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Matrix Runs on Windows XP

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Text Comments (21094)
Boris Tomko (1 hour ago)
Mr Anderson, Mr Anderson, Mr Anderson
Factory Reject (3 hours ago)
"Looks like you're trying to free humanity! Want some help?" 😂
Yusuf Sarıca (3 hours ago)
Published on Nov 11, 2008
Austin Harrison (9 hours ago)
Who's the girl
philosophark (10 hours ago)
Is that Bill Burr?
Abelhawk (13 hours ago)
"The progress bar is moving, but the remaining time is going up!" :D I've always wondered how that algorithm was put together. It's _still_ useless on today's computers.
thehunterzz456 (1 day ago)
_Sooner or later, we all encounter an error._ *_You will have to make a choice._* *To send an error report,* *_OR_* *_Not to send one_*
Charles Roberts (1 day ago)
Only a Unix super-mainframe could run all of those multiple users, AND the underlying subroutines. That's why this version of "The Matrix" has all of those glitches, it's a knock-off and so are all of these actors, we've been cheated. It's STILL hilarious!
Yuugen R (1 day ago)
Ubuntu I'm going to learn Ubuntu hahahahahahaha
kushan shanuka (1 day ago)
Chris Glacken (1 day ago)
how windows 10 works
Kykywox (1 day ago)
A decade later, still good
sanjeev dandin (2 days ago)
Liking this video from "ms-dos"
Jeniko (2 days ago)
Machines were smart enough to realize that Windows Vista, 8, 8.1, and 10 were all shit.
SloppyStock Animation (2 days ago)
Is this actually funny College Humour?
bennylaser (2 days ago)
2:10 Hahahahahahahahha
cherubin7th (2 days ago)
apt-get install kungfu
Bit Surface (1 day ago)
don't forget sudo - if you want have system access. when MS buys canonical, I 'll switch to debian. :)))=
Joe Blow (2 days ago)
God, I remember that stupid paperclip. 😂
Steven Asidilla (2 days ago)
f*** that traitor. noone likes him why not use tank??
Jeong-hun Sin (2 days ago)
Hey, Windows XP was great for its era.
Andy Reid (2 days ago)
It's interesting that games and other software that would easily install on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME (Migraine Edition), Windows 7 and Windows 10 only refused to either install properly, run or crash if they managed to run on Windows XP (Xtra Problems), which was rare. There was online advice on how to force things to run on XP along the lines of, "Stand on one leg facing towards Microsoft HQ, repeat Bill Gate's name backwards 100 times, keep fingers and toes crossed and try installing / running the game / software again!!" With Vista it was, "So you want to install this old Windows 98 era game?? OK no problems!! I'll even run it no problems!!" I even rans tests on a PC and start up was 6 seconds faster with Vista than XP everytime on the same PC!! As a bonus Vista wasn't an open door to virus coders and hackers like XP. I never had any problems running Vista on several different PCs at home. The only notoriously bad Windows versions are XP and Windows 8. I've had every version since Windows 1.03 so have watched it evolve over the decades. The end of the world coincides with the release of Windows 13!!
Matthew Giron (2 days ago)
I still have my 2000 xp lol
Mr. Alion (2 days ago)
rreidnauer (2 days ago)
I actually liked and miss XP. Everything before and after has sucked pretty bad.
MrZillas (3 days ago)
Apple: "This matrix is not available on this computer."
shreyas pareek (3 days ago)
i still use xp.
Damian (3 days ago)
GrowTech (3 days ago)
shreyas pareek (3 days ago)
yeah bro i am here
Dipak Khodke (3 days ago)
😁1: 53 I got it. it is not from movie 😁
The Cryaotic (3 days ago)
But is there a difference
Dasa Games Brawl Stars (3 days ago)
Omg This looks brand New i didint realize that its Made 11 years ago
Umar Khan (3 days ago)
Irish Ramos (3 days ago)
Damn this video is old
Jue Min (3 days ago)
At least it’s not ios....
Master Lavellan (3 days ago)
That agent actually kinda looked like the real actor lol
Ra One (3 days ago)
Is this a parody??
1tokeover (3 days ago)
That black guy's lips are way too big
Jf Mc (3 days ago)
Windows XP was the Best operating system ever! Why are people so confused about this? My crappy Dell ran for 15 years on it until they killed it a couple of years ago. Name any other Operating system that has or will last even 5 years!! XP is the best system of all time.
Lukas Culen (3 days ago)
Joke? Windows XP has been released in Oct. 2001 (I was 21 years old) and there was recommended 300 MHz Pentium as CPU. It was really unstable, BSOD happened on daily-weekly basis. After SP2 (released in Aug. 2004) it was nearly stable. Only 3 Years of development and tears of users were used for stability of XP. And it was really annoying to run it on CPU below 1 GHz. Only Windows Vista was much worse. Now are stable both (XP and also Vista - but unsupported).
The Rickest Rick (3 days ago)
I'd rather deal with all of these problems then have the bullshit that Windows 10 is and its updates
Nemo TheEight (3 days ago)
Matrix made by Electronic Arts: Pay us 2322498 $ to get Lootbox, which may contain Agent Smith. Matrix made by Bethesda: Sorry, we can;t fix Agent Smith and your house from disappearing. Try unofficial patch, and buy more DLCs.
underwater (3 days ago)
I'm currently watching this on a Windows XP virtual machine. For all the flaws of XP (flaws that have potential to be fixed), I still find its GUI to be the comfiest of all the Windows operating systems I've used so far. I really like Windows 95 as well. Maybe someday these operating systems will be revived. Who knows.
Killatunga (3 days ago)
Damn, talk about a throwback...
Pedro Paiva (4 days ago)
2019... and still with blue screens...
nicolashrv (4 days ago)
First Matrix was made to run on Windows as a total failure, they couldn't even get Windows Vista to work in first place.
Tinky :} (4 days ago)
Ew, 2008
Bryan David (4 days ago)
DaChozenPoww (4 days ago)
It will be blue if it was ran on Windows 7
Thoi Moilang (4 days ago)
Recommended in 2019😁
VGEvery (4 days ago)
Oh, I remember that
Ray Watson (4 days ago)
Yeah, well I've tried Linux, Windows 10 works great at 64bits.
JawlatNET - جولة نت (4 days ago)
It should be a remake of The Matrix It got nothing to do with Windows XP
Michel 101 (4 days ago)
hair on screen (4 days ago)
This is the Quality content
silas lazaro (4 days ago)
Kung Furry? Is that you?????
oskaveli662 (4 days ago)
Matrix 3=Windows Vista
Mackalrath027 (5 days ago)
wow, college humor has come a long way since this video lol.
Javier Fernandez (5 days ago)
Windows 95 was the best.
Goldenhordemilo (5 days ago)
Steem is no long suported
Alex K (5 days ago)
She played such a good oracle!
Spencer Ashford (5 days ago)
To try to send error report or not but is there a difference. Oww shit it enlightens me
Anal0Avenger (5 days ago)
It's still quite funny.
Natsudragneeel Fairytail (5 days ago)
Lol that lag
kt_ 13 (6 days ago)
That color grading is amazing
TheMatrix1101 (6 days ago)
That’s right bitches
Alexandria School of Science (6 days ago)
still funny
Zahir Bakri (6 days ago)
Vista is newer than xp right? And why not anyone condemn that vista? .. this xp is lightable window
The Absolute Teo (6 days ago)
I still use XP
underwater (3 days ago)
Good man.
xXxKAMIKAZExXx (6 days ago)
Windows 10 wouldn’t be any better
brav0wing (6 days ago)
Mr. Anderson, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Anderson,...
JR Reed (7 days ago)
So much truth!
Smruti Dash (7 days ago)
Your free trial of KungFu has expired!! 🤣🤣
TheDankAtheist (7 days ago)
Why does he sound like napoleon dynamite
Max Powers (7 days ago)
Larry Panozzo (7 days ago)
This was well done 😂
Internet Explorer (7 days ago)
10 YEARS.........
Reanetse Moleleki (8 days ago)
Came here for the BSOD. Wasn't disappointed.
Muhlis E. G. Gürsoy (8 days ago)
Who watches this at 2019?
vighnesh nair (8 days ago)
2:21 "oh hi mark"
edvin chandra (8 days ago)
Where is Curry and tanduri masala Tika ...
Ferdinand Lenka (8 days ago)
That suppose to Vista... XP way Too Holy For any this Ruckustery
soundlessw (8 days ago)
this was published on youtube over a decade ago, omg
MyRandomCommentsXD (8 days ago)
Anyone remember Windows ME?
KETAK SINGH (8 days ago)
That Ubuntu look 🤣🤣
Mayank Verma (9 days ago)
The worst software I ever put my eyes on was Chrome OS. It's actually the worst OS I ever had to endure.
Mayank Verma (9 days ago)
There were so many missed opportunities for an Error 404 joke or windows crash.
Masei (9 days ago)
geez 10 years lol
Naitouingu Ashihei (9 days ago)
3:52 yes oh my God yes Linux is sooo much better less crashes no annoying Clippy open source and best of all almost no trial software (unless you want to enable DRM support)
Sri Krishna Venigalla (9 days ago)
Back when CH was fun
Johnathon Smith (9 days ago)
Who is the cutie playing Trinity?
Nayeem Sheikh (10 days ago)
Ubuntu I'm gonna learn Ubuntu . ;)
Brotha Isen (10 days ago)
install ssd.
Zees Chan (10 days ago)
why not just delete System32
salamah samer (10 days ago)
11 years later in my recommendation just wow youtube
Earick Bodden (11 days ago)
As a geek I found this hilarious lmao
Bulletproof Samurai (11 days ago)
2018 and im still laughing
Riandhita (11 days ago)
Try Windows 10 now
Joan Ruiz Jacob (11 days ago)
this Trinity is way hotter :)
Fabio Zucconi (11 days ago)
At least it's not macOs
Yo Ming (12 days ago)
blue screen of death
Alan Paul (12 days ago)
Linux is freedom!