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Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey's second act: Defense tech

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After being pushed out at Facebook, Palmer Luckey is focused on equipping soldiers with better technology. He tells CNN's Laurie Segall why AI is the key to staying ahead of Russia and China.
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Text Comments (32)
tijgerprintje57 (1 day ago)
LordStickMax (1 day ago)
god damn you palmer C2 systems are nothing new and you aren't inventing it either.
Chew Mhojadee (2 days ago)
Wow she's really attached to the word "pitch-deck" isn't she?
Wanna Bee (2 days ago)
Nothing he can build, even with all the technology in the world, will protect him from the almighty #metoo gang. Just one pissed off #metoo clanswoman looking for a fight can/will bring him and his company down and put him in jail more faster than any of his 'adversaries' weapons!!!!
nn (2 days ago)
I am not even American but this dude is patriotic and that made me proud wtf lol
Hokunin (4 days ago)
bastard running away from sinking ship. GET BACK TO VR!
neon rev (4 days ago)
This interviewer is very low IQ
neon rev (4 days ago)
>Tech Correspondent >"It's a mash of AI and Pokemon Go' What the fuck CNN
nosferatu488 (5 days ago)
and i thought this guy was smart
nn (2 days ago)
And he is.
nicolaixx1 (6 days ago)
Chill out man .. he is talking so fast
SlipStream (3 days ago)
Cocaine is one hell of a drug!
K.O. Edit (7 days ago)
Lol did she just say "take me" at 2:14 😏
doomtomb3 (5 days ago)
K.O. Edit she got hot and bothered when he said “save taxpayers billions of dollars”
Chris K. (9 days ago)
Not sure how Palmer got into my Dads closet 🤔
Judge Dredd (9 days ago)
Hopefully he's not lying all over again. I don't trust the guy.
Rylo Ken (9 days ago)
Facebook Sellout. FU
Sean Taylor (9 days ago)
The sexual tension is real.
Airman318 (9 days ago)
Horrible interviewer
Joseph Yeon (3 days ago)
+K.O. Edit no she's not good tbh
K.O. Edit (7 days ago)
No she is good
_afk93owC (9 days ago)
Damn... Luckey activated his machinegun mode.
Andre Doumad (9 days ago)
He's an asshole
_afk93owC (9 days ago)
You're right. He has an asshole.
memyself andeye (9 days ago)
William Gates III (9 days ago)
She cut him off to say, "that's what I was going to say." Who is interviewing whom here?
APOLLOLEGACY (9 days ago)
This kid is loaded with energy . He gonna contribute something special.
mattymatt2323 (4 days ago)
He already has but sounds like he's going to do it again
doomtomb3 (5 days ago)
We all hope so....
PaiN ExoTiC (7 days ago)
He's also loaded with money lmao
im trying to break out the matrix (9 days ago)