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Emergency descend!! Cockpit video

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"The Masks dropped and Suddenly it felt like the aircraft was falling out of the sky". This is what the passengers are feeling but what is actually happening in the COCKPIT when this happens? How do we handle a rapid depressurisation and an emergency descend from inside the cockpit? What are the most important things for us to do first and in what order do we need to work? In this video I will share with you the steps we take when we get this kind of warning. I highly recommend that you watch this video Together with the briefing video 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7ECAgv-R48&t=830s If you want to have this video Downloaded on your mobile device, it is availible inside the Mentour Aviation app which you can download here 👇🏻👇🏻 📲 https://mentourpilot.com/apps/ To Join my Patreon Crew, and support the channel, preview videos etc 👇🏻 📲https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot To follow my life on Instagram, use the following link! 👇🏻 📲https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot
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Text Comments (630)
ralfoide (4 months ago)
Fantastic video! To fully appreciate it, *TURN ON THE SUBTITLES* !
tiriviripictures (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot I have added Turkish subtitle in contribituon, would you approve it please?
ralfoide (1 month ago)
@Fauzi MNoor On desktop, press the little gear icon at the bottom right of the video and select Subtitles/CC. On mobile phone, tap on the video, a little 3-dot icon appears on the top right, click that and it shows a menu with options, select "captions" from that menu. Hope that helps.
Markle2k (1 month ago)
@Fauzi MNoor The square button with "CC" next to the gear icon
Fauzi MNoor (1 month ago)
how to turn on the subtitles?
Markle2k (4 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot Yes and that was invaluable. Was the sound in your ears as garbled as what we heard?
ptrhip (7 days ago)
What's QRH stand for? Anyone know?
Peter Tucker (8 days ago)
Hi, yes, I liked that very much. I thought I recognised the Isle of Man (home) at 5 mins in. I am sure Ronaldsway could have accepted you for a landing! Can you tell me if your Mentour App can work with a Windows computer - I don't have a Smart Phone? Thanks.
Mark Jochan (9 days ago)
Everybody is suffocating in the back and the pilots are reading the instructions on how to fly the plane. Hope they're in english
ryan murphy (11 days ago)
that a big checklist I need coffee for that like reading a book and you guys surprise us at the end brace for impact the last words on a plane
Abdulqadir Omar (17 days ago)
Is this really aircraft or simulator?
medcaregenmgr (19 days ago)
I know that mask are necessary, but for demonstration purposes, doing this without the mask on would make it easier to understand communications.
Goonersurex Rex (22 days ago)
And while all this is going on, the guy in 15A just shit his pants
Bert Visscher (26 days ago)
I noticed that, when your colleague confirmed the setting from the checklist, he repeated the setting he found rather than saying "check."
David Cherrie (27 days ago)
Who is the co-pilot?
RaterisimoCBA (1 month ago)
How can you understand each other with those Darth Vader masks ? Maybe you're hearing it more clearly than what can be heard in this video, or is it just practice ? Great video as always, Mentour Pilot ! (I don't know your name).
The Phoenix (1 month ago)
You can remove your oxygen lmao hahahaha
TheFockinFury (1 month ago)
This is wild stuff. Just goes to show you, no matter how f***ed up things seem as a passenger in the cabin, the pilots have probably trained extensively on whatever is happening and know exactly what to do.
Mike P (1 month ago)
Yes, the procedure like this (and also other safety protocols) is thoroughly trained.
CC Rider (1 month ago)
Meanwhile this took so long that everybody else is dead
Blackadder153 (1 month ago)
Not enough drama.
John Rauner (1 month ago)
Really disappointing how unintellegable most of this is because of the masks. Most of the co-pilot is just noise.
Biggie Smalls (1 month ago)
Put on Russian translation mask
Biggie Smalls (1 month ago)
What if the roof flies off and no mask.
Krampus the Christmas Devil (1 month ago)
Why can they never get decent audio quality for communication?
Кирилл Новиченко (2 months ago)
13:07 - "SHE told me..." ) Will try this procedure on my sim! Thank you.
Allan Michael (2 months ago)
Did they use live cockpit recordings from Ryanair?
David Jean-Louis (2 months ago)
So you are taking the plane down without the engine??
Mike P (2 months ago)
The thrust was reduced to idle during the descent.
Raidzor (2 months ago)
Who’s from “Today I Found Out?”
Michelle Faith (2 months ago)
Yeah I still don't like flying ✈✈all take a train🚂🚂 thank you.
Michelle Faith (2 months ago)
Do you know who I am pilot? Please reply what you only know
George Edwards (2 months ago)
Hello Mentour Pilot, in an actual event how would the sudden decrease in altitude effect the planes fuel usage and range and for instance you were mid Pacific ocean or something might the reduced range become a major problem?
Nora Lincoln (2 months ago)
No, any twin engine aircraft flying over bodies of water already have emergency landing fields figured out preflight. Normally it's a 180 minute flying time limit to the nearest airport when over water. Fuel will not be an issue.
Tod Davis (2 months ago)
This video was just recommended on a ‘today I found out’ video
Juan Pablo (2 months ago)
Hi! A question here! At [5:49], while performing the Emergengency descent checklist, it says "Thrust levers both, reduce thrust to minimum or as needed for anti-ice". How can you tell if anti-ice is working properly or if you need to increase the thrust??. Thanks a lot, amazing video, really helpful for us involved in the techincal aeronautical world! Greetings from Argentina!
Josue Pocasangre (3 months ago)
The FO 😂😂😂 such a scary cat 🐈 1:11 1:26
Antonomase Apophasis (3 months ago)
“My first officer and I” ...well maybe considering hierarchy of command “I and my First Officer...”
Nora Lincoln (2 months ago)
Proper English grammar is "my first officer and I..."
Antonomase Apophasis (3 months ago)
“Elton and I” are going to show you...
Redhouse 100 (3 months ago)
I was on a plane way back in 1980 and it suddenly plunged - even the stewardess screamed. No oxygen masks dropped, and everything continued fine. Could that have been caused by an emergency descent that then made it so that we could breathe without the masks? It was a flight from Tokyo to Osaka. Terrified me from then until now!
Redhouse 100 (2 months ago)
@Nora Lincoln Thank you for explaining!
Nora Lincoln (2 months ago)
It's a clear air turbulence. Essentially the plane hit an area of atmosphere that disrupted the plane's lift and caused it to loose some altitude. As long as there are no injuries and/or medical emergency caused by the event, then the flight will continue as planned.
LaurieH (3 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot: were you getting oxygen from the masks during this simulation? I would assume not.
T Est (3 months ago)
Really Nice to have this video. But it also strengthens my opinion of that todays pilots tend to be operators rather than pilots, and this scares me. Just take the recent accidents with the modern planes forcing the plane down though the pilot tries to pull the elevator. The pilot is the law in the air, he is responsible over the airplane and responsible to take it down safely, not anyone else and definitely not the computer program the maker creates. Im not critical against the pilot, i’m critical of the aviation system the pilots do a great job. But anytime one turns a nob to control altitude or a turn freaks me out. Further it’s my strong opinion that any commercial pilot should have experience as a glider pilot too, this so that the instinct would be well founded.
San Bruno Beacon (3 months ago)
Did I miss the part where the Captain tells the cabin crew and/or passengers that it is ok for them to remove their oxygen masks once the aircraft has descended to 10000 feet or lower where they can safely breathe without the assistance of an oxygen mask?
Nora Lincoln (2 months ago)
Fly the airplane first. Also cabin crew can make that call.
Yanshuo Li (3 months ago)
didnt know bill burr flys jet lol
Aldion Sylkaj (3 months ago)
That look after he forgot his headset following his mask removal 😂
Nikita Pearson (3 months ago)
What happens if you lose cabin pressure over the Atlantic Ocean? Would you fly back to altitude and continue to the destination
Bob Schuon (3 months ago)
Great video! - One (multipart) silly question - I just wonder how realistic this scenario is versus a real pressure-loss event? If the decompression is not engine or setting/switch related (slow-er decompression), isn't it sudden and fairly traumatic? Meaning, mist, confusion (things moving in the cockpit do to wind effects, noise, etc. - not the pilots!), ATC calling every 30 seconds for souls on board, fuel, status, vectors, all that. And if the decompression is sudden, what is the likelihood it is NOT structurally related (door, window panel, skin failure, etc.)? In a real sudden decompression event over 20,000 feet, how long do the pilots have to don the masks before being affected? And have airlines ever tried testing this in a test chamber to see actual debilitating effects if any and pilot response times?
Melinda (3 months ago)
Couldn't hear the 1st officer
Brett Rigby (3 months ago)
when you start the descent is there a reason its done at a banked angle? or is this just a result of altering the throttle on the plane
Brett Rigby (3 months ago)
@Mike P cool thanks
Mike P (3 months ago)
There are reasons. It's not because of altering the throttle, it's a controlled turn which the pilot makes. There can also be other traffic in that airspace and this helps to avoid traffic below the aircraft. It also makes the aircraft descend faster, and it maintains the positive G-forces.
Rodrigo Schneider (3 months ago)
pluux (3 months ago)
I wish as many people could see this as saw the new video. It annoyed me so much to listen to them talk about how they were dropping out of the sky, btw we are doing that so you can breath after 15 mins you are welcome.
Krasimir Arabadzhiev (3 months ago)
So @Mentour Pilot is it a company rule to turn 45 degrees in these situations?
Krasimir Arabadzhiev (3 months ago)
@Mike P Right, but that doesn't answer my question.
Mike P (3 months ago)
There are reasons to do that. There can be traffic below so this helps to avoid possible other traffic. Turning also helps the aircraft descend faster, and it also maintains positive G-forces.
Island Girl (3 months ago)
the first officer was very distracting, lol be still, 💗
joe cughan (3 months ago)
I get severe anxiety flying and have to take meds when i do, but seeing this video helps ease me a bit. So thank you!
Ice meme van (3 months ago)
It took 30 or so seconds for you guys to turn on the passenger's oxygen, why is this?
Ice meme van (3 months ago)
@Mike P Thank you very much, I guessed that the oxygen was on but I was confused and didn't know that they were turning on a backup, thanks :-)
Mike P (3 months ago)
Pilots don't need to turn on the oxygen masks for the passengers because they are immediately dropped automatically in this situation. They just used the manual switch as a back up, but the masks were already dropped.
Watermelon (3 months ago)
Yo that new intro is lit🔥🔥
Pawel Keller (3 months ago)
Hey, what's exactly the OBS abbreviation meaning? (in the top of the video)
Pawel Keller (3 months ago)
@Mike P Thank you very much!
Mike P (3 months ago)
Observe, remark, please note.
alanjrkaminski (3 months ago)
When I saw him put the oxygen all I can think of is Denzel saying want a hit to his co-pilot
Roger Skagerström (3 months ago)
One thing I will never understand - how can you communicate? The audio quality of the radio systems are SO crappy :O And you have good recording quality. I find it almost impossible to hear what the other guy is saying most of the time. Intresting video as always though! :P
Prabudh Sharma (3 months ago)
what was vertical speed??
MyTech (3 months ago)
Idle power, bank, dive, and side slip[or spoilers]; stay just under Vne or Vle if you have retractable gear; nice tight steep-turn for load factor adds induced drag .
Blabla Bloblo (3 months ago)
Co-pilot were sleeping.
Marcelino Mannetti (3 months ago)
張恂悌 (3 months ago)
It took 1min15 seconds from the first sign of warning to initiate the descend. At high alt. As high as 35000 the UCT is very short.
Mike P (3 months ago)
The pilots took their own oxygen masks immediately after the alarm and the oxygen masks for the passengers will be dropped automatically, so they have some time to check the situation.
Lalo Towers (3 months ago)
Whats the rate of descent in order to get to 10000ft as quick as possible?
Bruce John Shourt (3 months ago)
Please make the graphic text larger and observe the Safe Title Area.
TongueTwisterGaming (3 months ago)
1:21 did he just style his hair????
SNOUPS4 (3 months ago)
I wonder when Mentour will realize that "obs" is a strictly scandinavian abreviation that is not really usual in the english-speaking world besides said scandinavian countries.... Thanks for this very cool and exceptionnally awesome video! I found it weird that you removed the oxygen mask so quickly instead of at least waiting a minute, to really make sure that there was nothing bad in the air: maybe the copilot would have smelled nothing because of having the mask's smell in the nostril, or maybe something bad could be breathed and only act after a few moments.
Bilinda Law-Morley (2 months ago)
SNOUPS4 “obs” is surely a common abbreviation meaning “to take observations of”, so we are familiar with it in medical fields, but it transfers easily to other specialties.
SNOUPS4 (3 months ago)
it means "please note"; "be careful about", "observe that"
Daniel Smith (3 months ago)
It's understood in the UK as "Obviously..." unless it means something different in scabdanavia?
SKTRX O5 (3 months ago)
rotodyne prototype analysis please attempt #1
Drone Aviator (3 months ago)
Hi, Can you please make a video talking about Aerotoxic Syndrome. Thank you.
Alix Fossé (3 months ago)
Nice, I'd like more of these please ;-)
Gian Marco Anzellotti (3 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic video. This is what CRM should be implemented. Thank you very much!
Minh Quach (3 months ago)
Overall a very nice video. I just can't help to notice that the FO is too concerned with the status of his hair, considering the emergency situation they were in. Lol.
Злой Котан (3 months ago)
I have heard one interesting thing. The cabin windows (illuminators) might be manufactured at bigger sizes easily. The only reason why they aren't, is that idea that smaller size (actual size they have nowadays) prevents passenger from being sucked out through the window in case the window destroyed ("opened") . Structurally, the plane hull has pretty enough strenght to be designed with bigger windows. Is it true?
Hella 87.7 FM (3 months ago)
CLICK BAIT nonsense! Unsubscribed!
Myron Piano (3 months ago)
If you wore glasses, the emergency oxygen masks would be next to impossible to use!
MyTech (3 months ago)
And this is why there are both uncorrected and corrected vision standards for pilots, also color recognition.
Tony Clarke (3 months ago)
Fantastic video of the emergency descent procedures. I think that any nervous fliers should see this just to demonstrate how professional and well trained pilots are for dealing with emergenies
Dec Roberts (3 months ago)
I fly on Friday and I’ve heard and recognise the dreaded ‘sinking’ feeling during take off and landing, Can someone tell me the exact period where this feeling happens during take off and landing and how long the sinking feeling will last each time it happens? Just looking for peace of mind before flying as it’s my only worry
Anthony Carter (3 months ago)
Hey bud nothing to worry about. Mentor actually has a video on this exact thing if you search for it. I hate flying too but stay calm and try to enjoy the science behind it!
boy borreman (3 months ago)
good video! This makes the explanation a lot better! Keep up the good work and i will see you in the air soon:)
Hemant joe (3 months ago)
Captain I have a doubt. While doing the check list it was mentioned to reduce thrust with respect to anti ice. You didn't have anti ice on. So u reduced it to idle. But when you passed through the clouds you switched the anti ice on. Don't u need to increase thrust at least a little bit for anti ice.
Phil's Aviation and Gaming (3 months ago)
I cannot understand what they ate saying
Phil's Aviation and Gaming (3 months ago)
@Mike P oh, right! Thanks!
Mike P (3 months ago)
You can turn on the subtitles. He recommended that in the beginning.
PPC4 (3 months ago)
Could of got Airforceproud95 to do a voice over with squire as the FO.
Jeyson Ortega (3 months ago)
No seat belt?
Olivier R-sch (3 months ago)
Great idea to demonstrate those procedures! But quite disappointing result. Odd dynamic in the cockpit, it really seems like the first officer has no idea how he ended up there... I would love to see it again, with an experienced crew and possibly voice-over to explain what's going on as we go (and better quality audio :) ).
Mike P (3 months ago)
You can turn on the subtitles.
André Marcanth (3 months ago)
Zoranl85 (3 months ago)
I am into aviation that much, like your videos a lot. I have one question regarding this matter... Lets say ur flying near some high mountains like Andes etc. and u engage emergency descent at night... How safe is that? I never see electronic charts in cockpit or I'm wrong? U know your present altitude but not what is ahead, am I right?
Byron Henry (3 months ago)
The checklist calls for “Descend to 10,000, or MEA, whichever is higher” MEA=Minimum Enroute Altitude MEA gives us at least 2,000 feet of clearence over the highest object in a given area. (Only 1,000 in a non-mountainous area) So if there’s mountains that are 13,000, we’d descend to 15,000 and start heading for an area with lower terrain. Plus we have GPWS, the charts, and ATC to help out with situational awareness.
Mike P (3 months ago)
During the real flights both pilots have their iPads in the cockpit and they will use the electronic flight charts. Usually you can clearly see the iPads in real cockpit videos.
Peter Dovey (3 months ago)
Very informative film, thank you for that.
Nils Becker (3 months ago)
Effective consciousness over 30k feet, is less than 3 seconds, so both pilots would have been unconscious given their speed of putting on the masks in this video. In my opinion, both pilots also knowing that pressurisation would fail, they acted fast. So imagine real life, relaxed pilots mid flight over the Atlantic and pressurisation goes. Slim chance of making this safe landing happen... Thanks for the video, shows how crucial knowing memory items is!
Anthony Carter (3 months ago)
Its 1-3minutes NOT seconds
Tariq Rafi (3 months ago)
what a BIG FAT BLUNDER 14.oo they r discussing where to land this should have been discussed immediately/during the decent so as to shorten the voyage as much as possible what was the big technical hitch??? salam n regards
Random Acts of Video (3 months ago)
Would the cockpit fill with fog as the air rapidly expands?
Random Acts of Video (3 months ago)
@pilotguy707 I'm sure it could be simulated, there are all kinds of fog machines, I'm sure there must be one that would work.
pilotguy707 (3 months ago)
Random Acts of Video True in real life the depressurisation would be a lot worse than in the sim on the body and also as you said with the sudden ‘fog’ in the airplane. But this cant be simulated in the simulator
Random Acts of Video (3 months ago)
@pilotguy707 Not something shown in the video, which is important as the flight crew would have a hard time reading the instruments and any checklists.
pilotguy707 (3 months ago)
Random Acts of Video Yes it would
fred jeep (3 months ago)
Great video. But a question: Why descend to 9000 before confirming the condition of the aircraft? Would you not want that precious 1000 feet of altitude if there were something actually wrong with the aircraft?
johnmeye (3 months ago)
Enjoyed this but first officer seems uncommunicative.
Sumatra Animator (3 months ago)
Glad you sirvived that :-) Do you tell your wife '-Your controls' when you pass her over the Tv remote control?
35ozgur (3 months ago)
When I ve money I will buy a sex simulator :) or like this one .... This machine can give you much more pleasure
ColtDeltaElite10mm (3 months ago)
MandoMonge (3 months ago)
Always so helpful to watch, makes me aware of everything on the FD as we’re doing our drills in the cabin
frogstamper (3 months ago)
Having watched many episodes of Air Crash Investigation the one question I have is this, in case of depressurization or worse fire and/or smoke in the cockpit why haven't pilots got breathing apparatus that covers the eyes? I remember the South African 747 in the eighties had smoke in the cockpit and the breathing apparatus didn't cover the eyes, and the pilots not being able to see sadly crashing into the Indian Ocean. I would have thought that all breathing apparatus nowadays would cover the entire face and be mandatory.
Chad C. (3 months ago)
They have oxygen mask and the pilots can actually open a window in the cockpit..so opening the window would vent the cockpit and with a mask you could still stay awake.
bobby cvSixFour (3 months ago)
Mentour Pilot, WOW, everytime I think you have nothing more to add, LOOK OUT!!! SUPER GREAT RECORDING. Just gets better and better.
RickySTT (3 months ago)
So, when the rapid descent begins, after I don my own mask first and then assist other passengers, I should start working on my ears.
Bruce Wagenberg (3 months ago)
It helps enabling closed caption for this excellent video. How do you maintain 9K level flight with the thrust levers still at idle?
James Foucar (3 months ago)
Start with the headset! LOL
Jeremy Borrett (3 months ago)
small question, is this situation, is it standard practice for the flight commander to be the pilot flying?
Jeremy Borrett (3 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot thanks for the video! it must be quite an adrenaline rush doing such things...
Mentour Pilot (3 months ago)
Yes, at least in my airline
Ian Leitch (3 months ago)
Once the passenger masks have dropped and been used, are the chemical generators all physically replaced or recharged? This must be a significant task?
Mentour Pilot (3 months ago)
Yes, they all have to be replaced
RB (3 months ago)
So evidently if a woman has headaches she should drink water and it will work 3 out of 5 times
Al Noé (3 months ago)
I'm curious mentour pilot, where are you from?...could you please make a video about the english languaje skills needed to become a pilot?, also when I watch videos of pilots interacting with the ATC I find it EXTREMELY difficult to understand what they are saying, even in MY OWN LANGUAJE!! and after knowing the actual phraseology (let alone in english, even though I obviously should understand what they are saying)...is that normal?. I think I have a quite good english level yet I really struggle understanding comms and retaining information when watching videos of real ATC and pilots interacting, whats going on?. Thanks a ton for your top quality content, keep it up!
Infinite Flight School (3 months ago)
What was the rate of descent?
Sabeillard x (4 months ago)
Great video! (is the co-pilot a portuguese guy?)
Donald Moser (4 months ago)
Great video. Thanks. A question though: The alarm went off at 1:15 mark and obviously you are very busy trying to fly the plane. Am I correct in that the passengers didn't get oxygen until 2:17, or 62 seconds later? If so, you're going to have a plane-full of unconscious passengers.
Donald Moser (3 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot - Thanks for clarifying and calming the nerves of some of the flying public.
Mentour Pilot (3 months ago)
The oxygen is automatically released. We release the button as a backup only