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5 REASONS PEOPLE QUIT THIS JOB! Here are 5 reasons as to why people quit this job. If you enjoy this video smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button! CTHOMPSON CLAN!
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eljefe915 (3 days ago)
Jayson Parker (10 days ago)
What do you use for navigation?
Kyle Schilling (24 days ago)
Earliest I dispatched was 8:15
Lisa Dasher (27 days ago)
well here in Jacksonville Florida we have a time to clock in but we don't have a time to clock out
Lisa Dasher (27 days ago)
that's a lie about ups because they are having problems with their contracts
Lisa Dasher (27 days ago)
and it's not your fault that it looks like that because the unloaders are supposed to unload your truck's and the loaders are supposed to load your truck's for you that's how we do in Jacksonville Florida I thought that they did that every where if I was there I would help you because I work in smalls but I still help people loading and unloading their trucks listen to him very well our driver's get paid $600.00 dollars a week
Lisa Dasher (27 days ago)
now if it's out of town it's 12:00 o'clock midnight
Lisa Dasher (27 days ago)
our FedEx drivers here in Jacksonville Florida at 2:00 o'clock in the morning and 3:00 o'clock in the morning
Patt (29 days ago)
I seriously would complain about all the things you just mentioned in your video which is why i quit. Now I know i wasn't crazy. lol. I now work at UPS as a part time package handler w/ full benefits. the pay is lower, but i can live with it since i'm in school now. Like the videos dude, keep'em coming!
kitty krish (1 month ago)
In India FedEx is good team wrok I love it
streetwear chef (1 month ago)
I quit we wouldn’t leave the terminal till 1230 people were so unorganized. 12 hour days for low pay no overtime. This guy must be getting paid good with his attitude
Eric Jackie (1 month ago)
Thank's bro
400smallblock (1 month ago)
I enjoy watching your videos, I'm a UPS driver, and I'm just curious about how strict fed ex is when it comes to delivery methods and driving rules/viewing habits? For example on the methods part...we basically get 45 seconds to deliver a single package residential stop, the telematics starts timing as soon as the engine shuts off and we get 15 seconds to open and shut the bulkhead door (package selection time) then 30 seconds to drop the package and start the engine to head to the next stop. Then as far as viewing habits and driving rules there really is a good bit, too much to type it all out but the basics are 1-Aim high when steering 2-Get the big picture 3-Keep eyes moving 4-Leave yourself an out 5-Make sure they see you. Each of the 5 is broken down into more detail but again, I'm just curious if y'all have similar rules and guidelines
Lee Yang (1 month ago)
Micro managing is horrible.
austin gonzales (1 month ago)
Im from indiana we dispatch about the same time between 8:30-9:30
Vanessa Stevens (1 month ago)
You work for ground?
Mabe one records (1 month ago)
I used to work at ground in palmsprings California. I would have to come in early and baby sit the loader or else my truck would look 10 times worse than how this guy's truck looked. The worse job i ever had...
El_Gran_Pitotote (2 months ago)
Dispatch at 6:45 am we hustle
Filthy (2 months ago)
you remind me of one my sort managers lol
Lexus Waldroup (2 months ago)
Dispatch around 8:30 in hickory for home delivery
Bryan Bourdier (2 months ago)
I'm a uber/lyft driver now and in the process to become a fedex driver, but not sure it its better since I make close to $1,000 per week not counting gas and self employed- 1099. how much can fedex drivers make?
Lee Yang (1 month ago)
Depends on your route. I do between 100 - 140 stops a day / $1k / wk. Normally a 6hr work days.
TheAgentEsties (2 months ago)
I’m a package handler, the best , drivers love me, i load clean and all the numbers are in order. Stops are grouped together, the job is easy to me at this point, most package handlers suck in terms of quality lol , I’m debating wether to start driving
TheAgentEsties (1 month ago)
+Charles Williams in CO, my grounds location, 16/hr , without the peak 1 dollar raise, I'm back at 15 but with my .50 cent increase at the end of the year in December, it'll be 15.50
Charles Williams (1 month ago)
TheAgentEsties How much do you get paid if you don’t mind me asking?
Boujee Garcia (2 months ago)
FedEx Needs union rights those people work hard...!
TU nguyen (2 months ago)
All warehouse job are not good
Mikey Souza (2 months ago)
Can you have tattoos on arms or earrings
Mikey Souza (2 months ago)
And can you employed directly for fedex the companie fedex it's self with out working for a contractor?
No Comment (2 months ago)
Our terminal has a lot of issues. Sometimes I'm not able to dispatch until 10:00 AM. Either our systems are down, manifests wont print, trucks are late and we have slow package handlers who constantly mess up.
LadyTessfirstofhername (2 months ago)
Top 5 starts at 4:38
elissia durr (2 months ago)
People really don't understand how hard we really work to get these packages out on time. #FedexMemphisHub
Howard Jackson (1 month ago)
You a Courier?
Steevnb * (2 months ago)
How much do they start your off as a delivery 📦 in Texas ?
Steevnb * (2 months ago)
CThompsonTv thanks pimp!
CThompsonTv (2 months ago)
Do what makes you happy and makes the most sense
Steevnb * (2 months ago)
CThompsonTv I just started working with. Furniture company with in one week I got promoted to be the credit manager. You think I should go all in with it?
CThompsonTv (2 months ago)
Depends on the route man. Hard to really say
KNOW YAH (3 months ago)
I worked for a year doing this
KNOW YAH (3 months ago)
I did this I know what you going through I work at FedEx ground in Memphis local driver I let it go my truck use to be like that doing pick season pick season tough
Cris Ortega (3 months ago)
We dispatch between 9-10:30am
Mr. Smiley (4 months ago)
boss you knocked half the truck out by 12:30...
Ryan Forbes (4 months ago)
9 30 9 45 dispatches. for me I run out of Houston. drive 40 mins just to get to my work area do 70 to 90 stops lots of over size I would say 70% of my deliveries need a dolly. Wal-Mart alone is a job I have to pallet their stuff usual 2 full pallets worth. a few industrial places like oil rig companies they almost always have heavy stuff like wire spools etc. 800 week no benefits about 11 hours a day
Ryan Forbes (4 months ago)
CThompsonTv I already put in my notice after 5 years. going to grab my class a and go otr or local if I find something worth it. get my otr exp and then go light freight on my own truck doing expediting
CThompsonTv (4 months ago)
Da Thriftologist (4 months ago)
Seems like you are very smart with talent and awesome people skills. You need to get online and make your own money for yourself and not the next man
Da Thriftologist (4 months ago)
FedEx Ground sucks. They don't tell you when they hire you that you are not even a FedEx employee .People will tell you it's awesome because you can own your own route, but you will never get a good route over the OG drivers and contractors already there before you.
Travis Guin (4 months ago)
Just happened to come across your videos tonight and have been watching for hours. Great stuff, man! - A Connecticut Ground Driver
Dylan McMillan (4 months ago)
Yo! Nice video. I just started as ground driver a month ago. Since you asked what time we dispatch...we’ve had dispatch as late as 9:30 and as early as 7:30.
Erasmo Nunez (4 months ago)
Damn 73 stops??? Where is this at? I work for FedEx ground and my stops are 175 with 280 packages???
Kenneth Nestor (4 months ago)
The terminal I work at we dispatch between 830-930 all depending on what time the sort gets done
accusationChair (4 months ago)
FedEx guy stole stuff from my porch.
P Hightower (4 months ago)
I drive for the express air division here in Texas! All i can say is....after watching a couple of UPS clips, we should ALL be glad we work for Fedex
CThompsonTv (4 months ago)
Lol ups drivers love their jobs. Well, the ones I know
Bradley Pridgeon (4 months ago)
Dispatch in fargo nd is about 8am to 830 on average.
Kyle Shackelford (4 months ago)
As a package handler, I had realized that one of my drivers would be angry and re-organize the WHOLE truck when he got there, so instead of wasting both of our time, I started loading to his spec. Now, I can just look at the address and know exactly where the package goes on the truck. If I ever get a package that needs taped, I don't even load it until I get it some help. Some of us do our job well lol......
Sergio Esteireiro (2 months ago)
Hey come to my terminal and load my truck.... You want believe how many times my hazmat is in the middle of my truck on the shelf!!!
RadSavage - WingsOfRedemption Hunter (3 months ago)
Kyle Shackelford I'm jealous I gotta load semis I want to do the van lines bad cuz it's easier but they won't give me it...
Horribad Gamer (4 months ago)
I think handlers should be paid more. You guys really bust ass too!
Lacy Harris (5 months ago)
How you become a driver at fed ex bro?
Thomas Wiese (5 months ago)
We used to dispatch by 7am... but that was when we loaded our own trucks. Since going to pre-load (dumbass package handlers) it’s anywhere from 7:30-8:15am, depending on incoming volume
Diaz (5 months ago)
I dispatch 7:40-8:00 on a normal day. Btw sorry for all the notifications, just been binge watching a lot of your vids lol. Haven't seen a channel like this before
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Nah man, you're completely fine. We are dispatching later and later 9-10
travis_wood 2012 (5 months ago)
When i work with my mate and his nan we leve the depo at like 5:30 am
Aquarius (5 months ago)
Your truck will look a whole lot worse then that if UPS Strikes.
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Yep, I believe that
Kay Jay (6 months ago)
I quit because my manager yelled at me for helping my fellow drivers load their trucks, and then the owner told me to do what the manager said even if he was wrong. The only problem with me helping people load trucks in the morning is because the manager didn't want me to. That was the only reason I was given. He had no other reason for yelling at me. I would even help him and others deliver at the end of my shift. He literally told me the only reason why he didn't want me to help load trucks was because he didn't want me to. That was it. He said there was no issue with me helping others load their trucks it just wasn't what he wanted me to do. I was more upset that the owner took the managers side. His reason was that he hired him as the manager and he put his trust in him, and he told me I was in the wrong for questioning the managers decision. He blamed me for the whole situation and wanted me to admit it was my fault. I told them I was not in the wrong, and I wasn't going to admit fault and didn't want to work for them anymore. So i quit. The other drivers talked me into coming back to work because they couldn't handle the load I left them with, and wanted my help. Because the other drivers needed me, and asked me to come back and help them I did. I called the manager and said if you need the help I will promise not to help others unless asked to do so. The manager said something along the lines of good you see it my way or something like it, which really bothered me, but I went to work again anyways. The owner was mad at me and didn't pay me for some of the work I did, and I was just over it. I couldn't work and not get paid so I left again. I haven't worked for Fedex since.
Lee Yang (1 month ago)
Should go to another contractor. Then see the look on their faces when they see you.
Official Logistics Division (2 months ago)
Kay Jay did you keep the ID badge :c
Kay Jay (6 months ago)
Work for Fedex Home Delivery. Way better in every way. Every way. I would never work for Ground ever again.
Lee Yang (1 month ago)
For now... until they integrate them together. Lol.
YourLocalMilkMan (6 months ago)
Man... i worked in a prison then left and worked for fedex anything but that prison...
Daniel Rangel (6 months ago)
we dispatch at 9:30 and 10 everyday
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
randy ranjel (6 months ago)
Keep it one hunnit!
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
No doubt
California Gold (6 months ago)
How do you know the route like where your going
red man44 (6 months ago)
Dispatch was 11:00 yesterday worked till 9:30 long frustrating day
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
That's a long day man
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
It was 10 for us the other day
NBHRaven (7 months ago)
We dispatch between 8:45-10am.
NBHRaven (7 months ago)
CThompsonTv yeah man some days are crazy. 10am isn’t often but it has happened because they make us wait on a trailer
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
10am? That's crazy man
norfael naval (7 months ago)
F hate going back redeliver packages takes too much time which accumulates by the end of the day
norfael naval (7 months ago)
We get dispatch around 8/8:30 I get to the station after 10 tho lol 12 years in the making haha
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Dang! Lol
Xavier Sims (7 months ago)
How does fedex handle your driving record for new hires ?
Xavier Sims (7 months ago)
CThompsonTv I only have 2 tickets would that disqualify me ?
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
How's your driving record?
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Same as any driving job
holladay trucking (7 months ago)
As a Fedex contractor the top 5 reasons I see people leave. In order are . 1 long hours 2 no benefits 3 money 4 pressure 5 weather. If you got anger issues or become overwhelmed easily ? This is not for you. Can’t deal with angry people in a calming professional way ? Not for you. Can’t handle that Your service must meet or exceed Ups for half the money. Not for you.
cameron marshall (7 months ago)
How hard was it to get the drivers position? Did you have to start at the hub? I would like to double my income I hear people bringing in 50k+ I currently work my but off managing a company that could care less for much less.
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Do you have experience driving a delivery truck? Most truck are automatic
cameron marshall (7 months ago)
Yea I have a clean record at 23, been driving for over 7 years but never a manual. That would honesty take me a week of practice to master I'm a gear head an have installed a clutch before for a friend but never actually drove one come to think of it lol. I'd rent a truck an practice
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Not all that hard. Do you have driving experience?
rey210rey (7 months ago)
FedEx express is better
Stephanie Malave (4 months ago)
rey210rey why ? Can you elaborate?
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
I wouldn't doubt it. Pays the bills
Hei Hei (7 months ago)
That "messed up" truck is pristine by UPS standards :D
Scharfe (8 months ago)
earliest i left was like 815 latest was 11 thanks logistics, average around 100 stops 125 packages. Light days are 60-70, heavy days are 120-150, normal is 100
CThompsonTv (8 months ago)
11 is late man
Hector Garcia (8 months ago)
No respect
Hector Garcia (8 months ago)
Work for a company were I was doing all break down deliver with hand truck pilot way about at least 800 p deliver boxes too 5 floor then deliver all other break down too 10 floor and wait for the janitor to sign the papper work were the janitor said he didn't even see me like really u mean too tell me I didn't see the truck or my phone called or talk too u manger and u didn't kno also I drive a commercial truck same company and they have me a route for class c ? Yoyo ass company trying too get off on pple
tony montiel (8 months ago)
Oceanside gets dispatched around 9:30 10:30
tony montiel (8 months ago)
Yeah bro it's crazy it's because it's a new terminal
CThompsonTv (8 months ago)
10:30?! That's late
Randi Dawn Bogar (8 months ago)
Dispatch 730-815
North West Decks (6 months ago)
That's how it should be
CThompsonTv (8 months ago)
Wow, that's really early!
rene guido (8 months ago)
Is home delivery better than ground .i work ground and thinking in going into home delivery with another contractor .
CThompsonTv (8 months ago)
It really just depends on the route. Home delivery just doesn't have scheduled pick ups like grounds
Kyle Blount (8 months ago)
When I drove for Ground we dispatched at around 8. I drove a p1200 with 70-90 stops and 300ish packages a day, so I understand the frustrations bro.
Shawn Miller (1 month ago)
Kyle Blount try 300 stops and over 400 pices...
CThompsonTv (8 months ago)
It's very annoying. Then when we complain, people think we are crazy lol
Enjuku Miata (8 months ago)
You're doing a much much better job than most delivery drivers! Keep it up!
Daniel Campos (8 months ago)
12:30 and two empty shelf’s must be lucky ! I work for ups , if I got paid less I’d be there in a minute !
Matthaeus Ebonah (8 months ago)
Slim my terminal some trash!!! We dispatch like 9:30-45 half the time smh.
MF Grinch (6 months ago)
Where is your terminal?
CThompsonTv (8 months ago)
We've been getting out 9:15 -9:30 now
MsTiff Madsen (9 months ago)
Wait, why don't they have the package handlers strap the packages in? That looks very unsafe. Driving truck, we had to strap our cargo down. Load straps.
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
For the most part they'll stay
eric jones (9 months ago)
I work Fed ex ground in okc we dispatch at 9:30-10a our dispatch time is ridiculous
Jason Fink (9 months ago)
Is dispatch the same as the time we launch from the station?
Jason Fink (9 months ago)
If dispatch is launch time, then we usually are out of station between 7:50am or so or later depending on trucks/flights. Late freight sucks. I am a late start so I start at 7:30am
Y4shiRoku (9 months ago)
12:30 and you got almost half of the truck gone, you the mvp. lol
Taylar James (9 months ago)
Amen brother. I was a Home Delivery guy for about 6 years 3 Years in  Chicago 3 years Seattle and Im still emotionally and mentally recovering. The most stops I had during Christmas was almost 300 stops  we had to load our own trucks, and it was downtown Chicago. Ive never been so stressed in my life. My average stops were from 120 to 150. Definitely under paid and under appreciated.
algierssolja (6 months ago)
Sleep? Who the hell needs sleep. We have work that needs to move. You can sleep when you die....or retire. LOL sleep! That is a good one.
Taylar James (7 months ago)
Because a lot of the deliveries were down town Chicago, so I had a lot of high rise apartments and businesses up to about 60 floors or so and sometimes you could get rid up 20 packages at a time. That would take some of the edge off, but sometimes Id be working from 6am to 9 at night, but yah almost sleeping at the hub.
klazzikk (8 months ago)
Taylar James how is that even possible? did you sleep at the hub?
Mr Harvey Guy (9 months ago)
8:30 is right around the normal range anytime past 9:00 is a little later than normal for packages to be made available. If your van is messy everyday, look in to your vision map. Also follow up with the VL manager. If that doesn’t do it, get with the Sort Manager and or P&D manager
shortymackinem (9 months ago)
On a average we get dispatched at 8:00 on the dot but sometimes sooner.
Dragon43ish (9 months ago)
Fedex is a ....................................nightmare...
bigmikezx6 (9 months ago)
845 is an early dispatch bro we usually don’t get out till about 915 920 on the daily
920beno (9 months ago)
Average dispatch is 7:30-8
vin b (9 months ago)
I wish i had 73 stops w 160 packages. I usually have 220 stops between 400-600 packages
Kool Got Game (9 months ago)
vin b you must work for ups
Kenneth Oweis (9 months ago)
In Brooklyn, in at 07:00 out by 09:30
adtrkid2012 (9 months ago)
We dispatched yesterday at 10:30 and we usually dispatch around 9-20 most days 👎
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
We had 10:00 dispatch today. It's annoying
Novadan Kent (9 months ago)
8 to 8:30 in Harrisburg Pa
Brandy Fitzgerald (9 months ago)
We dispatch no later than 8:15 am.
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
Not bad!
jonald joseph (9 months ago)
Dispatch around 8:30 in Florida
Ian K (9 months ago)
What’s your opinion on FedEx Express. I heard they’re starting around 22 an hour with time and half and full benefits
P Hightower (4 months ago)
Ian K I started in 1994 as a part time casual....been there ever since..Im a full time courier now going on 25 yrs soon! Would never go to UPS!!
Josh Rogers (6 months ago)
Ian K hi Ian. Fancy seeing you here lol
North West Decks (6 months ago)
Ground is completely different. Ground drivers are hired by contractors.
TheGStick (8 months ago)
Ian K we start at 17.50 an hour with benefits
Derrick Clark (10 months ago)
We dispatch around 730 on a good day and around 8 on average
RuShLOrd (10 months ago)
I work at home del and i leave at 7ish or 8. Always in the high 200s or 300 pkgs.
powpowking1209 (10 months ago)
In Waco tx from 8:15 to 8:45 is pretty normal with 6 belts
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
We have two ground terminals in Austin. The one I'm at has 4 and the other has 5
powpowking1209 (10 months ago)
CThompsonTv how many belts do they have at the terminal you’re at in Austin
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Reppin' Tx! That's not bad at all.
GamingWithSoHarD (10 months ago)
I got a offer to go work at Fedex express
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Do what's best for you homie
GamingWithSoHarD (10 months ago)
I had 130 stops today and 40 pickups
GamingWithSoHarD (10 months ago)
nexus 424 (10 months ago)
I heard Express drives load their own trucks.
Dear Vrenezi (6 months ago)
algierssolja yes they do.
algierssolja (6 months ago)
I know an express driver who loads his own truck.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
I've heard that as well
Keith Lestrange (10 months ago)
Thought you couldnt vlog ???
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
They said I couldn't make Fedex vlogs not delivery driver vlogs 😏
Dean Nordstrom (10 months ago)
We are lucky if we are dispatched before 9
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Same here. Most of the time
Andy 15 (10 months ago)
I was offered only 600 a week, I was like hell no. I live in California, and the route they were trying to give me was in a horrible area . That's one of the reasons why I didn't I take the job.
Daniel Rangel (2 months ago)
Dang I only get $500
algierssolja (3 months ago)
+Alfred Hernandez as part time early Am driver at top pay? I routinely made nearly as much as ground drivers. Tuesday through Friday and Saturday air; Saturday is the only day I might have worked a little over, but I was home by noon ez! You have to know the game. I can deliver 1 ground pkg a day and over time kicks in at 4 1/2. Why do you think they are changing air progression this contract? It's the easiest money in the operation.
Alfred Hernandez (3 months ago)
algierssolja no one is making $1000 a week working 4-5 hours everyday, I work at UPS, you got jokes man. 🤣
algierssolja (6 months ago)
shortymackinem here metro is a 9-11
shortymackinem (6 months ago)
algierssolja nice most ups drivers in my city are still out working at 7pm