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Utah man confronts woman caught on camera stealing package from his porch

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- A Utah man is getting national attention after he tracked down and confronted a woman who apparently stole packages from his porch. "I was determined to find the lady, and I had the inkling to drive around the neighborhood and look for her," Salmon said. Salmon said a package for his pregnant wife was delivered to his house on Monday. Before Salmon could retrieve the package, a woman stole it from the family's front porch. "Honestly, two streets down? Stupid criminal. If you're going to steal something in a neighborhood, why would you stay in the same neighborhood," Salmon said. When he confronted the woman, she denied stealing the package. "I was like, 'We have proof that you took it' and she said 'No,'" Salmon said. "I said 'No, look,' and pulled out my cell phone with her picture from my doorbell." The woman eventually gave Salmon the package. After noticing additional packages in her car, he called police.
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Text Comments (1439)
jeanthree (5 minutes ago)
Should never confront her she could have killed you
Roulette Dave (11 hours ago)
Try in store pick up? I will not have anything. Mailed to my home..(no insurance)
first last (20 hours ago)
neither of them got the license plate? house she was at protected her?
France Richard (1 day ago)
Damm losers!!!!!
Lok1 Tran (1 day ago)
The this kind of mail service really needs to improve their way of work. I mean really who thought of the idea of putting packaged mail in an OPENED area where literally anybody can take it? If it were to be in my place that package wouldn’t even be there for 5 mins! The mail man should’ve contacted the receiver about the arrival of the mail, and if he or she couldn’t answer the phone or they said they can’t take it at the moment, the post office should keep the package for the receiver for a few days for them to pick it up!
Lok1 Tran (1 day ago)
People should really look for the main cause of the problem and ways to fix and prevent the crime instead of bashing death threats on that criminal and do nothing
Verga Tusuave (1 day ago)
I hope people who do this all die painfully
Matt (3 days ago)
Im a nigger
Vanessa Guzman (4 days ago)
He should of took pic of her license plate before talking to her
Tom Sawyer (4 days ago)
Damn people really that desperate for shit they will steal from the next door neighbor wow!
R C (6 days ago)
freaking thieves make me sick
Dick N. Uranus (6 days ago)
the cops do not do anything even when you know who did it
jacksrandomadventures (7 days ago)
shoulda got his phone out and recorded her face for everyone to shame later on youtube
Google User (8 days ago)
What happened after you did uturn on someone's lawn? Why did you call 911? It's not an emergency dumbass
Mike W (8 days ago)
Putrid cunt, that what she is
Scott Michale (9 days ago)
simple solution be home when your packages get delivered or not asleep
Mekako gio (10 days ago)
Uturn really Better way really if he did he wouldn’t have gotten a package 📦 back The bitch who steals won’t be back in that neighborhood anytime soon
P 1 X 3 L (11 days ago)
Like a good neighbor statefa................. Oh
Little kid Toucher (11 days ago)
“She works nights” ya looks like a golem
scdevon (11 days ago)
These drug addict little Twats are everywhere in society now. With MGTOW and men wising up and not supporting them and their habits anymore, they are increasingly turning to crime.
I Q (12 days ago)
Fucking piece of shit.
Nonya Busi (12 days ago)
Okay, people who know they will not be home or someone else not be home order packages (not this case) and then bitch to UPS or FedEx to leave it without signature. Reality hits when it's stolen.
VLHHWOOD1626 (13 days ago)
What a goof, the only way I would have let her go would be if she dropped her panties and grabbed her ankles.
Mike Lcml5c (13 days ago)
What's with these crack babies? News flash! all narcotics shipped via the postal, UPS, Fedex, etc. have to be signed for. This requires someone being at home to receive the parcel. These parasites get me! Most of the time they're stealing something insignificant in this case a new born baby's gift boy talk about low class. People like that reinforce my belief that everything God says is the truth regardless of what all naysayers, atheists and agnostics say. I'm a believer that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He came to do what He set out to accomplish. Any Questions?
Pat McCaffery (16 days ago)
Thieving junkie scum..!!
Tiger Steele (17 days ago)
Dan Brown (17 days ago)
Put the dirt bag in jail
Jus- Sayin (18 days ago)
She's nothing but a Low Life. She needs to be charged.
Orange Erndog (19 days ago)
Should have punched the bitch in her face or twisted her nipples hard!!
656565 656565 (20 days ago)
Should have slapped the shit outta her !!!
bluedaughter (20 days ago)
In my opinion, If he'd called the police first he would've never got his stuff back. I despise thieves.
zammmerjammer (20 days ago)
Why do people do this? Are other people routinely getting really valuable things delivered to them all the time or what? The last time I ordered something for delivery, it was a huge cardboard box of... tea. You going to sell that down by the railroad tracks? "Hey, mister -- you wanna buy a box of decaf Earl Grey?"
Captain America (21 days ago)
She needs beat! Fucking cunt!
Captain America (21 days ago)
Disgusting fuckin whore!
Sapphire Star (21 days ago)
Take a picture of her car plates and shoot her tires. How fast can she go then.
Kevlar Moneyclips (21 days ago)
Lol you don't call 911 right in front of the broad, dummy. Also, 911 is for emergencies, not for your stolen Dr. Who merchandise.
Slappy (21 days ago)
She needs a good spanking!
HansDelbruck53 (21 days ago)
His baby was expecting? That's just weird. Only in Utah, I guess.
youre retarded (22 days ago)
Press charges. Federal offense.
Boston Sportsfan (22 days ago)
Trespassing, shoot these motherfuckers
master (23 days ago)
i like how she lied to his face.women are lying scumbags.
John Smith (23 days ago)
Like I have said before, capture 1 BRUTAL beat down of any of these thieves, post it here...and watch this type of crime take a nose dive to lower numbers of incidents. Just like child molesters...if 1 of these people were given the death penalty and then it was carried out 30 days later....child molestation numbers would plummet! Think about it folks, take the dealing of justice into your OWN hands. It is much more satisfying in the end.
Keely Ridgeway (23 days ago)
They didn't think to write down the tag number?
Clint Eranovic (24 days ago)
Time for Amazon and courrier companies to do something about this i.e. not leave things on peoples porches. It's just an open invitation for this kind of theft.
briar (25 days ago)
"I was like what the freak?!"
Paul Thompson (25 days ago)
These videos suck....title says man confronts woman...has a thumbnail of the witness and neighbor leading us to believe the 'confrontation' is on video but it isnt...click bait misleading title and thumbnail...boo
nsane992002 (25 days ago)
I like that they added "she works nights" so everyone wouldn't think she was just lounging up in there lol.
Tasha Vladimiroff (25 days ago)
I hate thieves
Benny ofAtlanta (26 days ago)
why didn't they record tag on van- even cops can find thief then -----also take picture of vin. number.
Darth Bane (26 days ago)
I wanna live in a neighborhood like that. That cunt is going to burn in Hell and lose everything because she is willing to take from others.
JimBobthe Impaler (26 days ago)
STOP! Taser TIME!!!!
•Jin’s THICC lips are my religion• (27 days ago)
*Someone almost stole my BTS Love yourself Album PhEw*
sirkoes187 (27 days ago)
most police are fucking lazy... Fuck the law
Darren R (27 days ago)
Cops waste their time busting people for smoking pot, rather than going after thieves. People dont even question the imbalance in law enforcement priority given to drugs over thieves and vandals. Its up to us, the people, to complain to city council or county supervisors, or the sheriff, to change where our tax dollars are focused. Otherwise, its our fault for letting cops waste our money and not protect our property.
Darren R (27 days ago)
Stop this chivalry bullshit and treat her as you would a man stealing something; take them to the ground and pin them there till cops arrive. Punch them in the fave to distract them first if you have to.
gary meschede (27 days ago)
Was that one of the door bells that was featured on tv show?? I was thinking about getting one for my home
Rat Trap supervisor (28 days ago)
i would be concerned but why is he married to a mexican and why are there mexicans in utah ?
Alexander (28 days ago)
"What the freak"?
gofukursef (28 days ago)
This disease is prevalent in these suburban neighborhoods. You just wouldn't believe... Love fuckin cameras!
ernesto jr mobo (29 days ago)
NO cops would not have done anything
Ren Tin Tin (30 days ago)
It’s unfortunate that she got away with it because she needs to learn a hard lesson - or just get her ass kicked!
Clark Thurmond (30 days ago)
Perhaps handing out a fresh ass whipping would have changed her attitude
really dude (30 days ago)
1:00 News channel editing
Red Baron (30 days ago)
The cops won't even BOTHER trying to catch her.
Culture2k (30 days ago)
he shoulda clocked her in the head
General Grievous Jr. (1 month ago)
Too dumb to catch the plate number when confronting her? Too scared to make a citizen's arrest? It's so weird that she goes free after all that.
Courtney88 (1 month ago)
What the freak
Francisco Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Had it been a nigger the pigs would have picked up any nigger, even if it was not the right nigger.
The Realistic Panasonic (1 month ago)
0:30 Of course the fat bitch saw the post right away.She sits on her fat lazy ass all day contributing nothing to society.
Deborah Thompson (1 month ago)
She looks very fit like she goes to the gym I'm sure a lot of people know her. You should advertise which neighborhood it is because no one is safe.
Deborah Thompson (1 month ago)
Dana Whitestein (1 month ago)
wearing a cross, yeah, fucking christian hypocrites.
Pam Johnson (1 month ago)
Sad liberally stealing.
I'm an Idiot (1 month ago)
Why do they leave them on the porch like that. In the UK delivery companies usually refuse to do that as it's asking to get stolen. They will either leave them with a neighbor, bring them back the next day, or leave them at the nearest drop-off point (usually a local shop) for you to collect it.
Robert Campbell (1 month ago)
how did he not get her license plate?
Fire&Ice909 (1 month ago)
Come to Morris Street, lady. Let's see you steal THIS package...
Julius (1 month ago)
Damn he looks exactly like guy from Humans series!
MuggShotGaming (1 month ago)
Shoot them then plead stupid...its the american way.
OOM- 55 (1 month ago)
Lol all these people mad about the police, and I'm sitting here intruder free thanks to my local Texan officers, I guess states that aren't Texas just suck.
George Jetson (1 month ago)
HAHAHA as if calling the police would have helped
doltbezoar (1 month ago)
They need to hunt her down and arrest her.
Jeff Young (1 month ago)
Dumb bitch hopes she trips and falls and cracker her neck
PopeyeCove (1 month ago)
That woman is a complete waste of DNA.
grepthis2000 (1 month ago)
So with the help a neighbor this guy was able to identify and confront the thief. The police with their resources "can't identify the woman?" OK. The reality is that most of the time on petty theft cops will take a report so you can claim insurance if you are covered but will not make any extra effort. If a pattern of multiple thefts occurs in a community eventually they may respond. So to answer the question "Why not call the cops?" They are busy and they won't care.
Rick Parker (1 month ago)
Call Cops First???? WTF? They are USELESS . Tax paid Idiots, who serve no purpose other than citations.
Don Dressel (1 month ago)
Not only a thief but a stupid one at that!!!
TerriD D (1 month ago)
Take a video or photo of the license plate!
freda jordan (1 month ago)
Ugly little filthy bitch...She`ll steal anything, she`s a criminal.
VietVet 1970 (1 month ago)
Why can’t you just plant a mantrap?
niconestra (1 month ago)
Calling the cops? You'll be branded a racist.
Lance Baker (1 month ago)
Guns, guns, guns. You people need to shut up about guns. You cannot shoot someone for taking a package off your porch.
Coffeecake (1 month ago)
One of the reasons why I love living in the country
JillyBean860 (1 month ago)
How hard would it be to lookup all local owners of a POS, old ass, red minivan? I can't see the make of the van on my end but a little digging could reveal who that stupid bitch is. Cops need to start cracking down on that shit.
Mini Surf (1 month ago)
White thug!!!! Deport that motherfucking animal!!! Nothing but thieves!!!
Xi Xu (1 month ago)
Lock her up.
Jordan Quashie (1 month ago)
SO THE COPS WERE NOT ABLE TO IDENTIFY THIS WOMAN HUH? THEY KNOW WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE AND WHAT KIND OF CAR DOES SHE DRIVES. Here's a bright idea! Why not go to the neighbor when she was parked at and ask them if they know the woman. I bet if this was a black person they would have had them before the 6 o clock news
Deno Blankenship (1 month ago)
No reason to call the police because they aren't going to do anything. Low priority crime.
C Levy (1 month ago)
Why would you call the police? No need for anyone to get killed. I say never involve the police. Policemen are just like you and I. They're humans, lazy, selfish humans. Only difference, far as I can tell, is that the police are on a power trip and most often terrified.
Cj Conde (1 month ago)
Fuckin lowlife
steve tacos (1 month ago)
Why does this group always steal?
Vice Gamer (1 month ago)
This is exactly why I have my orders sent to my work.