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How Overnight Shipping Works

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Wendover Productions (9 months ago)
Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn't exist without Squarespace's support so make sure to check them out!
Alvin Hew (11 hours ago)
+mike watters I mean the planes and sorting machines can still operate at day, though the last step, i.e. delivery to ur doorstep should be carried out at suitable times.
mike watters (19 hours ago)
+Alvin Hew would you like to have a delivery person bang at your door in the day time or at 2 am when you are asleep
Alvin Hew (22 hours ago)
+mike watters Yah you're right, that's why I watched this video to learn more about it. Would u mind helping me understand it by sharing ur opinion to my question please?
mike watters (1 day ago)
+Alvin Hew i dont think u understand international logistics
Muhamad Gunawan (4 days ago)
FedEx is the second largest transport Company behind ups company
DeGeweldigeBanaan (2 hours ago)
in my case: these KLM motherfuckers think its a good idea to fly from amsterdam to johannesburg while i live like 40 km from the airport and they depart normaly at 0:30 in the fucking morning
Luckysquirrel1256 (10 hours ago)
Really cool video, never put much thought into it, but it is impressive the sheer scale of logistics that goes into this.
andresaoberni (17 hours ago)
Awesome video!
car park lads (17 hours ago)
FedEx has so many planes
Crucial Speaks (21 hours ago)
Alex Richardson (1 day ago)
Explains why I had to wake up at 3am when I worked for fedex.
leadnsteel (1 day ago)
Wonder how much their pilots make.... I could never fly a plane i would be scared of it breaking down in the air
Noble Six (3 days ago)
DHL can deliver to north korea what.....
CallumGames 2007 (3 days ago)
You forgot Shannon airport
Setting Mind (3 days ago)
I love it
Jaw Breaker (4 days ago)
New Work? Who the hell calls New York New Work?
The Funhouse (4 days ago)
so thats how the cartels do it. nice!
Tomgk Comedy (5 days ago)
I work with DHL getting these planes sent out, we have a contract with Amazon and service many of their planes as well as they utilize our sorting machine until they establish a hub of their own. I really admire DHL's grand scale they are enormous and really know what they are doing. Also we throw your packages even if they say fragile... :) With our time crunch there isn't enough time to softly package each safely.
The Englishman (5 days ago)
Sheer madness, the world cannot sustain this ignorant madness of mankind. There is a limit to what we can get away with, why do you think that the usa western states have more destructive typhoons and hurricanes causing vast damage, well it will get worse.
NOTJOKER 28 (5 days ago)
orders at 11:59 pm
howtobebasic1 (5 days ago)
most of the packages that come in usally take more then a week for it to arrive
Caged (7 days ago)
I think the math involved in these shipping companies has to be enormous.
Alex (7 days ago)
Berth Ljunggren (7 days ago)
Not all impressed with FedEx though, twice i have ordered from the US to Sweden and both times they sent the package back since they could not get a hold of me, that is when you leave the package at the local handout place so i will get a sms or slip in the mail box to pick it up, ended up cancelling the order since i can't afford keep paying $46 in shipment over and over.
Bhaskat Janu (7 days ago)
I know 99% of you won't read this hello to 1%
Randy Broderick (8 days ago)
This is FedExellent!
Citinggoose (8 days ago)
In the imperial valley FedEx has a around and ground shipping hub
Subzero Arctics (8 days ago)
Okay, this talks about shipping logistics, but doesn't really answer the question how companies are able to deliver packages overnight that normally take a week...
Billygoat02 (8 days ago)
DHL is lightning fast and has amazing customer service and tracking.
andrepduarte (8 days ago)
So very wasteful of fuel and resources... Not to mention terrible effects on pollution and climate. If we were just content with packages taking 3 days instead of 2, we could cut fuel by 40%! Do we really need this? Is it worth it, to kill thousands of people with pollutions and *millions* via the effects of climate change in a few decades? Just to have your crap from Amazon delivered in 2 days instead of 3?
Zeno Rosé (1 day ago)
andrepduarte yes
Fari Mustofa (9 days ago)
I ordered something from amazon last night and the location of the facility was on Phoenix. I live on Seattle. Thanks for the explanation now I know what time to expect my overnight delivery.
jose l negron gonzalez (9 days ago)
ANAL RAIDER (10 days ago)
How much do cargo pilots make as opposed to commercial pilots?
E1craZ4life (8 days ago)
From what I've heard, there doesn't really seem to be much difference in flying passengers or flying cargo, except that cargo is less likely to complain than passengers.
JASON BARRERA (10 days ago)
Flamingo (10 days ago)
*Meanwhile im waiting over 6 days for FedEx Ground to ship my shoes from Denver, which is only a 60 minute drive for us*
Super knullisch (11 days ago)
06:11 Hah! Tell that to a flat earther lol!
OtoeTiger88 (11 days ago)
Please let's not talk about allegiant
Edward Lind (11 days ago)
I work with fedex every day.  small towns like Wendover can not get there packages by 9 am that's a very tall order in fact fedex won't guarantee a 10:30 am delivery to a town that what they will guarantee is a delivery before 4 pm
brian turnbull (11 days ago)
Fedex buys NEW B.777's and UPS buys B.747-8's direct from Boeing. Only DHL uses older ex passenger aircraft.
charles schnell (11 days ago)
Great video!
kyle jonas (11 days ago)
I got a UPS ad
Chef Ainsley (11 days ago)
westfield90 (11 days ago)
I really liked this video. Very informative
Jose Bay Bay (11 days ago)
The Movie "Cast Away" comes to mind watching this.
Flash363 (12 days ago)
I just wanna know what all these ppl are shipping in all them damn boxes!!!
Jaroslav Lajta (13 days ago)
What about like every skipping company will like make up one big and everything will be better.
E1craZ4life (8 days ago)
Competition is good for consumers.
Cayden Lum (13 days ago)
Then you have Australia where tepee shipping is the same price if not more then the product itself
Alonzo Salinas (13 days ago)
Talk about global warming
aa a (14 days ago)
Now I dont have to go.
Malik Jardine (14 days ago)
Ion see these planes disappear? What technology they using ?
TMS SoIerMars (14 days ago)
Wtf I live in ray county missiouri
iceman11849 (14 days ago)
Dozzier (14 days ago)
How about same day shipping
ChromeEditor - Minecraft (14 days ago)
As an Australian, i have never experienced overnight shipping EVER
Isaac Missi (15 days ago)
I'm so glad you said Louisville right! Gotta say it with a mouth full of marbles *lou-a-vul*
Ameha K (15 days ago)
I live in Memphis, more FedEx planes land and take off here than all other airlines combined.
Nardeen Nabil (17 days ago)
Fantastic Elaboration :)
Cypher 1o1 (17 days ago)
I wounder why noone ever combined passenger and fright airline travel fly passenger in the front to fill unutilized space from frequent flights and cargo in the back flown on pax flight plane utilization but also shiping cargo from one place to another you could probably cut time from shipping and cost for the passengers
E1craZ4life (8 days ago)
They've tried that, building planes with COMBI configurations.
Iasone O'Bradaigh (17 days ago)
Sean Parkes (17 days ago)
When you keep getting UPS ads after watching this...
Tropicz (17 days ago)
My package came in while watching this
Jeremy Ramstein (17 days ago)
Nice video, but FALSE! The FedEx hub in Indianapolis Indiana is actually the 2nd biggest hub. Infact, the Indianapolis hub is projected to expand beyond the capacity of the hub in Memphis, because Indiana is actually the location that's ideally located. Indiana is coined "The Crossroads Of America" because of the the central location and the plethora of major US highways that intersect through the state. *Source: FedEx employee of 30+ years. Experience in both Memphis and Indianapolis hubs.
Hunter Husar (17 days ago)
LIKE my comment if you think overnight shipping is for CAPITALISTS that get more than EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP a night. LOL
Matt Bates (18 days ago)
Excellent presentation!
Mallie BAngBAng (18 days ago)
How do you obtain this information?
Colin Schneider (18 days ago)
If amazon does make a shipping company will they have everything from delivery trucks and stuff like that or just air shipping
E1craZ4life (8 days ago)
They do have their own fleet of semi-trucks, although I haven't yet seen how Amazon delivers packages to their final destination. I do know that Amazon's air hub is in Cincinnati, and that they're currently renting DHL's warehouse there during the daytime.
DingoYabuki (18 days ago)
Squarespace is shit
Chris Ngwa (18 days ago)
Fedex smartpost. I bought a $13 solder located in New Jersey, it went to California before being delivered to my address in MARYLAND. FedEx smartpost is by far the worst FedEx shipping service.
mrhoffame (19 days ago)
DHL delivers to North Korea?  Let me guess...there is only one house on that stop each day.
Anthony Longoria (19 days ago)
I work at a fulfillment center, its crazy how many packages are processed within a day
George Vreeland Hill (19 days ago)
I don't care as long as it gets there.
Артем Агеев (20 days ago)
https://vk.com/baltic.tern Новое сообщество вконтакте для моряком и всех, кто связан с морем.
The White Spike (21 days ago)
How overnight shipping works, It’s Shipping Just overnight.
acorax films (21 days ago)
Without cheap oil none of this is possible.
Marius Stefan (21 days ago)
i bought an proccesor off newegg from america..i live in birmingham, i bought it friday and it s gonna arrive on monday, fascinating
RC LaROCK /The Micstro (21 days ago)
.the EARTH IS FLAT …..HORIZON ……IF IT WERE …... bent water ball .. WATER would over run the land SILLY RABBITS…relax…….anytime they show you a globe they are lying …..dont become SPACE PROGRAMMED…govern your mental departments or NASA dept will……
E1craZ4life (19 days ago)
How is circumnavigation possible on a flat Earth?
Bergen Nicholson (21 days ago)
DHL is slow AF. takes them a week to ship across from Illinois to Ohio. and this wasnt a 1 time thing. been at least 6 shipments
Razvan Samoila (21 days ago)
Atleast this guy uses both the metric and imperial system. Finally!
Edd 67 (22 days ago)
What about the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-11
AlienG (22 days ago)
I clicked on this video cause I work at UPS Worldport.
E1craZ4life (19 days ago)
I work at DHL's American hub in Cincinnati.
SpaceC0re (22 days ago)
In some countries like France, which has one, if not the most developped rail system in the world, the overnight shipping is done entirely by Train. The number of planes used is ridiculously low, since why would you use a super expensive aircraft when you can use a modified TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, High Speed Train) to deliver the packages maybe a few hours later, but using nothing like a plane in terms of money ?
moncorp1 Inc (23 days ago)
5:38 That was actually Fedex's original business model. It wasn't until the 90s or early 2000s that ALL domestic packages didn't go through Memphis. It actually wasn't all that inefficient when you realize planes were going in those directions anyway. It was only because sheer volume demanded it that they come up with feeder hubs. And by the way, Amazon (and Google) are the evil empire.
Mr. Mxyzptlk (23 days ago)
Marcus-Adrian Bogstad (24 days ago)
Great vid, good job!
LevyTaxes (25 days ago)
You're butchering the name of my city ); louisville (lowl-vole)
Blewraspberii~ (25 days ago)
When Newark was pronounced wrong 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂
Sydney (25 days ago)
All this because you wanted your new sneakers next business day.
Ian Aitchison (25 days ago)
Very useful an informative.
GeorgeBonez (25 days ago)
I hope UPS or FedEx will take over our mail once USPS is finally privatized. The USPS has NOT shown a profit in over two decades in a market that they monopolize and are demanding yet again another 1.6 billion dollar bailout!
GeorgeBonez (19 days ago)
Dave Bechtel well my research says different but I’m not going to argue that but they are currently asking for a 1.6 B bailout now and that isn’t up for debate. It’s a FACT!
Dave Bechtel (20 days ago)
The United States Postal Service has never received a bailout ! ! Stamps and postal fees for parcels are the only way they make any money. The more people that use the internet instead of sending a letter the less money they make. That is the biggest problem.
Quantum (25 days ago)
I got a UPS ad while watching this.
Igniting Mental Fires (13 days ago)
Same. Illuminati.
Antipater (25 days ago)
Wow, I was in Memphis a few months ago and saw the Fedex superhub, although I had no idea how significant that place was !!
Blou Bear (26 days ago)
So much work and research put into this, Great Job
HighWithADHD (26 days ago)
650 727 planes for fed ex..a lot of people living like a boss off that lmao
Jamal Freeman (26 days ago)
I bet one screw up at the hubs cost so much.
Vitaliy Fursov (27 days ago)
Pretty soon all of those will beg Elon Musk for faster delivery option...
ps3master72 (27 days ago)
Yay! One of my favorite youtubers mentions my city, Louisville KY!
tellenforelle (27 days ago)
So why you call it SHIPPING?
Wojciech Szacoń (27 days ago)
What about Europe? People also live here
Wojciech Szacoń (18 days ago)
+E1craZ4life but that seems like in Europe there is small amount of those hubs, and almost all examples in this video are in USA
E1craZ4life (19 days ago)
There are hubs in Europe, which were mentioned in the video. FedEx and UPS have their European hubs in Cologne, while DHL's is in Leipzig, Germany.
Petefirside Space (27 days ago)
Shouldn't the answer to this very simple question be: The goods are placed on a ship, and the ship travels overnight across the sea to it's destination. Surely, the answer is in the question. If it takes longer, then it is NOT overnight shipping.
Michael Flores (28 days ago)
Thanks u helped a lot. I keep looking out my window
D-Riker-W gaming and lessons (28 days ago)
I got a ups ad while watching this
T R U T H (28 days ago)
Just watch the trailer for Death Stranding.
KK Singh (28 days ago)
so I bought one yeezy and no wonder why shipping costs like a actual shoe I get it noe..
Captain Ghost (28 days ago)
I got a UPS ad