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Utah man confronts woman caught on camera stealing package from his porch

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- A Utah man is getting national attention after he tracked down and confronted a woman who apparently stole packages from his porch. "I was determined to find the lady, and I had the inkling to drive around the neighborhood and look for her," Salmon said. Salmon said a package for his pregnant wife was delivered to his house on Monday. Before Salmon could retrieve the package, a woman stole it from the family's front porch. "Honestly, two streets down? Stupid criminal. If you're going to steal something in a neighborhood, why would you stay in the same neighborhood," Salmon said. When he confronted the woman, she denied stealing the package. "I was like, 'We have proof that you took it' and she said 'No,'" Salmon said. "I said 'No, look,' and pulled out my cell phone with her picture from my doorbell." The woman eventually gave Salmon the package. After noticing additional packages in her car, he called police.
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Text Comments (1601)
The zombie files (23 hours ago)
I’m confused - why don’t those that make the delivery, simply knock on the door and deliver product by hand ?
David Henry (23 hours ago)
Anybody else notice that foxbody mustang at 1:17?
Lemon FroGG (1 day ago)
Thief would be arrested and in jail if it was a man. Pussy pass all the way, huh?
The Infinexos (1 day ago)
Good self-restraint. I would've knocked a tooth out her jaw the second the door opened, law suit be damned
Blake Louthan (2 days ago)
“What the freak” Yep definitely Utah lol
nicky pass (4 days ago)
I hope when she dies she comes back as a fucking africa baby so she can have fun staving
GreysHour (4 days ago)
This is why I have a P.O. Box
NARKISDUDE (4 days ago)
Can't identify her??? they got her licence plate...wtf
MyMason100 (5 days ago)
That's not a lady , that's a piece of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!
John (6 days ago)
These are the females u find on online dating.
CharlesWhy (8 days ago)
Ghetto bitch
GMoney (9 days ago)
She is a GROWN ADULT. WTF would anyone that old do stupid shit like that? Stealing is shit you do when you're in grade school, not a grown adult. How fucking dumb.
454590 904545 (11 days ago)
lady is a just another 🐒💩 their ............ sad.
Alonso Saldivar (12 days ago)
1:16 Mustang LX Notchback 1990ish
Andre No. 1 Patina (13 days ago)
The only way this lady is going to learn her lesson is, when caught, rape her with sandpaper. Let’s clean up America people
Charles Daniel (13 days ago)
i woulda beat her ass like a man
BLADEMACAPHEE (15 days ago)
Why didn't the dude record her when he confronted her for a CLEAR shot of her face...duh duh
nunyer beeznaz (17 days ago)
Probably cannot identify her because shes some cops daughter,and they'll "handle it internally"
Beyond Infinity (18 days ago)
That friendly neighbor who helped is pretty hot ... I would do her on your front porch
Stephen Marsh (19 days ago)
She looks like a heroine junkie or meth head. She will be in prison soon enough I’m sure.
Gregory Buchanan (20 days ago)
George Purdy (20 days ago)
Police can do nothing. Their hands are tied because our liberal laws protect the criminals
Truth Hurts (21 days ago)
Too bad the guy did a terrible job dealing with the situation. Both the neighbor and the dude did not get a plate or call police. The guy was lucky that their was not a team of thugs, he could have gotten hurt or possibly killed.
d texas (22 days ago)
So he can identify her but the cops cant? Must be busy at IHOP.
Justin Leeds (23 days ago)
Should have beat her ass first.
Tut Secret (24 days ago)
Well very soon they will start using hoods on their head to disguise their acts. I never liked postal people dropping stuff by my step door. I don't trust people.
M H (24 days ago)
Why didn’t he get her license plate number?
renita bolden (25 days ago)
Becky nooooo...😂!
TheWiseOne (27 days ago)
There are ways to get around this, have the package sent to your workplace, or if you are getting a package from a person you know, just ask them to write Do Not Open Toxic Waste Inside, in every side of the box, or stick a biohazard/radioactivity icon on it
Kevin M Klerks (28 days ago)
Every house should have these doorbell camera systems.
kmarshirley (28 days ago)
This is obviously just an ad to get the camera doorbell.
Donna Woodford (1 month ago)
Did he get the right package back? Yep, so casually performed as though serial.
Trav78620 (1 month ago)
Its great they recovered the packages --- but what would it have taken for one of them to snap a picture of the van's license plate for police --- Duh???
Axis (1 month ago)
A swollen lip and black eye would be justice enough for me. I wouldn't have even said a word to her if i was that guy, I would have just started swinging when I caught up with her. . She knew what she did.
ISEE YOU (1 month ago)
He didnt get the damn tags???
ISEE YOU (1 month ago)
276 criminals gave this a thumbs down... worthless Turds that need to be flushed
Alice (1 month ago)
If your not going to be in, don't get something delivered to be left on your doorstep, there's thiefs everywhere all the time.
A&J PlusONE (1 month ago)
Fucking Tweekers
Jay brezz (1 month ago)
mary shaffer (1 month ago)
So women are the thieves.
Terra Aran (1 month ago)
Because their to poor to buy their own stuff.
Jude Dimatteo (1 month ago)
That is bunch of crap and a gift for his wife so sad
SeriousGamer753 (1 month ago)
Wait a second you people in america have your boxes dropped off at the doorstep?!?!?! Whaaat??? Here in Croatia if you have a package and you are not home the postman leaves a notice that you need to go to the post office and pick it up with the id and everything. Wtf is this
HAMMERHCA (1 month ago)
"What the Freak!"
Sylvia Crafts (1 month ago)
I'd be SOOO embarrassed😆 don't any thieves today watch these videos going around in internet or at the very least hear about them right?
jo williams (1 month ago)
Her kids watching the news...hey, mum you're on telly...
َ ٰ (1 month ago)
Make her do porn 😼....
Shogo Yamada (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does the thumbnail make it seem like the great neighbor is the porch pirate?
gb (1 month ago)
Go to jail
MrCrankybird (1 month ago)
He should have gave the bitch a throat punch
Angela Carleton (1 month ago)
This is why I have a POBOX for a reason. Someone took off my supplement medication which this thieve stoled while I was at work? They broke into my mailbox to find out my name and was able to sign my name to the FEDEX information they had. I was LIVID. I had to call the company and told them. They said but we have a receipt that you sign for it? I said, "how can I sign if I'm at work?" So they said they'll send another one? I said, "no" Just credit my account. Then I drove to the Post Office and got a POBOX to get some form of security for my mail and any boxes I order per line! I had it with management that wouldnt' do anything about thieves around my apartment buildng. So SICk OF THESE THIEVES!
Yougirl Kperry (1 month ago)
Bitch, Confront no I haven’t At least Gave stuff back And guess what shes never coming back
Ted Sky (1 month ago)
Why should he call the police? If you have a problem, you deal with it! Screw them!
bfjb70 (1 month ago)
Love the honking huge Crucifix around her neck 0:07 , did she steal that too?
Ron Hahahaha (1 month ago)
I let my dog out
Chief Kurtz (1 month ago)
"Why didn't he call police first?" Makes sense, they'd arrest her, take the package as evidence (a gift for their expected child), then he'd get it after her trial, in time for their kid's second birthday.
Wigwam (1 month ago)
trevor salmon goin upstream on yo ass
Sharon Childrey (1 month ago)
Wow! Talk about NERVE! STUPIDITY! That's a CRIME people!! It could have been medicine!!! (Wait til your credit card info gets stolen. You know who did it; & police can't prosecute because the theft is under $200.) So the theif continues to steal!!!
deedub1111 (1 month ago)
He should have just taken a picture of the back of the vehicle first, with the license plate number and make and model of the vehicle
Robert Kennedy (1 month ago)
What is the deal with deliveries being left out in the open, waiting to be stolen? USPS, FedEx, UPS, whoever. Don't these clowns have notices of delivery? I've had them left by postal deliveries and private couriers. "You've got a package waiting for you at this address, you can pick it up between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. If you don't pick it up within 72 hours, we'll send it back to the shipper. Have a great day." If you're ordering something online and there's a field for delivery instructions or special instructions, write in NOT TO LEAVE THE DAMN BOX ON THE FRONT PORCH BECUASE I DON'T WANT THE DAMN THING STOLEN!!!!! Do courier drivers get penalized if they have undelivered packages at the end of their routes?
gregcigarette (1 month ago)
He did the right thing. He never would of gotten his package back if he called and relied soley upon police.
Spiros78 (1 month ago)
This will keep happening when you people are bored to go pick yourselves what u ordered from the courier company or make sure someone is at home to pick it. I don't understand ofc why deliveries are done in this way, leaving them in front of the door and go without signing and at the mercy of random thieves.
Lee Morgan (1 month ago)
I am so sick of hearing why didn't you call police. Calling police is a joke. Not to mention they are likely to shoot the very person that called them
phil erup (1 month ago)
That has to be the most moronic and asinine statement I've heard.
sean no (1 month ago)
he amde sex with her ass
Old Norse brewery (1 month ago)
After all she`s a woman and entitled to do whatever
michael matyas (1 month ago)
The una bomber would have fixed her!
matt smith (1 month ago)
What the freak?
Hussein Nathwani (1 month ago)
That lady was a auxiliary police officer , go figure .
Marty Trout (1 month ago)
Make flyers of the picture of her stealing and leave one on all her neighbors front porches, telephone pole, etc..
Mike Mike (1 month ago)
I would of blackmailed her, Would of gotten some ass..
LoneJalapeno (1 month ago)
I did a uturn on somebody’s lawn.
Mike Litoris (1 month ago)
Another reason to have a PO Box can't trust anyone these days.
David Patton (1 month ago)
What happens if porch thief gets shot??
Eileene Clark (1 month ago)
8/1/18.......Should have taken a pix of her car tag when you tracked her a few blocks away....Then police could charge her....
Paul Johnston (1 month ago)
Good for her.
Tropicat (1 month ago)
As always, crack police work. They said they haven't been able to identify this thief. Shiiit, they didn't even try. They got all the info they need. Just go get the bitch. 🙄👮👎👎
callesierra (1 month ago)
So many immoral scumbags. Your character determines your destiny.
Sonny Burnett (1 month ago)
This should cost her something. Either show the cops the video or......
Lazerous 8981 (1 month ago)
If only they had the blank box.
Sabrina Doll (1 month ago)
*what the freak*
TheAbyss (1 month ago)
Moral of the story: if your gonna steal a package make sure there is no 🎥
Pun Jab I (1 month ago)
Because police do not care!
Dexter Haven (1 month ago)
Get the plate #, moron!
tinkmarshino (1 month ago)
didn't call the cops... didn't get a plate number... he's a real crimestopper alright.. probably his old girlfriend
vatican 69 (1 month ago)
woulda punched the cunt right in her pie hole
Dom D (1 month ago)
Bum bitch
ArbitraryLifestyle (1 month ago)
Hell yea she got spooked and drove away. You gotta be expecting that shit and ready to follow her as you're on the phone with police dude.
Candy Kelly (1 month ago)
To low on the priority list for cops to care, that's why we the civilized, law abiding public need to take matters into our own hands. Maybe then the lazy cops will do something!
Spirit Wolf Jackson (1 month ago)
We have the door bell Ring and it works Great!
absolutebore (1 month ago)
Defecate on her windscreen.
W B (1 month ago)
If only these thieves lived in KSA where they literally chop the hand off for stealing.
Derek Furst (1 month ago)
The anti police and anti media sentiment in this comment section is strong
Sharon Lloyd (1 month ago)
thought you said confronted her
Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht (1 month ago)
sad reflection on society but it's only getting worse
Karen Brown (1 month ago)
White trailer trash!
Shartinaiya Alizaiya (1 month ago)
*Where the fuck are the terrorists putting bombs in packages* these stealing ass people...
Tim Thompson (1 month ago)
Haven't been able to identify the woman? WTF, they know where she lives and what vehicle is hers.
Big Fan (1 month ago)
When i get my own place ill place down bait packages just for fun. Some will explode on you some will shock you till inconcious others will burst into flames and many more. Give me suggestions ofcourse. Also will make for some thrilling youtube content
John Wayne (1 month ago)
Give her name and address expose her
David James (1 month ago)
I cannot tell if it is stolen or not because I didn't see who put the package there originally. What if that same woman put the package there and later returned to get it, perhaps changing her mind about leaving it as a gift for the residents? This is inconclusive evidence.