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Can You Move Up in This Company?

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Can You Move Up in This Company? As a delivery driver a lot of people ask me if you're able to move up in there company. If you enjoy this video smash that Like and Subscribe button! INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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ryan selleck (2 months ago)
It’s not that you can’t move up. It totally depends on you and the contractor you work for. I started out as a home driver, went to ground then business contact (Fedex contractor manager) in less then a year. I currently make way more than ups or Fedex express or freight will touch 100k. I have a 2019 Silverado 2500 as a business and personal rig all expenses and fuel paid. My computer And iPad paid by my contractor. I’m never in a route unless it’s near Christmas or a driver call out. What’s my secret.?.?.?.?.? Show up a little early, get my stops delivered, wash my truck, go the extra mile when needed, showing you’re employer you want to be there! If you work for a piss pour contractor then probley shouldn’t expect much. Best to be hired by a contractor with routes in multiple terminals
Filthy (5 months ago)
how are you allowed to film and shit while working, or does fedex just not know?
Diaz (8 months ago)
Yo, I agree with what you said toward the end about moving up 100%. I was a package handler that moved up to admin and even after a year of being an admin, I still had trouble with some phone calls. since I became a driver, I learned A LOT and I feel like I would be so much better in the office than I was before. It's stupid how someone that works a warehouse, not knowing a damn thing about pickups and deliveries can move up and a driver can't
CThompsonTv (8 months ago)
Yeah, I've always been confused by that whole method
Makeup & Chill w/ Dom (9 months ago)
As a package handler, moving up for us is probably a difficult as running your route. I wouldn’t mind tagging along with the driver if we could do that. Can’t be any worse than scanning and loading 700 pieces between 2 ground trucks.
Makeup & Chill w/ Dom (9 months ago)
CThompsonTv I think it’s something that we should do every once in a while. At ups you can go out with the drivers and everything
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
It's way worse lol
Makeup & Chill w/ Dom (9 months ago)
Actually the managers don’t really do as much as package handlers lol I feel like we’re the muscle and they clean up if need be and become Yes Men.
Stephen Ramnarine (9 months ago)
Could buy over routes from a contractor but cost $$$ sometimes in the millions depends on location and amount of routes some routes in Florida cost 500k for one
red man44 (10 months ago)
You can be a bc lol jk
Eduardo Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Come to FedEx freight and make that boss money lol
Eric P (1 month ago)
whats the schedule tho? if u have to be away for days at a time the money is not worth it.
Juan Lovell (11 months ago)
100% on point with this video. I've had "managers" load my truck and they're trash as well. I even had one of them suggest how to run my route. LOL. There really isn't moving up besides being a "route manager/supervisor" under your contractor.
Nathan Piatt (11 months ago)
I love my route it's a bulk run and my truck has AC, not giving it up.
Nathan Piatt (11 months ago)
Yes sir I was HD at my last run I'm ground now with no residential and I actually like it better. I'm at the Schertz terminal now.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
Nathan Piatt (11 months ago)
CThompsonTv Yes but I switched contractors I'm in a different terminal.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
Did you just start?
jgirtman012 (11 months ago)
You want to move up and make damn good money, benefits and all? Get your class A CDL and come over to FedEx freight.
mike14305 (11 months ago)
I love my position on home delivery they pay me by the stop now so pay is very good and they upgraded me to a p1000 propane truck so i knock off 180 stops by 2pm the latest then go out after to help others for extra money, plus working here is my gym time also lol, keep up the good work man.
Noe Ruiz (11 months ago)
Done with my first week of training. Delivering 20 packages an hour. Had 101 stops today. Home delivery. Slowing but surely
Lee Yang (11 months ago)
20/hr is damn good. I'm averaging about 15/hr. Bigger city with pretty far spacing between them. Sucks.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
20 packages an hour isn't bad first starting out
Mark Markem (11 months ago)
Package handlers move up and drivers don’t because us being drivers is too valuable to whatever company we’re at and they need those routes ran or whatever they do delivered. It’s part of life bro. Drivers can move up to management where I work but I work for a totally different company there are no set routes we just deliver roofing materials to whoever needs it wherever in the 100 air mile radius. Like Friday I went to Kentucky and then all the way back down to Chattanooga. That was my whole day essentially lol dropped off 8 pallets.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
What company do you work for?
Lowrider703 E (11 months ago)
I got hit by a big yeti box on my head today bro 🤕
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
You alright man?
Johnny Moncivais (11 months ago)
Fedex express is the way to go people thank me later
Austin Muntz (11 months ago)
I work for Fedex express. There are endless opportunities to move up. The manager in charge of our senior manager started as a part time courier. If you want to make a career of Fedex then express is the route to go. Endless opportunities. Plus vacation, health benefits, amazing retirement plan and many other awesome things. Also you get all of the things I named above as a part time worker.
Eric Piekkola (1 month ago)
+Kool Got Game you just apply on their website like any other job.
Kool Got Game (11 months ago)
How do you get into FedEx express? I work for ground now. I was thinking about going to the FedEx express terminal and see if they have job openings, the FedEx express terminal is 10mins away from the ground terminal where I work.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
There ya go people
NoLimitQua (11 months ago)
The thing that was in the broken box was clay
MrTokstew (11 months ago)
Why won't you go to Express?
Johnny Moncivais (11 months ago)
Eduardo Rodriguez what kind of schedule you work?
Eduardo Rodriguez (11 months ago)
74 k a year at fedex freight
Johnny Moncivais (11 months ago)
Eduardo Rodriguez true but still contract work rather be on with the actual company
Eduardo Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Yall need to go to FedEx freight, why yall scare? Make that stacks on stacks
Johnny Moncivais (11 months ago)
MrTokstew I recommend Fedex express to everyone looking to get in this field of work.
eric jones (11 months ago)
Dead end job lol gave my two weeks Monday after 3 years!
D payne (6 months ago)
Spit sum homie u sound like Jay z
eric jones (11 months ago)
Noe Ruiz i had a decent contractor originally he had competitive pay and we were the first in terminal to get dental and health. Which both sucked but he tried. And then he sold half his contracts to a new own/investor and he is a money hungry egotistical dick. But pay varies, basically if you were friends with management outside of work your work load was light and pay was great but if you weren't a kiss ass you get the grunt of it all.
Noe Ruiz (11 months ago)
eric jones your contractor must have sucked balls. I have full benefits and 4 weeks of vacation after 3 years. 401k with a 4% match
eric jones (11 months ago)
CThompsonTv I have been going through the process for a 911 dispatch operator. I hope you get out of the company quick. Fed ex ground and HD is a big waste of time. Only way you will become successful is if you get an investor and buy routes!
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
That's a long time. What're your gonna do now?
Scott D (11 months ago)
Scott D (11 months ago)
Our station manager is a douchebag and I think it’s partially because he’s never delivered a box in his life.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
Probably true!
larsonage (11 months ago)
I’m just trying to get a route first.
larsonage (11 months ago)
Axiarus I am a pt courier at Express. I’ve been there 6 months and I still don’t have one. Manager gives my swing drivers work. (Different route almost everyday) Besides one other person, the people that got hired after me have routes. Any suggestions
Axiarus (11 months ago)
FedEx doesn't want single route contractors anymore. Look into Express.
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
You'll get there
Pierson Barnes (11 months ago)
Love the vid! Very helpful!
Pierson Barnes (11 months ago)
Your very welcome! Stay strong!
CThompsonTv (11 months ago)
Thanks man!