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How Overnight Shipping Works

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Wendover Productions (5 months ago)
Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn't exist without Squarespace's support so make sure to check them out!
Isaac Lao (9 days ago)
Banked hub
RiverVisDCA (10 days ago)
TIP: Use USPS for cheaper overnight shipping. USPS outsources their flying to FedEx for Overnight packages.
lockergr (25 days ago)
Okay, good content and something I might subscribe to but you put a commercial that's two minutes in the middle and then break to a commercial and that's the end of the video. Peace out brother.
Marie Bejarano (1 month ago)
yeah - tshirt link is still not working
Chuck La Mont (1 month ago)
Wendover Productions again nice production work. ..
Irvine Spiegel (10 hours ago)
"Thank you. Your order has been placed." *Track package*
Wyatt Earp (11 hours ago)
its a scam.. to make you pay more.. they just dont dick around or putz around they imidiatly scan put your package on the plane then fly direct no stops thats how.. its nto harder for them.. the other way they take there time thgey stop 3 times before doing your shit... so its a scam they could do this all the time just to raise rates
StormLaker1975 (22 hours ago)
I've always marveled at how fast I can get parts shipped from far flung corners of the globe to customers in one night. Fed Ex does it for a LOT cheaper than UPS....however in the short game you can't beat UPS.
Ethan Galt (1 day ago)
FedEx does operate some new aircraft. The 777-200LRF is a rather expensive plane dedicated primarily to the Asia routes (similar to how UPS operates their 747-8F). Also, FedEx has ordered some new-build 767 jets from Boeing, but it's an old model so they got them relatively cheap.
puglover (1 day ago)
That's cool, but my piano teacher showed me the map of one of her packages. It went from China to Anchorage, then Memphis, and finally, Seattle. I'm guessing there's still a few flaws in the system, or because it wasn't overnight shipping. The whole thing about overnight shipping is confusing.
joeisgod1088 (1 day ago)
Great video bro! I always overnight from Hollywood to Cleveland and it leaves La at 4 pm and is in Cleveland Ohio by 10 am always wondered!!!
Eric Smith (1 day ago)
Yes I order a TON a metic TON of stuff off online ... They always get me my stuff , NO matter how big or small. I think they deserve a raise and a thank you!
IBegToDiffer200 (1 day ago)
I thought there was a hub in Phoenix Sky Harbor?
RockyGamingYT (1 day ago)
The way he pronounces Louisville
Slovenia Is Good Country (1 day ago)
“Masterpiece of logistics” _truck drives off the road_
Fantastic Francesco (2 days ago)
Did anyone else think of the great movie “Castaway” when seeing the FedEx planes?
Ebunoluwa Taiwo (2 days ago)
There is Manchester in America??
SergeantSeabass (3 days ago)
So I’m an Atlanta boy so I love hearing my city recognized for being awesome. I thought that Harts-field Jackson airport was the largest and busiest in the world, thus I would think you would mention it a lot, but you don’t, am I missing something?
Habu12 (3 days ago)
"Keh-terr", not "Kuh-tar".
Yoot6 101 (3 days ago)
they stole your video https://youtu.be/gp-QN43ONT8
Yoot6 101 (3 days ago)
When you choose "overnight shipping" but get it in two days on amazon.
Noob Nooby (3 days ago)
Who said it works?
FruityPebs (4 days ago)
Who else gets excited when they hear their city in a video.
Charlie Foxtrot The 3rd (4 days ago)
I bought a pair of sunglasses from Amazon at 8:00am and they arrived that afternoon. Now that is what I call delivery service. Incredible.
Twistr (4 days ago)
Morpheus network!!!!!
greywolf271 (4 days ago)
Increasing global warming. The usual suspects
matt mccaffrey (4 days ago)
I hope watching the squarespace ad helps fund more of your great videos
Conner De Snoo (5 days ago)
Getting a letter sent my town back to my town, goes to capital city, gets sorted, comes back to my town, gets sorted, then sent out. It takes 2 weeks to get something from the eastern states. Australian post friggen sucks 😩
Jesmond Chia (5 days ago)
10:08 Legend has it, that package is still stuck rolling on the spot to this day
Will (5 days ago)
Yet it took 5 weeks for something I ordered on ebay from Munich, Germany to reach Melbourne, Australia
Chef (5 days ago)
Does this apply to hawaii? Cause there's literally no option for overnight for hawaii. Fastest is 2 day shipping
FinlandForceTeam (5 days ago)
lol everytime i see fedex logo, i can only think about cast away
Wigothe (6 days ago)
Correction: there is no hub in Dallas. The one in Texas is in Fort Worth, which is about 30 miles away from Dallas (nearly three times farther apart than Oakland from San Francisco).
Abe Coulter (6 days ago)
Small propeller aircraft. Turboprop would sound more comercial.
DarkerMS (7 days ago)
All I could focus on in the last half of the video is the song that’s also used in the fucking NordVPN commercial
STC (7 days ago)
I rather not sit on old passenger airlines... For cargo, fine..
Jordan Trae (7 days ago)
FedEx could easily swich their main hub to Wichita , KS and become much more profitable.
Politigasm (7 days ago)
Answer: Jets and planes. 11 minutes of your life saved. You're welcome.
humphrey peek (8 days ago)
very interesting
Artie Breland (9 days ago)
How do the post office recognize the postal zip code.
circlesevan (9 days ago)
6:18 “taking into account the earths curvature”. Silly wendover, don’t you know that the earth is flat!
Andrew Burke (9 days ago)
This reminded me how much I hate purple.
Forced Media (9 days ago)
The biggest advantage for cargo planes is the packages 📦 don’t complain don’t require any beverages don’t need to eat and will never ask for a pillow.
Rue U (9 days ago)
A video on how DHL ships worldwide woilda been great
TandemPVP (10 days ago)
its pronounced prehskeeel
Adriana Flowers (10 days ago)
Your videos are so interesting. I love educating myself :)
Eterna08 (10 days ago)
How do you know all this stuff
Oldandwize (10 days ago)
What does UPS stand for??? Use Purolator Stupid.
MAN_ON_WHEELZ (11 days ago)
9:28 sucks for whoever ordered that IHI box, that thing ain't gonna make it to the bottom till tomorrow.
WorldwideRailfanTV (11 days ago)
Who had a package delivered to their house while watching this video
Julio Frosi (11 days ago)
And after the cargo ships to Brazil, it takes months to come as far as my house.
ScorchStorm (11 days ago)
I love how efficient this whole system is, it’s amazing, I wish all business could be this efficient, everything would be so cheap....
DJ TWEEZY (12 days ago)
I used to work at the FedEx Hub in Alliance, Texas. Its amazing to see 25-30 aircraft come and depart within a matter of a few hours
Chirpy Lamb (12 days ago)
0:27 the first American to pronounce Edinburgh correctly
Eric Van Zee (12 days ago)
How is Amazon trying to build a vertical monopoly not in violation of the Sherman Anti-trust acts?
T-CATT (12 days ago)
Great vid.
HappyBacon (13 days ago)
Aw no mention of stations, I work at the DEN ship center and on the morning shift, we usually get 4 flights, 2 of which come from Indianapolis and Memphis.
Hassam Sheikh (13 days ago)
On one side, we have this channel whose efforts I appreciate for putting effort in providing actually knowledgeable content while on the other side we have channels that spend 17 mins in explaining why one character from an anime is actually an other character from a totally unrelated anime.
MR. smith (13 days ago)
Have anyone notice the arrow on the FedEx..?
Philip Leitch (13 days ago)
So why are the delivery companies consistently rated poorly? Everywhere in the world couriers have a terrible reputation. Why don't they put as much effort into customer satisfaction as they do their superhubs?
DevenRocks (13 days ago)
Nothing but blacks work at Fedex as handlers. But I guess if you pay peanuts expect monkeys.
Lewis Adams (13 days ago)
How do you known all of this?
HellRaiser (13 days ago)
Fedex is the largest in the world yet they lose and get more packages stolen than any of the other carriers combined. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
David Johnsson (14 days ago)
I make software for transport administration systems and work with carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx and many more daily. It was really interesting to hear how these companies work on the larger scale. Cool!
Adonai Isla Vieyra (15 days ago)
"Its not a big city, only more than half a million live there"... Just say that out loud and thing about it for a sec.
Jaan Kotkas (15 days ago)
Fedex now has TNT in their network also.
Nratul Invizibil (15 days ago)
Lightning Fast my ass 2 weaks for a ship in the same country
Frankie Kimbrell (16 days ago)
Now my perspective of overnight shipping prices actually seems cheap.
Perth Aviation lover (16 days ago)
How about Australia post???
SpencerSteelman (16 days ago)
so interesting!!
E1craZ4life (17 days ago)
DHL also has its American hub in Cincinnati, just 100 miles northeast of Louisville.
BrandonPryorMusic (18 days ago)
This is a great video but it only scratches the surface. The feeder tractor trailers are even more important than the aircrafts.
GravityExphos (18 days ago)
Jun Kubir (21 days ago)
No one in Africa... Ahahahah stupid western people, China is ahead in everything today coz China expands branches everywhere no matter what country it lands, rich or poor China doesn't mind, as long as theirs a MADE IN CHINA PRODUCT sold ...fuck the western people with their greedy and theives behavior when world doesn't understand.. Western came as theives and stole resources and everything valuable... But in today's world China is the real deal in every Nation.. China build bridge roads buildings, and many more unlike western came as theives and crooked to steal and rip off other nations...world don't be confused, western white pigs are idiots.
Lauri (21 days ago)
Here in finland its almost a fucking month to get shit here from china
itayi zinzombe (21 days ago)
Very informative, thanks
ZeGo (21 days ago)
You say that Memphis is a small City ummmmm okay??
okimas (22 days ago)
Lol I might be baked, but who else imagine the tire noise the airplane makes when landing?
Chase Rohani (23 days ago)
Woooo! Go Memphis! Any other Memphians here?
Victor Stanica (24 days ago)
"Because in this business, more than any..." *five second ad* "...time is money."
Cosmo John (24 days ago)
Where do you get this info? Sponsored by FedEx?
airplanebuilderman (24 days ago)
It's not a 747-800 it's called a 747-8f. no zero's after the 8
dam1041960 (26 days ago)
Fedex fast talking guy.
Jake Plays (26 days ago)
Hey just a heads up, the planes that land at Manchester airport, is actually in Londonderry, I live here haha
Travis Trahan (27 days ago)
Allegiant's model is no longer to buy old Aircraft... they're buying brand new A320 series since the old B757s and MD88's Maintenance costs are too high/unreliable! Check the fleet on wiki.
BehindFor17Hours (27 days ago)
Hey, Presque Isle, my family’s home town!
SixStringLove Guy (28 days ago)
I was on a Delta flight from Dallas to Indy and I was sitting there watching them load luggage onto the plane when I noticed that there were FedEx packages being loaded into the very front cargo bay. So FedEx must have share agreements with the airlines as well. Like a secondary routes if a package got missed or showed up late or whatever. Or it was like the cheapest four day delivery and that's how they utilize the extra capacity.
HydrAquas (29 days ago)
1:45 AY! I grew up in Greensboro (NC)!
sharkbite951 (29 days ago)
This wad the most interesting video holy shit. Like, I never asked myself how does overnight shipping work, but through this entire video my eyes were widen open and had my jaw drop several times. Props for making such quality content, glad I subscribed.
Norberto Geronimo (29 days ago)
good thing my cousins live in memphis and its home of the blues
EdMcF1 (1 month ago)
All wonderful, but one large courier firm (not the wonderful Fedex) managed to drive my car keys around all day without delivering them to me from the garage 130 miles away as they claimed that the driver couldn't read their own label, it took 30 hours for my keys to do the last 50 miles. Did the idiot try to phone me to check? No, so why take my number? Had the same firm found me with the same details the week before? Yes.
Anton Berglund (1 month ago)
Are you gonna do one about Maersk?:) (Just curious).
Chuck La Mont (1 month ago)
Your video production and graphics second to none, we'll produced and as I see liked by pretty much everybody, and we'll narrated. FedEx is just an interesting company, years back the Discovery Channel also did a FedEx story very impressive as was yours keep up the great production work, 1000 thumbs up from me..
hkgs_knight 42 (1 month ago)
This is satisfying
Thomas Kolter (1 month ago)
Wait until they invent Transporters!
MrMoccachinoo (1 month ago)
Great Explanation! I always asked myself, why most of the Cargo planes were extremly old.
EliteRowmaster (1 month ago)
Then entitled liberals who think that this shit is easy to come up with and run and being a CEO of this doesn't mean huge liabilities and then bitch about income inequality
wingmanalive (1 month ago)
The Burning Toast Monster of Uranus (1 month ago)
What about milwaukee? Direct flight from memphis or smaller plane from chicago or ohio? What about other big or semi-big citys close to other bigger citys? At my school in milwaukee i can just make out airplanes coming in when eating lunch in car in parkinglot and have only seen one fedex plane one time. It was a fullsized plane, not a prop but one time, havent seen one since
Sergei Liu (1 month ago)
What about passenger airlines having cargo airlines like Cathay Pacific Cargo, Korean Air cargo, lufthansa cargo, ect how do those work?
Oscar Hatcher MTB (1 month ago)
what about Australia?
Matevz Kramar (1 month ago)
Cool video. One mistake you made though, it’s not Boeing 747-800 but 747-8 ;)
Ultra Easy (1 month ago)
Ye f sake i ordered dominoes but i recieved a muther trucking dvd player and they said they need another week to solve the situation....
Georgia f (1 month ago)
Is oakland placed in the wrong location? it looks too far south