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How Overnight Shipping Works

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Wendover Productions (1 year ago)
Hey I hope you enjoy this new video (and the new logo!) As always, this video wouldn't exist without Squarespace's support so make sure to check them out!
Tinfu Yiu (3 months ago)
I dont know if you can see this message, but I really wanted to know how these logistics companies sort addresses and deliver the goods in the most efficient way. Cheers. Keep up on the good work!
Rockslide (3 months ago)
Very much enjoyed the video, but your logo seems dated, as in the 1980s.
GWDeathscythe18 (4 months ago)
Really awesome video, gave me a very nice intro to how these companies work. I have just one suggestion, which is to write out #s / figures when saying each company has X number of planes, Y number of routes, etc. The visual will definitely help stick better, thanks!
Cal Garian (4 months ago)
Just because a FedEx aircraft sits for a long period of time on the ground doesn't mean it is not utilized. They do aircraft maintenance, ground crew training and other stuff on the aircraft when the plane is away from Memphis.
Devonte Harmon Joseph (4 hours ago)
I hate packing feeder planes! FedEx has single prop Cessna's planes also, operated by other carriers.
The Computer (12 hours ago)
They suck the zucc and the package Files to your house
• ChristianO5 (12 hours ago)
I live in Germany and since the German Postal Service is one company with DHL we can just walk in to our local post office and send a package to NK
Devin Crum (1 day ago)
You mentioned my hometown and current city of residence (Phoenix, Arizona)! Well, I live in Chandler, which is a suburb of Phoenix.
imcanada (2 days ago)
sorry but you're garbage at designing websites. no offense.
Adam Reck (2 days ago)
Overnight shipping is one of the biggest scams out there you idiots God I can't believe people fall for this s***
Irvin Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Damn man, did you go to mail school!?
MrAnimeMilitary (3 days ago)
So this is why the used PS2 games I bought on eBay back in 2018 shipped via their global shipping program using FedEx pass through Memphis, TN then passing through Guangzhou, China before arriving here in Metro Manila, Philippines. Thank you very much Wendover Productions!
sc0tte1 (3 days ago)
How overnight shipping works: 1. Nighttime comes. 2. Package is shipped.
Patson Lim (4 days ago)
your bullet points just got you fired would you like to go back to your poor piss low paying miserable job? or better jobless? i can help you
1 (5 days ago)
Car guys be like......
MUT (5 days ago)
Rly good vid! Props!
Alan Pieroway (6 days ago)
I always say the large shipping companies like UPS and FedEx are great at getting packages around the world in hours, but that last few km within the city can take a week because if you're a residential address they just don't care and/or are too busy to wait the 30 seconds it takes you to get to the door. So, if you're lucky they 'drop' the package at the door so it can get stolen, or more likely they slap a 'we tried, but you didn't answer the door in 3.2 seconds' paper notice (and maybe one more duplicate the next day) asking that you pick up your parcel all the way across the city. If you're a business, with a receptionist, it tends to work better. If you're a residential customer, the shippers excel at delivery of post it notes on doors... packages not so much.
Zinedine Zuhayr (7 days ago)
Soon they will be sent using rockets
Mikk W (8 days ago)
Wondering: would it be possible to load seats into the planes, and use it for passenger flights for the 20 hours every day it otherwise sits and waits? Seems silly to have a plane collecting dust 85% of its life
cody hedtke (8 days ago)
Memphis with a population of 650,000 isn't a huge city? Lol I live in a town with 2,500
Alex Rodriguez (5 days ago)
There are 30 cities with a population of 650k or more in the U.S. To me there are really only two "huge" cities in the U.S.: New York and LA.
Deji Rauf (6 days ago)
Where is that. I'd love to come
Danny Landrum (10 days ago)
Boycott DHL for refusing to ship guns, folks.
M Detlef (10 days ago)
Memphis was chosen because it is EXTREMELY rare for it to be FOGGED in.
M Detlef (10 days ago)
Over 98% of OVERNIGHT shipping is NOT necessary.
Caleb Taylor (11 days ago)
When overnight shipping is too slow, but you live in Memphis. . .
Lulu Berry (12 days ago)
Hope no one lives under one if their airway paths.
Fudge Nuggets (12 days ago)
My head hurts after watching this.
Brendon Morehouse (12 days ago)
6:12 curvature, what are you talking about, the earth was flat
M Detlef (10 days ago)
Brendon Morehouse Yeah, but then INFLATION happened.
Jeffrey D (12 days ago)
Great vid, thanks. Always so impressed with these time sensitive logistics. Check out DHLs founder. He sold it for 800 million in the 80s, then knocked up 4 prostitutes in some tax haven jurisdiction. He left his fortune to a University, but those sluts fought for the mmoney and the kids each got about 100miilion. Interesting story....
Tom Alsop (13 days ago)
You forgot how they use passenger airlines on some of their routes. I work for an airline in cargo and we carry shipments for Fed Ex UPS and DHL every day both domestic and international.
ed china (13 days ago)
ups are awful adn fed ex aint that good either
Franz Sarmiento (13 days ago)
You talk about shipping yet all I see are planes...
Bob Young (14 days ago)
I wonder how the growth of Amazon Prime will impact these plans.
unknown person (14 days ago)
So packages are 'shipped' on airplanes?
M Detlef (10 days ago)
unknown person HUNDREDS of tiny boats in each plane.
laenmowre (17 days ago)
I wish you were just like, funnier.
Andrew Overstreet (18 days ago)
I'm from Louisville and I was like yeet biggest ups airport, then he said relatively small city.
Jim Beaux (18 days ago)
Wow that’s amazing!! I never really knew how all this shipping took place. Really is a brilliant system
Phantom67 (19 days ago)
Always wondered why a lot of my packages came from Memphis Very interesting
Dylan Pointon (19 days ago)
I thought it was pretty amazing to get something overnight from California to Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) Most likely the flight was FedEx from OAK-HNL-SYD then QantasFreight SYD-BNE
P Martin (20 days ago)
A lot of smart planners out there.
Flight Hours (20 days ago)
fantastic video. thank you!
courier08 (20 days ago)
1:24 now thats the fastest unload/reload i have seen. im DHL, but damn
George Bonta (21 days ago)
Most annoying thing is when you pay for overnight shipping but something happens and you get it 3 days latter.
Daneh Feik (18 days ago)
I think I depends, there are many things that are beyond of FedEx's control such as weather or an accident, they do have policy if there was nothing beyond their control they are supposed to give you the resound for the shipment
Bob Hernandez (21 days ago)
I used to work for DHL in Hawaii, FedEx and Ups fly planes from Hawaii with mail and pineapple as there is not enough outbound freight. We never use or own planes, but shipped with comerical airlines, which adds another level of complexity to getting shipments delivered on time. That would be a great part 2. Good job.
Jay Krainert (21 days ago)
USPS still the cheapest
Chris Tsang (21 days ago)
Do you use squarespace, or do you use wix?
G3 (21 days ago)
then when it arrives you get a $100 tax bill for an item that cost $80 fk logic
Spicy Sauce (24 days ago)
Getting a pocket pussy tomorrow. I love 1 day shipping!!
Gavin Helgeson (24 days ago)
Have you ever noticed cargo planes don’t crash but passenger planes do?
Alexandru Tănase (24 days ago)
"It's almost impossible to start in the shipping companies" Bruh, have you played Transport Fever? Just make a track and buy a train, make some money to build more train tracks and buy more trains and connect more cities Or, you know, just deliver some food... Uber Eats... Food Panda... You don't even need trucks, just have the employees ride a bike with a big box on their back, or heck, even skates or steps work instead of bikes You ship fast food.
Alexandru Tănase (24 days ago)
Just let that sink in for a moment North Korea accepted a capitalist company such as DHL to ship stuff in the country
Codiac (24 days ago)
You want to know why your package arrived late? Look at 10:09... Package stuck.
diego marquez (25 days ago)
I live in Manchester and I live right under the glide slope of runway 17 and I never seen a prop fedex the only prop mail service here is wiggin airways but we do get dc 10's from fedex which is always a beautiful view seeing a commercial failure be reborn as a cargo plane
Nicholas Miles (26 days ago)
Dallas, TX is not a hub. Alliance Airport is the actual Hub. DFW is just a large airport.
Chris Carter (26 days ago)
I always wondered how this worked. So intriguing. #Cool
Euan Morse (28 days ago)
As a person from Edinburgh, I appreciate your constant references to our small city :)
Sigma (29 days ago)
What y'all doin running the global economy? Go to bed.
Viper the Red (29 days ago)
Even if this was Half as interesting I would should have watched I’m sorry I know that this was a bad joke
freecar wash (29 days ago)
Waiting for my order rn
Milly C (1 month ago)
I have a ball python coming in tomorrow. (April 23 by 10:30am) Shipped (Monday April 22) so it’s in Memphis Tn currently. I was like how tf they going to drive 12hrs that fast. Nvm then 😂😂😭 guess there not breaking the speed limit.
jackson leach (1 month ago)
I’m really happy I’m studying this in school, it is super interesting
NAWW (1 month ago)
Memphis is a small city then says 650000 Jesus seattle has 600000 people and its more popular than Memphis
Optical Illusionary (1 month ago)
When Sam said Greensboro I was like omg I live 23 mins from there
Yusur Kassem (1 month ago)
Why is it called ‘shipping’ if they’re flying the packages???
Rex Sexson (1 month ago)
Dubai. Ups says it'll arrive tomorrow so dubai (do buy)
Rex Sexson (1 month ago)
Did ups just drive off the road?
Riasat202 (1 month ago)
And then Purolator doesn't even knock on your door and leaves a note saying that the pickup location is in a different city!
Christopher Thomas (1 month ago)
But will my computer arrive in good condition though?
Yumpin Yiminy (1 month ago)
Great video!
Yumpin Yiminy (1 month ago)
Did you know??? The creator of FedEx used this thought of a company as a business thesis in college. He got a "D" on his paper. Go figure. I really could never figure out where colleges (university for Canada) got these professors. I found many to have been out of their field (or never in) to have a realistic view on current or future trend and just quoted books and rotated test because too lazy to make new current ones!
Veritech Girl (1 month ago)
They can even ship to Antarctica overnight?
ryancj1542 (1 month ago)
nobody: Wendover: geography
Josef Berns (1 month ago)
Is this how santa works?
Collin The Milkman (1 month ago)
Human evolution really has come such a long way. We take all of this stuff for granted, but the process behind this is amazing! Great video!
djocapn (1 month ago)
And on the flip side, if you ship via Ground it sits at the origin facility for *days* waiting for a truck to fill up. If it's SmartPost, then it waits *weeks*.
canterburytalesCafe (1 month ago)
All the time your sucking up to these firms many many people are pissed off with them, you're fooling no one
Mr*.* PoTaTo (1 month ago)
What about prime planes from amazon shipping
Grant Deetch (1 month ago)
Oh yeah UPS is massive in Louisville
10k subs with 21 videos (1 month ago)
K. Nakanishi (1 month ago)
FedEx: We can get your package physically within 5 square miles of where you live, but after that you're on your own!
Metalcube Gaming (1 month ago)
The fed ex hub in in memphis also because the memphis is the ceo's home town. I go to the same highschool he went to.
Tim Yang (1 month ago)
Probbaly should have a playlist dedicated to avation
AviaMahaNakhon (1 month ago)
6:11 taking into account earth’s curvature *angry flat earther mumblings*
DIY Computers (1 month ago)
food panda
Hat _ (1 month ago)
Man, imagine being one of the Air Traffic controller on one of these Hubs.
Alex Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Easy gig. Work hard for those two hours then you're done :D
theoffroadguy (1 month ago)
Matt Richmond (1 month ago)
You actually can fly non stop from Louisville to Los Angeles now. I'm from Louisville and have lived in LA for over a decade. A non stop flight began earlier this year.
Kevin Schroerlucke (1 month ago)
First SDF - LAX flight was this week.
ciasd opops (1 month ago)
Haven't seen how my job works yet, cool
Silas Beall (1 month ago)
4:48, talking about the inefficiency of shipping items lol, here's my story! Ordered a product in Sunnyvale CA (I live here), the product ORIGINATED from Sunnyvale CA (company had the product here) but Fedex decided to ship that item all the way down to LA and then back up again, I watched it happen over the tracker...mind blowing...tech capital of the world and this sh$t was going on (2015)
PGPlayz (1 month ago)
Louisville is bigger than the state of Wyoming in population
Hydro Zay (1 month ago)
Im from memphis wonder why i get my stuff so fast lmao
Lord Hentai (3 days ago)
Alexandru Tănase (24 days ago)
There was bound to be some stoned dude from Memphis to say he was a Pharoah
Hockey everything YouTube (1 month ago)
650,000 people isn’t small. But it’s not gigantic
Hydro Zay (1 month ago)
+Hockey everything YouTube oh lol
Hockey everything YouTube (1 month ago)
I know Memphis is nice. I live in Minnesota. This guy doing the video probably thinks 5 mil for a city is average. Cause he most likely lives in New York city
Hydro Zay (1 month ago)
like 950,000 to 1 mill counting the county because alot of them just say there memphians
Hydro Zay (1 month ago)
i live in memphis its a nice little city its more then 650,000 way more
ParkJaez (1 month ago)
Waiting for my Stray Kids MIROH albums😂
richard tavarez (1 month ago)
anyone else waiting for their package as well ? lol
mr certified kettle (1 month ago)
I swear every one is sponsered by square space
Justin Sholes (1 month ago)
Dhl does not deliver to every country as they don’t deliver in Vatican City 🇻🇦🇻🇦
Cupid (1 month ago)
6:08 I stopped listening after he said "Earth's curvature"
E1craZ4life (1 month ago)
+Cupid There's more than enough indisputable evidence that the Earth is round. The fact that you aren't providing an argument for why eclipses aren't real only strengthens my side of the issue. If you have a way to explain them, put it forward so it can be discussed.
Cupid (1 month ago)
+E1craZ4life I've already said all I need to. The proof is all around you. NASA lies. The Earth is flat
E1craZ4life (1 month ago)
Cupid What, do you not have a good counterargument?
Cupid (1 month ago)
+E1craZ4life You are fake news.
E1craZ4life (1 month ago)
+Cupid They're very real, and we have indisputable evidence from recent years and beyond that they exist. In fact, there's a solar eclipse predicted for 2024, so you have a perfect opportunity to see one for yourself.
Jon Stolte (2 months ago)
Another example of this is UPS ships packages from Madison WI to Milwaukee that end up in Southwestern WI.
Jon Stolte (2 months ago)
This is why Stevens Points WI is major hub in the Midwest.
Jon Stolte (2 months ago)
I've driven past the Louisville airport and work for UPS. Can confirm all of this.
Tristana Kazame (2 months ago)
Im just waiting for my package 📦 and know im watching this at 4 am
Pat W (2 months ago)
Real content here 👌🏻
Chad B (2 months ago)
It would be so cool to take any random item and be able to track where all the parts came from and how long it took to get to you
Lush Palms (2 months ago)
My packages were coming efficiently and I was pissed off for nothing.😅