see. Brad is hell of a drummer, so I'm shocked that he went along with basically faking his part on stage. Also think the drums you hear are taken from the studio version of the song, or were prerecorded on a different kit than he is playing in this video ... as I know that this kit would be unable to make the huge you hear (even with triggers). Just watch the over head shots when they show him playing. He is a mile off the beat you here. Not trying to crap on the band, have been a fan for a long time, just wondering the reasoning for this
Gilbert Aguilar (3 months ago)
Damn....the drums ARE off pretty frequently
Mongloid (6 months ago)
yeah idk I thought it seemed kinda fishy too. they suck live but this is 2x better than this song usually sounds live "acoustic".
Carl Applebaum (7 months ago)
Literally the dumbest comment ever lol they’re playing dude - they just completely suck ass live
km5658 (7 months ago)
faking drums wtf are you talking about? you seriously think he's pretending to play drums live in that small room?
Dave Barajas (11 months ago)
I kindly beg to differ sir. Watch closer at his sticks bouncing off the snare as he hits his ghost notes, and pay attention to his cymbal crashes. Looks like he has a remo black dot controlled sound on his snare which when combined with a lower tuning on a wooden snare can easily produce such a sound. Lifelong drummer here and this man is definitely not playing to a pre-recorded drum track. Also I see no trigger on the rim of his snare drum, it looks like a moongel dampener pad.
Robb Parker (1 year ago)
Great music
elia zografos (1 year ago)
Still got it
Ken Gibbens (1 year ago)
Jay-r Casim (1 year ago)
you are
mcgurkryans (2 years ago)
3:11... wow... can still hit the high notes!
César Marcello Flores Cortegana (11 months ago)
Love it