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kid steals from shop & begs for mercy not to call the cops

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keandre EPPS (15 hours ago)
Masculist Frequency (18 hours ago)
Fuck my country, fuck Britain
wolvespack roblox (19 hours ago)
1:55 PLeaseeeeee.
wolvespack roblox (19 hours ago)
1:19 I swear to my mumes life XD
wolvespack roblox (19 hours ago)
0:13 That kid is a Ork.
XenoNub GTYT (1 day ago)
Tawheed ali (1 day ago)
The camera guy said “ stick to your book man” hold the fuck up mate you can’t even say the word thief
A OM (1 day ago)
I would leave a funny comment but somebody might steal it. I stole this
FaZe CarameLL (1 day ago)
Big shaq
Andrew Black (2 days ago)
Pan thief!!
Nick Eh 30 (2 days ago)
His mom ask him to go steal
plugboi johnny (2 days ago)
Man's not hot
burger king coupons (2 days ago)
Man:"stick to your books" Boy:*sigh*shut up
burger king coupons (2 days ago)
You teeth
Gucci Lil D (2 days ago)
Rip x
Michael Corleone (2 days ago)
Ok so hes a teef... hes also a child. Tell me one child that havnt done this. If he had the money he wouldn't steal. Give him a job and change his life today.
funny guy (3 days ago)
I feel bad for the poor kid he hungry n broke that older guy recording should've minded his own buisness
DeadWolf (4 days ago)
This kid begs for mercy and he says I beg for mercy
ParMrRoyale297 (5 days ago)
Legend has it, that he’s never came back from his house
Ben Armstrong (5 days ago)
This kid reminds me so much of my friend he acts exactly like him
JJ (6 days ago)
U teef
jazz gigan (6 days ago)
It the sound of the police
The Notorious TGJ (6 days ago)
ultimate_wwe_tna_roh_impact_ecw_fan broo!!!!! (6 days ago)
Shes takin my sistah
Al David (7 days ago)
Crime percentage White: 2.9 percent Black: 61.8 percent Hispanic: 31.8 percent Asian: 2.7 percent Other: 0.8 percent
Taylor Has (2 days ago)
Where'd you get THOSE numbers from?
Constipated Troll (7 days ago)
I have some dialogue: Man: Don’t touch muh phone, wha don’t touch muh phone. Ur a teef who u talkin to, ur a teef man ur a teef, ya lil teef man, ur teef man. Look, I’m going put dees on YouToobe bro, ur teef man look at teef, u teef.
p weed chicken (7 days ago)
europeans are so fuckin ugly
p weed chicken (4 days ago)
its true tho. europeans are on average really fuckin ugly. doesnt matter if they are black or white.
TA Berserker (4 days ago)
You must be so insecure if you are rating peoples looks in a video on youtube lmfao.
Mark Le (7 days ago)
Legends says that he didn’t bring his mom.
Elyon Kunda (7 days ago)
*you lil Teef* *I'm putting dees on YooToo*
BUDEMAN 123 (7 days ago)
Your a teeth man a teeth speak properly
TA Berserker (4 days ago)
Teef is slang for Thief. It's because a lot of Jamaicans find it hard to say certain words so they change them then people think its cool to use them over proper English.
Cheeto Bandido (7 days ago)
kj (7 days ago)
imagine he let him go and he promised never to come back..... then his mum sent him back there to buy stuff
kj (7 days ago)
I know every neek commenting 'you're a teef' is some white patty
TA Berserker (4 days ago)
Americans man don't know about Jamaican slang.
Me Myself And I (8 days ago)
Nigerian parents are strict. He will get a beatdown
Raymond Allen (8 days ago)
xxxtentacion #1 fan (8 days ago)
Lol i bet he stole again
Kuba P (8 days ago)
If that was me oooh
Fortnite Tryhard (9 days ago)
That what a kid do
itslikeysnake 14 (9 days ago)
what a dumb arse lol
Dakota Douglas (9 days ago)
Teef man your a teef😂😂
HoLDeM (9 days ago)
Wassup bro (9 days ago)
Plessssss plesssssss
20_JONNY_06 (10 days ago)
Your a teeth
Goliath Maker (10 days ago)
Legend says the kid is still getting his mum
Mr Sqackey (11 days ago)
I feel bad
Scorpionkiler (11 days ago)
Ur a teeth
Admire. Mya (12 days ago)
He trying his best to for that man not to call the cops 🚓 😂
Admire. Mya (12 days ago)
He was trying to teef my phone 😂😂
MegaRaiderDoesRandomNess (12 days ago)
your a teef mon a teef!
James Antonio (13 days ago)
Bass Hunter2007 (13 days ago)
Call the police
- Forever Silent - (13 days ago)
Your mom and dad you beat you to death or Police come and take you to juvi
sèrgio águilerá (14 days ago)
the owner of tha store is stupid u wana go 2 prision in this age 😂 dumb he might get a warning or just go 2 juvenile thats all not prison is a whole different story 😂
sèrgio águilerá (8 days ago)
Taylan Oran hes being stupid
Taylan Oran (8 days ago)
sèrgio águilerá No shit. He's scaring him.
TheMad Striker (14 days ago)
I kind of feel bad
TheProperKings (14 days ago)
This Is Why You Should Never Steal Kids..
finpategt 1 (15 days ago)
Idiot negro
The fat girl in the floor But I’m a boi (15 days ago)
You are a teef
Super Kid (15 days ago)
Was that his dad
Klud Hnans (16 days ago)
african stealing from indian, no surprise
Londen Street (16 days ago)
Your a teef
Ivetee Juarez (16 days ago)
There calling the cops because SHE BLACK😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
salad ass (16 days ago)
Frederick Andoh (16 days ago)
Felt his pain, reminded me of myself when I was younger begging my mum not to tell my dad what I’ve done lol
Nianza Felise Hart (17 days ago)
Black people these days should take them back to Africa and make them steal from there
Ignite Studios (18 days ago)
Your a teeth
Eyes Speak (18 days ago)
The guy is too nice.. should have slapped his "shut up" ass and taken that wanna be gangsta life out of him.
Supreme Jesus (19 days ago)
Legend says he never came back
RedxReviver (19 days ago)
ya am putin this un yootube brov 0:17
Kevin Boumsong Eyango (19 days ago)
Bad habbit , Beating of his life, thou shall not steal, god will not be happy
bloo boiy13 (19 days ago)
If he says please one more time I’m gonna slap him up
MidnightStorm (20 days ago)
He think he hard
Trici Kitten (20 days ago)
You little lying liar of a teef!!! His mama at home dying as he speaks “I swear my mamas life!” 🤥🤥🤥
Potatoe Central (22 days ago)
Ur mom give ya a spanking
Info Box (22 days ago)
Black nigga always steal
Dave King (23 days ago)
I live near him suprisingly
Lewbear Channel (24 days ago)
I am calling the cops
Lil Kevv (24 days ago)
First he said his mom is at work now he said his mom is at home
agenthelios1 (25 days ago)
You should have forced him to clean your store and then humbled him and told him that stealing is no way of life and that honest work is respected and rewarded, then maybe (if you felt like he earned it by cleaning good) then give him a free soda. What it looks like is he was trying to manipulate his way out and really didn't learn. Look at the kid at 1:33 and pause.
RedxReviver (26 days ago)
stick to ya box man
SamPlayzYT (30 days ago)
His parents should get him a lineup... sheesh
SpokerPlayz (30 days ago)
ILove FNaF (1 month ago)
"I schwear on me mommas laif!" This kid... xD
Satan (1 month ago)
XxXSomeRandomDogeXxX (1 month ago)
no no no no no yes yes yes yes (1 month ago)
Iz it coz hez black
Hazza (1 month ago)
Tbh, it probably benefited him more. Probably got fuck tonnes of cans from others
a and j squad jerezx2 (1 month ago)
Whos watching this in 2018
triple M (1 month ago)
2.34___am (1 month ago)
Idda jus dipped osrs
juy hit maan (1 month ago)
Teef means bitch in Afrikaans
juy hit maan (1 month ago)
Jou 'n teef jy cunt
Akhia Holmes (1 month ago)
Y are shop owners like this like what the hell they are like freaking u dunno he's begging but u keep on with the threats like I would forgive him
Akhia Holmes (1 month ago)
Ur a teef man lol 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀👍👍
bamaslamma1003 (1 month ago)
I just noticed he told "teef guy" to fuck off. You have to turn the volume up to hear it. His whole attitude changes when the store owner threatens to have him arrested. LOL
Kevin Too Icy (1 month ago)
Man's not hot
Hellen Jai (1 month ago)
This is not the right way to deal with kids who steal.
Wocmedia Naz (1 month ago)
why upload this on youtube???? Hes only a kid
SCYLLA SCYLLA (1 month ago)
I’m a teeth
ABerydepressedcookie ;_; (1 month ago)
M e
Mason Shi (1 month ago)
4real I almost DIED after he said "I'll put dis on youtube bro RIGHT after he said "teef and can't look" cuz what in the living hell are we doing watching this vid?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂