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Walmart Supply Chain

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From a factory in Bangladesh to a Walmart store near you - the story of a $5.97 t-shirt. This video takes a look at Walmart's history of worker mistreatment - including below federal poverty level wages, intimidation and poor health and safety standards. We must fight for dignity, health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining to stop Walmart's global race to the bottom.
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chicagojimmie (5 months ago)
Fake report!
PredyJessica (8 months ago)
I mean honestly, I think most of us knew this. The customers that usually shop there are also broke. The workers, shoppers, and makers. We are all slaves to the 1%.
Robert Banister (11 months ago)
Do not count on any inventory count being accurate in ANY WALMART, because they do not know how to do INVENTORY...
James Hernandez (11 months ago)
Aim high. It's not Walmarts fault.
Rakib Hasan (1 year ago)
Im a Bangladeshi. Each and every information provided here is true. The producers of Wal mart and other giant buyers Pay $70 -100 for working a month. Health and safety sound funny.
Ajaypal Singh (1 year ago)
Propaganda masqueraded as a Informational Video.
Sludge Brave (1 year ago)
Nice title, I was able to view the full video
Clifton Guitars (1 year ago)
Not supply chain
Dave nonya (1 year ago)
Walmarts a fucking joke
Holisol Supply Chain Management (1 year ago)
Walmart streamlined supply chain management by constructing communication and relationship networks with suppliers to improve material flow with lower inventories. The network of global suppliers, warehouses, and retail stores has been described as behaving almost like a single firm.
Rdawg 36 (1 year ago)
Well this informed me about Wal-Mart's employee wages, but almost nothing about its supply chain as a collective group.
ACADMan (1 year ago)
Nothing but a union line of total bull shit! Has nothing to do with how Walmart really works or how the people who work for Walmart feel about working there.
Paul Stack (1 year ago)
Fuck walmart and their greedy owners.
Henry Brewer (2 years ago)
Just another misleading and factually wrong video by unions.
Your mom (2 years ago)
Now I understand people that mess around in Walmart
Dionna Roundtree-King (2 years ago)
This really makes me look at Walmart in a different light.
manlius (2 years ago)
Here's a thought. Walmart will end worker exploitation when they can use robots instead of people. It's coming.
manlius (2 years ago)
If you work for Walmart in the US and hate your job, then quit, but if that's the only job you're qualified for, too bad you didn't pay attention when you were given a free K-12 education.
Nonkululeko Lusenga (2 years ago)
Don't waste our time lie this. Looking for SCM videos not propaganda.
Kim Jong -UNy (2 years ago)
i work at the warehouse, i make 10 dollars an hour, get health insurance and they dont fire you for an injury
Zhertzpro (2 years ago)
I work in one of the 3rd party warehouses, this thing is all bullshit
Haaa Jndd (2 years ago)
I will not buy this stupid 5.89 dollar t shirt
Haaa Jndd (2 years ago)
walmaat is stupid for doing this the developing country bangladesh
HikikomoriDev (2 years ago)
Very profitable. I wanna do it too !
Sasa Desr (2 years ago)
Bias Video !!!
Sean Steel (2 years ago)
Ok, but why should walmart pay to improve Bangladeshi factories? Does not make any sense. The Bangladeshi government is responsible for safe working conditions and enforcing safety regulations there, not Walmart.
Susan Lee (2 years ago)
Use all global shops DRP result to provide the MRP input.
ImPhinite (2 years ago)
title does not match content
derfpoloderf (2 years ago)
what should be illegal is this video. Another desperate union video. I work for Walmart logistics and 90% of our 160ish US warehouses are Walmart owned not 3rd party (AS the video suggest). the DC where I work average pay is 19.00 per hour. Another lying union video taking selective data to promote a lie. Also, the same shirt sold in Target, Sears, and Old Navy. Where is the criticism? None -- double standard.
Delissa Tate (2 years ago)
Lmao. I'm surfing through videos trying to learn more about logistics & supply chain careers and here I am finding out Walmart is the cause of all the world's problems.
BLACK OPS!!! (2 years ago)
Everyone is calling bullshit about this biased video, but take a moment to reflect that every bit of it is true and walmart is a parasite to US economy. You just don't wanna admit it.
Jamil Edwards (3 years ago)
Wal-Mart is a dawn monopsony.
HoldTheDoor (3 years ago)
We don't have wall mart here....and basically never been to one. But the way they treat their employee just left me speechless.
Brenna P (3 years ago)
my eyes have been opened!! There needs to be taxes on importing before things get worse!!
Matt Welch (3 years ago)
your voice is boring
Emmanuel McGee (3 years ago)
Emmanuel McGee (3 years ago)
This is why my father want sme to be a doctor....OF COIRSE
Vladimir Putin (3 years ago)
Lee Xpress (3 years ago)
Walmart buys one T-shirt for $5 dollars from Bangladesh garments , then sell it for $50 dollars
honeybun33 (3 years ago)
so Walmart is netting 161 billion a year and only pay 8.81/hr?? smh.
Carlos Centeno (3 years ago)
what a freaking waste of time.....damnnnnn
Carlos Centeno (3 years ago)
+ßLÀCK ÇAT lol....
BLACK CAT (3 years ago)
Carlos Centeno (3 years ago)
+ßLÀCK ÇAT ??????????
BLACK CAT (3 years ago)
Its better than fapping time of yours.
Love4raine (3 years ago)
Anyway this is all BS to push there way into making a boat load of money in the largest retail chain in the world. Unions are a huge money maker and put their money into political pockets . Now the stores are minimum wage jobs. Hell they are retirement jobs for older people or starter jobs for kids !!! I mean DAMN those are not skilled trade or college educated jobs in the store chains!!!!if you want to make more money and more hours then move up in the world for gods sake !!! People in the stores like the kids and the welfare cases that are complaining want to make $20 - $30 an hour and work 28 hrs a week with full benifits and retirement plan !!!! It be great to if they can keep their food stamps and WIC and Obama free cell phone while getting all this too... Those jobs are starter jobs or for elderly not high paying careers !!!!!!! Ugh whining asses I can't stand lazy people who want a lot of something for nothing ...... 😒
Love4raine (3 years ago)
We have all the overtime you could want !!! The more you know how to do the more hours you can get !!!! Now I am originally from Detroit Michigan myself and I come from a solid Union family of UAW workers who mostly all lost their jobs because the unions bled the auto plants and offshore companies dry and left no profit for the companies to grow. I myself worked many years under the United Paper and Steel workers union and also the Seafarers international Union and know how well they can work and also the bad sides of them. The bad will outweigh the good every time. Walmart is as close as you can get to perfect without a Union.after Union layoffs due to buy out protests and renegotiations I lost my job at the plant I worked before Walmart and lost my home 2 cars boat camper I mean everything !!!! In less than a 30 minute warning that they gave us !!! No work for 8 months !! Walmart paid ALL my bills up to date and gave us groceries and other assistance and as much overtime I wanted
Yousif Abuhamad (3 years ago)
When you want to learn about a cross docking system but you get bombarded by this. Good animations though.
Ruslan Taipov (3 years ago)
I came for the same thing, just wanted to find out more about cross docking , and found that(
Bonny Sugiyo (3 years ago)
this video is shit
Marshall Elliott (3 years ago)
bullshit in its greatest form....
The Common Sense Professor (3 years ago)
I was hoping to use this video in class, but no thanks.
Rico Jeffries (3 years ago)
Distribution Center employees are some of the highest paid employees working for WalMart. Also, WM typically employs its own employees and does not use 3PL employees in its DCs.
Lisa Lisa65 (9 months ago)
Yes but I hear they work then like dogs.
Bev Hansen (3 years ago)
Such awful comments on a disgusting, global problem. I guess it is all about the money. Greed is an ugly plague. The worse part is that not enough "educated" Americans care what it really means when they save a buck, and don't mind that it's at the expense of those less able to get out of their familial situations. The workers of Walmart (including the vendors' workers) are just people who want the rights that everyone else are afforded, and take for granted.
George Olmoz (1 year ago)
Literally nothing in this video is true. They didn't even get the federal poverty level correct.
akadeepsea (2 years ago)
Bev Hansen what the fuck are you talking about this is supposed to be a fucking video on supply chain management in the fucking faggot that made the video completely duped us and deceived us go fuck yourself fucking idiot
Jordan France (3 years ago)
Absolute waste of time. Ridiculous bias and misleading title.
Breezzy (2 years ago)
Jordan France how is it bias ?
Muthukannan shanmuganathan (4 years ago)
Quality shouldnt be there only in making the Products and delivering it , but at end of the day employers should be made happy . Legal Aggrement in scheduling of working hours should be done and with a good salary , As it can make people to get relax and can be back to thier respective work with innovation and enthusiasm .
Jonah Geib (4 years ago)
I have never wanted to work for walmart on a corporate level until I saw this video. This rules!
Jacq Van Der Merwe (4 years ago)
This video is an stupid and deceiving attempt to waste the time of serious people. Please remove. It has a totally inappropriate heading, and for sure only tells half the story. Ever thought about where the average Walmart Worker will find alternative employment, if not for Walmart? They simply do not look like $50 per hour employees, I am sorry.
Ashwin Ramachandran (4 years ago)
While practices adopted by Wal-Mart might be illegal and slanderous with bad working conditions, how is this a video on "Supply-Chain"?
Septi Ana95 (10 months ago)
Ashwin Ramachandran artinya apa mang
Srijan Mukherjee (3 years ago)
+Ashwin Ramachandran There are other videos dude ! Here they are trying to make a point!
spanky9067 walang problema (4 years ago)
I work at one of these, not in management, just a worker and I earned 89k this year with 6 weeks paid time off. One of the best 401k plans around (that's what my advisor told me) I love my company. A lot of American made products ship everyday. Don't believe what the unions put out about Walmart. Video is full of lies. Thanks for stopping by anyway, it is the best supply chain in the world.
MooseAphere Jones (4 years ago)
this video went from great information about supply chains to anti Walmart slander in just minutes...
Pee Body (4 years ago)
So according to this Ad .. Walmart can increase minimum wage, hire only College Diploma employees and Pay them $45K - $70K .. oops, 42% of the economy is made up of those who have just a high school diploma or less and ZERO definitive industry skill-set ... Let's do this Walmart ... Pay high wages based on skill-set and keep only essential workers ... give them Health benefits and pay over $45K and fire those who have zero college Degrees. Maybe that will make these dimwits realize that a huge chunk of Walmart workers who make under $30K have almost no skill level for any job market .. except at Walmart. Add in about 14 different self-checkout stations and keep only real College graduates at the other stations so you can pay them $45K and over. Unions are the mafia .... "don't push yourself hard they say .. just join us .. well make you get $30/ hr for just taking calls... " Lazy Bums
Patrick Welch (4 years ago)
Could this video be anymore Anti Wal-Mart? I have seen first hand the Wal-Mart Supply Chain process and this video is so far from the truth it is sick. Enjoy the Wal-Mart slander and Pro union video!
Ajit Chaudhuri (4 years ago)
The topic (supply chain video) is very misleading. this video is related to exploitation-ethics-social responsibility-unusual govt-protection..etc. Not supply chain at all.
john dunseith (4 years ago)
BS video about propaganda BS not a damn thing to do with supply chain in reality
Ronnie Gene (4 years ago)
US companies try to do business in their own backyard, but Unions get greedy and end up becoming a mafia style takeover. This is why we go overseas. I have seen people without a high school diploma working in a Union making $30 an hour as a secretary. Its crazy.
Ronnie Gene (4 years ago)
Your missing points here. Walmart minimum wage workers are not meant to be careers. They are usually for high school students or retirees looking to get out and do something. Its not up to Walmart or any other US company to perform any upgrades to structures in other countries. Those are the property of that particular company in that country. This video makes no valid points.
Jaakeup (3 years ago)
You could not be more wrong.
Christopher Little (4 years ago)
This video is full of lies.  I work in a Walmart distribution center and last year made $49k.  Would you call that poor pay?  How about the BlueCross health insurance I have?  Is that not considered a benefit?  How about the paid vacation I receive each year?  Or the sick time? Or the personal time?  Or the great schedule (4 x 10hrs) which means a 3 day weekend each week?  Are these not all benefits?
Christopher Little (4 years ago)
Exactly.  Bunch of bullshit leftist propaganda.
Zachbarnes92 (4 years ago)
per month**
Zachbarnes92 (4 years ago)
agreed during holidays i can gross between 6k and 7k with overtime. and the shifts are unbeatable lol.
Ramon Cervantes (4 years ago)
+Christopher Little Don't forget about that 6 percent company match on the 401k, vision, dental and deferred holidays. Walmart distribution center jobs are some of the best around as far as warehousing goes.
Ali Danish (4 years ago)
What a great way of presentation. Thanks for delivering maximum in such a limited time.
Sabiha Hasan (4 years ago)
If it's true than people need to take a stand against walmart.
catherine lee (4 years ago)
I use to work at walmart its a slave plantation 
Daira Rija (4 years ago)
An anti-Walmart video, not a Walmart supply chain video.
Larissa Piva (4 years ago)
I think my IQ dropped after reading some of these comments. 
sevokevo (4 years ago)
Wait... WHAT THE HECK!!   This Video is false!
Naofumi Iwatani (5 years ago)
one of the dumbest videos on youtube.
Mub .S (5 years ago)
Bangladesh government sell their own citizens as slaves here in Saudi Arabia , they paid shitty salaries and work in hell hole conditions and some times tortured and killed by Saudi government agencies , Do Bangladesh government say thing ? hell no they just want money  I'm not Bengali , I'm Saudi and know what is happening around here so it's not Wal-mart fault it's Bangladesh India China and other shitty governments in 3rd world which just want money and you can kill their citizens as you love 
xMadKat (5 years ago)
Supply Chain brought me here...
Derek Andrjeski (5 years ago)
This video is garbage.
Brett (5 years ago)
2:51 I call bullshit
Lu Bu (5 years ago)
What walmart does: walmart has mastered the concept of economies of scale. The theory is the larger the order made to its suppliers, the cost per unit will decrease. This contributes to walmart unprecedented buying power over its suppliers. Not only does it increase walmart's buying power with it suppliers, but is encourages suppliers to adjust the way they do business to accommodate walmart ( warehouse relocation, lower prices per order, and the justification of the creation of 3PL companies). It's genius.
Lu Bu (4 years ago)
@Tayeb Belm thanks Walmart has a very competitive Supply Chain.
Tayeb Belm (4 years ago)
+Lu Bu finally some useful comment!
NYVET (5 years ago)
This video and most of the comments here are IGNORANCE at its best! I'm getting so sick of the Walmart bashing. Walmart is a corporation that has a right to purchase from the cheapest source, and the fact that it's China or Bangladesh is thanks to BILL CLINTON AND NAFTA! Open your eyes, nobody held a gun to the head of the 6,000 applicants that show up for the 250 jobs available at a new store. A typical store has HUNDREDS of applications on file. Get your facts straight before you make your fancy little anti-Walmart video (and post ignorant comments about it).
Bo G (5 years ago)
so no name no shame , has a different meaning, but people in law payed jobs have no choice  
Randy Hays (5 years ago)
Walmart purchases the products made by the factories based on agreements with factory owners.  Walmart is not a government agency and therefore does not intend to engage in the civil liberties or politics of those countries.  Bleeding Heart Liberals should protest the governments the own the factories and set standards that keep them, the officials with in the country, in high living standards. Why should a business pay for the factory they do not and can not own.  Would you pay for a Taxi Drivers taxi if it caught fire because you hailed it once to get to the airport.  Be real people. You feel sorry for them, send your money so they can make sure the keep just enough to make a commercial asking for more pity.
Faisol MFC (1 month ago)
Randy Hays you perhaps have no idea how supply chain works. I was the CHRO of the largest vertically integrated garment and textile group in Bangladesh, having 55,000 workers working in 32 factories in my portfolio. Wal-Mart came for an inspection in one of our factories and their visit costed us several thousand dollars, because we had to entertain them with different cuisines, free samples (best quality) for personal use, etc. All on demand. They were supposed to visit the factory at 9:30 am so we had to organise breakfast for their full team. They arrived at 12:45 and so we then had to organise lunch from 5* hotels, which was 55km away from the factory. Upon entering the factory, they refused go through the vehicle security checking, refused to wear the Visitor ID, refused to wear the protective cloths, ear-plugs and masks, even though their visit was related to our factory safety. In the non-smoking meeting room one of the senior official started smoking and told us to arrange an ash-tray for her. I said the whole factory (established on 45 acres of land) is non-smoking zone. She just laughed and said, “We are Wal-Mart”. They behaved we are their slave and they are our master. Lastly, they bargained for 3 cents and took their order to Pakistan because they saw some labourers were walking from one shed to another (for a work-related reason of course) and they commented, “these workers are wasting their time walking here and there and we don’t pay for idle people. While they walk, they don’t make any money for the buyer”.
FlyMeAirplane (5 years ago)
Lisa Lisa65 (9 months ago)
How do you know?
max johnson (5 years ago)
Walmart has low prices, low standards and consequently, HIGH external costs. Please look up "external costs" before you post some ignorant-ass reply. High external costs are why we don't let companies drill for oil in our aquifers. High external costs are why we don't allow companies to import lead-filled baby formula from China. High external costs are why prevent corporations in this country from employing children. You don't pay much directly for Walmart products, but you DO pay a great deal indirectly for them. The regular patron of Walmart who wears an American flag t-shirt across their chest ought to be ashamed. Walmart is in the business of cannibalizing American companies and workers. And you know what? It's not the company. It's the system that created the company. I love capitalism. But this is not the capitalism envision in Wealth of Nations. This is the reemergence of a hideous all-consuming monster that has not reared its horrible head in this country, to this degree, for over a century. The only sword that can pierce it it is that of simple, pointed, smart, fair and comprehensive regulation reform. That is tough. It means the government needs to have smart civil servants–smarter than those working for corporations, and many times more nimble–for the government of the United States is a slow-acting giant. This is always a losing battle. It will forever be. But the small victories in this fight are what make this country worth living in. Before you argue with my beautifully articulated, nuanced point; please consider this: that I am smarter and much better informed than you. If you plan to mention the words "whiny liberal", please preemptively smash your typing fingers with a rock.
B.F. Burton (1 year ago)
The brutal truth. It is what it is whether we want to hear it or not. Thanks for your frank analysis. By the way, I am from the Caribbean...Pursuing Supply Chain studies. I am amazed by the hypocrisies of these multinational retail corporations who reel in wealth by exploitation....Capitalism at its best.
Sarah Mohsen (5 years ago)
That is why I dont shop at WalMart... I feel horrible for the people working for that company. They dont appreciate their employees. No principle and consciousness :( 
Zannnnah (5 years ago)
Walmart ......Revenue rich, but morally bankrupt. Lots of people would buy that for a $
Checkavailability446 (5 years ago)
If you work in the Supply Chain/Logistics/Transport Operations field could you please fill in my survey for my Final Year Project. Thank you. Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LK5P7MJ
filitico (5 years ago)
came to learn about supply chains, got this butthurt tshirt instead.
Jarvis Blay (3 months ago)
@Timothy Robert , Fuckkkkkk you and Trumpanzee bitch !! And I'm not even some annoying ass liberal , It's cesspool maggots like you fake assssssss conservatives who cry wolf when there's no wolf around lol , Oh i forget you fake conservatives claim smaller government LOL or is it when it only benefits the same corporations that own Democrat and Republican !!
Gaurav Pangarkar (2 years ago)
Same feeling
Theodore Lillicrap (2 years ago)
There is a difference between innovative efficiency and harmful exploitation.
Timothy Robert (5 years ago)
@max johnson Aww did I hurt your feelings by stating the obvious.  Wal-mart's innovative approach to just in time delivery and distribution has untold benefits for the rest of the world.  I suppose in your world we should still be wasting resources and shipping break-bulk pallets across oceans.  Grow up you moron. Efficiency is how we are actually becoming a better world.  I champion Wal-mart.  You sir are a waste of energy.  Any and all products you have purchased, got in your feeble hands because companies like Wal-mart and Toyota paved the way for the rest of the world to do it better and cheaper.  Again grow up. 
max johnson (5 years ago)
@Timothy Robert You are pathetically ignorant.
NoobSoldier2006 (5 years ago)
I'm a proud shopper of Wal Mart. Don't like a particular store? Don't shop there.  As for the workers, did Wal Mart knocked on your door to recruit you, or did you walked in to fill out a work application? Wal Mart doesn't need you, you need Wal Mart.
keshav Singh (2 years ago)
NoobSoldier2006 I am happy to know that atleast you are true to your name.
A B (5 years ago)
max johnson (5 years ago)
What the hell do free-riders even have to do with Walmart?? Are we talking about fat bitches on scooters?
max johnson (5 years ago)
@NoobSoldier2006 I think for my country, for my planet. Shopping at Walmart is a selfish decision. It doesn't benefit any but those at the top and you, the consumer. I'm genuinely surprised you went to college and you can't wrap your head around this simple fact. Try working there at any job but general manager or corporate. And you LOVE Walmart lol... so who's really the "little bitch" here?
Bermuda Tim (5 years ago)
If I were to guess, you probably hold some kind of management position somewhere within Wal-Mart's chain of command.  I'll give you this, Wal-Mart did NOT knock on doors to recruit people to apply....I agree.  However, that said, have you ever been in a small to medium sized town when Wal-Mart comes in to set up shop?  First of all it likes to set up just outside whatever city or town limit it has come to prey upon.  Wal-Mart never buys the structure it sets up in....it leases its store fronts.  This makes it easy for Wal-Mart to pull up stakes once the surrounding area and local downtown Mom and Pop operations have been devastated.  There are a lot of "before and after" examples of what Wal-Mart has done to local communities.  When Wal-Mart comes in to set up a new store, it certainly DOES reach out to the community so yeah, it does recruit.  There are a lot of smoke and mirrors involved but Wal-Mart has perfected the art of the shell game.  A brand new Wal-Mart will stretch its tentacles throughout a county hiring en mass because Wal-Mart KNOWS that many will leave when the truth becomes known.....so yeah, it does recruit and it does LIE about conditions of working there.  How do I know?  Like I said, a Wal-Mart came to my town and held a HUGE RECRUITING drive with all the bells and whistles.   I was not so much promised full benefits but they were heavily implied.  I laughed in their faces because I don't need them BUT, I did see where this parasite of an entity played with the fears and hopes of other hopefuls with families to support.......So yeah, Wal-Mart DOES directly recruit and it does bullshit the hopeful, especially in the beginning before its true character comes out of the closet.
Uncharted (5 years ago)
how is Walmart responsible for for how other companies run their businesses. If I don't maintain my building's structural integrity that's my fault not the fault of Walmart.
max johnson (5 years ago)
@Uncharted It's called a "race to the bottom" for a reason. 
Uncharted (5 years ago)
@Aaron Arce I see your point and agree that Walmart should not do business with companies that provide unsafe working conditions
Aaron Arce (5 years ago)
So, if you see a person getting murdered are you not responsible to report or do something about it? As a major company they can say we will not do business with your company until its buildings are up to code. Especially turning a 1.7 billion dollar profit? come on is it really that important the Walton kids remain a top of the Forbes billionaire list? So if you are working and something falls on you should it be the fault of the person you work for or just your own?  If that happened first thing would be people suing.
TheRedmage420 (5 years ago)
I work at wal-mart, at least they pay me
lmgtech (5 years ago)
dont agree all . but you missed the middle man's who exploit the worker in those country's.
James Detlefs (6 years ago)
Watched and read a lot of things about Walmart over the years and this video is short and sweet and true. This is not Sams dream. I guess after he died it was total greed that took over. Sam with great advise of his wife let all employees share the profits. I'm sure that's gone now. Check out some of the other Walmart videos on here it will boggle the mind that they are getting away with so much.
Outboard- Rob (6 years ago)
Wal-Mart (China-Mart) Ruining the USA one day at a time!!!
Debbie Mackey (6 years ago)
i hate walmart
Jonathan B (6 years ago)
Non of the sources for any of the facts stated are provided. Wal-Mart is not perfect but make sure you are not bamboozled by misrepresented and possibly even incorrect facts in UNI's attempt to bias your views.
NoobSoldier2006 (5 years ago)
I agree.  The video states that Wal Mart and its suppliers are evil, yet, no evidence was given.  It's just one of those libertard video.
debbie l williamson (6 years ago)
debbie l williamson (5 years ago)
It starts with a decision of conscience....
Uncharted (5 years ago)
good luck with that
jfhburr123 (6 years ago)
This is exactly why I don't shop at Walmart!