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1988 Whirlpool Dehumidifier Model ADO302XS - Part I

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A recent Ebay score to replace a 2 year old POS Heat Controller Inc. Comfort Aire dehumidifier....
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Pinky Rampersaud (1 month ago)
*Works perfectly for the area . Easy display of options in the panel.>>>**** Manipulate the water bucket as per instructions and you have no problem. Bought 2 for apartment . No windows in the bathroomss.perfect solution!*
Onyekachi Wenceslus (1 month ago)
Leos Technik Kanal (8 months ago)
I got a 1990s china made R22 ac and it still works ...
Frank M (2 years ago)
They screwed us over with that R22 BS. How is the hole in the ozone layer? Still there? They've moved on to some other climate BS.
Derek Obidowski (2 years ago)
I beleive for the motor it was Universal electric CO. and was Magnetek then it was purchased by A.O.Smith as its now Regal Bleiot as some of these motors are labeled under Century and FASCO. At least its got a good quality hermetic recriprocating compressor as most of these units today not great they have a rotary hermetic compressor and some tend to be noisy these old Fedders Dehumidifiers are set up the same way pull air in from the back and blow it out the front as i believe the unit my parents used to have was charged with R12 refrigrant the same recriprocating compressor, and an RMR fan motor being shaded pole of course a whirlpool dehumidifier it had a bad Fasco shaded pole motor as i replaced it with a unknown brand motor which is an energy efficient PSC motor as it has a 4 microfarad 370 VAC run capacitor on it as it went its coils rusted out and leaked all of its R22 refrigerant as it had a chinese rotary compressor in it and a capacitor for the compressor too. as these new dehumidifiers are just crap as some now have plastic housings and some now are charged with R410A refrigerant.
Will Butter (3 years ago)
I thought I'd share that this was one of the very first video that made me aware of the truth of modern appliances. I'd like to thank Spats for making me aware of this throw away society. If I didn't see this video, I wouldn't be collecting vintage electronics and appliances or even spreading any information that I know
Fa Vang (3 years ago)
I have the AD0402x50 model. How do i get the bucket? it looks like it's screwed in.
JK Productions (4 years ago)
Nice! I have a 1990 Kenmore that I just got from eBay. Humidistat is bad though. Replaced modern piece of shit LG that you needed to kick to get the motor started.
fedders airdude (4 years ago)
Lol! Typical modern crap, lose ALL its refrigerant. Im not surprised at all. That whirlpool will probably last decades longer.
Sharkie626 (6 years ago)
Gave this video another watch recently, still love it!
WhitewithBlue (7 years ago)
My family moved into a house that came with the exact same model dehumidifier. It worked great. My parents threw it away and replaced it with a POS Amana dehumidifier. I'm still upset they replaced a vintage with a shitty modern unit
theogt821 (7 years ago)
The fan motor needs to be oiled on a yearly basis. SAE 20 3-in-1 motor oil usually works well for this purpose. Just be careful not to over oil it or you will have a mess. Usually you don't need more than ten drops each hole, depending on the size of the motor. You might actually be able to get by on five drops each on one that small. I came across an air conditioner that called for 15-20 drops of oil, but rarely do you ever see one that calls for more than that.
Joel Hunt (7 years ago)
I used to think energy star was a good thing. Now, I start to think it is just a conspiracy to keep buying new junk that won't even last 10 years! The refrigerator, dishwasher, and range in my apartment are all from 1996 and still work great.
james42519 (8 years ago)
yeah older is better a lot of time. i have a wall ac/heater that is usually in hotels that is at least from the early 90's i would say and it works better and gets colder and hotter and blower harder then a lot of the newer ones they replaced them with in these apartments here. i never want this to mess up and get it replaced.
Sharkie626 (8 years ago)
awesome, sounds good. ugh,we should have never gotten rid of the one we had. While it would have not been used for several years, it probably would still work today. oh well, lesson learned.
Spats Bear (8 years ago)
@Sharkie626 Ran me about $66, after a small bidding war. Try to find one with R-12, as that is what mine is.
Sharkie626 (8 years ago)
Hey spats, how much did this cost you? My bro. recently moved to a new house and wants a dehumidifier for his basement. I am trying to keep those newer ones out of there. lol
Mr. Fulsy (9 years ago)
I have a Westinghouse unit that looks similar to the Whirlpool here. Looks pretty much the same, except the coils in the back are actually arranged in a spiral shape, unlike the ordinary square shape with the cooling fins like the one in the video.
honda guy 89 (9 years ago)
like i siad every thing they make today is shit and i mean shit the cars today is made shit tvs today is made shit like i siad 90's and 80's and 70's and 60's and 50's things are made to last along time thxs man for showing us how 1988 things are so much beter then today's things
hdyudu (9 years ago)
i like heating by natrual gas
Spats Bear (9 years ago)
@MrJRamal I would take it to a place that services Air Conditioners, HVAC equipment, etc.
Maxxarcade (9 years ago)
@Lachlant1984 Ya, good thing it didn't happen too often. I got many years of 24/7 use out of it before it died. Went through 2 fan motors, 2 power cords, and a power switch. It would have lasted longer had it not been for fan failure.
Lachlant1984 (9 years ago)
@Maxxarcade That can't be too good for the compressor or the unit itself.
VWestlife (9 years ago)
We have a Sears dehumidifer from the early '80s (or even older) that is still going strong. The plastic faux woodgrain faceplate was taken off and lost years ago, and it makes quite a racket, but works perfectly.
Spats Bear (9 years ago)
I completely agree: My grandfather had a 1968 Sears furnace in his house... still worked and all. But around 2000, had a modern furnace put in... BIG MISTAKE. His gas bills are actually higher now with it. On my 1988 furnace, some idiot left a comment "old and inaficant :P " So which means I am supposed to buy a modern furnace that is more INEFFICIENT and won't last beyond a decade?! LOL
batterymaker (9 years ago)
LG=Lotsa Grief.
wilkes85 (9 years ago)
Cool dehumidifier. My aunt has a larger, older one than yours, and it looks just like a mini stereo console! You're right about the 'Energy Star' emblem... I think what it actually means is that it's so "efficient", that it's very inefficient. like on furnaces; the new ones are so under-powered, they end up costing you a lot more on your heating bill because they gotta run almost constantly to keep the house warm!
Maxxarcade (9 years ago)
It does look similar to the Kenmore I used to have, but with different controls. Though mine was a bit newer and didn't have oil ports. Same great compressor sound :-) One funny thing I remember about the Kenmore, is that if the power went out and came back on right away, the compressor would try to start under pressure, and the whole dehumidifier would hop off the floor a couple times :-)