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FS2004 - Ghost Plane (Helios Airways Flight 522)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Helios Airways Flight 522 was a scheduled Helios Airways passenger flight that crashed into a mountain on 14 August 2005 at 12:04 pm EEST, north of Marathon and Varnavas, Greece, while flying from Larnaca, Cyprus, to Athens, Greece. A lack of oxygen incapacitated the crew, leading to the aircraft's eventual crash after running out of fuel. Rescue teams located the wreckage near the community of Grammatiko, 40 km (25 mi) from Athens. All 115 passengers and six crew on board the aircraft were killed. With 121 fatalities, this was the deadliest aviation accident in Greek history. Flight 522's loss marked the 69th crash of a Boeing 737 since it was brought into service in 1968. The crash is the fourth-deadliest involving a 737-300. Credits go to Mayday (Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, Air Disasters in other places) for the video clips of the crash and aftermath! Watch the actual episode here! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1wq8tq_air-crash-investigation-ghost-plane-helios-flight-522_tech Like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed. Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://twitter.com/joshandroma
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Text Comments (2550)
1qaz2wsx (20 minutes ago)
The pilots and the engineer are murderers.
Jay Patchy (7 hours ago)
Before the plane even crashed the obituary music for the passengers was already playing .
Ian (13 hours ago)
Background music needs to go
Ian (11 hours ago)
Good man
Allec Joshua Ibay (13 hours ago)
It left years ago.
phat walt (22 hours ago)
So why did it take 2 hours to cover what usually took 1 hour?
Dark Shadow (1 day ago)
I'm so scared cause I go traveling every year in having nightmares
Dark Shadow (1 day ago)
Was that pilot trained good
Steve Peterson (1 day ago)
It was the distracting piano music that caused the crash.
Luis Feliciano (1 day ago)
Rest in peace everyone and to the families I grieve with you. God bless you all.
Blipblap BOOM (1 day ago)
But it’s a cartoon tho.
ΕvaJK94 (2 days ago)
There is an audio online from the communication of the F-16 pilot and the ATC. He was trying to contact the plane through the radio but didn't get any response. He even made visual signs to the person in the cockpit . After a while he says "the person in the cockpit seems to acknowledge me now but only with visual signs not aswering the radio". All this time the plane is slowly losing altitude and he is constantly reporting the height and heading of the plane. The most chilling part is when he starts reporting that "the plane seems to be heading for the ground now.." , "It's going down!" and hearing him in obvious agony say "MAYDAY MAYDAY!! WE HAVE A CRASH OF A COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT!! WE HAVE A CRASH OF A COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT!! MAYDAY MAYDAY!!". He tries his best to stay calm and professional during all this but his trembling voice and heavy breathing are a terrifying live feed of the drama that was unfolding in that moment in front of him.. Such a heartbreaking accident..
Yvette Kriz (2 days ago)
KSA Exp1 (2 days ago)
Sabotage. The pilots are gased.
KSA Exp1 (2 days ago)
It's not ghost. It's carelessness.
S.M.G T.V (2 days ago)
GeoFS online Flight Simulato, is the best in the world
Giorgos Georgiou (2 days ago)
Το έχουν κατάρριψη τα πολεμικα αεροσκάφη της Ελλάδας για να μην πεση σε κατοικημένη περιοχή για να μην θρηνισουμε περισσότερα θύματα 🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾
foxy zegeek08 (3 days ago)
I remember watching something about this on a tv show that has that guy that used to be in all the 90s shows about tragic events and narrating them and other's too. Lol.. all of those innocent lives lost because of a human error and mistake. Even tho thise events were told differently on the show. They didn't say anything about running out of fuel until the guy passed out and that was a while later.
IEarnXp (3 days ago)
This was like a month before my birth
The Real Deal (3 days ago)
Man...that Helios engineer even asked if the pressurization was set to auto (the cause of the crash- it was accidentally left at Manual the night before)...but the pilots were disoriented and already just a little to hypoxia to understand and redirected the engineer with something else....they were so close!!
Richard Neva (3 days ago)
What a nightmare report! ALL PASSENGERS DEAD!
Tribble Booth (3 days ago)
A terrible tragedy, but ghost plane?
Errl Lewis (4 days ago)
At least everyone was passed out from no oxygen? If I was on a crashing plane I would want to be 100% in a coma
Luke Bullimore (4 days ago)
Damn, cameras in those days looked Horrible this video feed sucksss, oh it gets higher quality at the end? Weiiirrdd
Faces of the North (4 days ago)
Boeing 737 even the NGs has a notorious alerting system and very outdated. it uses same alerting horn sound for the Take off warning horn with Altitude warning horn and the pilots has to look up on the overhead pressurisation panel to evaluate the pressurisation setup and situation. Every 5000 feet during climb or descend we need to monitor the pressurisation . There is no indication in the forward panel until it is a little to late when the MC light up and a daunting task to monitor It the aircraft has pressurisation configuration problems the pilots need to be very alert on every sectors. Boeing remedial by updating the Non normal checklist to update the horn sounding checklist but by then the aircraft would have passed above 10000 feet cabin pressure and it does not match the outside pressurisation but short of 14000 feet cabin pressure when the passenger oxygen mask dropped from the ceiling. I ve flown this B737 for 20 years now as a captain.
Faces of the North (4 days ago)
By the way the flight attendance should call the captain when the pax oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling after few minutes after they have settled with the pax if there is no response or instructions from the pilots
Charles H Geis IV (4 days ago)
Maynard Archer (4 days ago)
They need to go and dig up there around the Airfield that was 20 minutes away from the 911 Ground Zero and they'll find the people that they murdered what planes are flown in without anybody on them
Terry Clark (4 days ago)
What is captain we too low and som ting wong doing
muipailin (4 days ago)
thats th game stop
leebest1A (4 days ago)
티볼리에어 마니아 (4 days ago)
Wow I was born at August 13 2005
Guada Abello (4 days ago)
your vid is a game and national geographic 😂
Baldzius01 (4 days ago)
Damn. This is so sad 😥
KArS7熏 (5 days ago)
I'm more scared at Ship than Plane
Svetlozar Shenkov (5 days ago)
Fake fat greek lies again they'll try to panhandle some money without jobs then will go to sleep again tired from the long sleeping day little songs dances clapping hands and pinching fingers singing Opa Opsa
David Watkinson (6 days ago)
A great tribute. The flight attendant (the person who was seen in the cockpit) did a hell of a job and made sure it didnt crash in a populated area. Such a sad loss. Thank you for your video. I am an avid FSX commercial pilot.
lhancekerby matchuca (6 days ago)
It should 28,000 ft am I right?
Joe Peroni (6 days ago)
One little error. That's all it takes. The thing should have been designed to AUTOMATICALLY reset.
Dank MEMEZ (7 days ago)
This is the day before I was born
Stan Brass (7 days ago)
The Decision to declassify documents at last is Fantastic News. Just look at that ugly, evil Rosenstein bastard's face. Arrest the Rat an if possible shoot him. Together with mueller, these Scumbags i dulged inevrry evil possible to harm the American People's President. Hang them high.
Carling Cooper (8 days ago)
I think i would rather hear their staged voices than that annoying staged alarm
Jack Frost (8 days ago)
Omg... I'm done.. I had this same kind of nightmare vision right before the 911 bombings, where I had to suddenly fly a plane even tho I'm the last person to know how, or to even be able to follow instruction in that kind of disaster...And today is 911 anniversary. I'm sick watching this. Omg ;-( This shit is terror straight from hell.
Wesli Bravo (9 days ago)
There is a movie that simillar with this event. And it perhaps the airplane on the movie was same. The movie called (if I am not wrong) "In Emergency Situation". The story is same. But they ddin't mention the name of the airplane. It was a thriller-horror movie. Inside the movie, the pessangers are also looks have been dead. Only 2 people who remains alive. They were a man and a woman who were actually saw two air forces plane try to call them, but they couldn't. Both people actually have been dead.
Denise L Jackson (10 days ago)
Team Ski (10 days ago)
That is absolutely gut wrenching.
Tyrone Taylor (11 days ago)
The ATC and those two fighter pilots did not sleep well that night.
Haylin plays Gacha studio (11 days ago)
I'm not finished with the video yet, but how is this a ghost plane?also, the music and the alarm together sounds creepy. **shudders**
Come back 2ne1 (11 days ago)
The music just makes it worse..
shawnte Pitts (12 days ago)
Sir Tristen (12 days ago)
Once again incompetent crew and grounds staff.
Robby Jones (13 days ago)
Isn't there someway they could drop a guy down to the plane and bust out the window and fly the plane in?
Jonny Sikiotakis (13 days ago)
Creece cried for 4 years ( η Ελλάδα έκλαιγε για 4 χρονια)
Prakash Sharma (13 days ago)
heights of stupidity ... it should have been a safe landing to the nearest airport... after the first warning... wht was the pilot thinking.. ??
Pumpkin Girl (14 days ago)
So Sorry for All the Loss of life 🙏🏼✝️❤️💐
Brian D. (14 days ago)
Not to take blame away from the engineer who forgot to put the switch back in auto, it seems like that should have been checked during the pre-flight routine. I bet it is now!
ed ubinas (14 days ago)
Wow very sad, this reminds me of a famous American professional golfer named Payne Stewart who sadly died the same way. The plane he was flying in ultimately ran out of gas and crashed. Everyone inside suffocated before the plane went down. How scary to see a plane just gliding along with everyone dead inside
Mike Secondo (14 days ago)
Uh.... like a check engine light???
Dah Ahmad Shah (15 days ago)
Search for MH370 should relook at how the 7th Arc was calculated. Using basic physics this Australian electronics engineer Sergio Cavaiuolo has identified the 7th Arc as being in the Maldives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG7_Qa2_G6k&feature=youtu.be see at 29.20- 29.22 where a plane's fuselage is lying in the waters near Gaadhifushi Is this the plane that over 20 Maldivians saw on the 8th march 2014 . Is it MH370 ?.
Blue Brick Wall (15 days ago)
For those who don't know. a "Ghost Plane" is a plane where the pilots are knocked out or dead. Usually the result of depressurization.
Blue Brick Wall (15 days ago)
Again ...I find this recurring theme in these crash videos. Pilots experience bizarre warning alarms, especially near takeoff ...and instead of turning the plane around and landing it before the problem gets worse ...they continue beyond the point of no return. When the oxygen masks dropped ...why didn't the stewardesses report it to the pilots. ....no one wants to be a whistleblower these days because whistleblowers get demonized. We are a snotty generation that are causing people to die because of this stupid attitude against whistleblowers. No one wants to be the alarm bearer anymore. ...even on a plane 30,000 feet up in the air.
Blue Brick Wall (15 days ago)
Helios is an ancient pagan sun god ...Constantine worshiped Helios ...their followers were called christians long before Messiah was born. Christian is a pagan term ...people don't know this because they don't Obey Messiah and search the scriptures daily.
Blue Brick Wall (15 days ago)
...they even have a sun god painted on the back fin
Rob Billeaud (15 days ago)
Not criticizing or anything since I know this is purely for entertainment purposes and not historical accuracy, but I just happened to notice the tailcodes on the F-16s are from the 20th FW out of Shaw AFB and my first thought was, my they're a long way from home. :)
Werner Salzl (16 days ago)
First: sink to approx 10.000 feet.
Mosthandsome elite (16 days ago)
I think from.this experience... They would upgrade the alarms to a more specific one... Like the alarm box highlights oxygen levels, or shows image of parts of airplane heating...or go like WARNING: high altitude, engine 1 overheating. Or many others... as compared to beeping. I think they already have xD but seeing the guy confused in the first two warnings..i guess its beneficial to specify wgat the warning meant so they would instinctively go back...
ZiggyLu 2022 (17 days ago)
Go knows every hair on our heads and the number of our days are in His hands.🕯🕊🌿
wandy. (17 days ago)
*who's cutting damn onions again?*
Peter Pettigrew (17 days ago)
This video is TORTURE, worse than robovoice
TheHaratashi (17 days ago)
I used to be a pilot. My instructor had told me many plane crashes are due to not doing a complete pre-flight checklist. It appears that is what caused this crash as well. He told me many pilots from small 2 seaters to commercial airliners get sloppy and skim over the list. Just one oversight can be disastrous. Like the Detroit flight a long time ago where the pilots forgot to put the slats(slats not flaps) down on a DC 9 and it crashed trying to take off. Scary stuff.
Two Brothers (17 days ago)
Cmon A Game?
sylvia lower (18 days ago)
So very sad
alexys q (18 days ago)
Oh, what a tragic event; hopefully everyone aboard was unconscious, by the time of rapid descent and crash.
Discord Rhyme (18 days ago)
Why do all these type of clickbaity shit videos have to play the same crap music?
Fausy Math (18 days ago)
Why couldn't it land on the sea since it was gliding? Atleast give it a try. The truth is there are secret only the pilot knows. If you can't land safely you must take the whole crew with you.
Alice (19 days ago)
Engineers to blame again?
ANDRE JOHNSON (19 days ago)
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Kat F (19 days ago)
Why does header say GHOST PLANE. CLICKBAIT?
owen bengco (19 days ago)
Larry Maxwell (20 days ago)
So incredibly sad the one flight attendant saw it coming!
Litsa Macri (20 days ago)
HELIOS - A NEW AirLine With Many Problems??? WHAT A DECO IN The SKY. ⭐ They Had Pressure Problems. The Operation SYSTEM Was Not Working The Right Way With Delays, Ended With Lack Of Fuel. The Captains Of The Plane Were Surprised What Was Happening Re:-"Operation System". Did They Leave The Airport The Right Time? 🌠 F16 Pilot:-"Who Was There?" Of Course, The Auto Pilot Too. EveryONE ON Board Killed. WHAT An AirLine Tragic.
TokinSmurf (20 days ago)
OMG the clickbait is Strong with this one
Mike Rotch (20 days ago)
Love the music!!!!
2Quetee (21 days ago)
Although we can’t argue with fate, but based on this report it was a carelessness of ground engineers & they should have been held accountable for so many deaths.
John Martell (21 days ago)
canturgan (21 days ago)
Why didn't they route the F16s radios through Larnaca? I hope they would fix these small but significant errors in future. What happened to the technician that left the pressure setting to manual? Why does it even have a manual setting?
Adam One (16 days ago)
Yes, let's hope so, that terrible accident could so easily be avoided... I must admit that I lost my trust in flight safety since that day.
canturgan (16 days ago)
+Adam One I have to hope that all of those things are now standard procedure.
Adam One (16 days ago)
The manual setting is for when they need to test the pressure when the engines are off. But one may also ask: Why the gas masks fell in the cabin but not in the cockpit? Why didn't both pilots be able to identify that sort of alarm? Why the first officer did not know where the Man/Auto switch was located?
Dan Node (21 days ago)
how did the one guy stay alive when all the others are incapacitated due to lack of oxygen?
Robert Quinting (21 days ago)
I hate human error. The ground engineer was negligent, but not a criminal. He should be charged with reckless homicide for each death.
Lord Edward (22 days ago)
Don't airliners have warning lights as well as klaxons? What good is an alarm klaxon if you don't know which system is malfunctioning? Isn't checking the position switch on the pressurization system included in the pre-flight checklist? Why was this pilot unfamiliar with the location of breakers? Aren't pilots trained to don there oxygen masks as soon as an unknown problem occurs? Aren't the flight attendants trained to contact the cockpit as soon as anything unusual happens in the cabin such as oxygen masks deploying? Procedural failures abound in this disaster.
Shamita Tyagi (22 days ago)
Just imagine what those pilots must be thinking... Seeing everyone die in front ur eyes is much painful and traumatized They would have felt helpless... Wish there was a magnetic anchor that could hold the plane for a safe landing...
InabilityToBeBrief (23 days ago)
The ground guy asked if it was set to auto and the captain ignored the question and asked about circuit breakers. Not the ground guy’s fault but he should have answered by asking again “IS IT IN AUTO?” 2020 hindsight though.
VIKASH KANODIA (23 days ago)
Geoff Lane (24 days ago)
How very sad.
Nexus (24 days ago)
So heartbreaking 😪 Who on earth dislikes this video? 1.8k dislikes, seriously? 🙁
Robert Brown (24 days ago)
Helios was a low budget, low priced carrier. They did not have their own maintenance staff, but instead outsourced their maintenance needs. That's all fine and dandy, but why doesn't the maintenance department also have a check list when they have completed a job to make sure that all of the switches and breakers have been returned to normal after the completion of any job performed?
Dennylec Miñoza (24 days ago)
the head pilot should turn back to the airpot were the plane departed instead of continuing flying . a pilot error tho. :(
Tuber Youb (24 days ago)
I am flying on 9-11 this year "not kidding"
MR. Gentleman Sir (25 days ago)
The plane crashed because the mechanics were all Malakas and the company is run by Malakas Kakalakas.
Life Style Chanel (25 days ago)
So sad that sometimes happen neglected
pasnthr 62 (25 days ago)
Divers rip off their mask while going thr the same Hypoxia is horrible way to die Payne Stewart died in his plane. At altitude the body blows up. Not a pretty sight
Merpati Nusantara (25 days ago)
its some have you fsx cockpit also near crash Helios 522 roger contact again Helios 522 Helios 522 Why lost contact
fokjock (25 days ago)
This flight was badly affected by Crew Resource Management issues.Yes the engineer forgot to put a switch on the pressurisation panel, but the crew should have noticed it on their checks-the fact they didn't is quite telling.The copilot was quite competent, I knew him, but would have been affected by the reputation of the Captain who had been sacked from other airlines.
Tungsten Kid (25 days ago)
The pilots forgot to put the plug in before takeoff, and as a result the air leaked out of the plane as it climbed and everybody suffocated, you couldn't make it up..
Melissa Leon (26 days ago)
Wow this crash made 13 years since it happened. So sad.. Prayers to the families of the love ones who passed away