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Why Google Struggles With Hardware

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Google’s hardware strategy has been somewhat of a puzzle. Why does a company that earns nearly all of its revenue from online advertising need the hassle of building and marketing hardware? » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC Why Google Struggles With Hardware
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Text Comments (1639)
Justin White (8 hours ago)
As long as you're conscious of the data their collecting and how to manage it, you can decide what you want them to know about you and how they use it. I use ad blockers and disable any google app notifications that aren't useful to me, so I'm getting minimal ads while benefiting from the personalized features and search results in their software.
Joe User (2 days ago)
@5:54 only to buy HTC cell phone co soon after.....
Dalmain J (2 days ago)
Why did Google name itself Alphabet? 👇 Because gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle wasn't enough letters.
AnMSpec (2 days ago)
Stupid who wants it all now ??? 😵
Ari Entyse (2 days ago)
They're a software company, jumping into the hardware business. Just like Microsoft did when they finally released Surface. There's no need for a video like this...
Tvrtko Krželj (3 days ago)
Google make so much money on software so it can allow itself to loose some on hardware. ;)
peace (3 days ago)
google is on to some thing for temporary basis thy needed hardware business thy r into more AI and cloud and apps but to feed these areas with cash thy use add mny
Scan End (3 days ago)
Google isn't primarily an advertisement company, it's a data mining company.
vincentlee (3 days ago)
This software giant doesn't come out any hardware that looks as good as Apple or even Microsoft did. I like Android but dislike pixel phone...
Rishad D'souza (3 days ago)
I think the Google can become a big hardware player on strength of their software prowess. I use the Pixel 3a, and it is a fantastic device. It's not SUPER fast, but still runs smoothly enough, the camera is A+ and even though it uses plastic, it feels quite premium in its material. They do need to work harder on getting some of the basics right with their top-line phones but I feel that will happen in the next 2-3 years.
Dilpreet Singh (4 days ago)
google make ara that l bankrupt samsung and apple when it comes to phones
gamez buddy (4 days ago)
nokia,motorola >>>>> pixels
Ng Chin Ern (4 days ago)
Google has great hardware
mute754 (5 days ago)
I absolutely love my Pixel 4. I've been using their phones since the Nexus 5.
mmmusic111 (5 days ago)
Google should not be in the pixel businesses. The pixel struggled in hardware... Like burn in or screen won't turn off when call ends
thanvi shahid (6 days ago)
Google switch here and there for hardware
Paul Rizzo (6 days ago)
They are creepy that is why. Who in their right mind would allow such an intrusive company into their private lives? 1984 was not an instruction manual.
airrwalker (6 days ago)
Can you trust Apple for privacy?
Quiet Corner (6 days ago)
Check out the Onion's satire on Google opt out.
D. Dames (6 days ago)
Glassholes 😭😂😂.. great vid
Skeave (8 days ago)
I keep my phones longer than most and I have yet to find another android phone with the same longevity as pixels. I'm still using the 2xl and it's working better than when I got it. I've never had that with Samsung or lg. Because of that, they're just a better value for me.
w23857980 (8 days ago)
Too expensive.
Muin (9 days ago)
the key is to listen to what the buyer wants
Lia Luna (9 days ago)
If Google knows so much about me why do they keep giving me ads in languages I've never been able to speak?
Athif Khan (10 days ago)
The simple answer is : Google is a software company not a hardware company
deep mind (13 days ago)
If they can somehow give their Google Assistant the ability to use logic and reasoning, I would use it no matter how much data Google knows about me.
muthuvel boopathy (13 days ago)
Well i am a pixel user and am happy for one good reason. Google products are cheaper than apple products . Pixel phones do get some killer features which have no match like .....now playing , unlimited cloud storage, killer camera , etc As far as the ad part is concerned Google is earning some 32 billion because of the ads and not hardware .it's practically impossible to live without using YouTube , Maps or Google search for a day . If it's ads vs Google services, it's Google for me on any day.
Bill Harker (13 days ago)
2:38 nice voice crack 😂
Saurabh Jha (13 days ago)
we can't imagine our lives without Google so let us also contribute to make Google survive and make our lives more easier.
Saurabh Jha (13 days ago)
Google is love ❤️
Filip Cetkovic (14 days ago)
I got the google pixel 4 ad omg
SrinivasaTeja Koorapathy (14 days ago)
Google only needs data
ruzzell907 (14 days ago)
Most confusing product line ever. Is Google serious about hardware?
Patrick T (14 days ago)
they are trying to become Apple but fail miserably because they think that their products are as good as Apple.
Mark Smith (8 days ago)
At least regarding their phones, they may be TRYING to integrate everything but the glitches and faulty hardware sort of makes their efforts moot. Not to mention there doesn't seem to be a unified vision. Google is like an excentric billionaire inventor with ADD.
Jan Bildsøe Hansen (15 days ago)
there matrial design look like crap from the 90`
SevenDeMagnus (15 days ago)
Cool. Google now has SpaceX's Starlink too (investor).
Mike Nguyen (15 days ago)
Google is a major hardware player in education? No, Chromebooks are, the cheapest Chromebook from Google is around 600 USD from the official store (I'm not sure about Amazon) and at that price, they can't compete with anything
Joshua Spagnoletti (15 days ago)
I wish we got the Google Pixel in South Africa. The only phone I would consider besides an iPhone.
Raghav Kaushal (15 days ago)
Google doesn't struggle with hardware in the case of Phones. It struggles with software optimisation.
Pradumna V Saraf (16 days ago)
03:28 At First I Thought Its Internet Connectivity Issue😬😬
Pradumna V Saraf (16 days ago)
03:28 At First I Thought Its Internet Connectivity Issue😬😬
Vision33r (17 days ago)
It's simple, they are not a hardware company. When your priorities are data and marketing then you're not gonna be making great hardware. When you spend $899 on a Pixel 4 phone and you get just a vanilla Android experience. It's not exactly a great seller for the price. There's too much competition within Android from OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, etc.
TNC -Potato (17 days ago)
This is why I use apple 😒
R. Rantung (17 days ago)
The problem is PRICE!
Jeremy Moore (17 days ago)
“Glass holes” 🤣
Kim J (18 days ago)
I bought my first Google product which was pixel 3 xl last month. I dropped it once and left a dent on my white paint and chiped off after. Seemed over complicated when I first used it. It also slowed down after a month. I promised myself to never buy any pixel products.
George Williams (18 days ago)
They start off doing it kinda right & then mimic their "competitor's" worst traits and screw themselves.
ZR1Terror (18 days ago)
They have all the money in the world and they can’t make a decent looking phone.
bestamerica (18 days ago)
' no wonder what country pure make any google hardwares = softwares
PSYCLOWN185 (18 days ago)
I definitely have not been impressed with the Pixel phones. They could have been so much better.
susan rattray (18 days ago)
I LOVE my Google.
Lizzie Danger (18 days ago)
Google needs to stick to what it does best. Software. All of their software is very snappy and fluid. However, their hardware isn't up to par with samsung and apple. Google needs to play its cards right and just sell the privilege of using their stuff to apple and samsung so they can make more money. Googles software is extremely fluid on iOS and android. They don't need to make their own hardware. Its just a stupid business decision.
Davius Lepremier (19 days ago)
all in china that's why
einc70 (19 days ago)
It's a search engine at the core. So it's source of revenue is ONLINE advertising. Android comes with Google's services included. All phone companies outsourcing Android OS needs to include Google's apps. Hardware companies are also phone companies called OEM. Hardware is peripheral to Google's expansion that is to expand its SEARCH ENGINE on your phones. You click on an Ad on your phone, the adviser and Google get their cut.
Sam Al Heid (19 days ago)
They struggle because of diversity hires
Matty (20 days ago)
I wish Google would partner with OnePlus
Ahsan Arshad (20 days ago)
I feel Google doesn't need to jump in hardware business....They should stick to what they are good at
s r raj (20 days ago)
Android is the worst OS a phone could have. With powerful hardwares underlying, android is restricting the user, the experience the powerful hardware is slated to provide
Steven Qiu (21 days ago)
They are not buying hardware companies, they are buying user data. Your privacy, your future.
abdullah abdulaziz (21 days ago)
Their products are very expensive don't have a fan following who will pay that much money They are not available anywhere and more If they make products like Moto G they will be successful again
Azrul Tarmizi (21 days ago)
Dear google, just help samsung hardwarewith their software, please. That would help better
Theodore Frazier (21 days ago)
They also have crappy support. I have been without a phone for two days because my 3 xl stopped working. Google first referred me to my carrier who referred me back to google. After all that, they said they decide they will warranty replace it, but I had to send the phone in first then wait until they send my one back. When my note 8 stopped working, Samsung sent me to a repair partner who repaired the phone on the spot, covered by warranty. People I know who have apple phones got a replacement phone with a return package to return the device.
Eric H (22 days ago)
Has anyone else's phone went to google assistant multiple times throughout the video? LOL
An Gry (22 days ago)
I had no idea google was such a loser in the hardware market...
BelowAverageLuke (22 days ago)
You know your foods hot, when it burns your teeth.
pat (22 days ago)
Google struggles with everything: https://killedbygoogle.com/
ronaldoalv17 (22 days ago)
Google fail because we now know what they really want. Your info which is like blood for google without blood wer knows what can happen☺☺💣
Chris B. (23 days ago)
Despite the struggles I've had mostly good experiences with Google's hardware. Battery and price aside (and I personally have no problems with my battery life) but the Pixel 4 is a fantastic piece of hardware. Both of my Chromecast work as advertised and have been a fantastic addition to my home. The Google Home mini is also a nice touch.
Rod M (23 days ago)
Lots of legal issues here. We never consented and the acceptance the legality of any EULA is questionable. In effect these agreements are worded where you have no rights and they have all. In addition, no ads can be served to anyone without the explicit agreement in writing between both parties, and all terms and conditions must be viewable BEFORE a single ad is served - no contract no ads. A magistrate from a court in Munich, Germany was dealing with Axel Springer vs Eyeo GmbH (maker of AdBlock Plus) and stated "The Süddeutsche Zeitung ruling came through in a Munich court. The judge said it is perfectly legal for people to install ad-blockers in their browsers as publishers have no contracts with their readers that insist they have to look at the ads." The ‘implied contract’ theory that we’ve agreed to view ads in exchange for free content is void because we can’t review the terms first — as soon as we follow a link, our browsers load, execute, transfer, and track everything embedded by the publisher. Our data, battery life, time, and privacy are taken by a blank check with no recourse.” Every time you visit a website with an ad, it's an implied contract, but since you cannot view all the terms it's void and cannot be enforced. However under contract law, the only valid contracts are those signed in ink and both parties. Something you cannot do online, and these "bluff statements" like "by continuing to use this site you agree or our terms and conditions" are not legal either. Oh BTW another 559 ads blocked during the writing of this comment.
Goran Farkas (23 days ago)
Google is so confusing... Thank god that im with Apple
Wilhelm Sarasalo (24 days ago)
Microsoft and Apple also do hardware, Amazon tries, too. If you want to rely on third parties to build hardware for your platform, competing against them would not be so good, but setting an example would be. So, high quality, high price would make sense, but not direct money. The early Pixel Chromebook was certainly that.
The Pharmacy Bank & Trust Company (24 days ago)
The hardware collection they have today is nothing compared to where it will be in 2030. Just one more decade to decade hardware cycle roll out as oppose to their dominance in decade to decade software cycles, and it will make more sense to everyone.
Charles Yeo (24 days ago)
When the pixel is at 2% of USA sales, there is no hope in asian markets. Where majority of the growth is happening
Bayu Akbar K (24 days ago)
Make a game console!
G.P. Kim (24 days ago)
The finish or features of their products are nowhere near that of an apple and samsung but the price is. Problem explained,End of the story.
Trebor Ironwolfe (24 days ago)
"glassholes" <giggles>
Alex Walls (25 days ago)
They’re still a monopoly and try to control censorship with a political agenda. Eff em’
Pablo Aguilar (25 days ago)
Google isn't taking their phones serious, that's all. We, Android community, literally tell Google what we want on a phone and they give us something else. I still use Google products cause it already knows me. We live in the internet age and there's no point in running away or trying to delete everything you do. I don't mind them making money off of me just to give me better advertisements because I actually find them useful in things I want to try out and buy. I know it sounds bad or like I'm brainwashed but, I really would rather get ads that I can relate to instead of ads about back pain, medical pills, or gold coins...
Daniel Hernandez (25 days ago)
The Pixel series of phones could be better. Google can either learn from their mistakes, enlist the aid from other companies, or stick to software. In an ever-competitive market for the latest tech, cross-shopping Samsung and Google for phones seems like a no brainer because Google undercuts Samsung. Then OnePlus comes along and all of a sudden, Google is overpriced.
T K (25 days ago)
The info Google collects for target advertising is worth billions that are owed to you but legally you're impotent.
Far L (25 days ago)
They struggle with hardware because they can't steal from people.
Thor (25 days ago)
Why would people willing bug their homes with a "smart" speaker?
Vindawg (25 days ago)
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff. Read.
Микола Моргун (25 days ago)
6:50 I’m wondering whether these are the actual factory workers, because they are Caucasian and look more like models... Those phones would be so expensive
salvador Rojas (25 days ago)
En Esoanol
Warholamo (25 days ago)
My grandfather has a chromebook, my father got it for free when they were still just netbooks. He still uses that damn thing today.
Angel Littleton (25 days ago)
I won't buy any Google hardware because they can't be trusted. Think about people on YouTube that had their entire Google accounts banned for something on YouTube. Now imagine Google leveraging their hardware in situations like this. No thanks. Google definitely does too much evil for my taste.
encycl07pedia (26 days ago)
This is why I use DuckDuckGo or Bing for search. I use Google for Drive and Photos.
RealComp5 (26 days ago)
Google should drop Chromebooks. The only people who get Chromebooks are teenagers who got them as a gift from their grandparents who thought it was a normal laptop. No one who has a Chromebook is happy about it. It's definitely a stain on google's hardware business.
367A (26 days ago)
Google sell your phone numbers to scam/robo call companies
Pliny Elder (26 days ago)
Google is like Microsoft. Too many vendors and shoddy amalgamations.
Thilo Yeah (26 days ago)
Google already won the game but is disguising it by selling something inconspicuous
Yamichu (26 days ago)
Can confirm google spys on you even if you Google Pixel is on sleep, my friend would talk about Inital D when I'm with him and I would then receive Advertisements pertaining to said topic within 10min of talking about it.
One Me In Myself (26 days ago)
So according to this video Google collects my data when I use google apps on my OnePlus phone or my Huawei laptop and that is why they build their own hardware... What? Video should've been called "Google makes money by collecting your data". but i guess that we already know
M W (26 days ago)
Google itself doesn't know what they are doing with Pixel devices
Andi Min (26 days ago)
Pixel 4 is a 💯 complete desaster. In short words: big bezels, ugly Design, dim display, small battery, small base storage, no SD 855+, no UFS 3.0, no front facin speakers, no 4k60fps at rear, no 4k at front, no wide angle cam, limited 90 Hz, small RAM, Very bad RAM management, useless motion sense, insecure face ID, Very very very bad build quality, cracking hardware, no earphones INda box, no free cloud storage, high price.
Andi Min (24 days ago)
@Daniel Hernandez i would buy oneplus any time, but camera isn't on par with Pixel.
Daniel Hernandez (25 days ago)
The OnePlus 7 Pro is much better
mogan t (26 days ago)
I love more google Love Love Love Interesting love
Jason Carmean (26 days ago)
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Billy Boggle (26 days ago)
Thanks for the heads-up on ad preferences and googling how much Google knows about you... Jarring details really
Carlos Vera (26 days ago)
Google hardware is made up of wannabes that want to be flashy to the public without actually knowing anything about high quality hardware designs, neither putting themselves into the customer’s experience. That is why their products are half baked and the quality is just not there. Including their software. If you think your money is worth an experiment for Google buy their products otherwise, not worth what they want to charge you. They should pay the users to use their products.