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The Deadly Logistics of Climbing Everest

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Text Comments (4716)
sadat ali Khan (17 hours ago)
Everest is child’s play when compared to the savage mountain K2...
matt6360 (18 hours ago)
Rich, bored douchebags Got nothing better to do with 40 thousand bucks
Westin Newman (1 day ago)
Seems like the vicious circle of climbing buy-in has already begun. I just hope the Sherpa people continue to be compensated for their tremendous efforts. They literally paved the way up.
EhmannJason (1 day ago)
Lets go on a vaca to the death zone...
Top In Ranking (1 day ago)
K2 is more dangerous than any mountain.
Rebel Realist (1 day ago)
I live in Jersey and felt like I should’ve petitioned the airport for oxygen once I landed in Denver. I think I’d be 8 deaths deep if I made it to the top of Everest.
Thomas Hickey (1 day ago)
brah got your mount everest height wrong
Samuel Hain (2 days ago)
Climbing?? It's the 21st CENTURY, silly people. Please take a helicopter ride up next time. Thank you.
rico matugs (1 day ago)
Samuel Hain (1 day ago)
+Nodemit - It's a JOKE, dumbass. And if there's not enough "atmosphere up there" WHY ARE YOU GOING UP THERE??
Nodemit (1 day ago)
Some people aren't lazy asses like you, plus there's probably not enough atmosphere up there
Martin .Sommer (2 days ago)
I love how the one guy somehow managed to fly his helicopter up there^^ Mt. Everest? Yeah, I've been up there
HZ vlogs (3 days ago)
Make a logistic of climbing everest from north side
Mh A (3 days ago)
Highest mountain I've climbed is located in Iran known as Mount Damavand 5670m. It was tough. Can't imagine how much harder it'd be at 8000m...
Tenshi x (3 days ago)
very structured, very good and detailed information, not too deep just on point, thank you for sharing this video! Great job ! :)
LesPaul2006 (3 days ago)
Such a suicide trip. Not worth it.
Captain Walker (3 days ago)
Scott Fischer, Rob Hall, some Sherpas and so many others lost their lives very early on this mountain. Lene Gammelgaard, a 1996 survivor, earns her living by giving great workshops and helping some families of Sherpas who have died. I am organizing an expedition to visit and help the many very poor families in Katmandu. Anyone wants to participate?
AD VLOGS (3 days ago)
Tinder on Mt.Everest??
Benji Allen (1 day ago)
AD VLOGS *everest base camp
Jerome Walker (3 days ago)
I walked down every stair in the World Trade Center back in 94ish. Damn near killed me. At first, I thought, how hard could it be to walk all the way down? I was sore for a week lol
KL Cassidy (3 days ago)
I guess if you want to climb up these mountains with the best odds of survival, you better grow up in that kind of environment since young to adapt properly and get use to climbing mountains like the sherpas.
Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this (4 days ago)
0:32 You say K2 is the second highest peak, but you display the same height as Mt. Everest.
William SHIPTON-JONES (2 days ago)
Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this Everest peak is 8848 m
Scout's Den (4 days ago)
If I climbed, I would never climb the South side of Everest. The Icefall is unbelievably dangerous and an uncontrollable risk.
Jansen Skyler (4 days ago)
All hail Sherpa!
Random Dude (4 days ago)
I think I will skip this one.
Tim OB (4 days ago)
I need a shipment of Sherpas to work at my factory warehouses here in America. In Europe I understand there's no problem in ordering a handful of them with year-long labor visas. They're supposed to be amazing workers in any type of conditions. I sure wish we had a program here in the states like the Europeans have.
Shawn Sutcliffe (6 days ago)
While you were saying that if a person living a sea level were to be transported to the summit of Everest at 29,029 feet, the graphic displayed the summit being 29,035 feet.
Horace Ball (8 days ago)
Theres sea shells on top of mount Everest..... proof of Noah's flood
Trek1960 John Doe (4 days ago)
Horace Ball hardly.
Matthew Williams (6 days ago)
ummm no. the seashells on top of everest are proof of the "plate techtonics" theory being accurate and also proof that mountains are formed in just the was that earth scientists say that they do.
Bintang Perdana Channel (8 days ago)
8:20 ada aqua dongggggg. Punya siapa woi??
B Black (9 days ago)
@2:33 tinder must be good on Everest
Benji Allen (1 day ago)
B Black *Everest Base camp
Ragu inacan (9 days ago)
Staying at base camp is like being nominated at the oscars lol. Base camp's altitude is almost as high as MT Kilimanjaro; that's crazy.
xIceman (6 days ago)
And higher then the highest point in Europe
Branwell (10 days ago)
If you climb Everest just to have a chef prepare you food- you're definitely missing the entire point.
raj kumar (10 days ago)
Can we reach through any helicopters??
Cocoalabella (10 days ago)
People can be so stupid. Why paying that high amount of money to climb up that dangerous mountain, to freeze off your butt, be uncomfortable and so much more??! And in the end you’re probably death! No thank you!
Dylan M (10 days ago)
Sherpas are the real heroes.
DeadPan (11 days ago)
No thanks, im fine at my home 40 ft above sea level
Dan H (12 days ago)
Himalayan region has the most beautiful and majestic sceneries on earth
troy lenz (12 days ago)
Annapurna 1 and 3 are a lot less crowded.
彼女トorb (12 days ago)
bro do your math again, you are way of track multiple times !
Jofb Heck (13 days ago)
its .04% mortality rate not 4%
Marcus Smith (13 days ago)
Looks like people lost their damn mind before reaching the death zone... no way in hell.
Moor Crypto (13 days ago)
Basically your spending 40k to follow a sherpa up Everest.
nati (11 days ago)
And probably die there. Or lose one of your extremities. And put on risk the life of the Sherpas.
zipZIP (13 days ago)
We should try to climb Olympus Mons
zipZIP (11 days ago)
+Darrin Nunyah 😂😂 Let's think about that after it's terraformed
Darrin Nunyah (11 days ago)
Without supplemental oxygen...
Amani J (13 days ago)
Bruh Adam is a man who crawled till the top using NO LEGS plus he was disabled that’s how incredible he is
Zoozooshi Crazy (13 days ago)
after watching this my conclusion is the same, Mallory and Irving did not make it to the top. For one thing they did not have the proper clothes, no matter how many layers you stuff on your body you still have to have proper coats and boots.
zipZIP (13 days ago)
They still could have made it as their equipment was actually the best quality they could have for their time. Remember that Hillary was only 29 years after.
J-Man88UK (14 days ago)
To be honest, if you want to climb it then it is your choice! Nobody should have the right to tell you otherwise! It's your choice to live or die! I understand you must be Physically fit which is fair enough considering others are with you, wouldn't want to put others at risk.
Charles Hines (14 days ago)
I hear real mountaineers climb K2.
Marco Io (14 days ago)
0:28 Mt. Everest is not 8.611m but 8.848m
Olivia Morris (15 days ago)
my dad's fucking climbing everest next month holy fuck he boutta die
Massd Moto (15 days ago)
Why don’t they use jet engine helicopters for rescues
Scipio Africanus (15 days ago)
Bendover productions
Vince Baker (16 days ago)
Just get some guys to build a series of towers and bring people up on a gondola. Run power lines from lower elevation to make a permanent heated facility. Turn the mountain into an amusement park. It would take some time but it can't be that hard.
Lokra (16 days ago)
13:16 remove the fish-eye lens effect, and you have a flat horizon.
wanderlust about (16 days ago)
Your brain is flat 😉
JimboLogic (16 days ago)
Way too touristy now, might as well install a gondola. It would keep these idealistic amateurs from killing themselves and others.
Mattias Johannessen (15 days ago)
If you think Mount Everest has too many tourists, you should see the traffic jams on the way up to the Pulpit Rock in Norway. Those lines are just outright insane. And bear in mind that every year, rescues are carried out each week because people have no clue what they are doing. And especially when the weather becomes bad can it become a matter of life and death.
A S (16 days ago)
It's pronounced EAR-rock, not EYE-rack - stupid American.
Michael Mo. (16 days ago)
If can't go by your own forces your out of place. Don' go, big bullshit. All they do is littering, close this mountains
Desmond Owers (17 days ago)
Everest is 29,029 not 28,251, That's K2
Blargenfladibblenohip ! (17 days ago)
Your statistics in the first part of the video do not take into account how many people attempt K2 vs how many attempt Everest.
Laidback Lifestyle (17 days ago)
03:21 You know you're lonely af when you on Tinder on Mount Everest 😂
JChanMont (17 days ago)
I always climbed the everest just to sell snacks in the summit
Tim OB (4 days ago)
I would love to open a domed oxygenated 7-Eleven store up there.. besides the usual 7-Eleven Fair of various food Goods, Chip's, beef jerky, candies, hot dogs and Slurpees and of course beer etc, I'm sure canisters of oxygen would be a big seller as well. I bet you could get some great prices for those Oxy Bad Boys at that. it would be like selling ice in the middle of a desert! Lol.... I also bet you would get some surprised looks from those climbers as they reach the summit only to be met by a big beautiful 7-Eleven! It would probably take a little bit of Zing out of their Conquest tho.
Mike Y. (18 days ago)
Just be honest. Sherpas drag piss poor climbers up and down the mountain.
stephen van looy (18 days ago)
In 1992 I got to 6000 m to a pass to see K2. We had.no guides. The first thing the local guides do ; have a smoke. I love the mountains of Pakistan. Do go and visit.
Stony H. (18 days ago)
Yet, in vacuum of space. I'm supposed to believe that jet fuel can steadily burn without problems. Right!!.
D X (19 days ago)
To give birth to a new human being is one of the biggest accomplishments on earth
Losangeles Harvey (19 days ago)
good video - but strange title - it's not the "logistics" that are deadly
A.G. Martinez (19 days ago)
Amount of UFOs reported sighted around Everest: ZERO. Amount of dead humans on Everest: 200+. Amount of UFOs sighted every year around major cities along with abductions, rapes, Federal Parks disappearances, and NATO cleanup crews for humans killed by aliens: 10,000.
Jecember (18 days ago)
The Vora Show (19 days ago)
Since i am a Nepali so i have a fact to say: 1. Daily 10 to 30 sherpa climbs the everest. 2. 13% of the world garbage is in the everest.
Jecember (18 days ago)
No you aren't. And 13%? No way. That doesn't even make sense. There are no roads to get it there.
Craigopwn12 (20 days ago)
Yeah you can plan and strategise for thousands of tonnes of ice falling on you ..
Jon Davis (20 days ago)
Anyone climbs Everest is a retarded phsycho
Jon Davis (20 days ago)
My favorite Kumba Fall that must be a fukin great one
Jon Davis (20 days ago)
Yea I have a base camp at Verdugo Park in Glendale CA
Jon Davis (20 days ago)
Camp this and camp that lol I just don’t get how fukin stupid phsycho people
Jon Davis (20 days ago)
Yea all those meters and areas and everything
Jon Davis (20 days ago)
Yea give me a training how to climb Everest I’m so fukin interested
Heathen Heather (20 days ago)
Everest.....ever rest..... stupid people doing stupid shit... Ritch people taking advantage of the poor Sherpa. So if you climb it you're a fucktard Rich douche. Thay has lived a privileged life. Real people know fear and pain we don't have to pay for it..... we live it.
S B (20 days ago)
I don't think I would be ok with paying $20k to die....there is cheaper alternatives like getting a crazy g/f...lol
k dog (20 days ago)
Dave Carsley (20 days ago)
I just couldn't do it with hundreds of people (and their garbage) in front of and behind me.. . WHY?? What's the point? No shade to those who do it if that's their thing, but for me, saying _"I climbed Everest"_ would mean absolutely *NOTHING* to me if tens of thousands of people can simply reply "yeah, me too"... I'll just go camping or hiking instead.
Matthew Haywood (20 days ago)
7:01 - "Many companies and climbers have countered this by creating and supporting foundations to improve education in the region so Sherpas can have better employment opportunities that don't involve the risks of Everest" Me - "Soooo like......Skillshare?"
CD Music (21 days ago)
11:52 stewardesses will be standing above them though...
CD Music (19 days ago)
​+billy fraiser We live on planet earth lol. Planes aren't in outer space... but I'm guessing you mean "earth" as in "land". Semantics ;-)
billy fraiser (19 days ago)
"on earth". Stewardesses are standing in a plane in the air. Nice try though ;). Take notice i didn't capitalize 'earth'.
Ethan Lu (21 days ago)
the higher u go the oxygen gets thinner and harder to breath and they don have much time on top and people get oxygen sickness i think its called and they get lightheaded or act differently because our brains dont function properly with out enough oxygen
Jose (21 days ago)
out of breath just listening to him struggle to breath
Ozan Canca (21 days ago)
*Cough cough* Wim Hof climbed that bitch with shorts I think you should just go and cry
Valerie Hayes (22 days ago)
If a person can climb Mt. Everest carrying their own gear, fine. But they should only hire experienced sherpas as guides, not to carry their gear. It is unethical for the wealthy to risk the lives of poor people.
mcluhanmedia1223 (22 days ago)
Did anyone else catch that the guy was on Tinder at 3:21 while talking about wi-fi? I wonder how many matches he got on a mountain?
Kaycee Whitham (22 days ago)
Buy a car or climb Everest? Hmm
premchatur (20 days ago)
Tesla !
Leon Harris (22 days ago)
Your video has the incorrect height of Everest.
Sam Peirce (22 days ago)
Reputable guiding companies require that you have other peaks in the bag, usually ones above 7000 meters, both to help prevent altitude sickness and to ensure that you're a good enough climber. So while anyone could try to book a trip with them, if they don't have the correct prerequisites, they can't get on the team.
Jan Chen (22 days ago)
I am watching this and many others like this. That's how I "climb" Everest.
839Bender (23 days ago)
To many of the people who wants to climb everest are just spoiled pricks with to much money. If you want to reache a summit do it by your self. If you are not capable to do it, well then you are not ment to be there.
Nerb's_the_Word (23 days ago)
I'll just enderpearl, if you don't mind
Ryan Schoenick (23 days ago)
Waste of money. I don't feel bad for idiots that die on that mountain
Rod Wilkins (23 days ago)
How do you egotistical cunts offset your carbon footprint getting there and leaving your shit all over the mountain? Fuck you. The sherpas survived very nicely before 1953.
Cheese Boi (23 days ago)
This sort of reminds me of HFY
Aaron Miller (23 days ago)
After watching this I stood up too fast on my way to get a Belgian IPA and got real light-headed. Maybe Everest isn't meant to be.
Su Krittie (23 days ago)
Thanks to you for clarifying that Sherpa is NOT a job title, an ethnic group, many people not aware of Nepalese people think its a job title or occupation. Great video, well explained and with given well deserved respect to the Sherpas!
Iamnot Arussianbot (24 days ago)
zd keimah (24 days ago)
Climbing to my bed is enough height for me.
LZ_Sonar (24 days ago)
I'm gonna be the first person to hillbomb Everest on a snowboard
Austin Nielsen (24 days ago)
“Making it safe and easier, might be making it less safe” ummm what
mlsaulnier (24 days ago)
I trekked to Everest Base Camp which was one of the hardest physical things I have ever done. All to get over an ex. It worked. A very magical place.
Michael Barry (25 days ago)
screw Everest, I am just trying to get from my house to Carmen Elektra´s lips.... how many Sherpas could help me summit that peak
camas77721 (25 days ago)
I guarantee there’s several helicopter pilots in the 160th SOAR that could run a successful rescue mission(s) up there.
timothy ferg (25 days ago)
It's not just about the pilot. It's about the helicopter
Ron Mexico (25 days ago)
Garbage and human feces everywhere. That is the largest pile of shit in the world.