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a day at ups freight las vegas

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ecrost84 (10 months ago)
I'm a central dispatcher for UPS freight at the Richmond Virginia corporate office and I cover CNC and CNW. If only I could get half of my terminals in both regions to work as efficiently as the LAS terminal then I would be in good shape.
James Hayes (3 months ago)
And I'm willing to work morning and twilight
James Hayes (3 months ago)
ecrost84 I'm a dock worker at the jck terminal and as far as efficiency goes it starts with management. I've been in a situation were I beg for work and can't get it but a driver that doesn't want to work the dock and is a bigger overhead than I am is forced to. Go figure
Nicholas Sumlar (6 years ago)
i work at the GAF terminal in south carolina...LOL...whats the tempature where u guys work??
40ozwino (6 years ago)
I love all the UPS Freight propaganda, wheres our real equipment at? The ragtag Overnite, Motor Cargo stuff at? I still get customers ask what company I work for! Glad to see were getting some new road tractors though...
themisiek2 (6 years ago)
This is fuckin' stupid. They are interviewing drivers who sit around and air conditioned office workers... What about the guy in the trailer for 4.5 hours loading the fuckin' thing while the driver sits and waits?
Nicholas Sumlar (6 years ago)
id rather have 104 degrees than 9 degrees, now thats real talk...lol
trucker69orso (6 years ago)
Must be nice to get your equipment washed...
den aik (7 years ago)
ups freight is the biggest scum bag freight carrier of all time.............its all overnite !!! backstabing upper management !!!!!
FANTASYF00TBALLER (8 years ago)
Great Video!! I work at the NBR Terminal