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Try Not To Laugh Challenge Funny Videos Epic Fails Comp 2018

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Text Comments (455)
Gereldene Witbooi (7 hours ago)
win daniel (9 hours ago)
It’s people getting hurt
McExxE (17 hours ago)
8:00 the television said: I got this 😂
Magdalena Nikki (1 day ago)
8:22 🤣🤣🤣🤣
iddy biddy liddy Cooper (1 day ago)
So funny😋 😂🤣😆😅😘
Kay Klem (2 days ago)
and like omg why you do that sad face!
Kay Klem (2 days ago)
this is not funny what they are is like are you ok?
rajveer gautam (2 days ago)
who can not laugh watching this challenge
RadwinTRR TheRedstoneRepeater (2 days ago)
this is Manny :P he was born right now, one like = one year of age.
shaurya sharma (3 days ago)
I don’t really think people falling/slipping is funny at all
Mr Murphy (3 days ago)
9:53 American flag displayed incorrectly the section with the stars should always be in the upper left hand corner
Rocco Batman (4 days ago)
Do u now da wae
Rocco Batman (4 days ago)
Do u now da was
Rocco Batman (4 days ago)
Boy ya
Nevaeh Strehle (4 days ago)
this is not funny it is people getting hurt
Golden Pranking (5 days ago)
I laughed 1 time
Victor Aguilar (5 days ago)
this is👺the devil one like equals getting his balls smashed like to kill him
tran hie (5 days ago)
right on
坂井泉水 (5 days ago)
dariyah St Clair (6 days ago)
The ladie fell off the swing so funny when she did that ha ha ha so funny and my last thing the baby was so cute the end of my story Gotti
dariyah St Clair (6 days ago)
That was funny when they did that
dariyah St Clair (6 days ago)
The woman hit her face and the males hit the table
gavin riendeau (6 days ago)
this is not funny
Lynn Dempsey (7 days ago)
So what was funny?
Jazz_ GamerYT (7 days ago)
How making a dog drown funny👎🏻
Jazz_ GamerYT (7 days ago)
This sucks none of this is funny
Toma Johnson (7 days ago)
Coryxkenshin can do better stuff than this 👎
JANET HERNANDEZ (7 days ago)
I feel bad for that dog
Mein Liebe (8 days ago)
Wow, i'm dead inside
Rocklessness (8 days ago)
funny as poeple getting hurt.. weird sense of humor
Akeil Wiltshire (8 days ago)
Its just about people and animals falling
Mekaila Luhrs (8 days ago)
issa (9 days ago)
Raz Banquisio Jr. (9 days ago)
umm its not funny its hurt
Irvanya David (11 days ago)
white ppl jokes like c mon can do betta
Ticktock/ Musically (11 days ago)
👶🏼 this is bob he is 0 1 like equals 5 years
Tnecniw (11 days ago)
Just people falling over, nothing else.
Mathew Siby (11 days ago)
So boring its not funny
alamir oliveira (11 days ago)
I like is funny
Tasha Ehrike (12 days ago)
This is Alice let's see how old she can get one like is one year
RadwinTRR TheRedstoneRepeater (2 days ago)
age 2
Levi Donahue (12 days ago)
Martini Estrada (12 days ago)
I won
The Brown Brood (13 days ago)
hahahahhahhahhahahahah this vid is so funny
Pale Amituanai (10 days ago)
No its not
The Brown Brood (13 days ago)
i know write
Cheryl Williams (13 days ago)
Rose's are red Violets are blue If you call me gay You are to Like... please
Bryson’sVlogs - (13 days ago)
7:34 that dog is running on water
Mazingknight95 (13 days ago)
who else was more worried about the animals then the humans?
Laura Morrison (13 days ago)
Laura Morrison (13 days ago)
How when to die 💀💀💀💀💀
Funny Epic Moments (13 days ago)
Jayda Haenga (13 days ago)
I did not laugh at all because people are hurting themselves 🤕😡
Julio Patino (13 days ago)
Julio Patino (13 days ago)
Bean Saucecheta (14 days ago)
Bean Saucecheta (14 days ago)
Bean Saucecheta (14 days ago)
Click C
Zel Badboy (14 days ago)
This is not funny
cwcallow (14 days ago)
ThunderBrain360 (15 days ago)
this really isn't funny you are just making a vid about some serious falls
Tfue Is God (15 days ago)
6:51 those ppl deserve hell atleastt hit the rat with a broom and don't whack it into a wall and laugh about it
Jena Gray (15 days ago)
these aren't funney i fell asleep because the video is boring and this is also not funny because people are getting hurt
Rainbow Clown (16 days ago)
No wonder why your laughing
bigweezey (16 days ago)
It they had that video with the guy who did the rug trick where yu try to hold it up and disappear b4 it falls and the guy hit the door I would have laughed. I almost laughed twice but these aren’t funny anymore when yu kno what is gonna happen.
HedgyEdgy Doggo (16 days ago)
Jasmine Ahmed (16 days ago)
You should not laugh at these people get hurt
Nabila Rahman (16 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° ) I did not laugh (I really did laugh) *-* (*-*) **watches** HAHHAANBAHANAAHAJUSAJHAYAGAGYA
Funtime Freddy561 #XD (16 days ago)
rap devils child (16 days ago)
Looks down at comments Challenge accepted This is rusel (my dog) lets see how old he get bla bla bla 1 like blablabla
Mirza Dumpor (10 hours ago)
Ticktock/ Musically (11 days ago)
rap devils child 6!
Avakin.-. zenny (16 days ago)
2:09 Woman in brown shirt: oh yeah sucka, I'm gonna win this race, 3 seconds laterr... * falls * Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
rap devils child (16 days ago)
Plllllss stop spam
Avakin.-. zenny (16 days ago)
2:02 Woman: ohhh now i got it * falls * Me: 😂😂😂😂😂
Avakin.-. zenny (16 days ago)
1:45 Dog: * trys to stop before he falls in the water... and still falls in * Me: 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Avakin.-. zenny (16 days ago)
0:59 man: * laughs * while other man struggles riding on the water Me: HA😂😂😂😂😂
Jeniyah Daniels (17 days ago)
I love this.
alpha draconis (17 days ago)
Dennis Miller (18 days ago)
8:00 what the fuck was she thinking?
Itz_just Lily (18 days ago)
People getting hurt is not funny unless your a sociopath:(
UnorthodoxPerson (18 days ago)
7:23, can anyone link the original video clip to me?
andres adrian (18 days ago)
not funny😝
The Cindy Twins (18 days ago)
Kelly Hensley (13 days ago)
The .mormon of church jesus christ
Shaked Gelfman (19 days ago)
The part with those people hitting the squirrel at 6:48 was absolutely terrible. DON'T UPLOAD ANYMORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE, *IT SUCKS!*
marksman plays (18 days ago)
It was funny
Shaked Gelfman (19 days ago)
It wasn't funny at all :-(
Christopher Combs (19 days ago)
Dammit!!!!!!! I was doing sooooo good until 4:42
Deanepic13 0_0 (19 days ago)
Nowhere near funny
Someone _ (19 days ago)
watching this and listening to dead and lovely
Whitney Anna (19 days ago)
How is this funny
Crewiser (19 days ago)
Nothing like it
Banavy ! (20 days ago)
At 2:26 the man and the dog fell and you hurt the dog animal abuser
Banavy ! (20 days ago)
At 8:21 the cat fell you should not have let the cat do that meanies
Banavy ! (20 days ago)
At 7:30 the dog fell and you hurt it idiots
Banavy ! (20 days ago)
At 7:15 you broke the tree and I bet you did not use it you put it in the trash and trees are the few plants who give oxygen so every tree that dies... a person dies
W.D. Ghaster (20 days ago)
6:42 dracula in disguise
Hilayne Bacchus music (20 days ago)
1:22 Is that bouncy place BounceU
Hilayne Bacchus music (20 days ago)
0:30 when that man was trying to surf but he busted his head
Alpha Wolf Gaming (20 days ago)
666 dislikes illuuminati confirmed
Nathan Brock (20 days ago)
Dan Bicouvaris (20 days ago)
This was really funny
M!5T TM (20 days ago)
1:04 is funny one
Welove_unicorns!😘 (21 days ago)
Dude the fricking dog fell in the fricking water and sank that is not fricking funny!😤🤬😠😡
Eddie Gaines (21 days ago)
lol lol lol lol lol
cynthia reinhart (21 days ago)
That was a nice toilet with the cat in it did it poop
Xxxdeshawnjones Ssj4 (21 days ago)
This video is not funny
Brodie Hawke-Parsons (21 days ago)
none of this shit funny
Cake lover (21 days ago)
Well that hurt's.😢😭
hahahaha bayot ang ga kanta (21 days ago)
what the that so funny fails
ItzYourUnknownGirl Vlogs (21 days ago)
some of these aren't funny it's just not because they got hurt in some of these and what if they Broke something like a leg, arm, neck, or anything Like that it's Just not funny
ThunderBrain360 (15 days ago)
i know this is just mocking people