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How Overnight Shipping Works

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Wendover Productions (1 month ago)
Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn't exist without Squarespace's support so make sure to check them out!
syi tiger907 (6 days ago)
Didn't know anchorage was so popular i live here
Brad Lemmond (9 days ago)
I like your videos in general (including HAI), but I had a special interest in this one because I work in the print shop/mail services for a large engineering company and have to ship and receive stuff. I forwarded it to a few coworkers.
Brad Lemmond (9 days ago)
I try to avoid left turns, or probably more often I'll try to make the left turn at a light.
Brad Lemmond (9 days ago)
I was going to say if you like it, just use it, but if it was turning people off, that could be an issue.
Brad Lemmond (9 days ago)
That could be a full Wendover video, at least if he does anything other than just package shipping.
Xingkai Wang (3 hours ago)
ummmm...its actually 747-8F instead of 747-800
Isaac Lao (3 hours ago)
Hong Kong is da Best I luv Hong Kong
Cody Bennett (5 hours ago)
Efficiency of private enterprise.
Rabiya Hamza (8 hours ago)
Mirza Ahmed (14 hours ago)
9:01 Recoup, not recuperate. The latter refers to recovering from illness or injury.
Let's get 1000 subscribers without videos!!!! (19 hours ago)
I live in Anchorage Alaska
NZL (1 day ago)
Like...WOW just imagine how many parcels Amazon would ship in a business day just from the U.S alone,and around the globe.,mind blowing!.That's a lot of dollars $ the courier companies must be turning over!.
Steve Taylor (1 day ago)
Very well done vid! And thanks for the comment about Allegiant , who I work and maintain their older A/C . At the end of this year we will be retiring the last remaining MD-80 A/C..and picking up some brand new Airbus 320's.
sidehatch69 (1 day ago)
When one of those packages is dropped off they are immediatly taken to the airport that minute.Thats why the price is crazy.
George parr (1 day ago)
Im sure i know this voice from another channel?
George parr (1 day ago)
Unless he just changed the channel name
Mike Zip (2 days ago)
After all that, the fat, lazy FedEx driver carelessly tosses your package of fine china over your fence into your yard.
Paul Westover (2 days ago)
Your videos are so great! How do you conduct your research for these videos?
Hillyapple75 _ (2 days ago)
Finally some Maine representation
paonquinho (3 days ago)
I wonder how it works in China, where you can overnight a package domestically for just a couple of dollars...
ToughAncientSpark (3 days ago)
Let me tell you a story about FedEx. I ordered a furnace part from a company in California. I live in N.Y. in five days the part went to 10 different cities in 8 different states. The package even went to Syracuse, N.Y. about 2 hours from where I live AND then got rerouted to Wyoming.  I emailed FedEx. They said my package would arrive the next day. 1 1/2 hours later the package arrived at my doorstep. How's that for efficiency?
WhatsDaT WhatsDaT (3 days ago)
❤️ Prime
Jim Dawson (3 days ago)
The narrator needs to learn how to properly pronounce Presque Isle.
Hasham (3 days ago)
It never works.
Trevor Caruso (4 days ago)
I like how he said every country in the work including North Korea as if we weren’t going to consider it a country
Nick M (4 days ago)
That new UPS plane! Nice
JusayinGamin (4 days ago)
Ah okay so that’s how babies are made over night like my mom told me..
S Patel (5 days ago)
Can you do an episode on Amazon Prime shipping? Specifically Prime Air
Nicholas Littlejohn (5 days ago)
Cheapskate airlines cause climate change.
8Quad Qauntnum (5 days ago)
wend over? more like *ben dover*
Jordan Harris (6 days ago)
10:08 I’d be mad if I never got that package because it won’t move lol
Delta319 (6 days ago)
TheGamerBoy (6 days ago)
“Even North Korea”😂😂
LegitSoulja (6 days ago)
UPS planes may be fast, but I never get my packages until late at night unless I pay them to deliver ASAP, or pickup myself
allsparkwars2 (7 days ago)
Donovan Nungasak (8 days ago)
I’m in Barrow Alaska. One flight from Anchorage Alaska. Why is it that my orders from California take 2 weeks?
M1Garandstudios (8 days ago)
Damn, I love the 21st century
Mysterious One (8 days ago)
Aye anchorage rep
jerrey n (8 days ago)
Now waiting for FedEx to take over the world How to: global domination
Mark Wicker (8 days ago)
747-8F, not 747-800
guildrich (9 days ago)
Great video. Now can you show us how "Wend-overnight" shipping works? lol
Luis Muñoz (9 days ago)
Dang this is incredible, keep up the good work!
Incredible J. (9 days ago)
I’ve worked for ups in the warehouse and as a driver helper during Christmas time. It’s a really interesting process.
Athen Tang (9 days ago)
what happens when a fed ex driver and a ups driver meet? They get FedUp
Daniel Schuette (9 days ago)
I didn't watch the video. All I'm thinking of is a set Lewis Black did featuring Wendover "I said to them, 'It's nice to be back in the wonderful city of Wendover, Nevada.' And they simply replied, 'No, bendover'". Gets me everytime.
Natanael Sosa (9 days ago)
You missed the FedEx Copenhagen hub. Nice video though
Sargent lspdfr (10 days ago)
Whats the second song
Daniel Lo Nigro (11 days ago)
DHL is trash. They're not in the same league as FedEx and UPS.
Jacob Rubio (11 days ago)
How many people from the 'ville? LMC
Jacob Rubio (11 days ago)
I'm just glad that my home city, Louisville, it's finally in a Wendover video!
QueeferSutherland (11 days ago)
FedEx, proving that flat earthers are stupid assholes one package at a time.
xjus- (11 days ago)
You and real life need to make a video together very well explained
CaTzFX (12 days ago)
*P L A N E* *F E T I S H*
James A (12 days ago)
this is literally the first time ive heard of dhl
Jenson Turner (12 days ago)
I live directly on the path of FedEx’s hub in Memphis and they are packing in planes every minute
Slartybarfast B (12 days ago)
You forgot the dirty little secret about air freight: vast amounts of it never flies anywhere. It rides in long-haul trucks. A long haul tractor-trailer can carry up to about 48,000 pounds of cargo. At 68mph it can move that cargo 680 miles in 10 hours. That also happens to be around the diatance between most US major cargo hubs. Or, more to the point, secondary hubs between the super hubs. Orlando to Charlotte. Atlanta to Saint Louis. Cincinnati to Des Moines. Dallas to Mobile. Just because you pay for overnight "Air" doesn't mean it flew.
Peter P. (12 days ago)
Now I see how my Surface Pro replacement got broken
DiegoDan (12 days ago)
Poor package @10:08
PTA (12 days ago)
Why don’t you put ads in your videos? You could’ve made more money and I’m willing to watch them 😂
Jake Snake (12 days ago)
Meanwhile it fucking takes me 90 minutes to get to work and 90 more to get home to a hot meal and a blow job.
effy zay (12 days ago)
Richie Bee (12 days ago)
Great video. Please continue by adding trucks to the story. Hundreds of trucks roll through the night bypassing any airports i.e. boston > NY,NJ
Reagan Jury (13 days ago)
ups is da best
XXSTINGY 37 Playz (13 days ago)
Kai Biagi (13 days ago)
i actually live in alaska and overnight shipping is not a thing (overnight shipping is 1 week usually)
WOOLFY MODS (13 days ago)
I live next to Memphis
Jonathan Perez (13 days ago)
I learn so much from you.
smokescreen (13 days ago)
This is really impressive. Great Wendover video as always!
Sean Cauffiel (13 days ago)
Great video.
Dominic Larson (14 days ago)
When your package still takes 24 days to get to your house
A-LEX M94 (15 days ago)
yeah alaska dude wahoo
eveyluvvs (15 days ago)
His pronunciation of Guangzhou xD... Why do people feel the need to add a 'j' sound?
Alexander Arnold (15 days ago)
Flew over the North Pole!
Ohitsjust Nick (15 days ago)
5 minutes in i realized i dont give a shit
CuriousVEVO (15 days ago)
Yes, Memphis!
xXSeanCuber22Xx (15 days ago)
Memphis is a HUGE city. The most populous in Tennessee I don’t know why you say it’s not big
Nick Dubay (15 days ago)
I ordered my new iPhone X and I live just outside of Portland ME. You using that figure was incredibly helpful. My iPhone even is coming from Memphis.
Ge RuiYi (15 days ago)
Only 1 million? In Montreal alone they have 100k to 200k shipping dayly.
rosstee (15 days ago)
Sweet Lion (15 days ago)
These companies are the real santa claus...
Silent CG (16 days ago)
I dont think you can call a city with more people than some states a "relatively small city"
Felix Wernisch (16 days ago)
Where did he get all this information from? Does anybody know any source?
zoqaeski (16 days ago)
Fascinating. It's like well-oiled cogs in a machine, though I can't say I've ever been impressed with FedEx's service to Australia.
The Official Nerd (16 days ago)
kgbme (16 days ago)
Nothing nice about burning (jet) fuel to send anything anywhere. It's pretty pathetic, actually.
Jesus From Hyrule (16 days ago)
Well made video very interesting
Cool_ Beans (16 days ago)
Amazon eliminates the middle man and does everything to maximize profit... isn't that a little too close to a vertical monopoly?
Adolf Hitler (16 days ago)
I’m from Presque Isle
Snowden (16 days ago)
This makes me feel bad for complaining cause my package didn’t arrive in time
mrvwbug44 (16 days ago)
FedEx has actually stopped some of their feeder flights. They used to run a Cessna Caravan between Cheyenne, WY and Denver, CO where they have a hub, but a few years ago they switched to covering the approximately 120 mile distance with trucks.
190441919044 (17 days ago)
Drew Burchette (17 days ago)
Great video!
OPrincessXJasmineO (17 days ago)
11 min vid.... ok...
Joshua Miller (17 days ago)
2:10 That's not even close to the geographic center of the US
Josh Derak (17 days ago)
And for some reason to ship something within Canada takes way longer.
TF2Player (17 days ago)
this guy needs to work for Vox
Gonun (17 days ago)
Damn, that wa a extreamly informative video! Just a bit too US-focused, you guys aren't the only ones receiving and sending packages XD
John Hooyer (17 days ago)
Woah, wait, DHL can ship to North Korea? Make a video about that.
McLean Burlock (17 days ago)
andresstrello (18 days ago)
now a video of how works the luggage delivery at commercial aviation
Party Boi 7 (18 days ago)
so where the fuck is my copy of galgun booty edition!?
casp 11 (18 days ago)
It’s 2 am what the fuck am I watching 😂
planenerd907 (18 days ago)
god, that 747-8 shot...
mujjuman (18 days ago)
fast shipping is expensive and resource hungry... but i love it
Interitus (18 days ago)
How Overnight Shipping Works : poorly.