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B25 Mitchell's taking off from Grimes Field in Urbana, Ohio for Doolittle Anniversary

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B25s taking off from Grimes Field in Urbana Ohio to take part in the 68th Anniversary of Doolittle's Raid being held at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio. This video is of their taking off from Grimes Field starting at 7:00 a.m. with one plane taking off every 90 seconds. Once aloft, the planes formed up for a fly-over in Dayton where surviving members of the famous 1942 B25 raid over Japan. For more info about Grimes Field: http://www.touring-ohio.com/southwest/urbana/grimes-field.html
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Steve D (1 day ago)
Checkout this clip of a squadron of B-25s taking off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At88Fcdgv0g
The Big Rat Gaming (25 days ago)
Joe Chuckles (2 months ago)
Launching off the USS Hornet was probably the only time it was good to be Tail End Charlie...
GIJeff1944 (3 months ago)
Wow, I've been to a lot of airshows and haven't seen a B-25 Mitchell variant with no bombardier canopy and 6 nose machine guns!
Josh Eubanks (1 month ago)
GIJeff1944 that one was a PBJ-1J, they were the navy’s version of the B-25, those were 12x 50.cal machine guns on the front
dirk von kleiga (4 months ago)
When I was a civil air patrol cadet, I got to refuel one and put a gallon of oil in each engine. Pretty cool at 14. Von Kleiga
Gary wood (5 months ago)
I know it's too late but when i saw the film clip of the mission over Japan where fuel was tight and many planes were dumped after the mission . The first thing i saw as they struggled to take off against the wind was that if i may not make the designated landing site and belly land on dry tanks.....I'd have the mechanic re-jig the large wheel spindles with a cotter pin type retainer and long wire into the plane and once in the Air with full committment just pull the wires to remove the Pins and bank the plane left and right for the wheels to fall off the spindle into the water. Those wheels look like they are at least 150 lbs each for a 300 lb savings for all of that distance . If i had to choose from landing gear with no fuel left to dump in a field , or fuel to get to the landing area and belly slide on grass...I'll take the wheels off once in the air and save fuel and live to fly another mission.
kenns9 (8 months ago)
Thomas Jefferson (8 months ago)
HERES A PIECE OF ADVICE ..ALL you WW2 pilots and owners BETTER LISTEN TOO,america is about to be ATTACKED,you better find GUNS AND AMMO FOR THE WEAPONS on your fighter planes,OR you won't like whats going to happen to you........
Randy Purtteman (10 months ago)
Notice the woman flying "Devil Dog", the naval version. You go get 'em. Thanks for preserving our history.
Derrick Lake (10 months ago)
It's a scary plane!!!!!
DL (11 months ago)
wow i didn't know there were that many B-25s still flying. Let alone in one place. Aweseome
Lewis Marks (1 year ago)
Nice. Very nice footage!
Dominique Hardie (1 year ago)
He was a badass , the air corp didn't believe he could take off and land it, the admiralty had little faith too.
Stefan Fröschen (1 year ago)
Beautiful Planes! I like the wonderfull sound! Greetings from Germany!
Sywey Wang (1 year ago)
me cover~~~~a message from a B25 pilot in War Thunder
Christo Reeds (1 year ago)
What an awesome piece of engineering, beautiful aeroplane.
tailspin (1 year ago)
I was there 3 days in a row! I will never forget! Only one Doolittle Raider is left alive. I believe he is 101 years old now and rumors have it he was doing a shot or two at 2016 Oshkosh! Lol, I think he earned it! Oh the sound of Freedom!
David Smith (2 years ago)
One of my favorite planes of World War Two. It still looks cool-75 years later.
Ryan Parkinson (2 years ago)
So beautiful I could just cry right now
Sywey Wang (1 year ago)
Retro Ryan do you want to abroad? lol
Bill Bright (2 years ago)
Into the fury they flew, with all the courage they could muster, always remember our brave young souls who gave their all to fly that flag and all it represents, Oh say can you see?🇺🇸
Cärolus Rex (2 months ago)
Bill Bright ...Freakin’ A!
Bill Bright (2 years ago)
Air Men, man your craft, God bless and God speed.
Bill Bright (2 years ago)
A ( Billy ) Mitchell will fly over David. Thatcher's service Monday June 27 2016. 🇺🇸
Bill Bright (2 years ago)
One of the last members of Jimmy Dolittle's Tokyo raiders. That deck seemed awfully short loaded with fuel, bombs, guns, ammunition, and men. But the Hornet steamed into the wind as fast as she could go to help our Army Air Men to achieve their goal.
David Johnson (2 years ago)
Damn! Did they really have all that armament? What a nasty looking beast they were!
Joe Chuckles (2 months ago)
12 in total, counting the 4 on both sides, plus 8 in the nose. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of 1!
Benjamin Hawkins (1 year ago)
R Diaz I recently met her and got to go up inside that particular aircraft it was really cool!
411member (1 year ago)
Look up "Pappy" Paul Gunn and you will understand. Read books Indestructible and Pappy Gunn. Gunn personally developed the armament packages you see on some of these B-25s and changed the tactics and ways to use the B-25 in the south pacific.
R Diaz (1 year ago)
The original Doolittle aircraft had little defensive weaponry in order to save weight that could be used for extra fuel to make the mission, but yes, they had some rather formidable armament. If you notice the one B-25 captained by a woman, you'll see it has no typical glass nose but a conventional nose with at least 8 guns, used as a ground attack aircraft.
Stacey Cunningham (2 years ago)
Please read about Robert L. Cunningham, a B-25 Bomber Pilot who flew 52 missions and was shot down three times. Thanks, Stacey Cunningham
The Big Rat Gaming (25 days ago)
i will
Stacey Cunningham (2 years ago)
My father flew 52 missions on the B-25 BOMBERS, He was shot down three times, all three times his planes were disintegrated. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for sinking a 10,000 ton enemy tanker carrying. 1,000,000 gallons of high octane gasoline to Rommel's troops. during the Kasserine Pass break-through, a feat that kept a large number of enemy planes out of action at a time when the Allies were in great danger.One of the three planes shot to pieces unxer him, he named Cunningham's Coffin. Fortunately that was not the case. I hope to write a short novel about Major Robert Langley Cun.i.gham to ensure his legacy will live on as he does in my heart. Thanks, Stacey Cunningham
Resolved White (3 years ago)
My dad was a gunner in the B-17G. Growing up my next door neighbor was Mr. Burns who was a top dorsal gunner on the B-25. Thanks vets so I have the freedom to say what is on our coin and pledge, IN GOD WE TRUST, ONE NATION UNDER GOD. America, let us not forget our King Jesus and live for God and country. As a nation we need to REPENT of our sin, and make Jesus Lord (do God's will) and make Jesus SAVIOR so our sins are forgiven, stop sin, be holy, read the Bible to know and obey Jesus=heaven. If you reject God's only ticket to heaven (Jesus) and you get the devil's hell.       No sin can enter into heaven  and we all sinned so God sent His son, Jesus to die on a cross as the sacrifice for your sin so you can be forgiven and so you get heaven and not hell. Please do not reject God's ticket to heaven and end up in hell for eternity. See youtube for evidence of the Bible
Roger Young (1 year ago)
Resolved White oh dear I thought you would have had a better understanding of faith it's man made drivel
Glenn Balon (2 years ago)
LOL, yes the evidence in the bible says the bible is correct. And I say your both nuts so you are.
Dean Jackson (2 years ago)
+Glenn Balon   You are stupid for not really investigating the Bible. I did not want God. I decided to really examine the evidence  of the Bible and if creation is correct or evolution and I became a Christian because the evidence is overwhelming the Bible is correct.
Glenn Balon (2 years ago)
Wow, you are nuts
Sara Nicole (3 years ago)
Sara Nicole (3 years ago)
+sara nicole and landed on a carrier on the game War Thunder by a woman :)
Google Name (3 years ago)
A woman flew one. NOW would be so proud!
R Diaz (1 year ago)
I don't think she really cares about feminism, since unlike most feminists, she does what she loves without an audience.
Louis Gordon (3 years ago)
One of thenlm was actually a PBJ-1J Mitchell was a navalised version with 12 forward firing. 50 Cals instead of a bomb sight and glass nose.
Jerry Zucchero (4 years ago)
For what this represents we owe it all to the brave men and women who fought in WW11.
R Diaz (1 year ago)
Don't tell me...conspiracy, right?
Johnny bizaro (1 year ago)
+Jerry Zucchero What about the men and women who worked in the factories and set up the military before it started?.
cmoffet99 (4 years ago)
No it's bull dog
Ayden O'Shaughnessy (4 years ago)
The blue one is a PBJ I think, which is the Navy Mitchell
Michael Corbeil (2 years ago)
It's called Devil Dog the Blue B-25
Ayden O'Shaughnessy (4 years ago)
I think it's the PBJ-1J because it doesn't have a 75mm cannon, but 8 .50 cals
tootired76 (4 years ago)
This is THE most awesome video clip I've ever seen on youtube!! All these B-25s taking of!!! IMHO, when a B-25 flies over, it sounds close to obscene!!
Johnny bizaro (3 years ago)
+tootired76 Yes sir. Brigadier General Billy Mitchell, United States Army Air Service, R.I.P.
Bob P (4 years ago)
Lest we forget those brave men who took off that day. Thanks for posting......
Harley Gene (4 years ago)
 I flew in the Devil Dog that day  it's 2012 instead of 2010....
Woody615 (4 years ago)
As the video was uploaded in April, 2010, it can’t be of the 2012 Doolittle Reunion. The confusion lies in the description. In 2010, the planes launched from Grimes Field in Urbana, Ohio but flew to Dayton and landed at National Air Force Museum on Saturday morning, April 17. They spent the night there. Then on Sunday morning, April 18, they took off from the Museum, formed up over Beaver Creek, then flew over the Museum as part of the Memorial Tribute to the Doolittle Raiders. I was at the Museum that weekend and remember it well. Plus I have photos of it. Yes, in 2012 they launched from Grimes Field in Urbana, formed up immediately, then flew over the Memorial service at the Museum. I was there for that one, too.
ustiansniper (4 years ago)
just wondering is there any access door besides the door in the waist area????  i've went inside a B-25 before and i cant seem to find any access door besides that one. it seems that there's is no chance for the crew inf the cockpit and bombardier  areato get out once its shot down. cause you have you have to crawl in a tiny space from the cockpit area to the waist
Bradford Shinkle (1 year ago)
I believe there was also a jetesonable top escape hatch behind the cockpit and in front of the bomb bay area.
Woody615 (4 years ago)
Right between the bomb bay and the nose wheel is the forward access. It has a ladder that comes down.
Wilbur Finnigan (4 years ago)
32459steve The B25 uses the Curtis wright R2600 engines not the Prat Whitney !!
Superninga26 (4 years ago)
hey thats the profile picture I have
The Sound of Legends (4 years ago)
the audio on video is back to front, sound travels left as planes fly right
Unnecessarily Kyle (4 years ago)
You need ad-block, possibly a better computer or faster internet, and better grammar.
Kennynva T. (4 years ago)
my favorite plane by the way...next to...the spitfire, and the p51d
Kennynva T. (4 years ago)
first of u tube really pisses me off with the stupid commercials...and the lag in time when they dont play the video....I reloaded it 10 times and it still dont play where it left off...does any one else have the same problem..???????????????????????
CUBI URUEÑA (5 years ago)
Antonio Perez (5 years ago)
They sound just like in Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo!!!!
Georgia Gentleman (6 years ago)
Simply awesome..................
amartinjoe (6 years ago)
lovely airplane! my favorite of all the bombers of WW2. These planes did some serious ass-kicking in the pacific war. Read General George Kenney's book; it's an interesting look into how he used these bombers to maximum effect....perfecting skip-bombing techniques against Japanese ships. Just a beautiful airplane!!!
Jordan Wee (6 years ago)
pfft we dont come to youtube to read
SgtGrant23 (6 years ago)
This is so cool you don't see this every day.
ñoñolino Cantero (6 years ago)
muy emocionante verlos volar de nuevo. Atte.
Alfredo Duarte Ruiz (9 months ago)
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WarBird_Flyer (7 years ago)
Cant wait for the 2011 reunion!