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Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey's second act: Defense tech

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After being pushed out at Facebook, Palmer Luckey is focused on equipping soldiers with better technology. He tells CNN's Laurie Segall why AI is the key to staying ahead of Russia and China.
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ALTIN MEDIA (2 days ago)
Exceptionalism is strong on this one.
Mark Hidden (4 days ago)
Only 7K views in 6 months? I think the interview was good , I just think CNN is a ice bath. Laurie you might be better off going independent.
Eric Anderson (17 days ago)
I dont trust CNN, but I do trust Palmer Luckey and whatever hes doing is going to save the free world. Very nice to listen to him and his thoughts.
G.N.G (21 days ago)
I know this is an old upload but... why did the interviewer keep interjecting the fact Palmer and his team were eating Chick-fil-A? My guess is that the left and the interviewer's parent company still wish Palmer, and those that differ in opinion from them, ill-will. Just my .02 cents...
Eric Anderson (1 month ago)
How is VR/AR technology used in autonomous self piloting systems? Will this technology allow for near seamless autonomous driving in nearly every circumstance? I believe that a neural self driving network will chose to the best possible outcome as derived from the data it has. Data is paramount. It may be possible for the car to decide in such away as to crash itself rather than run anyone over because it knows it can safely survive the accident. Can you project a holographic solider to confront the enemy on the field?
Kenbomp (1 month ago)
1000 ai drones is not worth 1 cunning warrior. He's on the right tend, but no machine will beat ingenuity. But it's a noble effort.
doug b (2 months ago)
21:30 allocating risk as to who person 1 through 5 is absolutely will be taken into account. How could it not?
robotsrule (2 months ago)
Smart guy but his soul patch is crooked
Jenny Wight (2 months ago)
Palmer Luckey, I like you!
Hayden Herrick (2 months ago)
robot defense? more like killer robots from sky net
Gur Isler (2 months ago)
What have China & Russia done so far? Let me tell you, and Palmer: Chinese have the best FOV and high resolution VR HMD from Pimax, and only Russian's are able to launch rockets that's taking humanity to low orbit for the last years.. Such a danger they are to US right? (Of course they are in another sense: $) And Palmer is continuously keep pressuring on those countries as expecting them to attact USA from its Mexican border, and he is doing his best to protect the country with his military drone technology that will protect Mexica/USA border from Russians&Chinamen?!😎 Wowwww...🥰 I would rather be so much happier, if he was after a new startup that would enable Drone&VR tech; for instance 360 degree VR 4k per eye 3d FPV with DJI quality alike drones for consumers all over the world, rather than serving just for US military! That would be my hero. I and so many of us I believe, would really like to know how "Palmer Freeman Luckey" is building those drones that would protect US/Mexican border from China and Russia? Probably those drones are being produced in China, and their firmware would be programmed by Russians. Lol, such a world we are living in...?
dishmanw (2 months ago)
Russia and China have been doing things. It just isn't covered in the news. What about the Russians invading the Ukraine? And Russia is building an uninterceptable cruise missile. China has been busy too. They have built an island off of the Philippines, and they are placing military equipment (weapons, etc) there. China has also made their version of the stealth fighter (looks a lot like the F-22) and aircraft carriers, and they have been able to put spacecrafts in orbit and on the moon. This means they are capable of sending ICBMs to the continental U.S. Also Russia and China have hacked into U.S. computer systems.
Isaax (3 months ago)
Ugh, I wish he would just stick to making his own VR HMD with his funds. He has such potential...
leschouxcroutes (3 months ago)
From making VR possible to making weapons :/ So thats where all the Fb money went... I wish I had bought a Vive
a998 (3 months ago)
Please don't build Skynet.
Eric Anderson (17 days ago)
Too late, Google and Facebook have already done that. Feel better knowing this paragons of virtue are in control of your future?
Dev Rifter (3 months ago)
wonder where he is going to steal from this time
Verdi Ergün (4 months ago)
This guy is a hero
Rebecca Helen (4 months ago)
Potential rat Fu*ker in the making, if not already. Just read a piece on him. He actually calls REPUBLICONS "conservatives". LMAO.... They are not remotely "conservative". CONS yes. Despicable treasonous traitors, YES. Conservatives, NO.
tijgerprintje57 (5 months ago)
LordStickMax (5 months ago)
god damn you palmer C2 systems are nothing new and you aren't inventing it either.
Paul Makor (5 months ago)
Wow she's really attached to the word "pitch-deck" isn't she?
Wanna Bee (5 months ago)
Nothing he can build, even with all the technology in the world, will protect him from the almighty #metoo gang. Just one pissed off #metoo clanswoman looking for a fight can/will bring him and his company down and put him in jail more faster than any of his 'adversaries' weapons!!!!
stuff (3 months ago)
Don't worry his girlfriend pro-gamergate and anti-sjw there wont be any metoo bullshit coming from her
nervie (5 months ago)
I am not even American but this dude is patriotic and that made me proud wtf lol
Hokunin (5 months ago)
bastard running away from sinking ship. GET BACK TO VR!
neon rev (5 months ago)
This interviewer is very low IQ
neon rev (5 months ago)
>Tech Correspondent >"It's a mash of AI and Pokemon Go' What the fuck CNN
nicolaixx1 (5 months ago)
Chill out man .. he is talking so fast
SlipStream (5 months ago)
Cocaine is one hell of a drug!
K.O. Edit (5 months ago)
Lol did she just say "take me" at 2:14 😏
doomtomb3 (5 months ago)
K.O. Edit she got hot and bothered when he said “save taxpayers billions of dollars”
Chris K. (5 months ago)
Not sure how Palmer got into my Dads closet 🤔
Judge Dredd (5 months ago)
Hopefully he's not lying all over again. I don't trust the guy.
Rylo Ken (5 months ago)
Facebook Sellout. FU
Sean Taylor (5 months ago)
The sexual tension is real.
Gap Rame Mlon Eusk (4 months ago)
@Eric Nick cheeks gettin busted
Airman318 (5 months ago)
Horrible interviewer
Joseph Yeon (5 months ago)
@K.O. Edit no she's not good tbh
K.O. Edit (5 months ago)
No she is good
_afk93owC (5 months ago)
Damn... Luckey activated his machinegun mode.
Andre Doumad (5 months ago)
He's an asshole
_afk93owC (5 months ago)
You're right. He has an asshole.
memyself andeye (5 months ago)
William Gates III (5 months ago)
She cut him off to say, "that's what I was going to say." Who is interviewing whom here?
Juke City (5 months ago)
This kid is loaded with energy . He gonna contribute something special.
mattymatt2323 (5 months ago)
He already has but sounds like he's going to do it again
doomtomb3 (5 months ago)
We all hope so....
PaiN ExoTiC (5 months ago)
He's also loaded with money lmao
im trying to break out the matrix (5 months ago)