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The New Face of the NRA

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Text Comments (3657)
MrHan (58 minutes ago)
Mulford act.
Ajax Aidy (3 hours ago)
The NRA supported the Huey P Newton Gun Club open carrying in Texas. But thanks for proving that supporting gun control is racist.
Nerd Life Gaming (4 hours ago)
West Park (8 hours ago)
I always carry with me a 14.5 mm PTRD (32,000 Joules), bolt action, for protection. I bought it from my Russian friend. They used to shoot tanks with this back in 1941. If someone, you know, is shooting at you from a mile, the little 1911, 45 cal, will just not do. This is why I have in the trunk of my Dodge Omni a 30-cal, belt-fed, tripod mounted, remote controlled machine gun. When I am scared (of the dark) when driving at night, I open my trunk and start shooting left-right, like a veer. I am scared for my life. Better sued by 12, than carried by 6. Simply speaking, standing my grounds. And no one tailgates me, no one cuts me. Believe me. Believe me. Long Live NRA!
service@cal1.net (13 hours ago)
Bullshit. Name ONE person that was or IS a member of the NRA who went on a killing spree. 97% of "going postal" has been in Gun FREE zones. You know who you have to thank for that. Your friendly liberal. The NRA was founded, actually, to enable the oppressed blacks in the south to DEFEND themselves. Suck up those fact you lying liberal "College Humour" cretins.
Sadpants McGee (14 hours ago)
Ok, see THIS was actually funny! Take note, Kimmel.
The Duke (15 hours ago)
Tf, why, why would he turn a perfectly functional ammo belt into a decorative bandoleer
JW Smythe (17 hours ago)
I wonder if this was in response to the meme, or parallel thinking. Either way, I thought it was good.
Christopher Justice (18 hours ago)
I hate the NRA.
Mr. Limekiller (20 hours ago)
I miss the times when collegehumor wasn't buzzfeed #2
Batman Is My Dad (1 day ago)
This is amazing
Sadman Chowdhury (1 day ago)
Imagine seeing a group of Arabs at a NRA gun show.
Steve Repasky (1 day ago)
"Gun control is NOT necessary!" Great in this context!
Zector , (1 day ago)
This is honestly a very fair satire with decent insight into the actual issue. Good on you.
Friday13th fan (1 day ago)
This is a straw man with another straw man.
I thought this would be another Muslim terrorist joke. This was FAR more tasteful. GJ CH!
Matthew Keenan (1 day ago)
Bad trigger control
Bobby Yates (1 day ago)
The Democrats in California outlawed open carry because the Black Panthers started carrying openly.
Michael Mitchell (1 day ago)
Funk the NRA. They are way to lax. They are not fighting for gun rights. They are always trying to compromise. No compromises on rights!
Lisandro Reynoso (1 day ago)
Did this video get demonetized?
Gabrielle Salvatto (1 day ago)
Jean-philippe Morin (1 day ago)
Sooo taking a stab à the NRA for being racist. (When it’s not)Or taking a stab at how California before 1968 use to be a open carry state until black people started exercising their right to carry guns for protection. But then racist politicians, police organizations and media started pushing for gun control and Saturday night special bans. So which one is it?
Dave Ton (1 day ago)
Brothers and Sisters of all color, join the NRA Today and buy an AR-15 and a fancy Gun stock, and exercise our bear arm rights in the white neighborhood! They will banned all guns at the same day! Amen!...LMAO
skyeplus (1 day ago)
That's an actual History. Republican gun lobbyists suddenly became concerned with checks and regulations when Black Panthers begun to arm themselves.
Gregory Haegele (1 day ago)
Poor trigger dicipline
Mandel Harvey (1 day ago)
The feminine ending was whack. I was emotionally invested. Suggest a better ending especially in the current mcu inspired world. Got one with intimidation using a bow and arrow like Rambo?
megaman455 (1 day ago)
The NRA wouldn't care abut black people heavily arming themselves. The NRA is a branch of the arms manufacturing industry, more gun sales means more money for their sponsors and more money for them.
Zanar Naryon (1 day ago)
It's funny, because Ronald Reagan proposed stricter gun regulations because of the Black Panthers, an African American militia that legally owned guns
Cody L (1 day ago)
this is why we need tighter gun laws.
Thomas O (2 days ago)
Fuckin brilliant
Tnu1138 (2 days ago)
I have to agree with Raph on this one.
Kneeger Jim (2 days ago)
What about arming the Arab Americans.
Aecides 3 (2 days ago)
Sooo, can someone organise for this to start happening at actual NRA meetings?
Davide Ventrone (2 days ago)
Huey looks great !
John Greene (2 days ago)
Words of humor sell more than words of pain.
Ron Cameleon (2 days ago)
The black dude reminds me of Antifa members acting tuff but when pulling the trigger for the first time sh*t in their pants at the end
Zahrah Khalid (2 days ago)
This sketch did not age well and it's only two weeks old
Nancy Tompkins (2 days ago)
This is the absolute truth.
Jon W (2 days ago)
Wish I could give this video more than just 1 like. Excellent work Raph! lol.
Jamestown (2 days ago)
How would one operate a knife-crossbow anyway?
Cool Chick (2 days ago)
I love this...
Victim of Circumstance (2 days ago)
If this was used as an add you guys would have gun control by now.
TheAlbinoskunk (3 days ago)
"hoohooohooo, we have a well regulated militia"
Wilmrbadguy (3 days ago)
lol right this is so funny but true...Wilmrbadguy
Andrei Țurcan (3 days ago)
Meantime Switzerland has the most arms per citizen in the world.
Gary Palmer (3 days ago)
Ok. That was hilarious.
Andres Greene (3 days ago)
Yeah, so it's totally illegal for a civilian to own an M16.
lioneaglegriffin (3 days ago)
Fun Fact police brutality went don't quite a bit when the black panthers started patrolling their neighborhoods.
Julian Barragan (3 days ago)
And all of a sudden gun control becomes a thing
Emmet Coyne (3 days ago)
Why do they keep putting the Illuminati sign in their backgrounds?
Dre H (3 days ago)
Omg that was funny af
Jay Btr (3 days ago)
LOLOLOL .... That was great ! Ha !
ShadowsBr (3 days ago)
literally have a president wanting to be elected in 2018 in Brazil that want givve a clock to every "good citizen" to defend herself against criminals....and shotguns to farmers because they are "in more constant danger than people in cities"
Matthew Hodge (3 days ago)
Maybe if they had as many laws in the USA, as Canada has over guns, they wouldn't have to make jokes like this...
Comrade Senpai (3 days ago)
Forgive my stupidity, but is this anti gun? MOST of the stuff the black character says, i support. Yes, gun control should be very strict, but banning automatic firearms or "assault weapons" like the anti gun media likes to call them is stupid and one step closer to a corrupt destroyed nation with dictatorship. We do not live in a magical land where violence just stops after you take firearms away, even if that was possible.
Williesha Morris (3 days ago)
This is my new favorite video on the internet.
Michelle Reed (3 days ago)
This is hands down awesome!!!
Rusty Shakelford (3 days ago)
Just here to see if this video was still up after the other day. Glad it is.
Mike Messiah (3 days ago)
This is what College Humor was 5 years ago. Finally seeing it back in action.
Ben Builder (3 days ago)
F'ing hilarious
Peter (3 days ago)
It's funny because it's true.
John Cook (3 days ago)
The purpose of the second amendment is for the people, especially minorities, to have the power to resist an overreaching gov't be that police state, or military-industrial complex. Be wary of people who are willing to spend money to try and take away your rights, or to slander you for exercising them. Other than that it was a really funny video.
Keke lane (3 days ago)
When he said where...where I lost it laughing
PapaSmurf Smurfy (3 days ago)
I think he’s quoting Malcom X
L. Sieu (3 days ago)
What a stupid video.
Ryan Estes (3 days ago)
Ya guys. Remember the NRA likes you to be a bit safe with your stuff
Jameson Koek (3 days ago)
Sigh, liberals are such fucking simpletons.
Jameson Koek (3 days ago)
p0rkch0ps Sorry, i'm just so fed up with all the liberal propaganda in the media.
p0rkch0ps (3 days ago)
Jameson Koek You have some seriously thin skin if this prompts you to comment like that.
Jameson Koek (3 days ago)
p0rkch0ps Fair enough
p0rkch0ps (3 days ago)
Jameson Koek It wasn't critique, it was a comedy sketch. It blew stereotypes completely out of proportion for a laugh.
Jameson Koek (3 days ago)
p0rkch0ps Criticizing things they don't understand.
Chester Rico (4 days ago)
This is awesome.
Logical Juan (4 days ago)
I can't stop laughing!
howdy folks (4 days ago)
guns no canons for teahers these school shooting gotta stop
HDmech81 (4 days ago)
Michaela Cohen (4 days ago)
"What we need is gun education!" *fails to follow safety procedures* clearly he needs the education lol
tonycavanagh1929 (4 days ago)
lol you see guns can be funny.
rudai123 (4 days ago)
Devya Dixit (4 days ago)
William Meyer (4 days ago)
Thanks for the reminder. I just joined the NRA!
Director Krennic (4 days ago)
There was a illuminati star
Anjewlo Bullcorn (4 days ago)
This video is retarded, if you wanted to make an argument against the nra being racist then have the black man be normal instead of a black panther terrorist who is preparing to wage war with police departments, instead of demonizing the nra you made them look rational, congrats.
Geoffroy Martelly (4 days ago)
Screw going to the gym, lay your ass down flat on your back and hold your phone with your arm straight out above you with your knees bent and then hit play and proceed to laugh your ass off so hard that within 30 seconds or less your abs will start to burn. This was so awesome and laughed so hard that I had to watch it 4 times in a row. Just awesome guys ,awesome.
Caleb Nation (4 days ago)
Well, he had good trigger discipline.
Garrett Stock (4 days ago)
Wow... This is outright racist.
Don Herman (4 days ago)
I literally laughed so hard it scared my dog.
Javeer89 (4 days ago)
just want to point out that NRA also stands for National Record of Achievement in the U.K.
Legion of Doom (4 days ago)
“We have a well regulated militia” lmao 😂
John Mista (4 days ago)
"and... 'Where' are you from again?", gold!
2682shark (4 days ago)
Anybody who thinks we need assault rifles to protect ourselves from a military takeover is an idiot.. tell me how exactly those guns are protecting you against a tank rolling over your house or a B52 bomber bombing your town..
Kary Cameron (4 days ago)
How Ironic considering recent news.
Richard Servello (4 days ago)
oh yeah, just ask the NRA when asked about the black panthers roaming the streets with rifles....
Sogazu (5 days ago)
This is basically what Black Panther is about in a nutshell lololol
niceguy60 (5 days ago)
This is the truth, in reality the NRA does not think or want blacks as a race to have firearms and does not defend black Americans 2nd.
Mike Eyaotu (5 days ago)
Oh if this were true the NRA would start to back gun control regulation....
K54 Gaming (5 days ago)
Fucking gold LOL
fadadapple (5 days ago)
The government isn’t racist you idiots
fadadapple (5 days ago)
Umm, cops aren’t targeting black people
Sgt.Mincey Vs Trump the American Hater (5 days ago)
NRA is responsible for the kids and teachers Death in Florida and many more.
Steven Greene (5 days ago)
Did you say who your'e hunting? Shouldn't it be whom your'e hunting?
Chris Hall (5 days ago)
Chris Hall (5 days ago)
George Cummings (5 days ago)
Died laughing. RIP!!!
Equistta (5 days ago)
This is the best video ever!