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How Overnight Shipping Works

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Wendover Productions (1 year ago)
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clifton559 (1 month ago)
my father was the airports mantainence man, and then the superviser for 30 years, he works at a hospitol now that hes retired from the airport. did you that memphis international was the first airport to have a terrorist act on an airplane in the hole usa back in the 80s i beleave it was?
Tinfu Yiu (8 months ago)
I dont know if you can see this message, but I really wanted to know how these logistics companies sort addresses and deliver the goods in the most efficient way. Cheers. Keep up on the good work!
Rockslide (8 months ago)
Very much enjoyed the video, but your logo seems dated, as in the 1980s.
GWDeathscythe18 (9 months ago)
Really awesome video, gave me a very nice intro to how these companies work. I have just one suggestion, which is to write out #s / figures when saying each company has X number of planes, Y number of routes, etc. The visual will definitely help stick better, thanks!
DanteGhee (14 hours ago)
*Over 2-3 night shipping
T Pain (18 hours ago)
Me at 11:59AM: *over night shipping* Mail man:
naynay sploogle (19 hours ago)
Wicked Worm (1 day ago)
overnight was yesterday.we same day now
Yung Waffles (1 day ago)
Worked for FedEx. Actually, the Memphis Hub is called the World Hub, but does actually have the Super Hub in it like the video mentioned...and a Mega Hub...and an Ultra Hub...and an Auto Hub...and an Old Hub...and a Green Hub...and mini restaurants like Subways...and a gas station...and shuttle buses to get around inside because just that one hub is that huge...no joke. And we shipped everything. Animals, human remains, a crap ton of computers and gaming monitors, gold and silver, celebrity's stuff, (saw John Legend's tour equipment, so I knew about the tour a week before it was announced) one of the Super Bowl trophies once, some pandas once, but mostly it's other corps using FedEx's logistics to get stuff to their customers, like Dell, or Volvo, or the US postal service.
The High Wall (1 day ago)
If you live in the USA
DemonCore44 (1 day ago)
FedEx: “ see you know I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque”
IRTG2006 (2 days ago)
Can I pick up a parcel in the UK if I’m 13 years old?
Mohammad Abdullah (2 days ago)
7:05, anyone understand what was happening there??
David Kelly (2 days ago)
You ship it today, it gets there tomorrow. Overnight shipping.
5tr4nGe (2 days ago)
"and it all happens while we sleep" As someone who works in overnight shipping... yeah we don't fucking sleep.
Boris the Spider (3 days ago)
I ship about a thousand packages per month. FedEx breaks the most
Fainted (3 days ago)
Not gonna lie i was expecting a gta v truck stunt montage
detha123456789 (4 days ago)
Sweet works im theory why does it still take 3 fucking weeks
isabel roldan (4 days ago)
lol i live in miami i pay fro standard shipping always get it before it says
Seth Justin (5 days ago)
The package at 10:09 is always my package
Heros_son (5 days ago)
memphis has a larger population than my state
Austin Starke (5 days ago)
I'm stoned
Kev D (7 days ago)
10:08 that lost package all by itself :(
Tommy Nikon (7 days ago)
I'd like to explain how overnight, or actually anything, DOESN'T WORK in own circumstances. Thanks for fucking nothing, FEDEX. This is....now: I ordered an item via ebay; due Monday via FedEx. Which after three days of tracking, magically morphed from Monday....sometime, to Tuesday...sometime. Why is this an issue? It's a long contorted story, but here goes: Because somehow, my 44-unit apt. bldg., built in 1959, and 100% residential is usage, no commercial use....was redlined by FedEx as being "commercial or industrial use", and I couldn't reroute the package. My address....didn't qualify for the service. The RESIDENTIAL address I've had for more than 22 years. So then I go to the FedEx Office/Shipping Center, two blocks away. Despite having multiple forms of ID, my tracking#, proof of purchase, ETC- the staff there wouldn't allow me- nor were they allowed to- re-route the incoming package to THEIR address, for mke to pick up later. Why is this important? Because my building has an intercom system on the exterior, hardwired to LANDline telephones. Which works great if you have a landline. And I haven't for more than ten years. Like most folks. So the driver, upon delivery, has no way to alert/buzz, contact me. Even with an exterior note to a driver....they WILL NOT even attempt to call the provided phone number for you to scamper down and pick it up. Fucking nope.....you get a stickie announcing how they used their ass and tried to deliver it. Excuse the snark....but now I have to waste all fucking day on Tuesday bird-dogging a FedEx truck for a delivery, that will happen "something that day". Oh- this isn't in my cushy unit- this is on the street. Even fucking Comcast gives you a better idea as to when they're going to deliver, the window. And even a pizza place has more integrity as to actually delivering. Now all the shit I rearranged last Friday, for this Monday's stakeout- has now been cancelled and pushed to the following day, Tuesday. Thanks FedEx, you've been fucking swell to work with! FedEx= It's like living in a Third Word country dealing with them. Meanwhile, the Post Office?; they deliver to my Apt FRONT door. I even get a knock. The bigger knock should be on all the other services who don't make an effort. Here's a concept: REQUIRE a receiver's Phone#, just like a fucking delivery address is required. Duh. Then upon delivery NOTIFY the recipients. Because see, that info is already embedded by the shipper for use by the driver. Just like an address is! Double duh. Fuck, peeps....this is 101 stuff.
Lucas Pavicic (8 days ago)
Worked at the Memphis Hub for awhile.. I worked specifically in Heavy Weight, anything over 150 lbs was handled in my area, the size of 4 football fields, ran by over 2000 forklifts. The Memphis world hub is absolutely mind blowing. Planes come in every less 2 minutes on a normal day, spread throughout the sky by 3 miles and run like clockwork. It's amazing to see
Josh Mason (8 days ago)
Super cool to see N908FX in the video. Those ATR42’s and 72’s are such a satisfying airframe to work on.
Ollie The black soul (9 days ago)
What about Australia
Ollie The black soul (9 days ago)
What about about
Tech Outsider (9 days ago)
Here I am waiting for my package from China for the past 2 months 😂 it’s probably lost now haha
Tech Outsider (9 days ago)
Here I am waiting for my package from China for the past 2 months 😂 it’s probably lost now haha
Franklin Ashe (9 days ago)
"The most important one of all, is the one in Memphis" Ayyy, shoutouts from the 901 Edit: In the Memphis city overview, I can actually see my street lmao
ziggamon (9 days ago)
I've been waiting since 2000 for FedEx to deliver my volleyball...😔 ...
Bitopan Das (5 days ago)
You'd better ask Tom Hanks about your volleyball.
World Gamer (10 days ago)
Wendover? No! Bendover ;)
Artur Kaczmarek (10 days ago)
I wonder how much money and fuel would we save if we waited 2 days instead of one?
DonKris (10 days ago)
U never talked about dhl...just fedex nd ups
Najadahe Davila (10 days ago)
Who cares!!! Just get my package here on time... OKAYYY?
Freedøm ski (11 days ago)
We do not understand why we are here but we are at once. Welcome.
Roma Taliona ASMR (11 days ago)
Well this explains how my Amazon package got from Memphis, TN to Ontario, California all in one day 🤔
Robert Gardner (13 days ago)
Fed ex has the most planes but has the WORST service when it comes to delivering the damn package
GiTxSHuM (14 days ago)
I tried ordering gaming headsets and it came in hours. Little did I know the damn HQ was just across the bridge. 😂
GiTxSHuM (14 days ago)
I always ride by the usps and fedex in Oakland. Literally minutes away. Tracking says out for delivery. Arrival for 6:00pm but it is only 9:00am 💀
Key Vinco (12 days ago)
Mind blowing amount of info, Just what I was looking for, to help towards my research
MrJohnisthename (16 days ago)
I heard FedEx merged with UPS. It's now called FedUP.
West Tennessee Railfan (16 days ago)
So why do packages become late?
Mikha D (20 days ago)
This is so amazing!!!
yer da man (20 days ago)
So Santa claus is not real?? ...
Jacob IAm (20 days ago)
Awesome video!
troy railing (20 days ago)
Hate to break it to you buddy but I live in Anchorage Alaska and I have NEVER gotten anything I ordered "over night" Amazon prime gets it here in 7 days if I'm lucky. USPS Express mail is 2 days and is crazy expensive
Mat Melka (21 days ago)
If Fedex merged with UPS..would the new brand be FED-UP?
Devojit (22 days ago)
The content and explanation was superb
JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids (22 days ago)
How overnight shipping works by Send Over Productions.
Kasen Ratliff (23 days ago)
I live in anchorage... No wonder every 3 minutes there is a 747 flying overhead...... (Anchorage doesn't have commercial 747 flights)
Sam LSD (23 days ago)
Tennessee is the worst place in the world. My friend from Saudi told me he got robbed multiple times.
r0mediddy (24 days ago)
Who else is waiting for their iPhone 11 Pro?
Freemason (23 days ago)
Reese Blevins (27 days ago)
10:06 that package on the left
Everything channel (1 month ago)
Soon, these companies will use aircraft carriers to ship packages.
Aulorenzo (1 month ago)
Very interesting
T Brown Records (1 month ago)
Nice info for 2019
master works (1 month ago)
2026 Amazon doing Airdrops
Bailey Clark (1 month ago)
Love that maine was an example! Don’t get that often!
John Doe (1 month ago)
This is impressive, Love capitalism .
James Ryzlot (1 month ago)
Great video - horrible ads JR
Nickelodeon Stuff (1 month ago)
i only live n hour away from the dallas hub so i get stuff *relatively* fast :)
Yuri Zsa (1 month ago)
I'm a trucker. When I delivered a trailer at ups in memphis at 4 am near the airport, there were people there working just like daytime, it was extremely busy, people constantly moving around, I have 10 seconds to dock otherwise I'm holding up traffic.
Andri Pongoh (1 month ago)
Does FedEx still ships Wilsons?
tarang dhulkotia (1 month ago)
Why the background music sounds very much like TVF (The Viral Fever)
Vic P (1 month ago)
Fed Ex is the worst...
Steampunk Wolf (1 month ago)
I don't think UPS is very impressive at all. Literally every single package I've had shipped with them that had overnight shipping took at least 2 or more business days to arrive. Every... single... one. Then they don't even give an explanation as to why they were late nor offer you a refund for your shipping. There was even one particular time where I ordered a computer part that I really needed, and I chose overnight shipping. (I also placed my order in the morning, not at night the previous day.) Anyway, the nearest UPS hub to me is about an hour away, so I sat home waiting all day for this package to arrive, checking the truck location, etc, and the UPS truck got within .5 miles of my house before saying that there were severe weather conditions and turning around. The part that really annoys me is that there were no severe weather conditions; we had maybe 2mm of snow on the ground that day, with no ice, it wasn't currently snowing, and even USPS and FedEx were able to deliver, so why not UPS? It also didn't seem like it was a problem with the truck because they drove that thing all the way back to the hub, which is an hour away, like I said. Actually, while they were still .5 miles away, I tried to call UPS support to see if they could get in contact with the driver so I could drive down the road and pick up my package, but all she said to me was that there were severe weather conditions at hand and they couldn't get in contact with the driver. (Really? As if I couldn't read that exact same thing on my screen; that was literally the whole reason I called. Also, how can a huge shipping company not be able to contact their drivers?) I think it all just happened to be laziness. The driver probably got tired of delivering, even though it is his job, and just turned around. But the fact that I paid extra for a service that wasn't even delivered, with no compensation whatsoever, is just bad for business in my book. Now I use UPS as little as possible after this and many similar occurrences happened.
Brian D (1 month ago)
You ran into some bad luck. The reason why management at UPS can't contact their drivers is because they actually have no way of contacting them. I mean they could contact the driver's supervisor who could relay the message, but management and driver supervisors hardly get in contact at all. Unless there is a conflict of some sort. "Severe weather" added to your bad luck obviously. Maybe your driver was a cover driver and was not familiar with the route he or she was assigned.
Ok Ok (1 month ago)
All this and standard shipping’s like what 5$
Gustavo Barreto (1 month ago)
meanwhile in Brazil the correios delays my package bought in the same state taking around one week to delivery or even more
Knowledge_Seeker (1 month ago)
Wendover? Seriously? Unless there is a great story behind that name...
Knowledge_Seeker (1 month ago)
A small detail you might be interested in also : In Anchorage Alaska the most common causes of death are cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, including lung cancer, due to air pollution.
Imaelito AC (1 month ago)
That One Guy (1 month ago)
This video was much more fascinating than i expected it to be
Rodrick Evans (1 month ago)
How overnight shipping works: Products go from point A to point B while it's dark outside.
Kevin Funk (1 month ago)
This was informative about hubs and their importance, but I thought it would be more well-rounded and go into detail following a package from beginning to end with information on sorting and ground delivery.
Mikey Mike (1 month ago)
42 Larson Fan (1 month ago)
So, Prime Air doesn't have very many planes. Yay, they use one on Sacramento International Airport to ship packages to all 2.7m of us
Greg Schuman (1 month ago)
Because of its use as a Fedex hub, Memphis airport was able to accommodate the volume of flights that were forced to land on 9/11 after American airspace was shut down.
Rodolfo Herrera (1 month ago)
Yall hired Santa claus huh dont lie
bs itis (1 month ago)
Overnight delivery exists so that politicians can justify doing nothing all day
clifton559 (1 month ago)
9:25 wow look how much that planes rutter was wabbling. id be very afraid of that one.
Flamin Frets (1 month ago)
1:09 perfect landing
Romeo khan (1 month ago)
Greensboro 🙋🏻‍♂️
Tymek Paulo (1 month ago)
slavnov gosha (1 month ago)
In china it cost like 3dollar to ship a shoe over night from Beijing to Shenzhen
Samuel Blank (1 month ago)
At 3:01, actually you can fly nonstop between Louisville and Los Angeles on American Airlines.
Bobby the Wedge (1 month ago)
DHL: For ALL your shady drug trafficking needs!
Ty Nguyen (1 month ago)
Andddddd yet my package take a month to ship
Indi (1 month ago)
I dont get it, Countrys can ship packages within anohter fucing continent and be at your doorstep in less then 48 hours.. Meanwhile France it takes 4-5 FUKCING days for your package to arrive in a domestic order...
youn1a (1 month ago)
now we should get rid of passenger carriers and fly on one these ..i would!
Joel Jimenez (1 month ago)
Solid video. I found one major flaw at around 6:12 when you mention "earths curvature" which is completely false cause the earth is flat. #goTTuM
Shoegum (1 month ago)
Most people don't notice but there's a white arrow in the FedEx Logo; once you notice it you can't unsee it. Don't see it? It's in-between the e and x.
Kyle Bryant Dover (1 month ago)
Its 250 miles not 200 miles to Memphis
Americanblood76 (1 month ago)
Sensational analysis!💪🏻
Ryan Spellman (1 month ago)
Great video but there is a incorrect fact or two. The FedEx and UPS fleets are not that old. In fact, the only airplanes in the UPS fleet that were used and not new build for UPS are a handful of 747-400BCF’s and MD11’s. The 757, 767 and A300 fleets are completely new build deliveries at UPS. The same can be said of the FedEx 767, A300, A310 and 777 fleet as well as half of the MD11 fleet. The only fleets that were delivered completely second hand are the 757 and MD10 fleets at FedEx. In the early years you would be correct however. Since 2004 both carriers have spent the bulk of their acquisition dollars on new build delivery from Boeing mainly.
Miska Alexia (1 month ago)
Wait you can over night ship to here in anchorage 😱😱😱
live and let live (1 month ago)
Can we plz get a video of how tf they make $
Bondrewd The Lord of Dawn (1 month ago)
Chonto (1 month ago)
Guangzhou is pronounced "gwang-jo".
toothless (1 month ago)
Me: *Orders overnight shipping* gets package 3 weeks later
Duy Tran (1 month ago)
What books should people get if they want to learn these business principles?
Nubz Nooby (1 month ago)
*tooth fairy noises*